The recent developments in AI technology have seen it expand to many new areas, online avatar creation being one of them.

These new software programs are incredible for individuals who prefer not to appear on camera! With these programs, you can create your own avatar or even use your face with face-swapping software.

The avatars utilize AI text-to-voice technology to speak your words while perfectly syncing their mouths and faces. The realism of these digital avatars keeps improving with each passing day.

Let’s take a look at my favorite 11+ options for the best AI avatar generator software programs!

Best overall


DeepBrain AI logo

DeepBrain is my top choice overall for individuals and companies that want to create AI Avatars for their videos.

Best For Large Businesses


Synthesia Logo

Synthesia is a great option for businesses that need to create tons of video content using custom AI avatars.

best Budget Option

Wondershare Virbo

Wondershare Logo

This program does a good job with its avatars, and it’s easy on the wallet.

best for Presentations


Colossyan Logo

Colossyan is a fantastic option for turning PDFs and PPTs into videos with just one click!

best For Small Businesses


HeyGen Logo

HeyGen is great for small businesses, as it lets you do face-swapping in its videos!

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Online avatars — graphic representations of an online platform’s user — aren’t a recent invention, having been around since the early 1970s. They’re commonly used as static images that serve as profile pictures on various social platforms or as player-controlled video game characters in online games.

AI avatars add artificial intelligence to the avatar formula in the creation process or in their functionalities. The latter part is exciting — AI avatars can have an artificial intelligence of their own and can be used as interactive user stand-ins in many different use cases, such as video creation.

But as more and more companies start to offer realistic AI avatars for video generation, how do you know which one to choose? To help your search, I’ve handpicked a list of the best AI avatar generators that I’ve found so far in 2023!

What Are the Best AI Avatar Generator Software Tools?

Before we move on to the list of the best AI avatar generators, here’s a comparison table comparing the key features and prices of each AI avatar maker.

best AI avatar generator software options table

1. Deep Brain AI

DeepBrain AI logo

Neil’s Take

DeepBrain AI has received our title as the top AI Avatar Generator, all thanks to its cutting-edge text-to-video feature. This tech lets companies whip up super realistic AI avatars and create videos quickly and affordably! Plus, it’s super easy to use and can be tailored to match your brand’s vibe.

0out of 10
Best ForAn Overall Solution
Price$30 to $600 monthly
Annual Discount20% off


Deep Brain AI is a powerful AI avatar maker that lets you create and use realistic avatars for business, media, and education purposes in over 80 languages.

While the software doesn't let you create your own avatar with only a webcam, face swap is available for premade avatars, and enterprise customers can request a custom AI avatar to be made in a professional studio environment. You can also choose to use one of their existing avatars.

Deep Brain Avatars Home

Top Benefits

  • ChatGPT integration: Deep Brain integrates with ChatGPT, letting you generate videos through ChatGPT prompts.

  • 100+ video templates: Over 100 templates are available for a broad array of purposes, including marketing videos, tutorials, presentations, and much more.

  • Subtitle generator: Deep Brain's videos include an automatic subtitle generator, quickly adding subtitles to all avatar speeches in any of the 80+ available languages.


DeepBrain AI pricing

Deep Brain AI has three subscription plans: Starter, Pro, and Enterprise.

Starter and Pro are scaling plans that include four sub-plans each, determined by the monthly maximum video length. They range between $30 and $600 monthly or $24 and $480 with annual billing.

The Enterprise plan, at custom pricing, also lets you create a custom human avatar in your own likeness in a studio environment.

A free demo video is also available for trial purposes.

Bottom Line

Deepbrain is an excellent, affordable marketing tool for those who wish to create convincing videos without needing to be on camera.

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2. Synthesia

Synthesia Logo

Neil's Take

Synthesia is a top-notch AI Avatar Generator for big businesses! It's got a collection of over 140 unique AI avatars that can chat in more than 120 languages, bringing a real human feel to your videos. Plus, it's easy to use and kind on your wallet.

