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The digital marketing game is ever-changing. If you want your business to thrive, you must always be one step ahead of the competition. SEO tools are one way to do this. However, there are so many options on the market, especially these days with the rise of AI!

That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to the best AI SEO software of 2023. We’ll cover the best AI SEO tools that can revolutionize your SEO strategy according to your needs and preferences.

These cutting-edge solutions will help you stay competitive in the digital landscape, from advanced keyword research to content optimization and performance tracking.

Dive into the article now and unlock your SEO strategy!

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The Interplay of AI and SEO: A Glimpse into the Future

Artificial intelligence (AI) and search engine optimization (SEO) have become increasingly intertwined, giving us AI-powered SEO software.

These AI-powered SEO tools can help optimize your business’ websites for search engines more efficiently. They are like a whole new approach to keyword research, search engine optimization, and search engine rankings.

Adding an AI-powered SEO tool to your SEO strategies is an excellent idea to boost your organic traffic and maximize your ROI per article.

What Are the Best AI SEO Software Tools?

Ever since AI tools have become readily available online, more AI SEO tools have been popping up on the market than ever. However, not all work the same way; some can improve search engine rankings more than others.

After researching and testing different AI SEO tools, we’ve zoomed in on the best 10 AI tools you can find online. Here they are:

1. Surfer SEO – The Best Overall

SurferSEO generates optimized content to enable websites to gain more visitors


Surfer SEO is our pick for the best AI SEO tool overall. Surfer’s extensive competitor analysis and keyword research tools allow you to create articles and social media posts that rank in search engines.

Surfer SEO uses natural language processing (NLP) to tell you exactly which keywords, headings, and questions your content should have. This innovative on-page SEO optimization tool integrates with Jasper AI, WordPress, and other apps, streamlining your content creation process.

Top Benefits

  • SERP Analysis: This shows you which keywords are relevant and helps you rank in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) before you write SEO content.

  • Content Planner: This content creation tool allows you to map out and plan your content for a specific keyword or cluster of keywords so you can eventually become a niche expert.

  • Keyword Research Tool: Helps you come up with ideas for similar keywords.

  • Content Audit Tool: This lets you analyze your content after publishing to see how well you’re fairing against competitors.

  • AI Writing Tool: Surfer SEO has recently added an AI writing tool, but you can also integrate it with Jasper AI for quick articles. Surfer’s AI articles are actually pretty good!

  • WordPress Integration: Surfer SEO also integrates with WordPress and other CMS platforms.


Surfer SEO offers contract-free monthly billing so that you can cancel anytime and an annual billing option, which saves you money but comes with a contract.

Here’s a breakdown of the monthly pricing:

  • Essential Plan: 15 articles/month for $89/month

  • Advanced Plan: 45 articles/month for $179/month

  • Max Plan: 90 articles/month for $299/month

  • Enterprise Plan: Tailored to your business needs

The SERP Analyzer and Audit features come as separate add-ons with the Essential and Advanced plans but are free with the Max and Enterprise plans.

The SERP Analyzer costs $29/month, and the Audit feature costs $49/month.

Bottom Line

Surfer SEO is an excellent option to consider if you’re looking for an on-page SEO optimization tool to plan, create, and optimize content for SERP rankings.

2. Frase – The Best for Content Briefs Creation

Frase automatically generates search engine optimized briefs for SEO content writers


Frase is an excellent AI SEO tool for creating content briefs easily and quickly. Thousands of companies, including Coursera and Merkle, use Frase to analyze their competitors and combine the best keywords, headings, and phrases for Google Search Console-friendly content.

Frase allows you to create instant content briefs and customizable AI templates for content that ranks high in SERPs. With its content planner, insightful analytics, and intuitive, easy-to-use interface, Frase can help you transform your overall SEO strategy.

Top Benefits

  • Google Search Console Analysis: This helps you analyze Google SERPs, giving you useful insights that can increase your website traffic.

  • SEO Content Editor: Recommends headings, keywords, and questions with an on-screen content optimization score to predict your content’s performance as you write.

