If you’re a creative professional, then you know that finding the best resources and tools to help you create your best work is essential.

Finding, taking, or creating great images has always been tricky for me as an author, filmmaker, and all-around creative. I’ve recently discovered how amazing AI art generators can be! Whether you need art or images for your book, novel, film promotion materials, or just website graphics, the best AI art generators can help you create just the perfect thing!

So, in this article, we will review the 11+ best AI art generators of 2023. We’ll rank them based on features, benefits, price, and quality.

So whether you’re a blogger, author, filmmaker, or digital art creator, read on to find the perfect AI image generator for you!

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Best all-around image generator

Jasper Art

Jasper Logo

Jasper Art is fantastic for creative people who need lots of high-quality art and images to be generated quickly, easily, and cheaply.

You can now also add an image as a prompt, which is fun to experiment with.

Best Free version with flexibility


Canva logo

Canva is an outstanding all-around graphic design program. It now includes custom, AI-generated art images for free, which is impressive!

You can easily add text and graphic elements to your images, change colors, and make them your own.

best for Easy creative adjustments


NightCafe Logo

Nightcafe creates beautiful art and allows you the most flexibility for adjusting it!

It’s great for creatives who want the ability to adapt the same image into multiple artistic styles or looks.

best for detailed, painting-style art


Midjourney Logo

Midjourney creates the most intricate and stylized art and images of all the programs I tested. The images are customizable and stunning. It’s best for art that looks hand-painted.

It is the most complicated program to sign-up for and use, unfortunately.

best free version with no sign-up

Deep AI

Deep AI Logo

Deep AI produces high-quality AI Art images, it’s free to use, and you don’t need to sign up for anything or give your email!

However, it doesn’t have as much style flexibility as other programs, and you’ll need to deal with annoying ads.

what is an AI art generator

How I Evaluated Each AI Art Generator

To get an idea of the differences in the image outputs among these AI art generators, the same prompts were given to each AI image generator software tool discussed in this article.

Most software programs only allow text-to-image generation at this time, so I used two different prompts to get two different types of images (a landscape and a photorealistic face):

To create a landscape-type image (a gondola on a canal), I used the text prompt:

a gondola on a canal, sunset, hyper-detailed, hyper maximalist, insanely detailed and intricate, photorealistic, octane render, unreal engine, 8k

To create a realistic image of a celebrity-inspired face (Clint Eastwood as Wolverine), I used the text prompt:

Clint Eastwood as Wolverine, hyper-detailed, hyper maximalist, insanely detailed and intricate, photorealistic, octane render, unreal engine, 8k, full-face portrait

What Are the Best AI Art Generators?

AI art generators use artificial intelligence to generate images from the text (and sometimes images) a human user gives them. They are the perfect way to generate beautiful, complex images with minimal effort!

While amateurs, aspiring digital artists, and professionals alike can generate unique works of art all within a few clicks, the outcome is far from anything mundane. AI art generators can produce visual masterpieces with mesmerizing colors and intricate designs.

The best AI art generators generate high-quality designs with ease and simplicity and provide users with immense creative potential, giving them the power to quickly generate intricate patterns and vibrant colors reminiscent of traditional artwork. They are also improving at generating realistic images, such as human faces.

So, whether you are looking for a highly abstract design, a photorealistic image, or something bold and futuristic, the best AI art generators can help you bring your ideas to life in breathtaking detail.

Researching and trying out AI Art Generators is an investment in creativity and possibility for your brand or business!

Read on to learn more about how I evaluated each AI art generator in this article.

1. Jasper Art


Jasper AI is your best bet if you’re looking for ways to bring fresh, creative ideas into your art.

This revolutionary AI art generator uses state-of-the-art algorithms to generate outstanding digital art pieces. With a full range of personalization options, Jasper AI makes it easy for even the most inexperienced AI artist to create something unique every time.

With this fantastic tool, aspiring and experienced creatives can bring life to their vision cheaply and quickly!

