Colossyan Review: The Best AI Video & Avatar Maker for 2024?

colossyan review

Key Takeaways:

For any video creators looking to create videos with AI-generated human avatar interactions, Colossyan is a great choice! It lets you add up to four avatars who can talk with each other (with the Pro plan).

It even offers a built-in AI script generator tool, which is very useful.

When I tried Colossyan, I found that it was extremely easy to use. Their avatars look quite realistic, as their bodies move in realistic ways (more than other programs). However, I did find that the mouth movements are more accurate with some other avatar programs (such as HeyGen and Synthesia).

Overall, I recommend Colossyan as an easy-to-use avatar creator for businesses. Click here to go straight to the videos I made with Colossyan!

Have you ever needed to make engaging and impactful videos for work but feared the thought of putting yourself on camera? Or maybe you’re endlessly trying to track down your CEO and can’t ever seem to find time for them to get in front of the camera?

Or maybe creating videos is only one of the million tasks on your plate, and literally SO much time goes into organizing an entire production day?

If any of these sound similar to your situation, then maybe you’re looking into alternative solutions to creating videos in a fraction of the time, with nobody needing to show themselves on camera!

And you’re not alone! Because nowadays, over 77% of businesses are either using or exploring artificial intelligence (Source: TechJury). The power of AI is constantly growing and offers many advantages in the workplace, such as efficiency and productivity.

One platform that’s been talked about for its leading capabilities in AI avatar video content creation is Let’s get into this Colossyan review!

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what is an AI avatar generator

What is Colossyan?

Colossyan main page

Colossyan is an AI avatar generator that allows you to turn text into video using AI avatars (for AI-generated “talking head videos”). Once you import your text, you can choose from 200+ AI voices with different accents and ethnicities to narrate your scripts, and you can even translate your text to 70+ languages with the click of a button.

Then, you can choose from 50+ different-looking avatars to speak in your video – or you can even have two avatars converse with each other (in fact, you can have up to four!).

From there, you can choose different background colors or locations, add shapes or text over the video, and add music underneath.

Colossyan prides itself on helping businesses create videos with only AI actors and without any production costs. This way, companies can put more focus on other parts of their business instead of spending days on end trying to create videos.

Currently, Colossyan is used by 1,000+ customers worldwide and features many clients on their website, including BMW, Festo, Basf, Hewlett Packard, and more.

Who Created Colossyan?

Dominik Mate Kovak on LinkedIn

Dominik Mate Kovaks is the CEO and founder at Colossyan. Dominik is an educational technology entrepreneur who has been running tech startups since 2018. According to Dominik, “The key to success in EdTech is cultivating a deep understanding of the needs and challenges of educators and learners alike” (Source: LinkedIn).

Why Use Colossyan?

You should use Colossyan Creator over regular video creation platforms for many reasons.

Instant Text-to-Video

From a PDF to a blog post, you can turn any text into a video automatically – forget spending countless days filming yourself stumbling over the teleprompter. Colossyan Creator acts as an AI script assistant (using Chat-GPT).

Low Budget Production

With instant video comes low production costs! Go straight from pre-production to post-production and skip all the pricey elements that come with filming: Lighting, camera equipment, actors, studio space, etc. Keep your professional quality videos intact without spending an arm and a leg.

Advanced AI Avatars

Colossyan’s best stand-out benefit is its ability to provide advanced AI avatars. Their avatars can express five different emotions, making them more lifelike. You can also put multiple avatars on screen and have them talk with each other, which is something most AI avatar software doesn’t provide.

Collaboration Features

On Colossyan Creator, you’re able to create a team, upload a branding kit, and allow all the users to share, edit, and review videos on the platform itself. Most other platforms require you to use an external review site.

Who Should Use Colossyan?

Colossyan’s AI video platform was built for development and marketing professionals or any business that requires workplace learning. Its features were specifically designed to create engaging, low-cost video content for businesses, but of course, any individual or content creator is able to use this software to their advantage.

