Jasper Art Review for 2024: A Powerful AI Image Generator!

Jasper art review

Key Takeaways:

Jasper Art is a great choice for an AI art generator if you also want to use the Jasper AI writing tool (it comes free with any AI writing plan!). However, while the images are pretty good, they don’t compare to the Midjourney AI art generator, which is my top choice.

If you’re looking for an AI image generator that is powerful and easy to use, Jasper Art is the solution for you!

Jasper Art allows you to create stunning images in minutes without prior design experience.

In this Jasper Art review, we’ll look at some of the features that make Jasper Art so unique and popular.

I’ve tried many of the best artificial intelligence art generators and use these software programs almost daily. I signed up to use Jasper Art in September 2022, as I’m already a happy user of their AI writing tools.

So far, I’ve used Jasper Art for book images, blog posts, and social media posts, and I’m looking forward to also using it for pitching and promoting films!

Let’s get into this Jasper Art review! Please note that all images in this article were created with Jasper Art in November 2023, and that they replaced the previous images that Jasper Art had generated earlier in 2023.

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What is Jasper Art?

Jasper AI is a revolutionary AI image generation tool that takes creative inspiration to a new level.

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, users can put their own unique spin on artwork and images. Jasper AI can take a written prompt or a prompt plus an existing piece of art or picture and generate new stunning images in just a few clicks.

Jasper Art works by leveraging OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 model and a modified version of ChatGPT to create unique, copyright-free digital images within seconds!

All you have to do is provide a little text input, and from there, the combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning creates one-of-a-kind images for use in blogs, ads, emails, social media posts, and more.

Jasper Art is an incredibly useful AI tool for digital artists, graphic designers, authors, filmmakers, and anyone looking to get creative with their visuals in a fun, easy way. Jasper Art AI is redefining how art is created today!

best ai image generator
Jasper Art Review

Jasper Art

Jasper Art is a good choice AI image and art generator. It’s fast, easy to use, and you get unlimited image generations for one easy price.

Jasper Art creates four unique, copyright-free art images with each prompt that you give it. You can give it text-only prompts or text plus an existing image.

It’s fantastic for creative people of all kinds, from authors to bloggers to marketers to storytellers.

There is a free, 7-day trial available, so you can try it out for yourself and see if you love it as much as I do!

Who Created Jasper Art?

Jasper AI was founded in Austin, Texas, by Dave Rogenmoser, Chris Hull, and John Phillip Morgan in 2021.


Jasper Art was unveiled to the world in August 2022!

Top Benefits of Jasper Art

Never look through stock image sites again

It gets so tiring to pay for and spend time searching through multiple directories of stock images. I love to use Jasper Art instead, as Jasper allows me to create AI-generated images that are exactly what I need!

Sign up and pay once & create unlimited images each month

For just $20 per month, you can use Jasper art to create unlimited image generations.

Customize your images with text inputs and image inputs

Jasper art has always been a text-based image generator. This means that you would describe the art that you want using words and give the description to the Jasper art tool. For example, you might say, “a cat riding a bicycle on a winter day, beside a green house”.

You can also add an existing image to your prompt for Jasper. The Jasper Art AI image generator will use that picture to inspire the new image.


For each input, you will get four output image options

The Jasper image generation tool will give you four unique AI images when you press the “create art” button. Some other AI image generators will only give you one image for each prompt, so it’s nice to get four amazing images to choose from each time!

Best Features of Jasper Art

Creates unique, customized art and images in seconds

Jasper Art allows you to create exactly the image you need in just seconds. And, if the images you get are not quite what you wanted, you can tweak your inputs and continue generating pictures until you are happy!

Easy to use

Jasper Art is one of the easiest AI art generators to use (and I’ve tested more than ten of these programs). The drop-down image customization options make creating art quick and easy.

Image upscaling is included


A new feature of Jasper Art is that AI image upscaling is included with your art subscription! Your image size options are:

  • 512 x 512
  • 1024 x 1024
  • 2048 x 2048

Jasper Art does note that this feature may not be included in the base plan forever, so take advantage of this free feature while it is available!

