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Today’s creative filmmakers know what it’s like to have a “missing piece” in their projects when there’s a missing clip or two. Fortunately, that problem is often easy to solve by finding that missing piece in various stock video footage websites.

However, with the often high cost of these services, creators strive to find cheaper options without compromising quality.

That’s where Artgird shines! I’ve found their stock footage affordable yet very high-quality, as it’s made by real filmmakers like me!

In this Artgrid review, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the service so you can see if it’s worth your time and money.

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What Is Artgrid?

Artgrid is an online library of royalty-free stock videos that you can freely access for a monthly subscription fee.

Video creators and filmmakers from all over the globe can create videos and upload their high-quality footage for you to download.

As long as your subscription is active, you have unlimited access and unlimited downloads of all Artgrid clips.

best unlimited cinematic stock video footage site

Royalty-Free-Stock-Footage-Artgrid-io is a professional stock video footage platform that offers high-quality cinematic footage for video creators, editors, and filmmakers.

It is fantastic for people looking for cinematic stock video footage because it provides a wide range of content, from impressive aerial shots and incredible slow-motion sequences to beautiful time-lapse photography and stunning cinematic footage.

Who Created Artgrid?

Artgrid was created in 2019 after the massive success of Artlist by Yigal Ohanna. The idea was to capitalize on the success of Artlist by providing another website that uses a similar interface to provide slightly different content.

Yigal-Ohanna-LinkedIn Artgrid

Artlist mainly focuses on musical content, while Artgrid primarily focuses on high-quality video footage.

Who Are Artgrid’s Filmmakers?

The list of Artgrid’s filmmakers is expanding. Here’s an overview of some of the best contributors to date:

  • Kristian Ozer Kettner: A professional Danish filmmaker currently one of the top contributors to the Artgrid library. All the clips on his page are high-quality and detail-oriented.
  • Hans Peter Schepp: Hans is one of the filmmakers who blend between quantity and quality, providing over 8,000 clips as of the time of writing this. If you check his page, you’ll notice how he takes exceptional care of lighting to capture unique and intimate moments.
  • Omri Ohana: If you’re casually browsing the video samples on Artgrid, you’ll notice how Ohana’s videos are literally everywhere. That’s because this artist provided over 11,000 in more than 380 stories. Don’t let the excessive quantity fool you into thinking that the quality is compromised. Check his page and see for yourself.

There are tens of other contributors to browse, like Jonathan Vardi, Sherif Mokbel, Ira Belsky, Liran Friedman, Jakub Klawikowski, Lukas Pich, and many more.

Top Benefits of Artgrid

  • Complete Your Projects: Many video creators, especially those who film nature, may struggle with finding the perfect moment. It could be due to their limited time on-site or the unfavorable conditions around the filming location. Artgrid will provide you with just the missing clips to finish your project.
  • Absolute Quality: Every single stock footage on Artgrid is of high quality. The quality of the videos you can download increases depending on your subscription package. As such, you may download videos with up to 8k resolution, allowing you to produce notable films with fantastic shots.
  • Aerial Shots: Artgrid has a generous amount of drone-shot clips that are relatively difficult to acquire, even by professional video-makers. If your project is missing footage from above, Artgrid can be a great place to find that missing piece.
Artgrid-io arial shots

Best Features of Artgrid

Now that you understand how Artgrid can benefit your film production, it’s time to look at its best features:

1. Daily Expanding Stock Footage

Despite being a recent website launched a few years ago, Artgrid gets new footage almost daily. You get access to all of these videos with the same unlimited license you get once you subscribe.

2. Easy User Interface

The user experience is as easy as it gets on Artgrid. With a YouTube-like view, you only have to browse the video projects until you find the one you like. You also have a list of filters to narrow down your search.

3. Quick Downloads

Once you find the stock footage you desire, click on it and then add it to your cart. Follow by proceeding to checkout just like Amazon, and you’ll receive an email with a download link to the video. It’s that simple.

Who Should Use Artgrid?

Artgrid is designed to target content creators and filmmakers who need high-quality stock footage for their projects.

As such, anyone from independent creators to large-scale production companies can use Artgrid without restrictions.

Advertisers and marketers will also find Artgrid a goldmine for their commercial projects.

How Can You Search Artgrid?

Let’s look at all the ways you can look for and find stock footage on Artgrid.

Video Themes

Artgrid-io technology

Themes you can search from include: Aerials, Wildlife, Education, Fashion, Food and Drink, Industrial, Love, Sports, Technology, Time Lapse, Travel, and Vintage.

Shot Types

There are many shot types you can search on Artgrid, including:

Artgrid-io time of day
  • Handheld vs. smooth movement
  • Time of Day (day, night, sunrise)
  • Location (indoors, outside)
  • Format (4k, Raw)
  • Speed (real-time, slow, fast)


You can look for people in these categories:

Artgrid-io shot types
  • Age (baby, child, teenager, adult, etc.)
  • Gender
  • Number of people (1, 2, 3, couple, family, group)


Artgrid features tons of different collections of videos by theme!

Artgrid-io collections

Some of their top collections include seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter), underwater, sci-fi and space, our planet, urban life, the corporate world, and crime and violence.

Artgrid Pricing

As of writing this article, here are the current pricing and membership options available in Artgrid:

Artgrid pricing

Junior Package

The junior package is the cheapest at a $19.99 monthly subscription or $239.9 billed annually.

This package gives you access to all the footage in HD resolution and the standard H.264 footage format. You also get unlimited downloads of graded footage.