Here are a few examples of companies that could benefit from AI avatar videos:

  1. E-Learning and Education – AI avatars can be used as virtual teachers or tutors in online courses, which can help make learning more engaging. They can also help students with personalized feedback and explanations.

  1. Customer Support and Service – Companies with a lot of customer service support can use AI avatars to give automated responses and help customers with common questions.

  1. Healthcare – AI avatars can be used for telemedicine appointments between doctors and patients. They can also be used for reminders or providing health information.

  1. Marketing and Advertising – AI avatars can be used in marketing videos, advertisements, and promotional videos to deliver information in a unique way.

  1. Human Resources – Avatars can also help onboard and train new employees, helping them learn company policies, procedures, and cultures – I know I’d rather watch a video with important company information than read a training manual!

How to Use Colossyan

Colossyan’s AI video generator is pretty easy to use when you’re first starting out. Its design and layout are straightforward, and anyone with minimal editing experience can find their way around.

They also provide a short tutorial when you first create a project that easily explains how to get started with the video creation process.

1. Input Your Script

colossyan script section

Add your text to the ‘Script’ section. You can type it by hand, copy and paste it, or upload PDF documents. You can use the icons at the bottom to add a pause or get help from the AI assistant, which can help you brainstorm ideas, shorten your script, or correct your grammar.

In the free version, you’re only able to add up to 1,000 characters to the script, so that may be a little limiting, depending on how long your script is.

You can also upload your own audio if you already have a voiceover you’d like to use instead of one of their AI voices.

2. Pick a Voice

colossyan ai voice

Choose from over 200 voices until you find one that suits your needs. You can sort through various accents, ethnicities, tones, ages, and other features.

colossyan choose a voice

One cool feature is that you can add the same voice to every scene, or you can add a different voice to different scenes if you want to help keep viewers engaged.

3. Pick an Avatar

pick an avatar on colossyan

Go to the ‘Avatar’ tab and choose from over 50 avatars of all genders and ages until you find one to represent your business or content.

choose your ai digital avatar

Again, you can have this same avatar in every scene or switch it up to have a new avatar each time.

4. Position Your Avatar

colossyan position your avatar

After you choose an avatar, you can use the controls to reposition them until they look exactly right on your video. You can even put them into a little bubble in the corner like screen recording platforms do.

5. Add a Background

colossyan add a background

Next, go to the ‘Background’ tab and choose a solid color, stock photo, or video, or upload your own file to stick behind the avatar. There are many static or moving backgrounds to choose from.

6. Final Tweaks

colossyan final tweaks

Finally, use the additional ‘Text,’ ‘Music,’ and ‘Transition‘ tabs to add the final tweaks to your video.

Text – You can add text anywhere on the video or even in front of or behind the avatar.

Music – You can choose from many different songs to add to the entire length of the video.

Transition – If you have multiple scenes in your video creation, you can add transitions between the scenes to add that extra bit of flare!

7. Export Your Video

export your colossyan video

When you’re ready to export your final masterpiece, click the ‘Generate’ button on the top. This little window will pop up and ask you if you’d like to add subtitles and what resolution to export to.

Once you start generating the video, finishing it takes quite a while.

One feature I wish it had is the ability to customize the video subtitles. If you do turn the subtitles on, it will add basic-looking captions under the final video, but there’s no option to edit the look or the length of each subtitle.

Colossyan Plans and Pricing

colossyan pricing

Although you can use Colossyan for free, the customization features are limited, and you can only export videos under six minutes long with the Colossyan logo in the corner.

So realistically, if you’re going to use this platform, you’ll need to pay to use it. Depending on if you subscribe monthly or yearly, you can get the starter pack for $35/month or $28/month. The Pro plan comes in at $120/month or $96/month.

You’ll need the Pro plan if you want to use more than one avatar in each video slide.