Many options for image customization

With Jasper Art, you can choose many different AI image customization options. You can choose to create realistic images, art that looks like a painting, graffiti art, or even a photograph. The options are endless!

Easy pricing model (included with any AI writing subscription)

Jasper Art has a very easy and affordable pricing model. It is included with any AI writing program you buy through them!

Other AI art generators I’ve tried have much more complex pricing structures – some use credits so that you only generate a certain number of images per month (i.e., Nightcafe, Deep Dream Generator). Others have a per-image pricing model (i.e., DALL E 2).

Images are generated quickly (within a few seconds)

Jasper Art renders quickly, so you have plenty of time to adjust your inputs and keep generating art until you have exactly the images you need!

Jasper Art offers a free 7-day trial

Jasper Free trial

Jasper has a free trial that lets you generate up to 200 images within a seven-day period of time.

Jasper has an active Facebook group for help with prompts and inputs

There is an active Facebook group for users of Jasper. If you join the group and search for “Jasper Art,” you will find many examples of art that has been generated and the prompts that have been used to create the art.

Who Should Use Jasper AI Art?

Artists and Creatives

Artists and creatives will find many uses for Jasper Art. It is great for creating images for blog and social media posts and marketing materials. I will also try it out for book illustrations, cover art, and even film promotion materials!


Bloggers love Jasper Art, which gives unique, never-seen-before images with each input prompt! You’ll never need to search through stock photography sites again.

Digital Marketers

Marketing people love Jasper Art for its ability to create unique images that will help sell products and services.

Small Businesses

Small businesses love how cost-effective Jasper AI Art is and how easy it is to create great-looking images for their brands. And now that Jasper Art includes image prompts, it will be easier to keep branding similar across images!

Legal Restrictions for AI Art


In general, the images you create with Jasper Art are copyright-free. However, be careful with image prompts that use the likeness of a brand, person, or other already-copyrighted entity.

Whether you’re creating digital assets, design assets, social media posts, and so on, the Jasper team makes it clear that any images you generate using their tools can be used in free or commercial projects.

However, there are specific considerations that must be taken into account. While you have the right to use and modify any images generated by Jasper Art, it is essential to keep copyright law in mind.

If an image is created on the platform and uses the likeness of a person, brand, or other copyrighted entity, I’d recommend finding a similar image without any potentially trademarked material instead.

As long as you are mindful of respecting others’ intellectual property rights when using Jasper Art for commercial purposes or personal projects, you should have no problems using the images for your work.

In addition, it is essential to note that by making your images publicly available (and Jasper Art does make the images available to anyone once they have been created, according to their terms of service), anyone can take them and use them however they wish.

They could remix your piece or produce something similar with slightly different inputs. This means someone else could utilize your work for free or commercial projects without giving credit where it’s due.

This is why you must contact a lawyer if you have concerns about your AI-created artwork being used in a project you have not authorized or if you have any other questions about AI art in general.

How Do I Use Jasper to Create AI Art?

1: Give Text and Image Inputs

Jasper Art how to prompt

To create amazing art with this groundbreaking software, you must first provide Jasper with what it needs to make something extraordinary. You get 400 characters to provide input for the picture you would like!

The two primary inputs are text-based image description instructions and images of your choosing. Get as creative as possible when providing these two components because the rest is in Jasper’s hands after that.

With the combination of the inputted information and Artificial Intelligence working behind the scenes, the result will be a stunning piece of AI art you can be proud of.

2: Use the Menus to Add Qualifiers

Next, you can further refine your image input by choosing qualifiers from the drop-down menus provided by Jasper AI. These qualifiers include:

  • Mood: choose a feeling for your image (i.e., happy, whimsical, romantic, gloomy, exciting).
  • Medium: choose a type of art for your image (i.e., acrylic paint, chalk, oil painting, watercolors, and photography).
  • Inspiration: choose an artist to inspire your AI images (i.e., Frida Kahlo, Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet, or Pablo Picasso).
  • Style: choose a style for your images (i.e., abstract, impressionism, digital, realism, or surrealism).
  • Keywords: add additional customization by including keywords (such as full-face portrait, close-up, ambient light, and photorealistic).

