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12 Best Grammarly Alternatives for Writers in 2023 (Free & Paid)

If you’re looking for a Grammarly alternative, you’ve come to the right place.

As a novelist and screenwriter myself, I know how important it is to have your written work be grammatically-correct and free of those little errors that make you look less competent than you actually are!

In this article, we will discuss 12 different grammar checkers that are available on the market. Some of these alternatives are free, while others come with a price tag.

Let’s look into the pros and cons of each Grammarly alternative software tool so that you can decide which one is best for you. Let’s get started!

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best overall


Grammarly is well-known for being the original and best grammar checker for the English language

Best free version


Quillbot has an excellent free version, and the premium software offers paraphrasing and summarizing features that Grammarly doesn’t have.

for fiction writers


ProWritingAid checks spelling and grammar, and also your tone and style of writing. This makes it amazing for fiction writers!

for Non-Native English speakers


WhiteSmoke Logo

WhiteSmoke offers spelling and grammar checking in more than 40 different languages! It also offers translation services.

for academic and technical writers


Trinka Logo

Trinka is optimized for academic and technical writers. It checks grammar, spelling, tone, and style and has a pre-publication checklist!

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an AI writing enhancement tool that helps you identify and correct grammar mistakes and improve your writing style. It can be used for personal and professional writing and is a free or premium service.

The free version offers basic grammar and spelling checking, while the premium version provides more comprehensive feedback, including style and vocabulary usage.

Grammarly can be used online or offline and integrates with many popular applications, such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and WordPress.

Whether you’re a student, business professional, blogger, or novelist, Grammarly can help you improve your writing skills.

Grammarly Alternative

What are Some Alternatives to Grammarly?

A few options are available if you’re looking for a Grammarly alternative. One option is to use a free online grammar checker such as Ginger or LanguageTool. Both of these services can identify errors in your writing and provide suggestions for corrections.

Another option is to install a grammar-checking plugin for your word processor. There are several plugins available for both Microsoft Word and Google Docs. These plugins will scan your document for errors and highlight any areas that need attention.

Finally, you can always ask a friend or colleague to proofread your work. Doing this is often the best way to catch any mistakes you may have missed!

If you are searching for an online Grammarly alternative (possibly a cheaper alternative!), check out these excellent software tools!

1. Quillbot


If you’re looking for the best Grammarly alternative, make sure to check out Quillbot! Quillbot is a powerful grammar-checking tool that can help you avoid making common mistakes in your writing.

Even better, Quillbot is totally free to use! Just enter your text into the Quillbot interface and let the app do its job. Quillbot will scan your text for errors and provide corrections in real-time. You can even choose to have Quillbot automatically fix your mistakes for you!


Quillbot has a great free version. It will likely do most of the grammar and spelling-checking things that you need it to do! However, if you are a prolific writer or need to summarize or paraphrase longer paragraphs, there is also a low-cost Premium version of Quillbot.

Quillbot vs. Grammarly

Quillbot Pros

  • Cheaper than Grammarly for the paid versions
  • Can summarize and paraphrase paragraphs, something that Grammarly does not do
  • The text re-writing function can be very helpful for non-English speakers
  • Does almost as good a job of grammar checking as Grammarly
  • You do not need to create an account to use Quillbot!
  • Also has an AI-powered citation generator, which is great for students

Quillbot Cons

  • Not as good as Grammarly for grammar and punctuation checking in documents
  • Does not detect the tone of voice as well as Grammarly
  • While both can be used in Google Docs and as an MS Word and Chrome extension, only Grammarly can be used with Safari & Firefox
  • Grammarly’s plagiarism checker is slightly better

Bottom Line

Grammarly wins out in robust grammar, spelling, and punctuation checking, although Quillbot can do all of these things (just not quite as well!).

However, Quillbot shines if you are looking for free alternatives to help you summarize and paraphrase a text and check the grammar. Quillbot is also fantastic for people who want to avoid creating an account to use the software program or those looking for a simple user interface and a more affordable version of a spelling and grammar tool.

You can check out my full review of the Quillbot Grammar Checker here!

2. ProWritingAid


If you’re looking for the best free Grammarly alternative, ProWritingAid is a great option. ProWritingAid offers several features that Grammarly doesn’t, including a style guide that is very useful for fiction writers, such as novelists and screenwriters.

In addition, ProWritingAid provides feedback on your writing, including passive voice use, readability, sentence length, style errors, and grammar. ProWritingAid also has a free plan that includes all the abovementioned features. However, the paid version possesses more features, such as a plagiarism checker and a style editor.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive writing tool, ProWritingAid is worth considering.


ProWritingAid has a great free version!

ProWritingAid Premium is $79 per year and includes integration for MS Word, Google Docs, and Chrome, a desktop downloadable version, and no word limits.

