best AI marketing tools

Wouldn’t it be great if you could put your marketing efforts on autopilot?

Well, these days, you can—sort of.

AI tools help even novices create effective strategies, generate copy for ads, and even write SEO-optimized blog content. They’re simple to use and promise great results.

The problem? The market is booming with these AI content-creation tools, so knowing which one is worth the investment can be tricky.

I’ll be honest – I love and regularly use all of the top five options here in this article – each is good for a different use case. I’ve also tried the rest of the options, and they have their place as well.

I’ve gathered 11+ of the best AI marketing tools anyone can use to enhance their digital marketing efforts. Check them out now, and start creating better-performing campaigns!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information.

Best overall

Jasper AI

Jasper Logo

Jasper is my top choice overall for its ease of use, its many marketing templates, and its new feature – “brand voice” – that will write in the exact tone of voice that you use!

Best runner up


Grammarly logo

Grammarly gets top marks for its grammar-checker and the new suite of AI tools offering rewriting services, GrammarlyGO!

best for SEO marketing


SurferSEO logo

SurferSEO is the best on-page SEO content marketing software around! Try it’s new AI writer to get quality blogs generated from just a keyword!

best for e-commerce stores



Writesonic is specialized for e-commerce stores, and writes amazing product descriptions! It’s also a great budget alternative to Jasper.

best for Long-Form Blogs

Content At Scale

Content-At-Scale logo

Content at Scale will write full blog posts for you from just a keyword. Its output passes AI-detection tools and is high-quality!

What Are the Best AI Marketing Tools?

These are some of the most popular (and effective) AI solutions on the market:

best Overall

1. Jasper AI Best Overall

Jasper AI web copy

Jasper AI is a content generation tool that uses artificial intelligence to ensure a consistent brand voice across all your channels.


Jasper AI is a great solution for copywriters to generate a first draft, refine it, and have their content ready for publishing. Users can choose the tone of voice for their content, and the tool will learn from their brand to achieve human-like copy.

Top Features

  • Can generate copy for all mediums (social media posts, Google ads, emails, blog posts, YouTube video scripts, etc.)
  • Can scan a website to learn about a brand’s voice and style
  • Can transform a piece of content into a full-scale campaign
  • Pulls content from a cross-section of AI models
  • Has many built-in copy templates for different mediums



Jasper AI offers a 7-day free trial and three paid plans:

  • Creator: $49/month (or $39 if you pay monthly)
  • Teams: $125/month (or $99 if you pay monthly)
  • Business: custom pricing

Jasper AI Pros

  • It helps me create lots of different kinds of content.
  • Has tons of templates (no AI prompts needed!).
  • Their new brand voice helps to create content that actually sounds like you!
  • It’s very affordable for what you get!

Jasper AI Cons

  • It doesn’t work great for creating full blogs.
  • It can be expensive (Writesonic is a very similar program, but quite a bit cheaper).

Bottom Line  

Jasper AI is a solid helper in digital marketing campaigns. It generates copy quickly, no matter the medium, and matches the style and tone of your brand.

It works both for experienced marketers and complete beginners. You can read my full Jasper AI review to learn more!

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best runner up

2. Grammarly – Best Runner Up

Grammarly book writing software for authors

Grammarly has come a long way from its grammar-checking beginnings.

Today, it’s a powerful tool that turns a piece of poorly-written text into an engaging copy that converts.


Grammarly now integrates several additional features along with its grammar checker.

You can choose an audience, how formal you want the text to be, and even the intent. Grammarly will provide custom recommendations to improve your texts based on these goals.

But this tool is about to become even more powerful through GrammarlyGO, a suite of AI tools that can help you at every step of the writing process. The suite isn’t out yet, but you can sign up for their list or request early access for your team.

Top Features  

  • One of the most reliable English grammar checkers worldwide.
  • It has a free forever plan (only provides basic suggestions).
  • Has an integrated plagiarism checker.
  • GrammarlyGO will help generate drafts, content ideas, and copy for various mediums.


grammarly pricing

Grammarly is one of the best free marketing tools, but this plan only offers a glimpse of the system’s full capabilities.

Their paid plans are:

  • Premium: $30/month
  • Business: $15/month/member

Grammarly Pros

  • I love Grammarly for its amazing grammar-checking for all written content.
  • Their paid plan is amazing – the plagiarism checking alone makes it worth it!
  • Integrates with Google Docs and MS Word.

