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The world is moving fast, continuously driving us to find easy and faster ways to do things. From using supercomputers to now creating and editing videos with generative AI, things can only get better. 

With all the capabilities of a voice artist, video editor, and human-AI avatars, makes it easy to create AI videos in record time, reducing the stress of traditional video creation. 

People who hate being on video will love how easy it is to use AI avatar generator software programs to create educational or training videos from just a PowerPoint, PDF, or an article!

If you’re impressed with these features, check out the Synthesia alternatives below. Who knows, you might find something that works for you even better!

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What Are the Best Alternatives to ?

I’ve done a deep dive into AI-generated videos, and these are the best alternatives to Synthesia that I’ve found to date. Read on to learn more!

best Overall Alternative

1. DeepBrain AI

Synthesia alternative, DeepBrain AI video generation software

DeepBrain AI is an AI video generation SaaS tool offering a range of advanced features. Unlike Synthesia, it provides solutions for individuals and small, medium, and large enterprises.

DeepBrain uses a cutting-edge neural network architecture that enables you to create highly realistic and expressive character animation. You can effortlessly add lifelike character movements to your marketing videos. 

Top Benefits

  • DeepBrain AI offers Rememory, allowing you to easily convert text into captivating videos and communicate your message effectively.
  • With AI avatars, DeepBrain AI empowers you to create personalized and dynamic characters, enhancing the visual appeal of your videos.
  • The Text-to-Video feature transforms written content into compelling video content, saving you time and effort in video creation.
  • Its AI video maker automates the video creation process, generating high-quality videos with minimal manual intervention.
  • DeepBrain AI has a versatile AI video editor that enables you to edit, enhance, and refine your videos seamlessly. You can create professional-looking videos without specialized skills or extensive editing knowledge.
  • Their AI voices sound realistic and natural!


DeepBrain video maker plans and pricing
  • The Starter plan: Priced at $30 per month, providing 10 minutes of video creation per month, up to 6 scenes per video, and access to 100+ AI virtual human avatars and 80+ languages. 
  • The Pro plan: Available at $225 per month or $2,160 per year, offering 90 minutes of video creation per month, up to 25 scenes per video, priority video processing, API access, and other Pro features. 
  • The Enterprise plan: This includes all Pro features, up to 50 scenes per video, custom AI avatars, 24/7 priority support, and more.

Bottom Line  

Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, educator, or business owner, DeepBrain AI empowers you to unleash your creativity and produce high-quality videos with 2D characters.

This tool can be a fit if you need a more impressive way to captivate and engage your audience.

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best Alternative for Small Teams/Solopreneurs

2. HeyGen

Synthesia alternative: HeyGen AI video maker

Trusted by several top brands like Amazon and Salesforce, HeyGen provides an alternative for small teams and solopreneurs.

Its user-friendly interface and ease of use make it accessible to individuals with varying technical expertise. In what feels like three steps, you can create stunning videos with AI characters 10x faster. 

Top Benefits  

  • HeyGen offers a user-friendly platform that requires no video editing skills, allowing you to create engaging business videos effortlessly.
  • With 100+ diverse and customizable human avatars, HeyGen helps you personalize your videos and connect with your audience.
  • The Lip-Sync feature, combined with 300+ AI voices in 40+ languages, enhances the realism and authenticity of the videos, making them more relatable to viewers worldwide.
  • HeyGen’s Text-to-Video capability helps you to transform written content into compelling videos within minutes. This eliminates the need for complex video production processes.
  • With multi-scene videos, 1080p downloads, easy video sharing, and creative styles, HeyGen can produce high-quality, polished videos that meet your business needs.


HeyGen video editing software pricing
  • The Free plan: Provides one free credit, 1-minute maximum video duration, one seat, 120+ human avatars, 300+ voices, and basic features. 
  • The Creator plan: Costs $29 per month and includes 15 credits per month, a 5-minute maximum video duration, one seat, and premium features like PowerPoint import and auto-captions. 
  • The Business plan: Priced at $89 per month, offering 30 credits per month, 20-minute maximum video duration, 3 seats, and additional advanced features like 4K resolution and priority video processing. 
  • The Enterprise plan: Customized and provides all the benefits of the Business plan along with tailored solutions and dedicated support.

Bottom Line  

HeyGen would greatly benefit small teams, solopreneurs, and businesses looking for an efficient solution for creating professional videos.

Its features make it a valuable tool for those without video editing skills or the resources for traditional video production. 

best Alternative for Instructors

3. Colossyan

Colossyan video generation software, an alternative to Synthesia

Colossyan isn’t just an AI video generator; it’s a comprehensive learning management system that empowers instructors to create, manage, and deliver online courses with ease.

