Deepbrain AI review

Ready to step into the future of video creation?

Allow me to introduce you to DeepBrain AI, an AI video generator platform that combines the best of human intelligence with the computational power of AI.

Say goodbye to expensive production costs and hello to professional-looking videos created effortlessly with digital human avatars through artificial intelligence.

If you’re looking for an AI marketing tool that can meet the unique needs of your business, agency, or educational institution in an affordable pricing model, DeepBrain is a great option to consider. It’s a versatile platform that can be customized to suit a wide range of requirements.

Join me in this DeepBrain AI review and uncover what makes it a must-have text-to-video tool for content creators!

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What is Deepbrain?

DeepBrain AI Studios is a cutting-edge video generation product company focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning.

Their product, DeepBrain AI Studio, provides users with a revolutionary cloud-based tool for creating professional-looking videos featuring real human-based avatars. This platform may be worth exploring if you want to try out the new trends in video and integrate AI solutions into your projects.

DeepBrain AI logo

Neil’s Take

Deepbrain is a fantastic option for anyone who hates being on-camera and wants an AI digital avatar to do the talking for them! It uses ChatGPT to help you create a great video script, then voices the words and creates a moving, emotive “talking head”!

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Using DeepBrain AI Studio, you can create AI humans in videos by simply inputting text. Its unique feature is the custom-made AI avatars that are designed to align with your brand's image. The process is user-friendly, and the platform offers an intuitive interface with fairly straightforward instructions, making it accessible even if you're not an AI expert.

One potential use case for the DeepBrain AI platform is in the field of education. By leveraging the AI avatars, educators can create AI videos with engaging and interactive lessons that capture students' attention and enhance the learning experience. In addition, businesses large and small can benefit from DeepBrain AI's features for marketing, advertising, and product demonstrations.

DeepBrain AI overview

This innovative tool stands at the forefront of AI technology, revolutionizing digital content creation across various industries, including broadcasting.

Who Created Deepbrain?

DeepBrain AI Studios was founded by Eric Jang in 2016. The company has its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. It specializes in video synthesis solutions and the development of conversational AI avatars. These AI avatars are uniquely developed from real people, using their real characteristics to create a more authentic experience.

DeepBrain AI is a rapidly growing company and has been recognized for its innovative approach to AI technology, having won awards for its creativity and innovation.

Why Use Deepbrain? What Are the Top Benefits to Users?

Let's look at why you might want to use the Deepbrain software!

Realistic-Looking Custom AI Avatars

With Deepbrain, you can select and customize AI human avatars to be featured in your AI-generated videos. These avatars are designed to appear highly realistic, ensuring your videos maintain a professional look. These avatars streamline video creation, saving you valuable time and effort.

Deepbrain's AI avatars transform basic text scripts into sleek, professional videos. In addition, they cover a wide range of languages, allowing you to create avatar videos in English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Hindi, Arabic, and more.

Text-to-Speech Feature

You might be wondering about Deepbrain's capabilities when it comes to language translation and localization. The platform boasts an impressive text-to-speech feature that transforms your scripts into remarkably realistic AI voices. With support for more than 80 languages, you can create videos with a rich variety of voice options tailored to your audience's preferences.

If you're looking to make your content accessible and culturally relevant to people around the world, Deepbrain is the way to go. This platform is super efficient when it comes to localization. It understands all the little details that make each language unique, so you won't have to spend money translating your content. Plus, the translations are surprisingly accurate, so you can be sure your message will come across loud and clear no matter where your audience is from.

Deepbrain-ChatGPT Integration

When using the Deepbrain AI avatar generator, you'll find it offers seamless integration with various tools and platforms, making it more convenient for you to create professional-looking videos using artificial intelligence.

One noteworthy feature is its compatibility with ChatGPT. With this integration, you can use ChatGPT's proprietary self-learning AI language generation capabilities to create compelling scripts for your Deepbrain AI videos. This collaboration between ChatGPT and Deepbrain AI streamlines the content creation process.