Top Features

Jasper is the best overall AI image generator for most uses. Here are some of its top features:

  • Generating high-quality images with Jasper is faster than searching databases for the perfect stock image.
  • Pricing currently includes unlimited generated images! This means that if you do not love the output you get with a given prompt, you can keep going until you get a picture you love!
  • You can choose different art styles, such as abstract, impressionism, digital, realism, or surrealism.
  • You can choose a “mood” when you create art, such as happy, exciting, gloomy, or romantic.
  • Choose your art medium from options like acrylic paint, chalk, oil painting, watercolors, and photography.
  • You can choose an artist as inspiration for your AI art, such as Frida Kahlo, Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet, or Pablo Picasso.
  • Jasper Art gives you four output options each time you press the “create art” button!

Update for February 2023: Jasper Art has gotten even better! You can now click on an “image template” and Jasper Art will use that template, plus your text, to generate images! So, you don’t need to add a lot of formatting descriptions (i.e., “8k”, “unreal engine”) to your image prompt – just describe what you want in a conversational tone! Please see the image below!



Jasper Art is included with any Jasper AI writing plan (starting at $39/month). With this plan, you can create an unlimited number of artistic images.

There is also a free 7-day trial, and you can create up to 200 images!

Jasper Art Pros

  • Free 7-day trial available.
  • Straightforward pricing (free with any writing plan).
  • Tons of input options for art generation.
  • Great Facebook group for sharing prompts and ideas.
  • Four output images are generated for each prompt.
  • Images are generated quickly (within a few seconds).
  • You can now add an image prompt along with your text prompt (NEW in December 2022).

Jasper Art Cons

  • Can’t adjust the generated images once you have them (you need to use a different program, such as Canva or Photoshop, to do this).

My Experience with Jasper Art

I love Jasper Art – it is so much fun to play around with! I’ve been using Jasper Art for a few months (almost from when it was first available). I currently use the images for blog posts and social media graphics, but I also see many people using the images as digital art (that can be sold on Etsy or other platforms) and for printables.

Jasper Art is so easy to use. I simply added my prompts to the image generator and pressed “create art”. Four outputs were given for each prompt, and I added only the best image below. Here’s how the art generator looks:

Best AI Art Generator

Here is the art generated from the test prompts:

Landscape Art:

Jasper Art city scene

Full-Face Art:

JasperArt Clint Eastwood

February 2023 Update: Here are the four images generated with the new Jasper Art template called “Realistic Person”:

Jasper Wolverine

I think these are all amazing, and having templates adds significant value to a subscription to Jasper Art.

Bottom Line

Jasper Art is best for people who need to create many high-quality images each month easily and quickly! You can read my full Jasper AI writing review to learn more!

Click to read my full review of Jasper Art here!

2. Canva

Canva Text to Image art


Creating AI art can be both time-consuming and challenging for beginners. However, Canva text-to-image allows users to explore and generate unique artwork quickly.

By simply entering a word, phrase, or hashtag, the app generates artwork based on the input that can be further tweaked in the comprehensive editor suite. The results are often unexpected and beautiful – bringing an interesting visual element to any project. With Canva text-to-image, anyone can create professionally designed pieces of AI art in minutes!

Top Features

With its revolutionary features, Canva’s text-to-image AI art generator tool is shaking up the creative industry.

  • The technology allows creators to turn their words into realistic visuals in seconds.
  • Users have access to an extensive array of customizable design elements, giving them unprecedented power to express themselves uniquely.
  • Because the AI art generator and the customization features are offered in the same program, it is simple and quick to personalize and adapt your images.
  • New for February 2023: Create art in different image ratios, such as landscape, portrait, or square!
  • New for March 2023: Canva text-to-image now allows you to choose new and additional artistic styles for your image – including, filmic, dreamlike, photo, retro anime, watercolor, vibrant, minimalist, psychedelic, watercolor, stained glass, and many others!

With Canva’s text-to-image AI art generator, anyone can become a master artist in no time.