3: Use “Enhance Prompt”

NEW FOR MARCH 2023: When you are using Jasper’s “free form” art generator, you can now click a button to get Jasper to enhance your image prompt and make it better! I’ll show you how this works below.

Let’s say I’d like to create an AI image of an old abandoned gazebo, but I’m either not sure how to give Jasper a detailed prompt, or I’m not sure what look I’m really going for. Jasper Art will take my simple prompt and enhance it so that it will bring a more specific vision to the picture.

Now, the vision it gives you may or may not be what you are looking for. So, you might need to click “enhance prompt” a few times to get Jasper to create a prompt that works for your vision. Let’s take a look at the original prompt and the pictures that Jasper created for it:

jasper art gazebo 1

I then clicked “enhance prompt,” and the Jasper writing software created a much more detailed prompt for the gazebo. Take a look below for the AI-generated prompt, along with the images it created for that prompt:

jasper art gazebo 2

These pictures are really pretty! However, maybe I want to try a different look, so let’s click “cancel” and try the enhance button again.

Jasper created a new, unique prompt for the gazebo – see below for the prompt and the new black and whiteimages:

jasper art gazebo 3

I love that Jasper lets me keep enhancing the prompt until it creates the art I need.

4: Click “Create Art”

The last step is to click the button and wait while you create royalty-free images!

Your Jasper Art images are unique in that no one has seen the same image before. Jasper Art can create images in the style of a pencil sketch, a modern oil painting, or even a charcoal work of art!

Alternate Method: Jasper Art Templates

New for February 2023, Jasper Art now offers its users a fantastic new feature: art templates! This feature allows you to choose the template that best matches the art you want to create. Then, you just need to give Jasper a conversational description of the image you want, and it will be generated! Here are some of the template options:


Let’s try a few of these out. I’ll use the same prompts that I’ve used later in this article to demonstrate the power of Jasper Art Templates. Let’s try the template called “travel photography” along with this prompt: “the majestic Rocky Mountains in winter, lots of trees and snow, bright blue sky, daylight, highway in the foreground, highly detailed.”

jasper art travel photography template

These look amazing! You can compare these to the normally-generated images later on in this article.

Here’s an example of the “realistic person” template with the prompt: “a bride on her wedding day, beautiful white veil, brown hair swept up, photorealistic, looking at the camera, green eyes.”

jasper art realistic person template

New Feature: Written Image Prompts

Another new feature of Jasper AI is the ability to turn a chunk of text (i.e., from a blog post, an article, or a work of fiction) into a fantastic image prompt. This will only work if you have the Jasper AI-assisted writing software along with the Jasper AI subscription. Let’s take a look at the workflow for this template within Jasper.

First, you’ll input your text into the “a thousand words is worth a picture” template within Jasper AI. I used the prompt “the art of storytelling – what is storytelling?”, and I’m asking for Jasper to give me art prompts for “digital art for a blog post”:


Here are the image options I get when I put in the middle image prompt (I asked Jasper for three ideas, and that’s the one I liked the best):

jasper art template

The images would be great in a blog post about storytelling!

Jasper Art Pricing

Jasper Art is included with any writing plan through Jasper. You can create an unlimited number of high-quality images when you pay for Jasper AI.

There is also a free 7-day trial!

Jasper Art Pros and Cons

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of using Jasper Art for your AI image generation needs.

What’s Great About Jasper Art

  • Free 7-day trial with 200 free eye-catching images.
  • It’s included with any AI writing plan.
  • Many input options for art generation.
  • Great Facebook group for sharing prompts and ideas.
  • Four output images are generated for each prompt.
  • Images are generated in just a few seconds.
  • You can now add an image prompt along with your text prompt (NEW in December 2022).
  • This Jasper Art article has tons of great tips and tricks for creating amazing images.

What Could Be Improved About Jasper Art

  • You can’t adjust the generated images once you have them (you need to use a different program, such as Canva or Photoshop, to do this).