Creator Package

The Creator package will set you back an extra $10, resulting in a monthly plan of $29.99 or a $359.9 annual subscription fee.

Much like the junior package, the creator subscription gives you unlimited footage in HD, but you can ramp up the quality to 4K-8K resolutions. You also get the graded footage plus the lossless ProRes and DNxHR (Digital Nonlinear Extensible High Resolution) post-production capabilities.

Professional Package

The Professional package gives you everything from the Junior and Creator bundles. The only difference is that you also get unlimited RAW/LOG clip downloads.

The pro package costs $49.92 a month or $599 a year.

Remember that all plans allow lifetime usage of any video you download. The plans also give you a worldwide license to use the videos on any online platform.

The videos also support the YouTube monetization program, so your video won’t be flagged for copyright for containing footage that’s not yours.

Artgrid Pros and Cons

No product is all sunshine and rainbows. When there’s good, there’s always the not-so-good. Let’s explore both:

Artgrid Pros
  • Full Access: Unlike many other stock footage sites, Artgrid gives unlimited access and downloads of as many clips as needed. You don’t pay an extra fee for individual clips or ones from reputable artists.
  • Creative Freedom: Once you acquire the Artgrid License, you can use the videos as you see fit. Whether it’s for personal or commercial use, nobody will claim your work as theirs because they’ve already been paid to display it on Artgrid.
  • Free Peeking: You can try Artgrid without paying a dime if you create a free account. Once you sign up, you can download HD footage previews and try the experience yourself. With the free account, you can still use the videos without copyright claim, but the videos will be watermarked.

In short, with your subscription, you can download anything, anytime, and use it any way you see fit. However, reselling the footage is illegal.

Artgrid Cons
  • Limited Library: Artgrid indeed contains thousands of videos. However, the library might feel a bit lacking compared to already established titans like Shutterstock. Even with all the high-quality footage, you might still struggle to find exactly the clips you’re looking for.
  • Frame Rate Issues: In simple words, the frame rate per second or fps is how smooth the footage feels to the eye. The standard fps for movie footage is 24. Unfortunately, most clips I found on Artgrid are locked at 25 fps. I don’t think this will pose an issue for ordinary viewers, but trained professionals can still spot when a 25 fps clip is embedded inside a 24 fps footage.

Truthfully, I think the aforementioned points are more like mild inconveniences than cons. The limited library is growing daily, and the fps issue is barely an issue for most people.

Artgrid Alternatives

1. Shutterstock


If you’ve ever browsed Google for photos, you must have seen Shutterstock’s watermark somewhere. It’s a leading global provider of licensed videos, images, and music, with a gigantic arsenal of over 400 million assets!

2. FilmPac


FilmPac is a subscription-based platform where you can access an evergrowing library of cinematic stock footage in HD and 4K resolutions.

3. Adobe Stock


Adobe Stock is another stock media platform that’s integrated with the creative cloud suite. Much like Shutterstock, it offers its users millions of images and videos.

4. Envato Elements


Like Artgrid and FilmPac, Envato Elements is a subscription-based service with a decent library of photos and videos. It takes the service a step further by providing graphics and website templates as well.

5. iStock by Getty Images


iStock is a well-established premium provider of videos, images, and music. The library is generously packed with millions of them.

6. DepositPhotos


DepositPhotos has an edge over its competitors when it comes to pricing options. You can purchase individual credits to get specific footage or go for any of its subscription plans.

7. Pond5


Like DepositPhotos, Pond 5 allows flexible pricing options to suit all tastes. Its library contains videos, music, 3D models, and sound effects.

8. Pixabay


Pixabay is a free stock footage site. Over 2 million videos, photos, vectors, illustrations, and sound effects are free to use as you see fit. Pixabay is on my list of the top cheap stock video sites!

9. Filmsupply


Filmsupply focuses on quality over quantity. The stock videos are carefully selected from the inventory of some of the world’s best filmmakers.

10. RawFilm


RawFilm‘s user experience is quite close to Artgrid. Much like the Artgrid clips, you get resolutions up to 8k with RAW/LOG formats.

Common Questions About Artgrid IO

What Are the Fees for Artgrid?

Artgrid offers three packages, junior, creator, and professional. The fees for each are $19.99, $29.99, and $49.92, respectively.

Is Artgrid Free to Use?

You can “try” video previews if you create a free account. However, the videos you download will have watermarks. For only a $19.99 monthly plan, you get unlimited downloads of the entire library.

Can I Use Artgrid for Commercial Use?

Yes, you can safely use Artgrid for commercial use without worrying about copyright infringement. This applies even if your subscription is over.

What Is the Difference Between Artgrid and Artlist?

Both Artgrid and Artlist offer royalty-free content. However, Artgrid focuses on video footage, while Artlist is more into music.

Can I Use Artgrid Footage for Commercial Purposes, and Are There Any Restrictions?

As long as you’re not reselling the footage you acquire, you can freely use Artgrid for commercial purposes in any way you see fit.

Final Thoughts on This Artgrid Review

Despite being new to the scene, Artgrid has some of the best stock footage on the market. The one setback is the smaller library compared to the competitors, but the quality of the footage makes up for that. Plus, the library gets bigger every day.

Further, once you acquire the Artgrid license, all the content Artgrid offers is royalty-free. Everything you want to download is also a few clicks away without any extra charges.

All in all, Artgrid is a hidden gem in the stock footage market. The affordable annual subscription plans, paired with quality and accessibility, make Artgid worthy of your time.

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