  • Link Building Tool: This handy tool recommends relevant internal links that can improve your content optimization score.

  • Keyword Research Tool: Recommends the best keywords to use based on competitor analysis. It also provides long-tail keywords that can improve your overall content, helping you rank in your niche.

  • Content Planner: This allows you to create content briefs and custom templates quickly, which can simplify your internal linking strategy.


Frase offers three distinct plans based on the number of articles you can write per month and the number of users with access. You can pay monthly or opt for discounted annual subscriptions. Frase also offers a 5-day trial period for just $1.

Here’s the breakdown of the pricing:

  • Solo Plan: Four articles per month and 1 user for $14.99/month

  • Basic Plan: 30 articles per month and 1 user for $44.99/month

  • Team Plan: Unlimited articles per month and 3 users for $114.99/month (extra users cost $25/month each)

Bottom Line

Frase is an excellent AI SEO tool if you want to create customized content briefs quickly to automate SEO workflow.

3. MarketMuse – The Best Website Analyzer Tool

MarketMuse automates search engine optimization strategy, enabling users to focus on the right content


MarketMuse is one of the best AI SEO tools that allows you to quickly analyze your content and entire website to rank in your niche. It gives you feedback on your website’s search engine rankings, domain ratings, and more, helping you generate ideas for what to write.

MarketMuse analyzes your competitors and gives insights into which keywords and questions perform better than others. This AI-powered SEO tool can save you time and effort in planning your SEO strategy and generating content ideas.

Top Benefits

  • Website Analyzer Tool: You can connect your entire website to MarketMuse for comprehensive insights on how to become an authority in your niche.

  • Questions Feature: Gives you ideas on what questions you should be asking and answering, which helps align your content with readers’ search intent.

  • SERP Analysis: Analyzes competitors’ articles and shows you how to rank higher than your competitors in SERPs.

  • Keyword Research Tool: This shows you the top keywords you should prioritize and the best word clusters for building authority.

  • Content Brief Tool: A comprehensive content brief creation tool that helps you create blueprints for your writers to go on, minimizing your edits.


MarketMuse offers a free plan with limited features and three premium plans. Here’s the breakdown of their pricing:

  • Free Plan: Gives you 10 queries per month with limited insights and features

  • Standard Plan: 100 queries per month for $149/month

  • Team Plan: Unlimited monthly queries for $399/month

  • Custom Plan: For large teams and businesses and is tailored to your specific needs

Bottom Line

MarketMuse is an excellent AI tool for anyone who wants to analyze their web pages’ SEO components and find which areas of their content strategy and content writing need improvement.

4. Jasper AI – The Best for AI Writing

Jasper AI leverages artificial intelligence to generate content ideas


Jasper AI is one of the best AI writing tools for content creation. It utilizes natural language processing, machine learning algorithms, and AI SEO tools to create engaging content that boosts organic search rankings.

You can use Jasper AI to write everything from social media posts and blogs to articles and even books! Its AI-generated content can streamline your writing process, helping you become an authority much faster than with traditional SEO tools.

Top Benefits

  • Comprehensive AI Writer: Jasper AI’s writing tool can generate short and long-form content using “assets,” any information you upload to Jasper AI to direct its writing outputs.

  • Content Improver Tool: This feature allows you to improve pre-written articles so they can rank higher in SERPs and get better organic traffic.

  • Paragraph Generator: If you ever hit writer’s block while working on an article, Jasper AI can help generate paragraphs or ideas to keep the ball rolling.

  • Tone Options: You can choose between different tones of voice to write in according to your target audience so your articles are smoother and more natural.


Jasper AI offers a monthly, no-contract billing option and a discounted annual billing option that requires a fixed-term contract. Here’s a breakdown of the monthly pricing:

  • Creator Plan: 50 assets and 1 user account for $49/month

  • Teams Plan: 150 assets and 3 user accounts for $125/month

  • Business Plan: All features are unlimited and tailored to your business needs

The Creator and Teams plans come with a free trial period of 7 days.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for an AI SEO tool that’s all about writing and content creation, Jasper AI is an excellent choice. All of its key features are dedicated to producing the best SEO-optimized content with the least effort.