Grammarly Cons

  • You’ll need the paid plan to access the best features.

Bottom Line  

Grammarly is embracing AI technology and will soon launch a powerful tool to generate high-quality content. It’s still a great asset, especially if you can splurge for the Business Plan, which provides full access to the suite.

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best for SEO

3. SurferSEO – Best for SEO Blogging


SurferSEO is a tool designed to boost organic website traffic. Its AI tool can generate high-quality content with a single click.


SurferSEO can create briefs, formulate blog post outlines, and look into your top competitors. In addition, in June 2023, they just launched their own AI blog post generator, and it’s quite good!

As far as content marketing tools go, SurferSEO is an excellent AI to complement your content strategy.

Top Features  

  • Can match your unique tone of voice.
  • Built-in anti-AI tool to make the content sound more human-generated.
  • Creates AI-generated article outlines to facilitate the content creation process.
  • Includes several add-ons like data-driven SEO insights and website auditing.


SurferSEO Pricing

To use SurferAI, you’ll need an active account. Currently, there are four subscription types available:

  • Lite: $29/month
  • Essential: $89/month
  • Advanced: $179/month
  • Max: $299/month

Surfer’s AI writer will cost an additional $29 per article (or less if you buy a bundle).

SurferSEO Pros

  • It helps you analyze competing articles and gives keyword suggestions based on them.
  • The AI blog post generator is very good!
  • Surfer can also help you create topical maps for your marketing content.

SurferSEO Cons

  • It’s quite expensive. However, that’s because it’s the best at SEO optimization of content!

Bottom Line  

SurferAI has a hefty price tag, so I believe it’s best for content marketing agencies that need to generate articles for different clients.

The tool helps the writers save time and write content that search engines love at a fraction of the effort they’d need.

That being said, I’m a blogger and use SurferSEO to optimize every article I write! It’s my favorite tool to help content rank on Google.

You can read my full review of the Surfer SEO AI writing tool here!

best for ecommerce stores

4. Writesonic – Best for E-Commerce


Writesonic is an AI marketing tool made to create content across all levels of your marketing campaigns.

But it truly shines for its eCommerce features.


Writesonic can generate product descriptions that are engaging and SEO-optimized. The marketing tool helps improve organic traffic and increase sales through content that resonates with audiences.

Top Features  

  • Generates product descriptions for specific platforms, such as Amazon.
  • Can create long-form articles in as little as 10 seconds.
  • Optimizes content across all social media and paid search platforms.
  • Can conduct keyword analysis.


Writesonic Pricing

Writesonic’s AI marketing tool comes with a free trial capped at 10,000 words generated.

If you need more, you can upgrade to:

  • Pro (Premium): $12.67/month (capped at 100,000 words and one user)
  • Pro (Superior): $12.67/month (capped at 33,334 words and one user)
  • Enterprise: custom pricing

Superior plans use GPT-4 and GPT-4 32K to generate texts and rely on better artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

You can also adjust the number of words you need per month to customize your plans and pricing.

Writesonic Pros

  • It’s a great budget alternative to Jasper AI.
  • It includes tons of templates to help you write specific marketing copy.
  • Their free trial lets you try everything out to make sure it’s what you need!

Writesonic Cons

  • Doesn’t do a personalized brand voice like Jasper does (yet!).

Bottom Line  

Writesonic is an excellent choice to get your new eCommerce store off the ground, though it’s certainly powerful enough to generate any content you need.

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best for long-form content

5. Content at Scale – Best For Long-Form Content

Content At Scale Home

Content at Scale is crucial in any content marketing strategy for its ability to generate long-form, quality content in mere seconds.


Once you provide Content at Scale with your relevant keywords, it scans the web for top-performing articles and generates fresh content by modeling them. The results are 100% unique and more likely to generate traffic, convert, or reach your other goals.

Top Features  

  • Can generate content from just one keyword.
  • Can generate fresh content from an existing URL (such as an old blog post or competitor link, or a YouTube video).
  • Converts podcasts or MP3 files into articles.
  • Content can pass most AI-detection software.


Content at Scale Pricing

Content at Scale offers four types of plans:

  • Solo: $250/month (8 posts)
  • Starter: $500/month (20 posts)
  • Scaling: $1000/month (50 posts)
  • Agency: $1500/month (100 posts)

When you buy article credits with Content at Scale through the links on this page, you’ll get 20% more credits added to your account at no additional cost!