ProWritingAid vs. Grammarly

ProWritingAid Pros

  • Offers both grammar and style checking
  • Shows more changes and suggestions than Grammarly
  • Fantastic for fiction writers, as it analyzes and offers suggestions on tone and style
  • Finds sentences written in the passive voice and suggests better alternatives
  • The premium version integrates with many programs and browsers

ProWritingAid Cons

  • Free version is only available on the online app, whereas Grammarly’s free version will integrate with more programs and browsers
  • The look of ProWritingAid is more cluttered and busy when compared to Grammarly
  • The many suggestions can make it longer to fix up a document

Bottom Line

Grammarly is best if you just need a high-quality grammar, spelling, and punctuation checker. ProWritingAid is best if you want assistance with tone and overall structure (great for fiction authors).

3. WhiteSmoke



WhiteSmoke is an excellent option if you’re looking for alternatives to Grammarly. It offers similar advanced features, including grammar and spell checking and style suggestions.

However, it goes further than Grammarly by offering translations in over 50 languages. WhiteSmoke is perfect for anyone who needs to communicate in multiple languages or wants more help with their punctuation mistakes and complex sentences.


WhiteSmoke Pricing

If you just need to use the program on internet browsers, Whitesmoke is a very affordable yearly payment of $59.95 (only $5 per month!).

It is $79.95 if you need to be able to use the program both on browsers and programs such as Windows, MS Office, and Gmail.

WhiteSmoke vs. Grammarly

WhiteSmoke Pros

  • Does a good job of checking for spelling and grammatical errors
  • Can translate texts from English to over 50 different languages!
  • Includes a plagiarism checker (this is a great feature for students and bloggers!)
  • Also checks for the style of your writing
  • Uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology with artificial intelligence processors

WhiteSmoke Cons

  • Grammarly’s grammar checker may be a bit easier to use
  • The interface looks more outdated than Grammarly’s does
  • No free plan

Bottom Line

WhiteSmoke is fantastic if you need a translation tool as well as a grammar checker. Due to its writing style checker, it is also quite useful for writers for whom English is a second language. Otherwise, Grammarly is likely your best choice!

4. Slick Write


Slick Write Grammar Checker

Slick Write is a great option if you’re looking for an alternative to Grammarly. Slick Write is a free online proofreading tool that allows you to check your grammar, spelling, and style. It also has a handy word counter so you can track your progress.

Unlike Grammarly, Slick Write doesn’t require you to sign up for an account. You can start using it right away. And if you need more help, there’s a blog with lots of tips and tricks.


Slick Write is free to use! It does not have a premium version.

Slick Write vs. Grammarly

Slick Write Pros

  • Has extensions for Chrome and Firefox
  • Helps improve your grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary
  • Will help you find problematic sentences
  • Slick Write is completely free!

Slick Write Cons

  • Does not give re-written versions of problematic sentences
  • Does not give suggestions for synonyms for overused words (like Grammarly does in the premium version)

Bottom Line

While both of these programs are great for checking English grammar and sentence structure, the premium version of Grammarly wins out as it finds the problematic sentences and re-writes them for you. However, Grammarly Premium is a paid online tool, and Slick Write is free!

Slick Write is a fantastic free option if you are great at fixing grammar and spelling mistakes and just need a program to tell you where those sentences are in your written text.

5. Trinka Grammar Checker

Trinka Grammar Checker


Trinka is one of the best Grammarly alternatives out there. It’s a great editing tool that can help you improve your grammar errors and spelling mistakes. Trinka has a lot of features that make it really useful for writers.

For example, it can help you find and correct errors in your writing, and it can also help you improve your sentence structure and style. Trinka is also really easy to use, so you won’t have any trouble using it to check your writing. Overall, Trinka is great for spotting basic grammar errors and can help you become a better writer.


Trinka Pricing

Trinka has a high-quality free plan.

The Premium version is $6.67 US per month (if paid yearly)

Trinka vs. Grammarly

Trinka Pros

  • This tool is optimized for academic and technical writing
  • Offers powerful grammar and spell checking
  • Trinka suggests phrasing preferred by style guides like AMA and APA
  • Has plagiarism-checking capabilities
  • Great at checking academic documents before publication – has a 20-point checklist
  • Has a ‘track changes’ function
  • Provides writing suggestions in real-time

Trinka Cons

  • Not optimized for more general writers, such as fiction authors or bloggers
  • Only available for use in English
  • Does not work on Android or iPhone (Grammarly does have this capability)

Bottom Line

Trinka is best for academic, technical, and professional writers. It has a vast dictionary of technical terms, and its publication checklist is very useful. However, if you need more of a general grammar and spelling checker, Grammarly is likely a better choice.

