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I know how hard it can be to always be coming up with new content when you have a blog or website. With my primary work as a filmmaker and novelist, I know how hard it is to create helpful online content while also working on creative projects and jobs.

That’s why I’ve been looking into the best article generator software tools out there that can help make your life easier and give you back time in your day.

These AI article generator tools can help you get over writer’s block and create great SEO articles while saving you tons of time and effort. Plus, they are affordable, so everyone can access them!

Check out this list for more information on what each AI content generator tool has to offer as well as my opinion on each.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information.

Best for SEO Content

Surfer SEO’s AI Writer

SurferSEO logo

Surfer’s AI Writer is my top choice article generator. It creates SEO-optimized content, and I love that I can easily change and add headers to the outline.

However, it is a premium tool at a premium price!

Best For Niche Content

Content at Scale

Content-At-Scale logo

Content at Scale writes amazing articles for niche content.

I love that you can add in your brand voice and target audience, so the tool can write personalized content that sounds like you!

Best Budget Article Generator

Koala Writer

KoalaWriter logo

I am very impressed by KoalaWriter’s AI article generator! It’s great for content creators on a budget as it has plans starting at just $9 per month.

Its articles are well-written and sound like a human wrote them.

Best For General AI Writing

Jasper AI

Jasper Logo

Jasper AI is my favorite all-around AI writing tool. It’s fantastic for creating content marketing materials and articles that contain your brand voice and messaging.

It’s best for those who want to create an article paragraph by paragraph.

Best Free Version

Copy AI

Copy AI logo

Copy AI really impressed me, as it generated an entire blog post for free!

Simply enter your keyword and get a full blog post in just a few clicks. The article was not as good as the paid versions – but hey, it was free!

How I Evaluated Each AI Article Generator

To see how good each of these article generators is, I decided to use the same keyword phrase in each of them.

The phrase I used was “video editing tips.” You’ll be able to see the unique articles that were generated by each software program in the list!

I also ran each article through Surfer SEO to get its SEO score without any edits. The articles that were created varied greatly in terms of length, keyword optimization, depth of topic, and accuracy.

In this article, you’ll be able to see which one you like best so you know which program to try out.

Let’s look at the best article generator tools I’ve found in my research!

What Are the Best Article Generators?

These days, it seems like everyone wants to be a content creator. The internet is a big place, and it has allowed individuals the freedom to be able to put the wisdom of their experiences and perspectives out into the world – which is a wonderful thing.

However, the main downside is that writing takes so long! Everyone gets writer’s block sometimes, and creating engaging articles can take forever.

This is where AI can help.

I’ve been testing out many different AI writing tools, and I’ve discovered that there are many awesome AI content generators out there that can help you save time, energy, and money.

Trust me, I started out extremely skeptical about these AI content generators. But when I actually tried them out, I was impressed. However, while they are amazing at generating quite good content, they are not a substitute for a human editor with first-hand knowledge about the topic.

Please always make sure to proofread the content carefully and ensure that the facts are accurate and that the article contains your personal experiences and point of view.

The main thing I ask is that you remember that artificial intelligence blog article generators are just tools to help you write content faster and more efficiently. It’s not meant to replace research and personal knowledge of a topic or creativity and originality in the case of fictional work.

With that said, let’s look at the best article generators!

Surfer SEO’s AI Content Writer – Best For SEO-Optimized Content

Surfer SEO home


Surfer SEO is the newest AI article generator on the block. I’ve used their SEO-optimization tools for over a year now – that’s one of the reasons my blog has grown from about five users a month (thanks, Mom!) to over 130,000 a month in just over a year!

In April 2023, they started offering a full article generator that can create unique articles from a single keyword. Of course, I was curious to try it out! I was not disappointed.

Top Benefits  

Let’s examine why I love this AI article generator and its key features.

