Rytr vs Jasper

If you’ve ever struggled with writer’s block, you probably think an AI-powered writing assistant could be a helpful weapon in your arsenal.

Maybe you’ve heard good things about Rytr and Jasper, considering both promise to speed up the writing process by generating plagiarism-free content. But the question begs, which would win in a Rytr vs. Jasper AI matchup?

This article addresses whether Jasper or Rytr is worth incorporating into your writing workflow.

I’ve compared the two tools’ key features, prices, and more, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. So whether you’re a content writer, social media manager, or another publishing professional, this article is for you!

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Best Choice Overall

Jasper AI

Jasper Logo
  • Has a useful Chrome extension
  • Includes 50+ templates
  • Lets you write in a personalized “brand voice”
  • Integrates with SEO software
  • Includes unlimited AI art generation
  • Allows voice commands

Cost: $49 or $129 per month

Best Free & Budget Version


Rytr logo
  • Has a forever-free plan
  • Includes 30+ templates (no AI prompts needed!)
  • Has a built-in plagiarism checker
  • Has a minimalist user interface

Cost: Free, $9, or $29 per month

What Is Rytr? 

Rytr logo

Our Take

Rytr is great if you need a budget (or even free!) AI writer, but you don’t want to learn how to use AI prompts (like you would need for Chat-GPT).

Rytr includes over 30 templates for writing marketing emails, Facebook posts, blogs, landing pages, product descriptions, and even ads.

4.5 out of 5
Best For:Small Businesses on a Budget
Price:Free, $9 or $29
Languages:37+ different languages
Other Perks:Includes limited AI art generation

Rytr is an AI writing assistant that leverages machine learning technology to write high-quality content on demand. This tool can create blog posts, email copy, interview questions, and other written documents in seconds.

Rytr can be helpful to:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketers
  • Copywriters
  • YouTubers
  • Content Writers
  • Social Media Influencers

According to the Rytr team, over six million professionals from multinational companies like Ford and Dell use the software to create content. It enjoys a high rating on review sites like Trustpilot and G2. 

What Is Jasper? 

Jasper Logo

Our Take

Jasper AI is my favorite overall AI writing program. I think it’s well worth the $49 per month for most businesses and individuals who need to do lots of copywriting, blogging, or even creative writing.

Jasper includes over 50 templates for writing copy, emails, blogs, ads, and descriptions. Many digital creators are using it to help them write e-books and even fiction books.

4.8 out of 5
Best For:Content Creators of all kinds!
Price:$49 or $125/month
Languages:30+ different languages
Other Perks:Includes unlimited AI art generation, a Chrome extension, and the ability to have a personalized “brand voice”

Jasper is one of the most well-known AI writing assistants on the market. The tool offers “on-brand AI content wherever you create” and can speed up your content creation process.

It excels at producing short and long-form content like articles, blog posts, social media ad copy, and even fictional stories

Like most AI writing assistants, Jasper is built on the natural language processing technology that powers the popular ChatGPT. According to Jasper’s team, more than 100,000 people use it for their projects. 

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Jasper Vs Rytr – Key Differences at a Glance

The key differences between Rytr and Jasper AI are:

Jasper Art
  • AI-Generated Images: Jasper offers an AI art generator called Jasper Art. You can give the tool a series of prompts and inputs, and it’ll create unlimited art for you with all paid plans (you can read my full Jasper Art review here!). Rytr’s generator is more limited, and the most you can generate is 100 files per month.
  • Free Plans: Rytr’s free plan is free forever. Once you exceed the monthly character limit, you can wait until the new month to use it again or upgrade to a paid plan. Jasper’s free trial only lasts five days, after which you’ll need to pay to use the software.
  • Price: Rytr is cheaper than Jasper and should appeal to users who don’t need Jasper’s extra functionality. However, if you need more from your AI writing assistant, Jasper offers better value for money.
  • SEO Optimization: Jasper integrates with third-party SEO software (such as Surfer SEO), meaning social media managers, bloggers, content marketers, and more can rank their content.

Jasper also offers many extra features that Rytr doesn’t, like a browser extension and a Docs-style editor.

You can read my full Jasper AI review to learn more!

Features Comparison

These AI writing tools offer several features that make content generation stress-free. But which one offers more value for money?

Let’s compare the two tools by feature:

Tone of Voice

Rytr can create content that fits a specific voice tone. You can choose from over 21 options like “passionate” or “convincing,” this AI writing software will tailor its content production based on your selected inputs. 

Jasper’s capabilities are more advanced than Rytr’s. In addition to writing in a specific tone of voice (e.g., “professional”), you can tell it to generate content that fits a particular person’s talking style (e.g., Steve Jobs). 