0out of 10
Best ForLarger Businesses
PriceFrom $30/month.
Annual Discount25%
PromotionStart Free Trial


Synthesia offers a set of versatile tools for your AI video generation purposes. With its highly user-friendly programming, anyone can create beautiful, realistic avatars in just a few clicks.

You can use personalized avatars or one from the vast library of premade Synthesia's AI avatars to create effective video content for any purpose.

Synthesia Home

Top Benefits

  • 120+ languages: Synthesia's AI avatars can talk in over 120 world languages, either in one of many premade voices or a faithful clone of your own voice.

  • Fast and easy personalized avatars: You can create your own AI avatar based on your likeness after simply uploading a 3-minute video of yourself — the AI will do the rest.

  • 140+ diverse stock avatars: Synthesia has a stock library with over 140 digital avatars varying in appearance, race, gender, and outfit.


Synthesia Pricing

Synthesia's Personal subscription plan is available for $30/month or $22.50/month with an annual subscription. The Enterprise plan, designed for bigger companies, has custom pricing based on the number of user seats.

If you want to try Synthesia's features out for free, you are allowed to create one demo video.

Bottom Line

With its broad array of languages and 60+ pre-designed video templates focusing on business use cases, Synthesia is ideal for large businesses aiming for international outreach with their content creation.

You can read my full Synthesia review to learn more!

3. Wondershare Virbo

Wondershare Logo

Neil's Take

Wondershare Virbo is a real gem for budget-conscious individuals and small businesses seeking a top-notch AI Avatar Generator. With its super-friendly interface, you can create amazing videos in just a few clicks! Plus, it comes with over 150 cool assets and voice options, a reassuring 30-day money-back guarantee, and works like a charm on multiple platforms, including Windows, iOS, and Android.

0out of 10
Best ForThose on a Tight Budget
PriceFrom $19.99 per month
Annual DiscountSave 20%


A part of the Wondershare Video Creativity suite, Wondershare Virbo can generate engaging AI videos in mere minutes, enhanced by its rich array of 150+ AI avatars available in a variety of attires, ethnicities, and age ranges.

While there is currently no custom avatar support that doesn't require studio recording, Virbo's premade avatar library effectively makes up for this flaw.

Wondershare Virbo Home

Top Benefits

  • AI script generator: Virbo uses a robust AI script generator to help create video narratives powered by ChatGPT.

  • Royalty-free assets: Wondershare Virbo's use of royalty-free assets helps add a unique touch to your videos.

  • Affordable price: In terms of value for your money, Wondershare Virbo is among the Best AI avatar generators you may find on the market.


Wondershare Virbo Pricing

You can purchase Virbo Wondershare through a monthly subscription plan that costs only $19.9/month. Yearly plans add more credits and remove some of the restrictions and are available in the Essential and Pro plans, which cost $214.8/year and $262.8/year, respectively.

You can also purchase a custom Business plan.

The Free Trial comes with two free credits — one credit corresponds to one minute of video length.

Bottom Line

Due to its highly affordable monthly and yearly plans, Virbo Wondershare is a perfect budget choice for users looking for a cheap yet effective AI avatar generator that doesn't lack any essential features.

4. Colossyan

Colossyan Logo

Neil's Take

Colossyan is a total game-changer for businesses and educators who want an effortless way to turn their PDFs and PPTs into captivating videos. With just one click, its user-friendly platform lets you create high-quality videos and choose from a variety of unique avatars, making your presentations and training videos come alive and boosting engagement in both learning and business settings.

0out of 10
Best ForEducators and Marketers
PriceFrom $35 per month
Annual Discount20% off


Colossyan is an AI video editor and avatar creator capable of quickly generating videos from a text prompt — it's possible to upload PDFs and PTTs that Colossyan will analyze and turn into a video narrative.

Colossyan will follow a scenario-based learning model while generating videos, meaning that it remembers concrete scenarios it finds itself in and applies well-performing solutions to similar future cases.