  • You can automatically generate SEO-optimized content quickly and easily.
  • Generate articles up to 2000 words in length.
  • SEO-optimize your long-form content for a better chance at ranking on search engine result pages.
  • Get detailed reports to help you understand what changes will improve your content (this is in Surfer’s “audit” feature, which I use all the time).
  • Choose the tone of voice in which your article should be written.


Surfer SEO pricing

In order to use Surfer SEO’s AI article writer, you need to be a current subscriber of their SEO-optimization software tool. The pricing of that tool is as follows:

Lite: $19/month

Essential: $69/month

Advanced: $149/month

Max: $249/month

Credits for their AI article generators can be bought individually for $29 or in packages at a discount.

What I Love About Surfer SEO’s AI Writer:

  • You can review comparable articles and choose only the ones you’d like Surfer to use as references.
  • Articles come out SEO-optimized using keywords generated by Surfer SEO.
  • It shows you where to add images to the article.
  • Surfer also helps with keyword research and topical authority.

What Could Be Improved:

  • It’s expensive!
  • It can be a bit “wordy.”

My Experience with SurferSEO’s AI Writing Tool

I like how easy it is to use Surfer’s article generator tool. To start creating an article, click “Content Editor.” You then add the keyword phrase (or multiple related keyword phrases) that you want to rank for with your article.

For this example, I entered “video editing tips” and clicked “Write With AI.”

Next, I was able to choose the tone of voice for the article (I chose to have Surfer do an “auto” tone for this article), check out the blog post title and outline that it had created (the H1, H2’s and H3’s), and look at the existing articles that I wanted Surfer to compare my new article to.

Surfer SEO AI Writer

It took a few minutes for the AI to create my article outline. I have my own process for creating article outlines, so I made sure that the outline and title of the article were what I wanted.

I changed the blog post title entirely and added a new heading. Everything else looked great!

Surfer SEO AI Writer - article headings

It took about five minutes for my AI generated content to be created.

It was a Surfer score of 71 right out of the box!

While I can tell it will need a lot of editing and human touches, this long-form content is a great place to start.

Bottom Line  

Surfer SEO’s article generation software surprised me with how good it is. With some fact-checking, editing, and adding my own personal experiences, this article will be fantastic. However, the quality comes at a price.

This tool is best for content creators looking for an SEO content machine that will use relevant keywords to write blog posts. It’s for bloggers serious about growing their website traffic and authority online.

Number of Words Generated: 2954 words

Surfer SEO Score (without edits): 71/100

You can read my full review of the Surfer SEO AI Writer Tool here

Content at Scale – Best For Niche Content

Content At Scale Home


Content at Scale is another fantastic AI article generator. It is unique as it will create a unique blog post from a keyword (like Surfer SEO) or even a podcast or YouTube video.

I tried it out and was impressed with its easy use. I love that it can help me quickly and easily repurpose content that I already have (i.e., podcasts from my radio show) into blog posts.

Top Benefits  

Here’s why I think that Content at Scale is the best article generator for niche content marketing:

  • Generates unique blog posts from a keyword or podcast/video.
  • Quickly and easily repurposes your existing content, saving you tons of time!
  • Uses AI to ensure the highest output quality (I found it to be similar to human writers).
  • Automatically generates external links in your AI article.
  • Can be customized to provide a personalized experience (NEW FOR APRIL 2023: You can choose a custom “voice” that the AI tool will use to write articles that sound just like you).


Content at Scale Pricing

Content at Scale has plans that start at $250 per month.

What I Love About Content at Scale:

  • You can create an article from a podcast or YouTube video that you’ve already created.
  • New personalized tones of voice are nice to have.
  • It integrates directly with WordPress so that you can publish directly to your blog.
  • The program lets you re-run the entire article up to two times at no additional cost.
  • Gives you quick, tweet-able summaries in your articles.
  • Gives you a meta description along with your article.
  • Will write in hundreds of different languages.