Jasper Art Alternatives

1: Nightcafe

NightCafe AI art

NightCafe Pros

  • The ability to adjust images and re-generate them is impressive!
  • You can get your digital art printed for display.
  • Tons of input options for art generation.
  • A free trial of five credits is available.

NightCafe Cons

  • Very pricy if you need to generate many images
  • The credit system can be annoying.

NightCafe works on a credit system.

2: Midjourney


Midjourney Pros

  • High-quality, painting-style art is generated.
  • Four high-quality images are generated with each input.
  • Get ideas easily from other users of the Discord chats.
  • A free trial is available (approximately 25 images).
  • Once you have a piece of art you like, you can ask the software to make four unique variations of that art.

Midjourney Cons

  • Much more complicated to use than Jasper (you need to create a Discord account, then generate the images within a “chat”).
  • Not meant to generate realistic images (photorealistic) but rather to create creative or abstract art.
  • It takes about a minute to generate the art (quite a bit longer than Jasper).

Midjourney starts at $8 per month.

3: Canva

Canva Text to Image art

Canva Pros

  • Each text prompt creates four image options (just like Jasper).
  • The text-to-image art generator is free to use!
  • Images are easy to download.
  • You can easily add filters, text, and elements to your images within the Canva app.
  • You can choose your image aspect ratio (square, portrait or landscape).

Canva Cons

  • You need to create a (free) Canva account to use it.
  • Not as many image customization input options as Jasper has.
  • Not as easy to see a large version of your generated images – you need to drag them over to a document in Canva to see a large version.
  • Far fewer image prompt qualifiers.
  • No image upscaling.

Canva text-to-image is free to use.

The paid version of Canva Pro gives you access to millions of additional photos, visual elements, and templates.

My Personal Experience Using Jasper Art

I love using Jasper Art! I use it for blog posts and social media images, and the next thing I’m looking into is using it for concept art for the films I have in production and development.

Let’s look at a few image prompts and what Jasper can create!

For this example, we will use three prompts: one for a landscape image, one for a face, one for a stylized face image, and one for Van Gogh-inspired art!

the majestic Rocky Mountains in winter, lots of trees and snow, bright blue sky, daylight, highway in the foreground, highly detailed

jasper art rocky mountains

I think all of these winter images are beautiful, and they look just like driving through the Rockies in winter (especially the bottom right – some of the others are more “artsy”)!

a bride on her wedding day, beautiful white veil, brown hair swept up, photorealistic, looking at the camera, green eyes

Jasper Art bride

As you can see, the top left image is not great, but the other three are great! It looks like a real person in a photograph.

And remember, you can keep clicking the “create art” button until you get an image you love!

a beautiful Norse Queen, crown on her head, photorealistic, looking at the camera, green eyes

Jasper art Norse Queen

While they don’t look “real,” these images are stunning!

a cute Paris street, the Eiffel tower in the distance, Van Gogh inspired

Jasper Art Van Gogh

Three of these images are lovely!

What is Jasper Not Good at Creating?

Jasper continues to have difficulty with a few types of images:

#1. Pictures of fingers and hands (prompt: hands typing on a laptop keyboard).

The fingers look unnatural, and sometimes there are even extra digits!

Jasper art typing on keyboard

#2. Printed letters and words (prompt: an open book lying on a table).

The lines in the book often end up slanted, and there are no actual words. To be honest, since I’ve been using Jasper Art, the quality of pictures of books has actually increased quite a bit!

Jasper Art book on table

#3. Multiple faces in an image (prompt: a family sitting on the couch watching tv).

These are terrible! Jasper can do one face at a time quite well, but multiple faces are still tricky.

Jasper Art family on couch

Final Thoughts

Jasper Art is an excellent option if you’re looking for a way to quickly and easily create eye-catching, high-quality images. It’s a powerful AI image generator that allows users to create bold visuals with a few simple steps.

And with its library of diverse resources and tools, users can access a wide range of visual elements for their projects, giving them a unique edge in the market.

If you’re looking for a one-stop solution to create stunning visuals, a Jasper Art subscription is my favorite choice for a fantastic AI image generator.

You can read my full Jasper AI review to learn more!

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