Canva text-to-image is free to use!

The paid version of Canva Pro gives you access to millions of additional photos, visual elements, and templates.

Canva Pros

  • Each text prompt creates four image options for you.
  • The text-to-image art generator is free to use!
  • The images created are very cute!
  • Images are easy to download.
  • You can easily add filters, text, and elements to your images within the Canva app.

Canva Cons

  • You need to create a (free) Canva account to use it.
  • Not as many image customization input options as Jasper has (more were added in March 2023!).
  • Not as easy to see a large version of your generated images – you need to drag them over to a document in Canva to see a large version.

My Experience with Canva

As I already use and love Canva Pro, I was excited when they added a text-to-image generator!

The image generator is intuitive and very easy to use. Simply add your text prompt, and choose a medium (photo, drawing, painting, etc.), then click “generate image.”

Canva AI Images

Landscape Art:

Here’s the best image that was generated of our canal and gondola:

Canva AI art example - gondola on a canal

Full-Face Art:

Here is their best version of Clint Eastwood as Wolverine:

Canva AI image example - Clint Eastwood as Wolverine

I was very happy with both of these images from Canva!

Bottom Line

The Canva AI art generator is the best choice for people looking for a free AI art generator! It’s also an easy choice for creatives who might already have a Canva account. Canva is a fantastic program for anyone who needs to create images for personal or business purposes!

Click to read my full review of the Canva AI Art Generator here!

3. MidJourney



Midjourney is the perfect AI art generator option to create unique, high-quality AI images! With just a few clicks, you can use your own ideas in combination with cutting-edge AI technology to create unique digital works of art.

Top Features

Midjourney has many features, including:

  • It has a great free trial option to see if you like the art it generates.
  • Midjourney lets you see the prompts used and the art created by others – so you get lots of ideas easily and quickly!
  • Midjourney won an art competition against real, human artists – so you know the quality is there!
  • The Midjourney AI Art generator software is currently available in a Beta version. You’ll need to join Discord to get access to the free trial (a few steps are required to join, but it’s not hard to do!).
  • Images are created by using a simple text prompt.
  • Midjourney is known for creating high-quality, unique oil-painting art.


Midjourney Pricing

Midjourney starts at $8 per month (paid yearly) and goes up from there.

Higher plans include quicker generations and additional images.

Midjourney also has a free trial offer.

Midjourney Pros

  • High-quality art is generated.
  • Four images are generated with each input.
  • Get ideas easily from other users of the Discord chats.
  • A free trial is available (approximately 25 images).
  • Will create AI-generated art featuring the images of celebrities (not all image generators will do this).
  • The art is so detailed and beautiful!
  • Once you have a piece of art you like, you can ask the software to make four unique variations of that art.

Midjourney Cons

  • More complicated to use.
  • Not meant to generate realistic images (photorealistic) but rather to create creative or abstract art.
  • It takes a minute or so to generate the art.

My Experience with Midjourney

Midjourney is the most complicated program to sign in to. It took time to sign into the Discord channel and eventually get to create my art. However, the Midjourney art it created is beautiful! Take a look at the four images generated for each of the prompts:

Midjourney art gondola
Midjourney art Clint Eastwood

Landscape Art:

Midjourney ai art gondola

Full-Face Art:

Midjourney art Clint Eastwood

Bottom Line

Midjourney is best for people who want to create amazingly detailed and beautiful painting-style art rather than photorealistic images. It’s also great for those who like to see many examples of the AI art that others have generated and the prompts they used effectively.

4. NightCafe


NightCafe is the perfect choice for anyone trying to generate art from their everyday life. Whether you’re a professional digital artist or someone wanting to dip their toes into the world of digital art, Nightcafe has all the AI tools you need to create beautiful visuals that bring your ideas to life.

With its AI-powered art style generator, NightCafe can produce unique, eye-catching works of realistic art in just minutes – no matter your skill level.