A nice option that makes Colossyan stand out is the enterprise feature, which lets companies customize their plans to create the perfect package for their needs.

Colossyan Pros and Cons

Colossyan Pros

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Pre-made Templates Available
  • 70+ Languages
  • Advanced AI and Custom Avatars
  • AI Assistant for Scriptwriting
  • Great Customer Service
  • Saves Money on Production
  • Wide Variety of Customization
  • Cloud-Based Collaboration Features
  • Up to 4K Video Download
  • Pro Free Trial for Two Weeks

Colossyan Cons

  • Long Render Times
  • Limited Music Capabilities (they have the fewest music choices of any of the avatar generators I’ve tried!)
  • Cannot Change Avatar Facial Expressions
  • Can Get Costly

My Experience with Colossyan

Colossyan proved to be a very straightforward platform that anyone can easily use to start creating AI video content immediately. While I believe many companies and individuals can benefit from Colossyan, I did think their AI avatars left much to be desired regarding realism and replacing real people on-screen.

Personally, I think one of their best features is their AI Assistant that’s available to use when writing out your text. It’s connected with ChatGPT and can help you brainstorm ideas, shorten your script, or check your grammar. You could also use other AI writing platforms to help summarize your writing.

colossyan narration

This feature can be really handy when writing your video scripts!

During the editing portion of the video, I thought that it was easy enough to create something that looks good, but if you’re trying to create a great video with all the bells and whistles, I think it would be hard to really customize and edit the video to perfection.

It’s great for creating something simple and fast that will get the job done, but if you’re a perfectionist like me, you’ll get stuck trying to figure out how to change small details. However, Colossyan is marketed towards businesses that need to create training and educational videos primarily, so small details are probably not too important for those use cases.

Check Out My Colossyan Videos!

Here’s the video that I was able to make using Colossyan! I really enjoyed using their avatar creator – their interface is clean and easy to use, and their avatars are pretty good!

Here’s another video I made using Colossyan:

Colossyan AI Alternatives

If you’re still looking for a platform in the AI video generation space and you’re not convinced that Colossyan is the best software for you, here are some alternative programs you should check out!


HeyGen main page

HeyGen is an automated talking avatar generator that allows for the quick and effortless creation of professional videos. Many retail and e-commerce businesses use HeyGen to create product demos and tutorials, enhancing the online shopping experience.

HeyGen is my top AI avatar choice as its avatars are the most realistic that I’ve found! You can also create your “digital twin” for free and see a digital version of yourself speak words you’ve never said on-screen!

Take a moment to check this program out if you’re looking for an AI avatar generator, especially if you are a solopreneur, influencer, or blogger!


Synthesia main page

Synthesia is an AI Video Creation platform that uses avatars to encourage everyone to create professional videos without mics, cameras, actors, or studios. Corporations often use this platform for communication, orientation, and training videos.


DeepBrain AI Video Home

Deepbrain is another online video maker, but their main advantage is using conversational AI avatars that listen and respond to customers in need. Deepbrain’s customers range across all industries, from finance and healthcare to media and retail.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve made it this far, I’m sure you’re just wondering, “So, should I buy Colossyan or not??”

Well, if you are looking for an AI avatar generator that is perfect for training or educational videos and that can have more than one avatar in the video at a time, then yes!

You could also examine the other AI Alternatives suggested above and research which platform would work best for your needs.

If you’re new to video and content creation, then I recommend checking out Colossyan simply for its user-friendly and easy-to-use platform, which is perfect for beginners. Their design is so simple that it’s easy to take one step at a time while creating your avatar video. It’s also great because you can have more than one AI avatar in your video at one time (not all programs allow this).

When I tried it, I loved all the options to choose what my avatar looked and sounded like. If you have a higher-priced plan, you can even create your own custom avatars and make it look like your CEO!

But at the end of the day, these AI avatars still can’t compare to watching the emotions and enthusiasm of a real person on-screen in front of you (yet!).

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