Neil Chase

Actor – Screenwriter – Novelist

About Me

I am an Alberta-based actor and writer. My novel Iron Dogs is available here, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters Indigo, and other platforms.

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As an actor, I trained at the Foote Theatre School in Edmonton. As a writer, I’ve been honing my craft my whole life. My scripts have won awards all over the world.

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Demo Reel

Excerpts from dramatic features and short films, in addition to interviews and reviews.

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How can I help you?

In addition to my other work, I provide consulting services to novelists and screenwriters, including story coaching and script doctoring, rewrites, and personalized feedback and one-on-one discussions aimed at bettering your work.

I’m also available for seminars and group talks related to writing and acting, covering topics from story basics to in-depth analyses of script and screen.

With over 80 awards, including from Script Summit, Screamfest, Action on Film, FilmQuest, Cinequest, FilmMakers, and many more, I know what it takes to write a winning script.

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Or contact me directly for more information on any of the above services!

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