Top Features

The NightCafe AI Art Generator is an excellent online tool for creating unique art pieces. It has incredible features that make it stand out from other AI art generators.

  • First, one of its best traits is its imaginative and creative tone of voice—it allows users to play around with different ideas and discover new ways of expressing themselves artistically. With this feature, the AI will analyze all your inputs and suggest the most original artwork possible.
  • Additionally, the advanced algorithms used in this AI system can optimize each illustration to create beautiful textures, shapes, and colors tailored to each user’s preferences.
  • NightCafe also includes a powerful image recognition tool that can generate works based on scanned objects or photos taken from real life.
  • NightCafe lets you easily and quickly purchase prints of your AI-generated pictures.

All these fantastic features make this generator an excellent choice for anyone looking to explore their creativity in a fresh and exciting way!


Nightcafe pricing

NightCafe works on a credits system.

AI Hobbyist: $9.99 per month for 100 credits each month

AI Enthusiast: $19.99 per month for 250 credits each month

AI Artist: $49.99 per month for 700 credits each month

AI Professional: $79.99 per month for 1500 credits each month

NightCafe Pros

  • The ability to adjust images and re-generate them is amazing!
  • You can easily get your digital art printed for display.
  • Tons of input options for art generation.
  • Great Facebook group for sharing prompts and ideas.
  • Free trial of five credits is available.

NightCafe Cons

  • Top tiers are pricy! Another image generator may be a better option if you need to generate many images each month.
  • The credit system can be annoying.

My Experience with NightCafe

Nightcafe allows you to try the software for free, with five free credits (image generations and adjustments cost me 0.5 credits each). It was easy to use and download the pictures.

Landscape Art:

The first image created is on the left (I used ‘Nightcafe’ style for this one), and the adjusted image is on the right (I used ‘photo’ style).

NightCafe AI art gondola
Nightcafe art adjusted image

Full-Face Art:

For the photo-style art, I used the “stable” image platform with an “artistic portrait” style.

To enhance (“evolve this creation”) the picture, I chose the “CGI character” style.

Nightcafe art portrait Clint Eastwood
Nightcafe enhanced portrait

Bottom Line

NightCafe is best for people who like to have the ability to tweak and adjust an image that they have already generated. Most other AI art generators do not have this ability – you might be able to adjust your input text, but you aren’t able to adjust your actual image output.

I would love to play around with this feature as I learn the software!

NightCafe is great for super-creative AI artists who like to have the ability to change and tweak their AI images!

When you check out Nightcafe using the link below, you’ll automatically get 5% off if you buy credits!

5. Deep AI



If you’re looking for a revolutionary creative outlet to express your unique voice, Deep AI could be just the option for you.

As an AI art generator, Deep AI helps turn your ideas into tangible masterpieces using algorithms and artificial intelligence. It’s a chance to explore uncharted depths with the power of technology all at your fingertips.

Top Features

  • Deep AI offers a wide variety of features to help you create the best art possible
  • You can choose from a variety of art styles to create your masterpiece
  • The program is easy to use, even for beginners
  • You can save your work and come back later to finish it
  • The results are stunning and professional looking
  • You can create 3D graphics and animations


Deep AI is free to use for many styles of art.

A Pro plan also unlocks many more image-style options (such as a 3D hologram, anime world generator, and steampunk generator). The pro plan is only $4.99 per month.

Deep AI Pros

  • The software is free to use!
  • No sign-up is required.
  • The license allows for commercial and non-commercial use of the tool at no cost.
  • Can access a database of image text prompts along with the image created.

Deep AI Cons

  • You may need to wait a few seconds or minutes to see your art.
  • Only one image is generated at a time.
  • Lots of annoying ads on the site.

My Experience with Deep AI:

The Deep AI art tool is easy to use, although I didn’t like all the ads on the site. I did like that no email sign-up is required.

I added my text prompt, then had to choose an image style. For both of the pictures, I chose “fantasy world generator.” Only a few options are free, and the others are only available to Pro users (fee-based).