Colossyan Home

Top Benefits

  • Avatar customization: You can customize your AI avatar's age and emotions with only a single click.

  • Group scenes: It's possible to create group scenes that include up to four AI avatars.

  • Two custom avatar options: If you want a personalized avatar that looks like yourself, you can either create it at home using a webcam or arrange to record a professional-grade AI avatar in a recording studio at a higher price.


Colossyan Pricing

Colossyan offers Starter, Pro, and Enterprise plans, and the former two are separated into four levels each.

Depending on the total video length you want to have available per year, the pricing can range between $35 and $600 per month or $28 and $480 with an annual subscription.

The Enterprise plan has custom pricing and adds extra team collaboration features.

Bottom Line

Colossyan is the best AI avatar generator for educators and marketing professionals who need an agile AI avatar generator with AI models capable of a broad range of convincing, natural emotions, gestures, and facial expressions.

5. HeyGen

HeyGen Logo

Neil's Take

HeyGen is a real game-changer for small businesses! Its ability to generate videos in over 40 languages with more than 300 voices lets you connect with a global audience. Plus, HeyGen is super user-friendly and quick - you'll be creating top-notch, engaging videos in no time!

0out of 10
Best ForSmall Businesses
PriceFrom $29 per month
Annual Discount20% off


HeyGen is another AI avatar maker designed with businesses in mind. It features highly customizable, lifelike AI avatars that deliver your video script in 300+ voices and 40+ languages.

You can pick a premade AI model or create your own custom AI avatar with realistic facial expressions and a convincing appearance.

HeyGen Home

Top Benefits

  • Generative outfits: You can use AI prompts to generate unique outfits for your AI avatars, ensuring you can adjust their appearance for any context and keep them looking fresh and interesting for your viewers.

  • Multi-scene video editing: You can simultaneously edit multiple scenes in HeyGen's editor, saving you a lot of time and effort.

  • Both face swapping and custom avatars are available: If you want to use your own likeness as an AI avatar, you can use face swapping on one of the premade AI models or create a full avatar at home or in a studio, as a more expensive option.


HeyGen Pricing

You can choose between five Creator plans and five Business plans, with a scaling number of available monthly credits which determine your maximum total video length. They range between $29/month and $899/month, or $24/month and $720/month with an annual subscription.

A meeting with HeyGen's sales team can be booked if you're interested in an Enterprise plan.

A free trial is also available, which lets you create a 1-minute demo video to test HeyGen's features out.

Bottom Line

HeyGen is the perfect AI video generator for marketers who want to rely on AI presenters in their long-term marketing strategy. The customization options help them look constantly fresh, which helps them look more natural and human-like.

6. Synthesys AI

Synthesys Home


Synthesys AI is a cloud-based application that generates AI videos through simple text-to-video and text-to-speech mechanics, letting you create, edit, and use videos anywhere in the world without any serious technical knowledge.

The available templates and knowledge base make Synthesys perfect for any video content, regardless of your use case.

Top Benefits

  • Proprietary lip-syncing technology: Synthesys uses advanced lip-syncing technology, ensuring that AI avatar speech delivery looks seamless and 100% natural.

  • AI image generator: The Synthesys suite of AI tools includes a Chrome extension that lets you create AI art by reimagining any image it finds online. You can reuse these images as backgrounds for your videos.

  • 254+ voices: Synthesys' AI avatars use a massive collection of synthetic AI voices, which can also include your own vocal clone.


Synthesys includes three subscription plans, depending on whether you want to use it for voice synthesis, video synthesis, or both.

The Audio Synthesys plan costs $35/month or $27/month with an annual subscription, the Human Studio Synthesys plan costs $45/month or $36/month, while the combined plan costs $65/month or $52/month.

Unfortunately, no free trial or demo is available.

Bottom Line

Its AI avatar customization features and natural-looking delivery make Synthesys perfect for brands that need a unique AI content spokesperson for their marketing and explainer videos.

7. D-ID

D-ID Home


D-ID is a popular AI avatar generator that recently got integrated with several other highly popular design tools, such as Canva, due to its proven capability to create beautiful, effective AI avatars.