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5. NeuronWriter – The Best for Google-Optimized Content

NeuronWriter suggests optimized words and phrases using natual language processing (NLP)


NeuronWriter is an AI SEO platform designed to create high-quality, optimized content that resonates with your target audience. You can easily research, create, and optimize content that ranks in Google SERPs, which is the main focus of NeuronWriter.

NeuronWriter uses semantic models (NLP) and competitor analysis tools to find the best keywords for your articles. It also leverages link-building and internal linking to enhance the SEO process and improve the structure of your content.

Top Benefits

  • Competitor Analysis Tool: This helps you find the key drivers behind your competitors’ ranking success with target keyword suggestions and topic-relevant phrases.

  • Multi-Language Support: NeuronWriter supports more than 170 languages, so you’ll be able to optimize your SEO content strategy regardless of what language you choose.

  • Content Planner: This tool helps you plan your articles and SEO content optimization strategy ahead of time so you can quickly build your topical authority.

  • Advanced AI Templates: You can create templates that NeuronWriter uses to instantly generate AI-written articles using the latest GPT engines, NLP, and Google SERPs.

  • Link-Building Tool: Recommends similar sites and pages that you should link to enhance your website’s external and internal linking scores.


NeuronWriter offers five different plans based on the number of projects, AI-writing credits, and features you need. Here’s a quick overview of their pricing:

  • Bronze Plan: 2 projects for EUR 19/month

  • Silver Plan: 5 projects for EUR 37/month

  • Gold Plan: 10 projects for EUR 57/month

  • Platinum Plan: 25 projects for EUR 77/month

  • Diamond Plan: 50 projects for EUR 97/month

Bottom Line

If your main concern is ranking in Google SERPs, NeuronWriter is an excellent choice to consider with its unique NLP and AI-powered writing tools.

6. Content at Scale – The Best Human-Like AI Writer

Content at Scale utilizes artificial intelligence to write human-like content


Content at Scale is an excellent AI SEO tool for writing engaging, human-like content using artificial intelligence. It allows you to create long-form articles and SEO-optimized content that bypasses even the most accurate and powerful AI detectors. All with the click of a button.

Content at Scale helps you scale your SEO content without needing multiple writers using its innovative, factually accurate AI writing tool.

Top Benefits

  • Keyword to Blog Tool: Content at Scale can transform any keywords you choose, regardless of keyword difficulty, into a full, nearly-ready-to-publish article in minutes.

  • URL to Blog Tool: You can create a new SEO-optimized blog using a competitor article’s URL or even your own pre-existing article.

  • Video or Audio to Blog Tool: You can create articles from podcasts, audio files, YouTube videos, and more. You can even embed parts of the podcast or audio into your articles for partnerships or collaborations.

  • AI Detector Bypass: Its AI-generated content passes AI detection checkers and plagiarism checkers since Content at Scale is integrated with Copyscape.

  • Multiple Plugins and Integrations: Content at Scale offers several plugin options, such as Shopify, WordPress, and more, to streamline your content creation, publishing, and sales processes.


Content at Scale offers four plans with different monthly blog post limits and features. Here’s the general breakdown of their pricing:

  • Solo Plan: 8 blog posts for $250/month

  • Starter Plan: 20 blog posts for $500/month

  • Scaling Plan: 50 blog posts for $1000/month

  • Agency Plan: 100 blog posts for $1500/month

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for an AI SEO tool to create human-like, SEO-optimized content that passes AI detectors, Content at Scale is worth the investment.

7. Semrush – The Most Versatile AI SEO Tool

Semrush brings many different SEO tools in a single package for working out brilliant SEO strategies


Semrush is one of the most comprehensive and versatile AI SEO tools on the market. It has over 50 AI-powered SEO tools that can take your content marketing, advertising, PPC (pay-per-click), and competitor research efforts to the next level.