The art was created quickly (within a few seconds), but I only got one art option at a time.

Landscape Art:

Deep AI city art

Full-Face Art:

Deep AI art example Clint Eastwood

Bottom Line

Deep AI is best for people looking for free AI art generators who do not mind dealing with ads. The art that was created was very detailed, and I really liked how it looked!

6. Shutterstock’s AI Image Generator



Shutterstock’s AI Image Generator is a cutting-edge tool that uses artificial intelligence to create unique images with ease. It allows users to input specific parameters to generate custom images tailored to their needs, saving time and effort in the creative process.

Top Features

  • Ability to generate custom and high-quality images.
  • Quick and easy to use with simple inputs.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Various image formats are available for download.
  • Option to customize images with text and graphics.
  • Option to add filters and adjust colors.
  • Continuous learning and improvement through AI algorithms.



You can create up to 10 images for free when you sign up for a free account with Shutterstock. After that, you’ll need to pay to continue accessing their image generator.

Luckily, Shutterstock has a few different ways to pay. You can either go for a Flex Subscription, which gives you a certain number of credits to use each month, or you can buy a pack of a certain number of downloads that can be used within a year.

Shutterstock Pros

  • You can adjust your created images easily (not all programs will let you do this!).
  • With a paid plan, you can access their full library of stock images as well as create your own.
  • Four output images are given for each prompt.

Shutterstock Cons

  • It can be pricy compared to other art generators.
  • Need to create an account to try out their AI software for free.

My Experience with Shutterstock:

Shutterstock‘s text-to-image generator is very easy to use. I didn’t like having to sign up for an account in order to use the software, but at least it was free!

Landscape Art:


Shutterstock’s images of the gondola on a canal were lovely, if a bit disjointed. I picked my favorite one (the one on the right) and asked the program to create additional variations of it. I love that you are able to play around with an image that you like!

Check below for the new variations.

AI-image-generator-from-text-prompt-a-gondola-on-Shutterstock (1)

Full-Face Art:


These are pretty good!

Bottom Line

I can see Shutterstock being a fantastic option for creatives who need access to stock photos and videos and the option to create an AI image if they don’t find anything they like in the stock images.

I also liked the feature of playing around with the images and creating new variations of the one that I liked!

7. Stable Diffusion



If you’re an artist looking for inspiration or a tech lover looking to explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence, Stable Diffusion could be a perfect choice.

Whether you’re aiming to create visionary surrealism or something more familiar, this platform makes it easy to explore new ways of creating artwork while also giving users confidence in the stability and reliability of their output. Stable Diffusion offers an exciting opportunity to expand your AI horizons!

Top Features

The Stable Diffusion AI Art generator is unrivaled for its ability to combine natural and organic forms of creativity with cutting-edge technology that makes it possible.

  • This sophisticated software is designed to harness the power of artificial intelligence, allowing users to generate beautiful artwork with a random and ever-evolving algorithm.
  • The best features of this art generator are its algorithms, which dynamically adjust the output according to user preference; its expansive library of assets; and its flawless integration with external applications.
  • Includes a database of prompts and images generated so you can easily get ideas for the image you want to create.


Stable Diffusion is free to use! You don’t even need to give your email address or sign in.

Stable Diffusion Pros

  • The software is free to use!
  • Your privacy is assured, as no sign-up is required.
  • The license allows for commercial and non-commercial use of the tool at no cost.
  • Can access a database of image text prompts along with the image created.
  • Full freedom to create any image (no limitations on what inputs you can use).
  • Four output images are given for each prompt.
  • The art is beautiful!

Stable Diffusion Cons

  • You may need to wait a few seconds or minutes to see your art.
  • I was not able to download my art directly to the computer.
  • Ads on the site are annoying.

My Experience with Stable Diffusion:

This program is so easy to use! It didn’t even take much time to create my art.

However, while the art created was great, I was annoyed by two things: there were too many ads on the site, and downloading the art after it was created was not easy. In the end, I had to screenshot the images to add them to this post.