Update for June 2023: With Jasper, you can now ask the program to “read” the existing content on your website and create a personalized “brand voice” – you can then use that voice to create new content that sounds just like you wrote it!



Jasper wins this round for providing more offering voice tones that offer greater flexibility, more variance, and the opportunity for a personalized “brand voice“.

Use Cases and Templates


Rytr has over 40 use cases for your content marketing efforts. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Blog idea and outline (which you can use to create blog posts)
  • Blog sections (introduction, paragraphs, conclusion)
  • Call to action 
  • AIDA copywriting framework
  • PAS copywriting framework
  • Email copy
  • Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ads
  • Job descriptions
  • Product descriptions
  • Link bios
  • Story plots
  • Testimonials, etc.

Also, Rytr has 30+ templates you can use to speed up your content production process.

In contrast, Jasper provides over 50 templates, like:

  • AIDA and PAS frameworks
  • Blog post outline
  • Paragraph Generator
  • Creative story
  • Text summarizer
  • Content improver
  • Sentence expander
  • Personal and company bios (for LinkedIn)
  • Social media posts
  • Quora Answers; and
  • Photo post captions (Instagram)


It’s a tie, though you might say Jasper AI takes a slight lead. The tool was trained on industry-standard content that uses best practices, so it may generate higher-quality content without needing much input from users.


Rytr and Jasper support content generation in 30+ languages other than English, letting you create content for non-English speakers. You specify the input and output languages, and the tools will generate the content in the output language.

Some of the supported languages include:

  • Slovak
  • Italian
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Finnish
  • Russian
  • Dutch

You can see a complete list of Jasper AI’s supported languages on its languages page and Rytr’s on the language and tone page.


Call this one a tie. Both tools allow several input and output languages.


Rytr has an application programming interface (API) that lets tech-savvy users integrate the tool with their favorite apps. It also has plugins that work with apps like Shopify and WordPress.

Jasper AI also integrates with several third-party apps, including: 

  • Surfer SEO: a tool for optimizing content for search engines
  • Grammarly: the popular AI assistant that spots spelling and grammatical errors and makes suggestions to improve sentence structure. 
  • Copyscape: a plagiarism-checking tool that can identify cases of plagiarized content

When used together, these apps help you create optimized plagiarism-free text. You may need to pay for Grammarly and Surfer SEO subscriptions to use their integrations with Jasper AI.


From an SEO standpoint, Jasper‘s integrations are more useful for online publishers winning this round.

Vocal Dictation

Jasper allows you to tell the tool what you want to write in plain English. You’ll need to enable the feature on your computer. Mac users can enable it as follows:

  • Navigate to “System Preferences” on your computer
  • Click on the “Keyboard” option
  • Click on the “Dictation” option and toggle it to the “On” position
  • Choose a shortcut key you can use to enable it

PC users can do the same by:

  • Clicking on an open document
  • Clicking the Windows and “H” keys simultaneously to activate your computer’s “Voice Typing” feature
  • Once the voice typing popup appears, wait a few seconds until you see the words “Listening.” You can now speak to Jasper

You can exit the above feature by saying “Stop Listening” (Windows only).

Unfortunately, Rytr has no feature that lets you give its AI vocal commands. The best the software has is its Rytr Chat function, which enables you to give it prompts on what to write. Jasper (not to mention other AI writing tools) already does the same thing, so Rytr Chat isn’t innovative.

However, the silver lining is that you can use Rytr Chat with the free version, making the feature accessible forever.


Jasper AI wins this round based on the convenience it provides. Typically, you’d have to type your instructions to get an AI tool to do your bidding (as with Rytr) but Jasper’s dictation capabilities make content production even easier.


When you subscribe to Jasper’s Business plan, you can access special functionality to collaborate with others. This feature is excellent for users who work as part of a team, as it lets them collaborate remotely on the same projects. You can make changes to a document, and Jasper AI will sync those changes and update what your team members see in real-time.

Also, as part of Jasper’s collaborative features, you can grant user permissions and share documents. The former feature lets you regulate who has access to what document, and you can give and revoke permissions as needed.

Unfortunately, the Rytr team is yet to implement collaboration tools into their software. However, judging by this blog post, they are probably hard at work building the functionality into the writing assistant. 


Jasper is the better tool for collaboration. It even has a dedicated plan enabling remote teamwork, so it emerged victorious in this round.

Plagiarism Checks

Rytr has a built-in plagiarism checker you can use to ensure its AI isn’t generating plagiarized content. 

Rytr Plagiarism checker

To use it, highlight the text block you want to check for plagiarism, click on the “More” option in the menu bar that pops up, and choose the “Plagiarism” option. Rytr will quickly scan (depending on how much text you’ve highlighted) and inform you whether it finds plagiarized content.