Content at Scale Pros

  • It is very easy to use.
  • Will take information about your company and your audience to write directly to them.
  • Fantastic supportive community of writers!

Content at Scale Cons

  • Sometimes their articles repeat themselves – please make sure to edit the content before publishing!

Bottom Line  

Content at Scale is expensive, but it may be worth it if you cannot afford to pay the rates of a content writer.

It shines best in a digital marketing agency or for businesses that want to grow their online presence through inbound marketing and high-quality informational content.

best for marketing strategy generation

6. ChatGPT – Best For Strategy


The AI tool that took the world by storm: ChatGPT. At its core, it’s a natural language processing tool that works just like a chatbot.

But ask it the right question or insert a specific prompt, and it turns into a powerful AI marketing tool.


ChatGPT can generate texts, conduct keyword research, paraphrase articles, create outlines, and more. Currently, it’s one of the best marketing tools you can find and a great asset to creating effective marketing strategies.

Top Features  

  • Easy to use, with pre-written prompts available for marketing purposes.
  • Can conduct market research in seconds.
  • Generates platform-specific content, such as for social media marketing, email marketing, and more.


The basic version of ChatGPT is completely free.

If you want to upgrade to Chat GPT-4, it’s $20 per month.

ChatGPT Pros

  • Can create great content.
  • Works best for ideas and outlines.

ChatGPT Cons

  • You need to be good at AI prompts to use it effectively.

Bottom Line  

ChatGPT is a great tool for individuals or those who don’t have a budget for AI software. This tool holds its own and is versatile enough to help you improve your marketing campaigns.

best social media ai marketing tool

7. Flick – Best For Social Media


Flick helps you grow and manage your presence on social media such as Instagram.

The AI marketing tool helps generate texts, schedule posts, find useful hashtags, and analyze customer data to make better marketing decisions.


Think of Flick as an AI assistant optimized for your social media management and content. It’s a useful marketing tool for businesses and individuals alike.

Top Features  

  • The tool uses the official Instagram API.
  • The hashtag search feature works for over 20 languages.
  • Can schedule and auto-post different types of content.
  • Scheduling features also work for TikTok, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • The company provides 24/7 support.


Flick Pricing

All three Flick plans come with a 7-day free trial:

  • Solo: $14/month
  • Pro: $30/month
  • Agency: $68/month

Flick Pros

  • The plans are reasonably priced for what you get.
  • Works great for giving you ideas for Instagram hashtags, in particular.

Flick Cons

  • Some of the AI-generated hashtags aren’t super related to the topic – you’ll need to go through them carefully.

Bottom Line 

Flick is a solid AI marketing tool for anyone who needs to grow on social media but doesn’t have the time to craft posts the traditional way.

Scheduling is covered for all major social media platforms, but the AI and growth features are best for Instagram users.

best for data-driven decisions

8. MarketMuse – Best For Data-Driven Decisions


MarketMuse is an artificial intelligence marketing tool created to support content planning and optimization needs for companies of all sizes.


MarketMuse uses machine learning algorithms and advanced natural language processing (NLP) to analyze data and help marketers make data-driven decisions. MarketMuse provides actionable insights to enhance your marketing strategies and achieve better results.

Top Features  

  • Creates content optimized for search engines.
  • Conducts automated content audits.
  • Integrated competitive intelligence features.
  • Helps marketers draw actionable insights to improve content marketing performance.


MarketMuse Pricing

MarketMuse has a free plan capped at ten queries a month. You can also upgrade to any of the following paid plans:

  • Standard: $149/month
  • Team: $399/month
  • Custom

MarketMuse Pros

  • I love that it has a free plan, so you can try it out!
  • Gives great keyword ideas for your marketing plan.
  • Easy to use.

MarketMuse Cons

  • Expensive!

Bottom Line  

MarketMuse is a powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning tool that can improve your content marketing efforts. From analyzing your competitors to generating new ideas and finding the right keywords, MarketMuse does it all.

best for all digital advertising purposes

9. ZapierAI – Best For Digital Advertising


ZapierAI isn’t a marketing tool per se, but it can help you connect several AI marketing tools to create a powerful, custom solution.


ZapierAI is an automation tool that connects multiple apps for simpler management, data tracking, and decision-making. Now, the tool uses artificial intelligence to make these connections and customize workflows even easier without writing a single line of code.