Compared to most other AI avatar makers on this list, D-ID's more focused on entertainment but is still capable of using its AI avatars for professional videos.

Top Benefits

  • Integrations: D-ID integrates with apps such as Canva, PowerPoint, or TikTok, letting you directly apply an AI presenter to your videos, presentations, or social media reels.

  • Live Portrait: The Live Portrait feature lets you animate uploaded photos, bringing life to your profile pictures or other still photos.

  • Realistic and illustrated avatar styles: D-ID's Stable Diffusion-based AI avatar maker can create AI avatars in realistic and artistic illustrated styles.


There are separate subscription plans for D-ID's Creative Reality Studio and the API, which lets you use and control D-ID AI avatars in other software environments.

The Studio is available in Lite, Pro, Advanced, and Enterprise packages. The first three plans are separated into three sub-plans each, depending on the monthly video length available.

Their price ranges from $5.9/month to $419/month or $5/month to $293/month with an annual subscription. The Enterprise plan has custom pricing.

The API has Build, Launch, Scale, and Enterprise plans, which are scaled similarly. The prices range from $18/month to $297/month, along with a custom Enterprise plan.

Both the Studio and the API have free trials that limit you to five minutes of video material.

Bottom Line

Due to its robust system of integrations, D-ID is the best solution for users who want to use AI avatars to enhance their existing workflow rather than completely readapting it. It's one of the best AI avatar generators for high-quality results for social media platforms.

8. Synths Video

Synths Video Homepage


Synths Video is a tool specifically made for YouTube video creators. It can automatically create professional videos from scripts or even article content using natural language processing.

Thanks to powerful automation, it can fully automate your YouTube video production while enhancing it with natural-looking AI-powered avatars.

Top Benefits

  • Generating YouTube videos directly from articles: You can "feed" an article to Synths Video, which will automatically generate a video in only a few minutes, thanks to generative AI.

  • RSS support: More expensive Synths Video plans can grant you access to an RSS feed for all your video content.

  • Automation: You can use Synths Video to automatize your YouTube video upload fully.



The YouTube Start package offers features that should satisfy most YouTube creators and a monthly limit of ten videos at the price of $399/month.

More expensive plans raise the monthly video limit and add a few extra features, such as personalized avatars and an RSS feed.

Bottom Line

Synths Video is the best option for users interested in using YouTube to facilitate their marketing workflow and drive leads and sales.

9. Hour One AI

Hour One Home


Hour One is a business-focused AI generator notable for its customization capabilities. You can tailor Hour One videos to perfectly represent your desired brand aesthetic, with features such as designing your ideal color palette, fonts you want to use, and highly customizable AI-generated avatars.

This lends Hour One to many different use cases for content creation in business and entertainment.

Top Benefits

  • Brand Hub: Thanks to the Brand Hub feature, you can design details of your brand aesthetics that you wish to apply to your future videos.

  • Many image assets: Hour One slides and videos have access to a humongous stock image asset database, ensuring your content never looks stale.

  • Easy AI clone: You can generate AI avatars based on your own features by simply uploading a selfie.


You can purchase Lite, Business, or Enterprise subscription plans. Lite and Business plans cost $30/month and $112/month or discounted to $25/month and $95/month with annual billing.

As per the usual practice, the cost of the Enterprise plan is negotiable.

Hour One notably has a completely free trial, which you can use with no limitations apart from being unable to download videos.

Bottom Line

Hour One's free, unlimited trial makes it an excellent choice for users who want to freely practice creating AI avatars without paying anything. Apart from that, its overall capabilities make it a superb choice for various business users.

10. Steve AI

Steve AI Home


Unlike most other AI tools in this list, Steve's AI avatar creation focuses on animated avatars made in a compelling, cartoony style.

You can also use it to generate live videos — unfortunately, with no human-looking avatars available to use. Still, it is a highly effective marketing tool, primarily due to its social media templates and integrations.