You can read my full review of Trinka AI here.

6. Antidote 11

Antidote 11


There are many great alternatives to Grammarly out there, and one of them is Antidote 11. This software provides an in-depth look at your writing, identifying errors and offering suggestions on improving your style.

In addition, Antidote 11 offers a wide range of features, including a thesaurus, dictionary, style guide, and more. Perhaps best of all, Antidote 11 integrates with some popular word processors and text editors, making it easy to use.


Antidote 11 Pricing

Antidote 11 is $59.99/year for an individual license or $99.99/year for a family license.

Antidote 11 vs. Grammarly

Antidote 11 Pros

  • Allows you to download the program to your computer
  • This is an advantage for writers who need privacy for their work (lawyers, doctors, etc.)
  • Antidote Web allows you to correct texts on any device, including phones, tablets, and Chromebooks
  • Your personal dictionary of words carries over on all versions of Antidote (desktop to web)
  • Will check grammar and spelling and also help improve your word usage
  • Antidote 11 works in both English and French!

Antidote 11 Cons

  • Not as useful for those who prefer an online spelling and grammar checker
  • The grammar-checking capabilities may not be quite as strong as Grammarly’s
  • No free version

Bottom Line

Antidote 11 is fantastic for people who value privacy and security, as it can be downloaded to your computer and works when you are offline. It is also cheaper than Grammarly and will check grammar in both French and English! If those things are not necessary to you, Grammarly is likely the better product.

7. Hemingway

Hemingway for writing books


Anyone who wants to improve their writing needs to check out Hemingway. It’s a free Grammarly alternative that offers a suite of writing tools to help you write more clearly and concisely.

One of the best features of Hemingway is the “readability score.” This gives you a measure of how easy your writing is to read so that you can adjust accordingly. Hemingway also highlights complex phrases and overused words so that you can avoid them in your writing. And if you’re working on a lengthy document, the “word count” feature can be a lifesaver.


Hemingway pricing

Hemingway is an entirely free program to use when you use it online! If you want the ability to use it offline on a desktop computer, it is a one-time cost of $19.99.

Hemingway vs. Grammarly

Hemingway Pros

  • Focuses on helping you write simple, concise, and readable sentences
  • Highlights sentences written in the passive voice, so you can make them more active
  • No account is necessary to use Hemingway
  • The ability to publish directly to WordPress and Medium is beneficial for people who use those content publishing platforms!

Hemingway Cons

  • Not as good at finding grammar and spelling mistakes – focuses more on sentence structure
  • Does not include a plagiarism checker tool

Bottom Line

Hemingway is one of the best free Grammarly alternatives for writers who do not have many grammatical mistakes in their writing and who are more concerned about creating easy-to-read content (likely content marketers and bloggers). Grammarly is better for those of us who need a complete proofreading tool to help us with grammar and spelling errors as well as vocabulary suggestions!

8. LanguageTool



If you’re looking for a Grammarly alternative, LanguageTool is an excellent online editor. It’s a free, open-source grammar checker that can be used online or offline. It supports over 20 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, and more.

LanguageTool has a wide range of features, including support for custom dictionaries, style checking, and spell checking. It also offers users the ability to create their own rules. It can be used in various ways, including as a browser extension, an add-on for Microsoft Word, or a standalone desktop application.

In addition to finding lengthy sentences and spelling mistakes, LanguageTool can also be used for style checking and more.


LanguageTool is a free tool and Grammarly alternative!

LanguageTool vs. Grammarly

LanguageTool Pros

  • Works to check the grammar of many languages (see below)
  • Has a distraction-free writing mode
  • Has a browser add-on to use in Google Docs and in Microsoft Word
  • Works to help improve your spelling and grammar

LanguageTool Cons

  • The English-language grammar-checker of Grammarly is better
  • Does not offer a plagiarism checker
  • Does not offer vocabulary alternatives

NOTE: LanguageTool currently works in the following languages:

  • English (Australian, Canadian, GB, New Zealand, South African, US), French, German (Austria, Germany, Swiss), Arabic, Asturian, Belarusian, Breton, Catalan (also Valencian), Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Galician, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Khmer, Persian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Tamil, Ukrainian

Bottom Line

If you write in languages other than English, LanguageTool is a fantastic option for you! It is a reliable writing tool that offers spelling and grammar checking in many different languages. If you write primarily in English, Grammarly is likely a better alternative.

9. GrammarLookup



When it comes to grammar, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why Grammarlookup offers a range of options to meet your specific needs. From basic spell-checking to more sophisticated sentence structure analysis, has something for everyone. And best of all, it’s free!

Whether you’re a casual user who wants to improve your use of grammar rules or a professional editor who needs a comprehensive toolset, is a perfect choice.