Jasper AI also provides for plagiarism checks through its integration with Copyscape. It’s available when you subscribe to Jasper’s Creator plan and upwards. If you don’t subscribe to the plan, you’ll have to use free plagiarism checkers outside Jasper.


Rytr takes the win here since its plagiarism checker is built-in and doesn’t require any third-party tools.

Jasper’s Extra Features

Jasper provides several extra features that make it the superior software, including:

Project Folders

They help organize content and are invaluable when working as a team, such as if you’re a content writing agency with multiple clients on its roster.

Also, you can grant or restrict access to your project folders. This feature is available when you subscribe to Jasper’s Business plan.

Jasper Docs


Jasper has a long-form assistant and a Google Docs-style word processor called Jasper Docs. When using Jasper Docs, you can write as normal or instruct Jasper on what to write using the text boxes provided. Jasper Docs is an excellent tool for anyone struggling with writer’s block

The feature can expand your content when you get stuck. If you keep pressing the “Compose” button, Jasper will use the content you’ve already produced to generate lines of text that continue the sentences. According to the Jasper team, Jasper can do this by analyzing the first 3000 characters in your document.

Jasper Art


Jasper can create artwork and illustrations, which you can include in your published content. This feature is a time-saver, as you can describe the image you’d like and have Jasper generate it for you rather than search the web for appropriate ones.

Jasper Recipes 


Jasper Recipes is another feature that speeds up your content-writing workflow. It works with the Jasper Docs content editor, and you can use it to create Facebook ad copy, blog posts, etc. 

You can think of the Recipe feature the same way you would a cooking recipe. It provides all the components needed to assemble a finished product.

When you choose a Jasper Recipe, you’ll find that the Jasper Docs editor opens pre-populated with content. This content is a line of commands you can run by pressing the “cmd”/”ctrl” and “enter” keys. 

Jasper Chrome Extension

Jasper Chrome Extension

Jasper has a browser extension you can use with Google’s Chrome browser. This extension lets you bring Jasper’s capabilities everywhere you go on the web. The best part is that you don’t have to log into the Jasper app to get the AI’s functionality.

The best way to describe its usefulness is with an example: let’s say you’re working on an email in Gmail and are lost for words. The Jasper Chrome extension lets you access Jasper’s expansion capabilities from a Jasper browser window overlay inside Gmail.


Going by extra features alone, Jasper is the superior AI copywriting tool by a wide margin. It provides all the features you need to speed up your content creation process and goes above and beyond to provide access to extra features you didn’t know you needed. 

Unfortunately, Rytr’s lack of a browser extension, project folders, art generator, or docs-style editor and fewer templates means it lags behind Jasper in the extra features department.

Ease of Use: Rytr vs Jasper

Let’s look at how easy (or not) Jasper AI or Rytr is to use:


Rytr easy user interface

Rytr boasts a minimalist user interface (UI) that puts all the functionality you need to get the software to work within your reach. The software uses drop-down menus heavily, giving you a choice of functions that are unambiguous as to what they do. 

The above-described design choice makes this AI writing assistant user-friendly and distraction-free. You can get the tool to produce everything from meta descriptions to social media captions and long-form copy by clicking menu options.

This quality makes the software approachable to techies and non-techies alike.


Jasper is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. Thanks to intuitive controls, you’ll create high-quality content in no time. In addition, upgrading to a Jasper Creator subscription throws vocal commands into the mix, making it even easier to use.

If you’ve ever been intimidated by AI copywriting tools’ UI, you won’t have to worry about that with Jasper. The interface is clutter-free, meaning you won’t be distracted by a complicated cluster of buttons and commands. Also, the software’s UI positions its controls logically, making creating high-quality content in minutes a breeze.


Rytr and Jasper have low learning curves, making them approachable and easy to use. As such, there’s no definite winner of this round.

Pricing: Rytr vs Jasper

How do these AI writing tools stack up in the pricing department, and do they offer value for the money you pay? 

Here’s the full breakdown of their plans:


Rytr has three subscription tiers. Depending on your chosen plan, this AI writing assistant will give you a fixed number of characters you can generate monthly.

Rytr Pricing

Free Plan: 

Rytr’s free plan is “free forever,” meaning you can use it to generate 10,000 characters every month without paying a dime. The plan grants access to the following:

  • A built-in plagiarism checker
  • Over 40 of Rytr’s use cases
  • Over 20 voice tones
  • Translation into 30+ languages
  • Five AI image generator images a month
  • Rytr premium community access

This plan provides an excellent way to try the software, and you can upgrade to the paid plans as your content generation needs to evolve.

Saver Plan

Rytr’s Saver plan costs $9 per month. It lets you generate 100,000 characters per month. Besides the bump in characters, this plan isn’t significantly different from the Free plan. However, you get an extra feature: the ability to create custom use cases. This capability is excellent if you need to create bulk content that fits a specific template.