What Could Be Improved:

  • It’s also expensive but can be slightly cheaper than Surfer if you get a large subscription.
  • It creates quite a bit of “filler content” and repeats itself at times.

My Experience with Content At Scale

I created a new “project” in the Content at Scale AI tool and fed the AI program some information about my site.

Once my project was set up, I was able to start creating my article. I chose to create an article from a keyword that I had found through prior keyword research.

Content At Scale AI Writer

I entered my keyword phrase “video editing tips” and kept everything else at the default settings.

I then clicked “customize” so that I could look at the headings that it generated before I created the whole article.

Content at Scale only gives you the H2s (not the H3s), so the outline is not as complete as the Surfer outline was.

I added a sixth heading, “Export in the Right Format,” to ensure that all the points would be covered.

I then clicked “create content” and waited about 5 minutes for my article to be written.

This is also a great article! I noticed that Content at Scale includes quite a bit more in terms of technical stats and data in their article.

I also appreciate that you can re-run the whole post up to two more times (I did this once for this article, as I wanted to see if it would improve its Surfer SEO score – which it did!) and that you can add additional headings as you go.

The AI program will take the new heading and write an additional paragraph within your document.

Bottom Line  

Content at Scale is an excellent way for anyone looking to speed up their niche content marketing process. It automates content creation so you don’t have to spend hours writing and ensures that your output is of the highest quality.

Its ability to quickly produce custom-made blog posts from existing podcasts or videos can save you time and money. All this makes Content at Scale an invaluable tool for any marketer who needs to create unique content fast.

Number of Words Generated: 1459 words (1768 when I re-ran it)

Surfer SEO Score (without edits): 43/100 (48/100 when I re-ran it)

When you buy article credits with Content at Scale through the links on this page, you’ll get 20% more credits added to your account at no additional cost!

KoalaWriter – Best Budget Article Generator

Koala Writer home


Koala is another AI writing tool that can write entire blog posts from a single keyword. It’s good for informational posts and listicles. It even reports that it can create Amazon round-up posts!

It will let you change the outline of the post before you have it written entirely, but it will use up credits to do so.

Top Benefits  

KoalaWriter is a great budget option for getting AI-generated content from a single keyword. Its key features allow you to:

  • Automatically create content from a single keyword.
  • Create informational posts, listicles, blog posts from YouTube videos, and Amazon round-up posts.
  • Easily make changes to the outline of the post before it is written.
  • You can choose whether it uses Chat-GPT 3.5 (more affordable) or 4 (uses 5x the credits).
  • Affordable pricing plans that fit your budget needs.



Essentials Plan: $9/month for 15k words

Starter Plan: $25 for 45k words

Professional Plan: $49 for 100k words each month

Boost Plan: $99 for 250k words

Growth Plan: $170 for 500k words

Elite Plan: $350 for one million words per month!

What I Like About KoalaWriter:

  • It’s affordable!
  • Choose whether you want to use Chat GPT 3.5 or 4 (with the paid version).
  • It can create Amazon round-up posts, which is something the other AI writers are not as good at doing.
  • Will write in languages other than English.
  • Easy to use interface (if a little bit simple).

What Could Be Improved:

  • Using Chat GPT4 will use 5x the credits!
  • The user interface is very basic.

My Experience with KoalaWriter

I decided to try out KoalaWriter’s ability to write the same article with the keyword “video editing tips”.

Since I paid for the program, I was able to use Chat GPT-4 to write my content.

KoalaWriter article generator software

I chose to use their AI-powered keywords optimizer (you can also enter in your own keywords manually).

I chose to use an SEO-optimized tone, chose my language and target country, and asked it to create an outline that I could see and change. I also asked it to create an FAQ section.

It took a few minutes to create my outline (similar to the other tools listed here). Here’s the beginning of the outline:

The outline was comprehensive and very complete. I didn’t add anything to it but re-arranged a few things.

I then clicked “Write Article”, and the article was generated in real-time (it was fun to watch the content creation process!).