Customization Capabilities

DeepBrain's customization options let you tailor your AI avatars and videos according to your preferences. The face swap feature allows personalizing the AI avatars' appearance to align with your brand or specific use case. You can create high-quality, highly customized videos with control over important aspects such as subtitles and styles.

Deepbrain's customization features allow you to modify your scenes to fit your style easily. Choose from various backgrounds and customize your texts and animations to make your videos look exactly how you want them to. You'll have complete control over the aesthetics of your videos, making it easier to get your message across to your viewers.

Editing Tools

The platform provides various AI video editing tools to enhance your AI-generated content. These tools allow you to make precise adjustments so that your video turns out exactly as you imagined! From effortlessly trimming clips to seamlessly adding subtitles, they provide the tools you need to make stunning videos in no time.

Deepbrain AI main page

Who Should Use Deepbrain?

Deepbrain AI is a versatile video creation tool used in various industries. Let's explore some of the main use cases of Deepbrain AI.

Social Media Creators: Deepbrain is a fantastic tool for creating videos for social media. Whether you want to share event updates or showcase your latest product, this AI video creation software will help you effectively convey your message.

Marketers: With Deepbrain AI, you can easily make marketing videos that show off your products, share customer success stories, or introduce new products. This helps boost your brand and engage more people on different platforms.

Trainers and educators: If you're looking for an easy-to-use tool to make engaging training or explainer videos for your classroom or company, Deepbrain AI has got you covered! Their platform is designed to be user-friendly and effective.

Business Use for Presentations: In today's fast-paced business world, communicating effectively is super important. Luckily, with Deepbrain AI, you can make fantastic video presentations that are both informative and engaging! Share them with your team, your clients, or at conferences to get your ideas across quickly and visually appealingly – even if they're complex.

In addition, AI-powered video creation by Deepbrain AI can be a game-changer for industries like healthcare, finance, and retail. It can help them communicate better with their team and customers, enhance their customer support service and brand image, and simplify their operations.

How to Use Deepbrain to Create an AI Avatar Video - My Experience with Deepbrain AI

First, I created an account on This was easy to do - you can use either your email or your Google account.

After signing up, I was sent to their pricing page. However, I know that Deepbrain AI offers a free trial video, so I clicked over to that page. At that point, Deepbrain offered to use ChatGPT to help me create a video script. I asked it to help me create a video on "What is visual storytelling and how can I use it in my marketing?"

Deepbrain - ChatGPT integration

I chose the template I wanted to use and then clicked "create your free AI video." It took a minute or two, and then the video outline, complete with script, was created.

Deepbrain AI introduction page

I could have changed to a different video template here (there were over 100 available for this free video!), but I liked the one I had chosen before, so I stayed with it.

At this point, I was able to change the voice of my avatar (it came with an English voice, and I changed it to an American one), change the speed of talking, and listen to a preview of the voice. I chose "soft D male" and the 1.2 speed for talking. I also changed the look of the digital human (I changed to "Adam", an announcer).

Deepbrain had created four different pages for my video. I could have added additional pages, and I was able to change everything about the video script. Here's the first page it created:

Deepbrain AI video page 1

I looked at each page and changed the script until I was happy with it. Here's the second page it created:

Deepbrain AI video page 2

I was able to change the orientation of the video to be either landscape (such as for Facebook or YouTube) or portrait (for TikTok or YouTube Shorts). I also was able to change the background - options included different solid colors, various stock images, or the option to upload your own personal background.

Once I was happy with all of the options, I clicked "export" at the top right-hand corner and chose "video" so that I could see the full video with the AI avatar enabled with the voice.

Now, unfortunately, my video was a bit too long for the free plan. I had to go back and delete some of the text of my video so that it would be under one minute when it was generated. The free trial allows you to have up to six pages and one minute of video time.