Top Features  

  • Helps create a custom AI marketing solution.
  • ChatGPT plugin to automate tasks directly from the AI tool’s interface.
  • Can connect marketing tools with Slack, Google Docs, and thousands of other apps.


ZapierAI Pricing

If you only require single-step zaps (automation), Zapier has a free plan for you. If you need more advanced connections, you can upgrade to:

  • Starter: $29.99/month (750 monthly tasks)
  • Professional: $73.50/month (2,000 monthly tasks)
  • Team: $598.50/month (50,000 monthly tasks)
  • Company: $1,198.50/month (100,000 monthly tasks)

ZapierAI Pros

  • Has a free plan to try it out!
  • Great for connecting all your apps and programs together.
  • Their pre-built integrations will save you time.
  • Best for marketing teams.

ZapierAI Cons

  • Can be complicated to use.
  • Some smaller programs don’t have pre-built integrations.

Bottom Line  

Zapier is a powerful addition for all marketing teams, particularly those who need to juggle several apps to complete their tasks.

Its biggest benefit is creating a custom marketing or sales solution to support all your business operations.

best manuscript editing software

10. ProWritingAid – Best For Editing Your Writing


ProWritingAid is a tool all writers can use to improve the quality of their texts, add more personality to the content, and connect with a target audience.


ProWritingAid can correct grammar mistakes, suggest synonyms, and even rephrase sentences. If your text sounded a bit off or you’re dealing with writer’s block, ProWriting Aid can help.

Top Features  

  • Uses artificial intelligence to improve the content.
  • Work for all types of content, from web text for landing pages to fiction manuscripts and more.
  • Can integrate with several tools, such as Google Drive or WordPress.
  • Compares your text to over 75 other texts to help you improve your style.


ProWritingAid Pricing

ProWriting Aid offers two plans:

  • Free: 500-word editor and 10 rephrases per day
  • Premium: $30 per month with unlimited access

You can also get lifetime access to ProWriting Aid with a one-time payment of $399.

ProWritingAid Pros

  • I love that there is a free version that is actually helpful.
  • Helps you re-write existing content.
  • Keep your tone consistent across your marketing content.
  • Works for grammar and spelling-checking too.

ProWritingAid Cons

  • The free version doesn’t include everything, but it honestly does include a lot!

Bottom Line  

ProWriting Aid is made for writers of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a copywriter, a newbie content writer, or a novelist, this tool helps improve your texts.

best Marketing Ecosystem

11. HubSpot – Best Marketing Ecosystem


HubSpot is one of the biggest names in the marketing industry, with an amazing ecosystem of tools designed for sales, growth, lead generation, email marketing, and more.


HubSpot is entering the AI marketing tools market at full speed with two powerful solutions.

Their Content Assistant generates high-quality content for all marketing channels, from emails to social media, blogs, and more.

But you can also tap into ChatSpot, a tool that automates daily tasks and removes the daily hassle that your marketing, customer support, and even sales teams often face.

Top Features 

  • Can integrate with HubSpot’s other suite of tools.
  • Uses OpenAI’s GPT model to make the tool easy to use with no training necessary.
  • Can generate copy for all marketing purposes, such as emails, social media marketing, lead generation processes, and more.
  • Can support many routine tasks such as email follow-ups, prospecting, or reporting.


HubSpot Pricing

HubSpot says both Content Assistant and ChatSpot are free to use, but some more advanced features will only be included in paid subscription plans.

You can sign up for the Content Assistant waitlist here to be notified when it’s released.

ChatSpot is already available for testing here.

HubSpot Pros

  • It’s a no-brainer to try out if you already use their tools!

HubSpot Cons

  • Not totally available yet.

Bottom Line  

If you already use HubSpot’s tools, it makes sense to integrate their AI marketing tools into your daily activities.

The entire ecosystem is optimized to help individuals and companies reach their goals, such as improving search engine rankings, gathering and interpreting customer feedback and data, and more.

best for video content marketing

12. Synthesia – Best for Video Marketing


Synthesia is a fantastic AI video generator tool. It’s a must for anyone building a video marketing strategy.


Synthesia uses AI technology to convert text into audio and video content. You can use it to quickly create engaging and educational videos to connect with your target audience, train your new staff members in customer service skills, and even improve your customer support.

If you are interested in AI video generator technology but are not sure that Synthesia is the software for you, check out this helpful article: 7+ Synthesia Alternatives for AI Videos [Free & Paid!]