Pricing is completely free to use!

GrammarLookup vs. Grammarly

GrammarLookup Pros

  • Will check spelling and grammar for long pieces of text for free
  • Focuses on fixing punctuation and spelling, as well as other basic grammar errors
  • Best for short texts
  • It is free to use!

GrammarLookup Cons

  • Doesn’t give suggestions for writing style
  • Need to paste your text into the app to use it (no integrations with browsers or other programs)

Bottom Line

Grammarly is best for people who want to use a tool that integrates into other apps and programs (i.e., Google docs, Chrome extension, etc.). GrammarLookup may be something to try for people who are happier cutting and pasting their text into web-based online writing tools.

10. StyleWriter 4

Style Writer


For anyone who takes their writing seriously, Grammarly is an essential tool. However, it can be expensive to subscribe to, and some writers find its suggestions overly prescriptive. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative that still provides high-quality feedback, StyleWriter might be the right choice for you.

This software uses artificial intelligence to analyze your writing and identify errors, typos, and instances of poor style. It also offers suggestions for making your writing more concise, clear, and persuasive. Best of all, it costs a fraction of the price of Grammarly!


Style Writer Pricing

Starter Edition – $90

Standard Edition – $150

Professional Edition – $190

StyleWriter vs. Grammarly

StyleWriter Pros

  • Installs on your computer, so you don’t need an internet connection to use it
  • There is a USA version, a UK version, and an Australian version
  • Will find jargon phrases and abbreviations to help with your grammar

StyleWriter Cons

  • The interface looks a little bit older, and it does not integrate with programs such as Google Docs
  • Not quite as good as Grammarly at finding grammatical errors

Bottom Line

StyleWriter is more affordable and is great for those who want a desktop, non-internet-connected grammar-checking program. Grammarly is more expensive, but it integrates with many more programs and is a fantastic grammar and spelling checker.

11. PaperRater



If you’re looking for a great alternative to Grammarly, PaperRater is worth checking out. PaperRater is a free online proofreading tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you improve your writing.

Just like Grammarly, PaperRater will scan your paper for grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and other potential issues. In addition, Paper Rater will also provide you with feedback on your writing style and vocabulary usage.


Paper Rater Pricing

Paper Rater has a free version, and the premium version is $95.40 per year (or $14.95 per month if you pay monthly).

PaperRater vs. Grammarly

PaperRater Pros

  • Uses AI and Data Science to analyze your written work
  • The premium version has an integrated plagiarism checker, is ad-free, and has faster processing times
  • Even the free version has a limited plagiarism checker
  • Gives suggestions for word choice and style, ones that Grammarly may not provide

PaperRater Cons

  • Users of the free version may be annoyed by the ads on the site
  • Analysis of your grammar mistakes is not as fast as with Grammarly

Bottom Line

Paper Rater might be a good choice for students or bloggers looking for a free plagiarism finder. Otherwise, Grammarly is likely a better option.

12. Ginger

Ginger Grammar Checker


If you’re looking for a great alternative to Grammarly, be sure to check out Ginger. Like Grammarly, Ginger is an AI-powered writing assistant that can help you improve your writing skills.

However, Ginger goes one step further than Grammarly by offering a suite of writing tools specifically designed for academic writers. For example, the “Ginger Paper” tool can help you organize and structure your paper, while the “Ginger Thesaurus” can help you find the right word for your argument. Ginger also helps professional writers find lengthy sentences and passive voice sentences and gives them suggestions for fixing those grammar errors. and Best of all, Ginger has a free plan that you can use as a Chrome extension!


Ginger Grammar Pricing

Ginger’s Chrome extension is free to use. There are also a few payment options for the Premium version of Ginger. The most popular is to pay one annual fee of $84.

Ginger vs. Grammarly

Ginger Pros

  • Checks your grammar, style, and spelling
  • Ginger’s “rephrase” function is great for re-writing sentences to sound better
  • The rephrase function will give you a new way to express your ideas, including word synonyms, antonyms, idioms, and phrases
  • Ginger can help you translate over 40 different languages into English

Ginger Cons

  • Ginger is one of the more expensive Grammarly alternatives
  • No plagiarism detection
  • Has browser extensions for only Chrome and Safari
  • No Mac desktop app

Bottom Line

Ginger is an amazing software for non-native English speakers. You can translate written text from other languages into English using Ginger and then use the rephrase tool to create a well-written and unique text.

Wrap-Up: What Are the Best Grammarly Alternatives?

Overall, Grammarly is an excellent tool for improving your writing. However, it’s not the only one out there.

If you want to try something different, or if Grammarly isn’t working for you, check out some of these other options. They might just be what you need to take your writing to the next level!

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