Top Benefits

  • Social media templates and integrations: You can make videos optimized for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other social platforms and directly upload them there.

  • Workspace management: Steve AI's collaborative features make it worthwhile for marketing teams, who can work on a project within a shared workspace.

  • Rich database of templates, videos, and images: With access to Steve AI's database, you can create video montages that always feel fresh and new.


The Basic, Starter, and Pro plans cost $20/month, $60/month, and $80/month, respectively. With annual billing, these plans are discounted to $15/month, $45/month, and $60/month.

The Enterprise plan adds a few extra features and can be purchased by directly contacting the sales team.

The Free plan is limited to three monthly video downloads, and the videos will have watermarks.

Bottom Line

With its online integrations and team management features, Steve AI is handy for marketing teams focusing on online and social media marketing. It's also one of the best AI avatar generators for those who want cartoon avatars rather than realistic ones.

11. Quinvio AI

Quinvio AI Home


With Quinvio, we're returning to AI avatar generators that favor a realistic look. This avatar maker can generate avatars with highly realistic facial expressions.

It can't create avatars based on users' custom requests, but the library of premade avatars makes up for it — it's not hard to find one that perfectly fits your brand identity and marketing goals.

Top Benefits

  • Direct edits: If the AI-generated output is not entirely to your liking, you can directly edit the script without having to go back and recreate the whole video from scratch.

  • AI suggestion prompts: The AI helps users generate an outline of ideas for their video.

  • Voice avatar styles: When choosing an avatar voice, users also get to pick a voice style that the avatar will speak in, letting them adjust the emotions and level of formality to the video's use case.


Quinvio's free version lets you create 30 seconds of video. The Pro subscription plan lets you create 10 minutes of video per month and unlock several key features — it's available for $29.99/month.

The Enterprise plan is available at custom pricing.

You can also purchase extra credits, with $5 for the first minute and an additional $1 for each of the following 15 seconds.

Bottom Line

Quinvio AI's integration of copywriting features makes it optimal for users who want to let the AI help with the creative aspect of video generation, such as idea outlines.

What Is an AI Avatar Generator?

An AI avatar generator is an art generator that creates unique online avatars based on user input. AI avatar generators work thanks to artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms.

Typically, AI avatars are used as "talking heads" in AI-generated videos. They will speak whatever is instructed to them through an appropriate text-to-video prompt.

How Can an AI Avatar Generator Help You?

AI avatar generators can create lifelike avatars that can be used for a wide range of purposes — anything from a fancy, animated profile picture to an AI spokesperson in corporate promo videos.

Buyers Guide: What to Look for in AI Avatar Generators

While looking for the best AI avatar generators, I took particular care to look out for the following factors:

  • Pricing: AI avatar software can get fairly pricey, and spending more on it than you objectively need may seriously harm your budget.

  • Features: You should ensure that the software includes some of the most crucial features, such as face and voice cloning, good integrations with online platforms, and robust team management.

  • Negatives: While some tools on the list lack particular features, their strengths manage to make up for them.

  • Support or refund: Support teams are unsung heroes of any successful software — a strong support team is essential to keep the service running smoothly. Ensuring that the software has a refund policy is always useful, just in case you end up not liking it.

Common Questions About AI Avatars

Which Is the best AI avatar generator?

While all the listed tools have their strengths, I'd call DeepBrain and Synthesia the best avatar generators overall. They are both robust, reliable, and versatile solutions with a perfect balance of useful features.

How Do I Create a Virtual AI Avatar?

The exact creation process varies on the platform. Some will let you do a face and voice scan with nothing but your webcam, while others may require a full studio environment with a green screen. Many programs let you use pre-made avatars for a fully hands-off video creation process!

Final Thoughts

AI avatar technologies, although relatively new, may seem unfamiliar to even those who are generally familiar with software and technology. Thus, choosing the right solution for you requires research and understanding.

I hope this article sheds some light on how AI avatar generators work and helps you choose the right tool for all your purposes!

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