Once I deleted some of the text, I could generate the video. Also, Deepbrain AI offers to set an alarm so you'll know when the video is ready.

Deepbrain alarm

It took about five to ten minutes to generate my video. And while there is still a slightly artificial quality to the realistic-looking faces, these AI avatars are improving daily!

Deepbrain Plans and Pricing

Deepbrain offers a variety of plans tailored to different needs, with options for individuals, professionals, and enterprises. Let's explore their plans in detail:

DeepBrain AI pricing

Starter Plan

The Starter Plan is an excellent option for individuals and small businesses looking to test the capabilities of Deepbrain AI. Priced at $30 per month (or $24/month if you pay yearly), this plan offers a solid set of features for users:

  • Access to Deepbrain's intuitive dashboard

  • Basic video production capabilities

  • Limited access to AI-driven tools

  • Support chat function

This plan is a great starting point if you're new to AI technology and want to experiment with its potential.

Pro Plan

If you need more advanced features and higher capacity, the Pro Plan might be the right choice. The Pro Plan aims to cater to professionals and medium-sized businesses. Pricing for the Pro Plan is $225 per month (or $180/month if you pay yearly). This plan includes:

  • Enhanced AI capabilities

  • Higher video production capacity

  • Integration with existing workflows

  • API access for a custom implementation

The Pro Plan suits users who require more flexibility and control over their AI-driven projects.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan offers a customizable solution for larger organizations and advanced users. You'll need to contact Deepbrain directly for pricing, which varies depending on your organization's specific requirements. Some of the key features of this plan include:

  • Fully tailored AI implementation

  • Advanced analytics and insights

  • Company-wide integration

  • Ongoing support and training

  • Custom API access for seamless collaboration with your current systems

With Enterprise Plan, your organization and support team can fully harness the power of Deepbrain AI.

Deepbrain Pros and Cons

Deepbrain Pros

  • It's a cost-effective way to create lots of videos.

  • You don't need to be on camera!

  • The ChatGPT integration for writing scripts is impressive.

  • The text-to-speech feature has realistic-sounding voices.

  • It's easy to use the program.

  • There are plenty of templates to save you time.

  • They have a free trial, so you can create your first AI video before deciding to buy it!

Deepbrain Cons

  • The avatars don't make hand gestures.

  • There may not be as many avatar choices as in some other programs (still, there are over 100 to choose from).

  • More tutorials on the platform would be helpful.

Deepbrain AI Alternatives

Synthesia: Synthesia also allows you to create AI videos with human-looking avatars. They also let you animate your avatar's hands so that they can do different gestures. You can read my full review of Synthesia here.

HeyGen: HeyGen is another great alternative to Deepbrain. It can even help you create a custom avatar from a photo.

Colossyan: This is another AI Avatar creator software, but it's a little less customizable than the avatars on Deepbrain.

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Final Thoughts: Should You Buy Deepbrain?

If you love creating videos (but don't love being on camera) and want to take your content game to the next level, then DeepBrain might be just the tool for you.

It's got fantastic AI avatars and advanced features that can help you create amazing videos more efficiently and dynamically. Whether you're new to AI video generation or have some editing experience, DeepBrain is perfect for anyone who values quality and efficiency.

Give it a shot and see what a difference it can make in your content!

Common Questions: DeepBrain AI Review

Does DeepBrain AI utilize human intelligence?

Yes, DeepBrain aims to blend the best of human intellect with artificial intelligence's computational powers. The platform combines advanced AI service and technology with human understanding to improve its capabilities and outcomes.

Is there a free version of DeepBrain AI available?

Yes, you can try DeepBrain AI for free with a 1-minute video. This trial allows users to explore the platform and its features before committing to a paid plan.

What are the costs associated with DeepBrain AI?

Pricing for DeepBrain AI starts from $24/month (billed annually) for 10 minutes of video creation. As your video creation needs increase, you can opt for higher-tier plans to accommodate the additional requirements.

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