Landscape Art:

Stable Diffusion AI art featuring Venice gondolas

Full-Face Art:

Stable Diffusion art

Bottom Line

Stable Diffusion is best for creators on a budget or those who only need a few images! If you want to try out AI art generator software (and you don’t mind waiting a few minutes for your art to be generated), this is a great way to do it!

It’s also great for people who want to generate images without limits on the input you can use to generate the art!

8. Deep Dream Generator



If you’re in the market for AI art, the Deep Dream Generator is worth checking out. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, it can subtly alter existing images, creating beautiful (or sometimes bizarre) new scenes that look like they were taken from another world.

Whether you want to create surreal images or abstract art pieces, the Deep Dream Generator can produce mesmerizing results.

Top Features

Deep Dream AI Art Generator is a revolutionary tool for anyone exploring art’s creative side. Its diverse range of styles makes it the perfect way to get your artistic expression out into the world. The features that make this program great include

  • The ability to customize settings allows users to experiment and create their own unique works of art.
  • It also includes an intuitive interface that allows users to learn how to use it quickly and efficiently.
  • Finally, it includes powerful algorithms and neural networks that help generate intriguing works of art that look straight out of a painting or photo-editing studio.

Deep Dream Generator offers users unlimited potential for expressing creativity through artwork – making it one of the best AI tools in its field!


Deep Dream offers a great free version, so you can try it and make sure you love it. They also offer the following paid plans (paid plans are based on “energy” credits – you use these up as you create artwork, and then they recharge at a certain rate per hour – this rate changes depending on the plan you are paying for):

Advanced ($19 per month): 120 “energy” credits; recharge at the rate of 12 per hour; 20GB storage; Full HD resolution

Professional ($39 per month): 250 “energy” credits; recharge at the rate of 18 per hour; 50GB storage; Quad HD+ resolution

Ultra ($99 per month): 750 “energy” credits: recharge at the rate of 60 per hour; 200GB storage; Quad HD+ resolution

Deep Dream Generator Pros

  • Offers three different styles of AI art.
  • Can generate unique art based on text alone or text plus an image.
  • Can change aspect ratio easily (square, landscape and portrait).

Deep Dream Generator Cons

  • The AI art is slow to load.
  • You need to sign up with your email address to use the program.
  • The use of credits can be confusing.
  • Only one image is generated each time (can re-generate for additional credits).
  • High-resolution downloads require the use of more credits.

My Experience with Deep Dream Generator:

I used Deep Dream’s ‘Text to Dream’ art generator for this example. They also have two other art style generators: Deep Style (for interpreting a painting style and using it to adapt an existing image) and Deep Dream (abstract and psychedelic art).

Landscape Art:

Deep Dream Generator ai art image

Full-Face Art:

I used their “face enhance” toggle to create this fantastic art (although I’m not sure about the claws on his head!).

Deep Dream Generator face image

Bottom Line

Deep Dream Generator is best for artists who want to adapt their existing images or mix up photos they have taken with AI painting to create unique, really interesting art!

9. DALL E 2



DALL E 2 is a spectacular AI art generator that creates imaginative, never-before-seen works of art. It only takes a few words to craft something truly unique and captivating.

Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting out on your creative journey, DALL E 2’s AI-driven creativity can bring your vision to life, providing the launchpad you need to create stunning images and AI videos and offering unexpected new pathways for further exploration.

Top Features

The DALL E 2 AI Art generator is perfect for creative projects.

  • Its user-friendly design makes it easy to create highly customizable art and figure out precisely what you need.
  • Its flexibility allows users to explore countless ideas without fear of going too far or getting a bad result.
  • Additionally, its artificial intelligence feature uniquely evolves artwork as you work, giving you many more project options.
  • It has preset features so users can play around with near-infinite possibilities before actually having to do the work.
  • Known for being great for photo-realistic images

The DALL E 2 AI Art generator is one of the most innovative AI tools for creative minds!