Unlimited Plan

Rytr charges $29 per month for its Unlimited plan. True to its name, this plan doesn’t limit the number of characters you can generate each month. 

In addition to the Saver plan’s features, this plan gives you access to the following capabilities:

  • An account manager
  • Priority email support
  • 100 images per month generated by Rytr’s artificial intelligence image generator

You’ll get two months free when you subscribe to this plan annually (paying $290/year).


Like Rytr, Jasper AI has three subscription tiers. You can also try it for seven days during a free trial, though this tool lacks a free-forever plan like Rytr’s.


Creator Plan 

Jasper’s Creator plan costs $49 per month (or $39/month if you pay yearly). At this price, you get unlimited word credits and access to the following features:

  • One user seat
  • Access to Jasper’s short-form content generator
  • 50+ AI templates
  • One brand voice
  • The ability to write content in 29+ supported languages
  • Access to Jasper’s Plagiarism Checker
  • Access to Jasper’s Recipes feature
  • Jasper’s auto-save feature
  • The History Search function
  • Dynamic templates
  • Email support
  • 50 memories

It also includes Jasper’s chat function, which lets you instruct Jasper conversationally and provides access to the tool’s campaigns feature.

Teams Plan 

The Team plan costs $125 per month (or $99/month if you pay yearly). In addition to what you get with the Creator plan, the Teams plan gives you access to the following features:

  • Three seats, with each additional seat costing $62/month
  • Three brand voices
  • 150 memories
  • Ten campaigns
  • Jasper’s SEO Mode, which lets you optimize long-form content
  • Live chat support
  • The ability to share documents and grant user permissions

As suggested by its name, this plan is best for teams and gives you related abilities. For example, unlike the Creator plan, when you generate a dynamic template, you can save and share it with your teammates.

Business Plan 

Jasper’s Business plan has a custom price, meaning you’ll have to contact its sales team for a quote. In addition to the features present in the Creator and Teams plans, the Business plan gives you access to the following features:

  • Seats for more than ten users
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Unlimited brand voices, campaigns, and memories

Also, this plan includes a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you implement this AI writing tool into your workflow.


While Rytr’s free forever plan will appeal to users on a budget, Jasper offers more features in its paid plans. The latter is best for any company with heavy content generation needs.

Customer Support and Resources: Rytr vs Jasper AI

Check out how much post-purchase support you can expect to receive when you run into issues with these AI writing tools:


Rytr provides multiple ways to contact the company for support-related queries. They include:

  • Live Chat: You can use Rytr’s chat feature on its website to send messages to the support team
  • Email: Shoot the team an email by clicking on the email link on the website’s footer
  • Social Media: Rytr maintains social media handles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram

Alternatively, to contact Rytr’s support team directly, you can check the resources section of Rytr’s website for how-to guides on using the software. It also has a community where you can get answers from fellow Rytr users.

And, the company maintains a blog that provides helpful tips on using the AI writing tool in real-world scenarios.  


You can contact Jasper’s support team by email. They aim to respond quickly, meaning you can expect a response in four to eight hours (or less sometimes). Alternatively, you can contact support by following the link on the Jasper website’s footer. 

Jasper also has an FAQ and Help Center where you can get answers to frequently asked questions about the software. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can contact the support team by clicking on the “contact” button at the top-right corner of the page.

In the past, Jasper had a boot camp where you could learn how to use the software professionally. The team has rebranded it as Jasper Jumpstart, part of Jasper’s Academy. It has 11 modules, which you can complete in two hours.

Finally, the Jasper team has a YouTube channel and an active, private Facebook Group with over 70,000 members. The YouTube channel has several video tutorials you can watch to learn the ins and outs of the AI writing tool, while its Facebook group is an excellent place to mingle with other Jasper users.

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Jasper wins this round. In addition to providing several resources and digital spaces you can visit to get help, it offers faster response times to email queries. 

Alternative AI Writing Tools

Here are a few other AI writing tools that are similar to Rytr and Jasper:

Rytr vs Jasper – Which is the Better AI Writing Tool?

I think Jasper is the better AI writing tool for most people.

It is superior to Rytr in key areas, like vocal commands (which Rytr doesn’t have) and extra functionality. Even though Rytr is more affordable, its features are best for individual content creators or small businesses that need to get their content creation off the ground.

That being said, Rytr is great if you want a forever-free plan but don’t want to bother learning the prompts you need to use Chat GPT for different purposes (such as writing blogs, emails, social media posts, etc. – there are templates for all of those with Rytr).

Jasper’s content and art generation capabilities can give your projects an advantage, especially if you need to generate many texts. For the above reasons and more, I recommend turning to Jasper when writing and creating content for the web.

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