In the end, the article was excellent. It was the longest AI-generated article at 3312 words. I did notice that it didn’t include a conclusion paragraph, but that is a small thing.

Bottom Line  

KoalaWriter is an AI writing tool that can help you create content for your blog or website quickly and easily. It is a great budget option for those who don’t want to pay top dollar for an AI writer tool.

Its ability to produce posts from a single keyword or YouTube video can make it a valuable asset in any content creator’s arsenal.

Number of Words Generated: 3312 words

Surfer SEO Score (without edits): 69/100

Jasper AI One-Shot Blog Post – Best For General AI Writing

Jasper home


Jasper AI is an AI writing assistant powered by advanced artificial intelligence that can help you generate and write high-quality articles and content quickly and efficiently.

With just one input, Jasper AI analyzes the topic and produces a well-written post that is (almost) ready for publishing. It also integrates beautifully with Surfer SEO to allow you to create search-engine-optimized content.

Jasper is my favorite AI writing tool for many purposes (emails, social media posts, paragraph generator).

Top Benefits  

Here are the best aspects of Jasper AI:

  • Generates quality content quickly and efficiently.
  • Utilizes advanced artificial intelligence.
  • Gives you an SEO-optimized post (if you integrate it with Surfer SEO).
  • Easy to use – just one input is required (the keyword you want to rank for with your article).
  • Jasper Chat is amazing for giving you unique blog ideas and marketing copy).



Jasper AI offers a subscription-based pricing structure, allowing users to purchase monthly plans ranging from $39 to $99/month ($29 – $79 if you pay on a yearly basis).

The basic plan for $39/month provides access to AI-powered content creation tools and one free post per month while the more advanced plans include additional features such as unlimited posts, analytics, and priority support.

Users can also opt for an annual plan which provides access to all the features at a discounted rate.

What I Like About Jasper:

  • It’s very easy to use.
  • Jasper plans are affordable.
  • Jasper integrates with SurferSEO, which makes creating SEO-optimized articles a lot easier.
  • I love their Chrome extension for AI writing everywhere.
  • Has a 7-day free trial, so you can make sure you love the software!

What Could Be Improved:

  • The articles created are not as good as the first two options (when you use their one-shot blog post).

My Experience with Jasper AI

Overall, I love using Jasper to create paragraphs and article sections, but their one-shot blog writer is not my favorite. While it is easy to use, its content is not as complete as some of the other options on this list.

To use their article generator, you’ll go to “document” and then choose Workflows, and then “blog post.”

Jasper AI workflows

Next, I added the blog title that I had created earlier for the Surfer SEO article. I added some context for the post, the audience for the article, and the tone of voice I want it to use.

Jasper AI one-shot blog post

Then, Jasper AI created an introduction paragraph for the article. I re-generated the intro a few times until I found one I loved. Jasper added that intro paragraph to the document editor, and moved on to creating an article outline.

Once I approved an article outline (you can regenerate the outline as many times as you like), Jasper went on to create each paragraph one by one.

This takes quite a bit longer than the other AI article generators that I talk about in this article.

However, it does give you a bit more flexibility and personal touch while you create articles. You can even add specific keywords you’d like Jasper to add in each paragraph.

In the end, the blog post that was generated was only about 900 words. I found that it was much less detailed than the Surfer article or the Content at Scale article.

Bottom Line  

In conclusion, Jasper AI is a great tool for anyone who needs to generate or rewrite quality content with minimal effort quickly. It’s easy to use, and the pricing structure makes it accessible to everyone. It even has a 7-day free trial.

So, while it’s not my favorite complete AI article generator tool, I do still love Jasper for so many other writing tasks (social media, article outlines, creative idea generation, etc.).

Number of Words Generated: 915 words

Surfer SEO Score (without edits): 41/100

You can read my full Jasper AI review to learn more!