Dalle e 2 pricing

The pricing of DALL E 2 depends on the resolution of the images you would like.

Higher-resolution art will cost more ($0.020 per image) than lower-resolution art ($0.016 per image).

DALL E 2 Pros

  • Creates amazing photorealistic images.
  • You can fine-tune and adapt your generated images with the ‘paintbrush’ feature.
  • Created by Open-AI, the same company behind Chat GPT-3.
  • Has an image-to-image editor (unique among the art generators listed here).
  • Get 50 free credits on sign-up and 15 each month after that.
  • Creates four options for each image prompt.
  • Art is generated quickly.

DALL E 2 Cons

  • Pricing is per image on a credit system, which can get complicated.
  • It doesn’t allow images of known people, such as celebrities, to be generated (see example below!).
  • You must sign up with your email address and create an account before using it.

My Experience with DALL E 2:

I didn’t love all the steps needed to sign up for an account with DALL E 2 (give email, create a password, give my phone number, enter the code sent to my phone) before I could use it.

The art that was created from my prompts was ok but not great. I’ve included the best images that it generated here.

Landscape Art:

DALL·E 2 ai art of gondola on a canal

Full-Face Art:

This face image is not bad but looks nothing like Clint Eastwood as Wolverine.

DALL·E 2 portrait art

Bottom Line

DALL E 2 is best for AI artists who want maximum flexibility in the image output they get from an art generator. It’s not great for those who want to generate familiar-looking faces (i.e., celebrity-inspired). Honestly, I was not impressed by the art created by DALL E 2.

However, DALL E 2 is unique among the tools in this list in that it allows for image-to-image editing and text-to-image. This software gives AI artists tons of room for creativity! It may be worth trying out if you want this kind of flexibility and customization in your art.

10. Wombo Dream



Wombo Dream is great for NFT artists.

This AI art generator has made it easier than ever to bring creative visions to life – all with just a few clicks of a button. This tool will let you flex your creative muscles, and its progressive algorithms will help transform rough sketches into masterpiece-level works of art.

Top Features

The best features of the Wombo Dream AI Art generator are:

  • It is one of the free AI art generators.
  • Wombo Dream was designed to create NFTs – it is considered one of the best NFT creators.
  • You can input text as well as select an “art style” (such as ‘comic’, ‘splatter’, ‘meme’, or ‘realistic’) in order to generate your art.
  • You can also upload a photo or picture for the AI to use as inspiration for your generated image.


Wombo Dream is free to use. A premium version is also available for $7.50 per month (paid yearly).

Wombo Dream Pros

  • The software is free to use!
  • Don’t need to sign up to access the art generator.
  • Can add a photo or image as inspiration for the AI program.

Wombo Dream Cons

  • You need to buy the paid option to get images generated quickly
  • The art is not high-quality.

My Experience with Wombo Dream:

Wombo Dream is easy to use and the generated image loaded within about 15 seconds.

I only received one output at a time with this program. To get four outputs, you need to use the paid version.

I tried many different image style options, and most made an image that was barely recognizable as a gondola. The best one (seen below) was made with the “spectral” filter. I didn’t add an image as an additional prompt, which might have helped.

The art that I created with Wombo Dream was not fantastic. It was also not easy to download just the picture.

Landscape Art:

Dream by Wombo art image

Full-Face Art:

Wombo Dream art

Bottom Line

Wombo Dream is best for NFT creators. It’s also great if you have a photo or image you’d like the program to use as inspiration (most other AI programs don’t currently have this feature).

If you want a good free image generator, I suggest trying Canva or Deep AI.

11. Craiyon



Craiyon (formally DALL E Mini) is a new innovative AI art generator that offers an exciting new way to explore your creative side.

From traditional drawings to complex mandala-style works, Craiyon can generate an array of visual art with the click of a mouse.