Top Features 

  • Over 150 ethnically diverse digital human avatars.
  • Over 120 accents and languages.
  • Can connect with PowerPoint, Shopify, Medium, and hundreds of other platforms and applications.
  • Provides over 50 templates to create videos faster.


Synthesia Pricing

Synthesia comes with two plans:

  • Personal: $30/month
  • Enterprise: custom pricing

Synthesia Pros

  • The videos are amazing!
  • People won’t even notice that the “talking head” is digital.
  • No cameras or special lighting required!
  • Great for those who hate to be on camera.

Synthesia Cons

  • Not as good for personal brand businesses, who rely on a “face” for the brand.

Bottom Line  

Synthesia helps companies save money on video production. It removes the need for actors, cameras, and even video editors.

The content it generates can address multiple goals across your marketing campaigns and business goals.

You can read my full review of Synthesia here: Review: A Powerful AI Video Generator

What Are AI Marketing Tools?

Artificial intelligence marketing tools are platforms or software that use AI (and sometimes machine learning) to automate certain tasks without human input.

AI technology works by consuming large databases, looking for patterns in them, and using these patterns to forecast potential outcomes or generate material.

Marketers and business owners can use AI tools to:

  • Predict customer behavior: Some AI-powered marketing tools analyze customer data and accurately predict their behavior, as noted in this article. You can use these predictions to create highly targeted ads and campaigns that yield better conversion rates.
  • Create personalized content. Making customers feel like you’re speaking directly to them is critical to a successful campaign. AI tools generate content tailored to the needs and want of your audience and help you find content marketing ideas for them.
  • Support your staff members: There’s much talk about AI replacing marketers, but the truth is that such tools can make their lives easier. If you cannot afford to hire a new writer and ease your team’s workload, an AI content writer will cost less but deliver more. Your entire team and use it to generate content ideas and even first drafts in minutes;
  • Automate repetitive tasks: AI solutions shine best when you give them repetitive tasks like going through data sets and analyzing them manually. Your team can feed the AI data and let it identify patterns and connections. You and your team just have to review the conclusions and make decisions based on them.
  • Engage with customers at all times: Most businesses can’t afford a 24/7 customer support team, but an AI chat management tool can save the day. These chatbots are installed on a site in just a few clicks and allow a customer to get answers to their common questions at any hour of the day.

As AI tools continue to grow, it’s fair to say that we’ll see even more applications for the technology in marketing and other industries.

Common Questions About AI Marketing Tools

Is AI-Generated Content Copyrighted?

Copyright and AI still have a rocky relationship, and the legislation has yet to catch up with technological advances.

Content that’s solely AI-generated isn’t copyrighted, but the U.S. Copyright Office said it’s open to granting ownership of AI-generated work on a case-by-case basis. Human and AI-generated content is even trickier.

Which Are the Best Free AI Tools?

ChatGPT is one of the most powerful free AI solutions on the market and is a model for many other tools entering the market.

Other tools on this list also have free plans available, such as HubSpot or Writesonic. However, these free plans have limited features and capabilities.

ChatGPT’s basic version rises to the level of many paid (even costly) AI marketing solutions.

What Types of AI Marketing Tools Are There?

AI-powered tools can address several marketing needs:

  • Content creation
  • Lead generation
  • Data analysis and forecasting
  • Chatbots, customer engagement, etc.

When going through the market, ask yourself what you want the AI to do for you. For instance, if you need help with your email efforts, go directly to AI email marketing tools, which are optimized for this specific goal.

Are AI Marketing Tools Legit?

Yes, AI solutions are legit, though with their growing popularity, it’s easy to think they’re just another gimmick.

These platforms and tools use AI technology and machine learning to look at large chunks of data, spot patterns, and learn from them. Whether these tools will help a business achieve its goals depends on how you use them.

AI tools can only get you so far. They cut back on time and effort but still need to connect with a wider marketing strategy tailored to your specific business needs.

Final Thoughts on AI Marketing Tools

These tools make life easier for everyone, whether you consider yourself a marketer or not. If you have something to sell or want to build a brand, AI solutions provide a convenient way to address all your advertising and influencer marketing needs.

From boosting your social media presence to optimizing your ad targeting and generating quality content in seconds, these artificial intelligence tools are essential to promoting anything in 2023.

And as technology grows, we can all expect it to play a bigger role in the future. You can use any of the 11+ tools on this list to jump on the AI bandwagon starting now!

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