Writesonic – Best Budget Overall AI Content Writer



Writesonic is an AI-powered article generator designed to help digital creators produce high-quality content in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually. It uses sophisticated natural language processing technology to analyze existing text and generate related, relevant content based on its findings.

Writesonic’s innovative technology allows users to quickly generate content for blog posts, press releases, product reviews, and more – all in one place. It also offers a wide selection of templates to help tailor content to various tasks and audiences.

Top Benefits  

  • AI-powered content generator for creating content quickly.
  • Natural language processing technology to generate related, relevant content.
  • Offers a wide selection of templates to tailor content for various tasks and audiences (i.e., product descriptions, social media ads, and long-form copy).
  • Quickly create blog posts, press releases, product reviews, and more in one place.
  • Intuitive interface offers easy drag & drop functionality for editing articles.
  • Advanced analytics to track user engagement on generated articles.
  • It now also integrates with SurferSEO to help create well-optimized articles.


Writesonic Pricing

Free Version: Get 10,000 words/month for free (Chat-GPT 3 only)!

Long Form: $19/month for 60,000 words (using Chat-GPT4!)

What I Like About WriteSonic:

  • It’s affordable.
  • Great for writing social media posts as well as blogs.
  • Uses Chat GPT-4 to create full blog articles.
  • Can generate articles in 25+ languages.
  • Can use your previously-written articles to help Writesonic write new articles in your own voice.
  • Their Chrome extension is helpful for writing everywhere.
  • It now integrates with Surfer Seo, just like Jasper does!

What Could Be Improved:

  • The content produced is sometimes repetitive.
  • The article it generated for me was shorter than I would have liked.

Bottom Line  

Writesonic is a great choice for anyone who needs an AI-powered article generator that can quickly produce high-quality content.

With its range of pricing options and intuitive drag & drop editing, you can quickly generate articles tailored to your specific needs and audiences.

I think it’s best as an alternative to Jasper AI for helping you write paragraphs, social media posts, and marketing materials.

See also: Top 11 Writesonic Alternative Options [AI Writing Tools]

Article Forge – Best For Bulk Article Generation



Article Forge is an AI-powered article generator that helps users with long-form content generation. It uses advanced natural language processing technology to analyze existing text and generate related, relevant articles based on its findings.

Article Forge also offers a wide selection of templates for users to customize their content according to the task at hand. The intuitive interface allows easy drag & drop functionality for editing articles, while the automated optimization feature optimizes your text with SEO-friendly keywords.

Top Benefits  

  • AI-powered article generator for quickly creating high-quality content.
  • Natural language processing technology to generate related, relevant articles.
  • Offers a wide selection of templates to customize content for various tasks.
  • Automated optimization feature optimizes your text with SEO-friendly keywords.


Article Forge is very affordable. It starts at $13/month (if you pay yearly) for 25,000 words/month. It also offers a free five-day trial.

What I Like About Article Forge:

  • You can publish your articles to your website directly.
  • Can bulk create articles quickly and easily.
  • It’s affordable!
  • Has a 5-day free trial.

What Could Be Improved:

  • Doesn’t work as well at creating articles in languages other than English.

My Experience with Article Forge

I entered my chosen keyword into the Article Forge article creator section.

I asked for a “very long” article (over 1500 words) in English, and I was ok with their AI-generated outline (you can also add in your own headings).

The AI took a few minutes to generate the content. I liked the article that it generated for me – however, it was not SEO-optimized at all. The tone was very conversational, and it seemed better suited to a social media post than a blog article.

Bottom Line  

Article Forge is ideal for anyone looking to quickly create high-quality written content.

With its advanced natural language processing technology, users can generate related and relevant articles in a fraction of the time it would take manually. The main downside is that the article wasn’t optimized for search engines.

I also love that they have a free five-day trial, so you can try it out and make sure it’s the best article builder for your needs.