Semrush helps you find the best-performing keywords and topics to push your articles, blogs, and social media posts up the SERPs ladder. This all-in-one AI SEO tool uses machine learning algorithms to enhance your SEO strategy and help you make data-backed decisions.

Top Benefits

  • Keyword Research Tool: Analyzes top competitors in SERPs and recommends keyword and backlink gaps for improving and optimizing your content.

  • SERP Tracking: Helps you track your content’s position in SERPs so you can work on articles and blogs that need improvement.

  • Content Marketing: Gives you practical advice for crafting SEO-optimized content that satisfies your readers’ search intent. It also tracks your brand’s reach by monitoring mentions and other marketing metrics.

  • Advertising Tool: Helps you find the top keywords for your PPC campaign while monitoring your competitors’ ads.

  • Real-time Content Metrics: Uses AI writing tools to create SEO-optimized content while displaying real-time metrics so you can adjust your writing on the spot.


Semrush offers three plans based on the number of projects you want to do and the number of keywords you want to track per month. Here’s a quick overview of their pricing:

  • Pro Plan: 5 projects and 500 keywords for $129.95/month

  • Guru Plan: 15 projects and 1500 keywords for $24.95/month

  • Business Plan: 40 projects and 5000 keywords for $129.95/month

Bottom Line

Semrush is perfect for SEO professionals who want a versatile, all-in-one AI tool. Whether you dabble in social media, content marketing, advertising, marketing, PPC campaigns, or just content creation, Semrush has you covered.

8. Outranking – The Best SEO Strategy Creator

Outranking AI search engine optimization tool creates content writing workflow to maximize organic reach


Outranking is a powerful AI SEO tool that can help you revolutionize your overall SEO strategy. It gives you insights into areas needing improvement compared to competitors and high-ranking SERPs.

Outranking is one of the few AI SEO tools that can recommend topics to write based on how likely these topics are to rank in SERPs. From there, you can create content briefs, article outlines, and AI-written content to boost your organic traffic.

Top Benefits

  • On-Page SEO Optimization: This lets you tweak your content as you write to ensure the final result is optimized and publish-ready with minimal edits required.

  • Rank Tracker: It shows you how well your content ranks over time so you can gauge your ROI.

  • Templates Creator: This lets you create a recipe or template for articles, fast-tracking the writing process.

  • Content Brief Creator: Gives you a detailed brief with the most important keywords, outlines, headings, questions, and topics to cover in your articles to outrank your competitors.


Outranking offers three plans based on the number of SEO documents you need per month and the number of users. Here’s a general breakdown of their pricing:

  • SEO Writer Plan: 10 SEO documents and one user account for $69/month

  • SEO Strategist Plan: 15 SEO documents and three user accounts for $129/month

  • Custom Plan: A customizable package built according to your needs

Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking for a fresh niche or trying to enhance your current SEO performance, Outranking is one of the best AI SEO tools to transform your overall SEO strategy.

9. Alli AI – The Best for Bulk SEO Optimization

Alli AI optimizes various webpages at the same time, allowing users to focus on creating search engine optimized content


Alli AI is an on-page SEO optimization tool that can optimize all of your web pages simultaneously and in bulk. All you need to do is create site-wide optimization rules, and Alli AI applies them to every single web page with just one click.

With Alli AI, you can create bulk meta descriptions, page titles, and more while editing them live in real time on the front end of your website.

Top Benefits

  • Live Editor: Alli AI allows you to edit your content live, which most CMS platforms don’t allow you to do (except WordPress).

  • Site-Wide On-Page SEO: You can edit all of your web pages simultaneously and see on-screen SEO recommendations for your content on the fly.

  • Link Builder: It helps you create external and internal links to improve your website structure.

  • Detailed Reports: Alli AI gives you detailed reports on how well you’re ranking in SERPs, your use of keywords, your site sales, and more.