Top Features

  • User-friendly interface
  • Ability to save and share your creations as screenshots
  • Customizable settings and adjustments

Craiyon is one of the free AI art generators on this list! However, it does run ads on its site to help make up for the fact that the software is free to use. If you hate ads, use an add blocker or a different AI image generator!

Craiyon Pros

  • The software is free to use.
  • Can create any image – no censoring (this could be a pro or a con, depending on how you see it).

Craiyon Cons

  • Have to deal with ads on the site.
  • Image generation is slow.
  • The quality of faces generated is terrible.
  • Can only screenshot your resulting images, no high-res downloads are available.
  • Overall, the quality of art generated is low. I would recommend using a different program.

My Experience with Craiyon:

Craiyon is very easy to use. I pasted my text prompt in and clicked “draw.” There were no image style prompts to choose from.

It took about 45 seconds for my art to be created (ads played while the art was rendered). But I was given nine unique art options to choose from. It was easy to click on each image to see it more clearly.

Overall, I was not impressed by the quality of the art, especially when compared to other free AI image generators on this list!

Landscape Art:

Craiyon art - a gondola on a canal

It’s not terrible, but it’s not great, either.

Full-Face Art:

Craiyon AI art example of a face

As you can see, the face that Craiyon generated was terrible.

Bottom Line

Craiyon is best for those who want to try out AI image generation software but aren’t yet ready to pay for it. It is better for those who want a more abstract type of art rather than photorealistic. Overall, I’d recommend trying a different free image generator, such as Canva or Deep AI.

What Are AI Art Generator Tools?

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the art world in a remarkable way. AI art generator tools are used to produce art without requiring the artist to manually draw or paint each work.

An AI program algorithmically composes visual artwork using imaginative and creative approaches based on pre-defined parameters provided by the artist. Instead of forcing an artist to be confined within their own physical boundaries, these AI tools allow them to create larger-scale works and explore a broader range of mediums than ever before.

Taking advantage of these innovative AI creative tools is sure to propel artistry into exciting new frontiers!

Common Questions About the Best AI Art Generators

Can I use AI-generated art for free?

Yes! Unleash your inner artist and create stunning artwork with the help of an AI art generator. With just a few clicks, you can use free AI image generators, such as Deep AI, Canva, or Stable Diffusion, to produce creations fit for a gallery wall or to give away as a special gift. These AI image-creation software tools will respond to your unique style of creativity and bring your visions of art to life by generating AI art for free!

Is Midjourney the best AI art Generator?

Midjourney has made waves with its sophisticated AI art generator. From custom-generated art to a vibrant virtual gallery, it’s no wonder why this technology is gaining traction in the artist community. Sure, other companies may claim to offer similar services, but there’s no denying that Midjourney stands out—it allows users to create super-detailed and beautiful works of art virtually and share them online without hassle. If you’re looking for the perfect blend of technology and creativity, Midjourney deserves a place at the top of your list!

How do you generate AI art?

Generating AI art is a fascinating and creative endeavor. To begin, many image-generating programs require a text prompt that describes the art you want to create. For example, you could prompt with “a chef standing beside an open oven, with a loaf of bread in her hands.” A few image-generating programs can even take an existing image along with a written prompt and create a new piece of art!

What’s the AI art Generator everyone is using?

Right now, many people are trying out Jasper Art! Jasper is a fantastic option, as you can create unlimited AI artwork monthly with a low monthly payment ($20 per month). Jasper is also a top-ranked AI writing assistant, story generator, text summary generator, and article rewriter!

What is the best free AI art generator?

From my research of trying each of the best AI image generators, Canva stood out as the best free AI art generator! Second place is Deep AI.

Wrap-Up: The Best Artificial Intelligence Art Generators

If you want to create AI-generated art, many software options are available to help you get started. The ten best choices in this blog post should give you a good starting point for finding the right AI art generators for your needs.

With so many possibilities now open to us, it’s an exciting time to explore the world of artificial intelligence and its potential for creativity! Don’t forget that you can also use AI image upscaling tools and AI photo editing tools to increase the quality of your new images if needed.

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