Number of Words Generated: 1502 words

Surfer SEO Score (without edits): 39/100 – Best Free Version

copy ai

Overview is an AI content generator that offers a free plan for users to quickly create high-quality content. It uses advanced NLP technology to analyze existing text and generate related, relevant articles based on its findings.

Top Benefits  

  • It’s a free AI content generator that you can use to generate long-form content in just a few minutes.
  • Natural language processing technology to generate related, relevant articles.
  • Offers a wide selection of templates to customize content for various tasks.
  • Intuitive interface with easy drag & drop functionality allows users to edit articles.
  • Automated optimization feature optimizes your text with SEO friendly keywords.
  • Advanced analytics so you can track user engagement on generated articles.
  • Free version available, perfect for creating AI generated blog posts and other types of digital marketing content without breaking the bank!


copy ai pricing

Free Version: Get 2000 words/month.

Pro Version: $36/month for unlimited words!

What I Like About Copy AI:

  • Very affordable, with a free version that includes 2000 words!
  • Includes lots of templates.
  • You can sign up for the free version without creating a password – all you need is an email address.

What Could Be Improved:

  • No SEO-tool integration.

My Experience with

I signed up for the free version of to see if it would actually create me a full article for free. uses a chat format, so I used the prompt “Create a 2000-word blog post with the keyword phrase “video editing tips” and the title: “11+ Essential Video Editing Tips in 2023 [For Beginners]” blog article generator

There were no options to look at the outline before writing the article. The article was generated very quickly, and I saw it written in real time.

Copy AI article

It was quite a good article, with good informational content – however, it was not search engine optimized and was very short. It also seemed more suited to social media or email content than a blog.

Number of Words Generated: 706 words

Surfer SEO Score (without edits): 47/100

Bottom Line is an excellent choice for anyone looking to quickly create high-quality content using AI technology.

It offers a wide selection of templates and features that make it easy to customize articles according to specific tasks or audiences, such as emails, blog ideas, product descriptions and marketing content.

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What Are Article Generators?

Article generators are a powerful tool for creating high-quality content quickly and easily.

Designed to save you time and effort when writing blog posts, articles, and other content, these online tools use advanced algorithms to scan the internet for relevant information and automatically generate articles based on your input.

By providing a range of customizable options, such as word count, tone, and keyword density, online article generators allow you to produce content that perfectly matches your audience’s interests and needs. Many of them also write in multiple languages.

AI content generator software tools are an easy and effective way to streamline your content creation process and ensure you always have fresh, engaging articles and marketing copy on your website.

Common Questions About Article Generators

What is the best AI for writing a blog?

The best AI for writing a blog uses advanced algorithms and natural language processing to generate original content based on your input. Tools like SurferSEO, Content at Scale, and KoalaWriter use state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to create high-quality articles in minutes.

Which AI generates blogs?

Content at Scale, SurferSEO, Jasper, and Article Forge are some of the most popular AI blog content generator tools. They generate unique blog posts on virtually any topic using natural language processing technology and machine learning.

Which AI text generator is best?

I love Jasper AI for the majority of my AI text content work. I have found that the best AI article generators are SurferSEO, Content at Scale, and KoalaWriter. They create the best articles from just a keyword.

What is the best SEO friendly article generator?

SurferSEO’s article generator is the best blog post generator for those who care about search engine optimization (SEO).

How can I write an article for free?

Writing an article for free is easy with the help of a tool like Copy AI. All you need to do is enter your keyword, and the AI blog post generator will generate a unique article in just minutes. It’s perfect for anyone looking for quick content with SEO value.

Best Article Generator

Final Thoughts

The article generator software tools we’ve explored in this article are shaping the world of digital content creation.

Integrating these tools into your workflow saves time and resources, augmenting your creative process rather than replacing it.

These tools offer the potential to maximize your productivity, quality, and even your creativity. However, remember that while these tools are excellent aids, you must always fact-check everything and add a human touch to your content.

Make sure you use these technologies to support your unique and authentic storytelling and not as a complete substitute!

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