Alli AI offers three plans based on the number of websites and pages you want to optimize. All of their plans come with a free 10-day trial period. Here’s a breakdown of their pricing:

  • Consultant Plan: 10 sites and 2500 pages for $249/month

  • Agency Plan: 25 sites and 7500 pages for $499/month

  • Enterprise Plan: Unlimited sites and 25000 pages for $999/month

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for an AI SEO tool that offers site-wide optimization with the click of a button, Alli AI is an excellent choice to consider.

10. Scalenut – The Most AI Templates

Scalenut AI SEO software simplifies SEO efforts from planning and research to content creating and optimization


Scalenut is one of the best AI SEO tools for creating marketing content. It offers over 40 templates for things like product descriptions, copywriting frameworks, email copywriting, and more!

Scalenut uses NLP and competitor analysis to create SEO-optimized blogs and articles with minimal input. With its automated optimization technology and powerful keyword planning features, Scalenut can streamline your SEO strategy in minutes.

Top Benefits

  • Content Planner: Gives you blog ideas and AI-powered keyword clusters based on your target keyword to help you build topical authority.

  • Competitor Analysis: Gives you insights into which semantic keywords, questions, and headings are performing well in SERPs so you can surpass your competitors.

  • AI Writer: Creates plagiarism-free, SEO-optimized content that is factually correct and aligned with your brand tone and identity.

  • Real-time Audit Tool: This gives you an SEO score in real-time, allowing you to audit and refresh your content with the option to fix it using AI automatically.

  • Template Library: Provides a massive library of AI-powered templates for content creation.


Scalenut offers three plans based on the number of monthly SEO articles you need. All of their plans come with a free 7-day trial period. Here’s a breakdown of their pricing:

  • Essential Plan: 5 articles for $39/month

  • Growth Plan: 30 articles for $79/month

  • Pro Plan: 75 articles for $149/month

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for ready-made templates to streamline your content brief creation or writing process, Scalenut is an excellent AI SEO tool with a massive template library.

What Is An AI SEO Software Program?

An AI SEO software program leverages machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to optimize your web pages for search engines.

It can analyze your articles or content, identify areas for improvement, and help enhance your content’s organic traffic and reach.

Basically, these programs can help your website rank better in Google searches!

How Can an AI SEO Software Benefit You?

AI SEO tools give you data-driven insights and suggestions. You can use these tips to boost your website’s ranking in search engines like Google. For example, keywords and link-building suggestions, competitor analysis, and technical SEO audits can give you a competitive edge.

Some AI SEO tools can write your entire content for you in seconds using keyword inputs. You don’t have to wait for your writers and editors to finish working so you can publish (although you should always edit any content that AI creates for you – it often gets facts wrong and it is worded in strange ways at times).

AI SEO software handles the technical aspects of SEO optimization so you can focus on sales, marketing, and revenue.

Buyers Guide: How We Conducted Our Research

When it comes to selecting the best AI SEO tools, there are simply too many options available in the market. Our AI tool guide is here to help you make an informed decision.

When doing our research to find the best tools, we determined using these factors:

  • Key Features: We prioritized essential AI SEO features such as keyword research and analysis, content optimization and suggestion, technical SEO audit and recommendation, link building, competitor analysis and benchmarking, and reporting and analytics.

  • Pricing and Packages: We considered factors such as the number of users, websites, and pages that can be optimized, as well as the level of customization and support provided.

  • User Experience: We evaluated each tool’s user interface, ease of use, and overall experience. We also tested integrations and customer support on mobile browsers and apps.

  • Reviews: We scoured online review platforms, social media, and customer forums to identify common complaints and issues with each tool.

  • Testing and Validation: We tested each tool ourselves to validate our findings.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right AI SEO tool for your business can be overwhelming whether you’re a small business owner, marketer, or agency. But with our guide, all the information you need to pick the perfect tool is at your fingertips.

We are all so lucky to live in a world where we can use tools like these to help us get our message out into the world!

Use the SEO tools in our guide to outrank your competitors and get the edge your business needs and deserves!

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