With this video generator, instructors can engage learners through interactive video content created from text inputs. 

Top Benefits  

  • Colossyan offers Avatar Conversations, enabling you to create interactive learning experiences that foster student engagement.
  • With the Brand Kit feature, you can maintain consistent and professional branding across your course materials. This helps you establish a strong identity for your educational content.
  • The Automated Translation feature allows you to reach a global audience by automatically translating course content into multiple languages, expanding your reach and impact.
  • Colossyan’s Text to Speech functionality transforms written content into spoken words, enhancing accessibility and catering to diverse learning preferences.
  • The availability of video templates in Colossyan streamlines the course creation process, providing you with ready-made structures and designs. This saves time and effort in content development.


Colossyan video generation software plans and pricing
  • The Starter plan: Priced at $35 per month and includes features such as a commercial license, 8 premium avatars, full HD quality, and the ability to upload custom images and video clips. 
  • The Pro plan: Costs $120 per month and provides additional features like 30+ premium avatars, Avatar Conversations with two avatars, auto-translation to one other language, and more. 
  • The Enterprise plan: Offers customized and unlimited options for companies/agencies, with features including unlimited video production, all premium human avatars, ultra HD quality, team collaboration, brand kits, and customer success manager. You can contact the sales team for detailed pricing.

Bottom Line  

If creating video courses or online tutorials is your need, Colossyan might be a valuable tool. Its interactive avatars, automated translation, and mind-boggling features make it worth the dollar. 

best Alternative for Human AI Videos

4. for AI generated videos

With, users can transform text into realistic and customizable videos featuring virtual humans.

This enables a seamless blend of human-like interactions within videos that engage the audience.

Top Benefits  

  • offers a diverse range of multiple stock avatars, eliminating the complexities of hiring someone to feature in your training videos.
  • You can transform the written text into human-like speech without recording a voiceover.
  • supports over 100 languages and accents, allowing you to connect with your target demographic worldwide.
  • Pre-uploaded templates that enable you to create stunning video clips in minutes.
  • Hands-on customer support, providing assistance.

Pricing video monthly pricing
  • The Personal plan: Priced at $25 per month and includes features such as stock avatars, 10 video credits, 30 days validity, support for 60+ languages, a landing page, and API access. 
  • The Enterprise plan: Includes exclusive custom avatars, custom video credits, 12 months validity, support for 100+ languages, a customized landing page, and more. You can talk to sales to book a demo.

Bottom Line offers some of the best features for creating human-like AI videos. The software is best for individuals and businesses looking for better ways to represent their favorite characters in a video without much work. 

best Free Alternative for Video Marketing Team

5. Lumen5

Lumen5 converts a blog post into engaging video

Lumen5 helps marketers transform their written content into captivating videos through AI-driven automation.

With its power slide capability, anyone can easily repurpose an article or blog post into personalized videos with less financial commitment.

Try out Lumen5 Now!

Top Benefits  

  • Lumen5 allows you to easily transform written content into engaging training videos in just a few minutes, saving time and effort in content creation.
  • With AI-driven automation, Lumen5 intelligently suggests relevant visuals, stock footage, and music to enhance video production. This ensures professional-looking results without the need for extensive design skills.
  • The tool supports several customization options, including adding logos, brand colors, and fonts, enabling marketing teams to maintain consistent branding.
  • Lumen5’s Text-to-Speech feature offers seamless voiceover narration, eliminating the need for recording audio.
  • By generating videos optimized for various social media platforms, Lumen5 empowers you to share your content across channels and maximize your reach.


Synthesia alternative, Lumen5 plans and pricing for video content
  • The Community plan: Free forever, allowing casual video enthusiasts to explore the platform’s capabilities with some limitations.
  • The Basic plan: Starts at $29 per month, providing essential video creation features. 
  • The Starter plan: Priced at $79 per month, adding additional capabilities such as higher video resolution and access to a vast library of stock photos and videos. 
  • The Professional plan: Priced at $199 per month, designed for professional video storytellers, and offers advanced features like custom watermarks, multiple brand kits, and access to a larger collection of stock media. 
  • Enterprise: Lumen5 provides custom pricing and comprehensive features, including bespoke branded video templates, dedicated customer success support, and enhanced security features. 

Bottom Line  

Without a doubt, Lumen5 will fit right into any marketing team managing various channels. With a few clicks, you can repurpose marketing content into social media videos or tutorials. 

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best Alternative for Voiceover Narration


Create engaging videos with

With its cutting-edge AI technology, provides unparalleled voice synthesis capabilities, enabling the generation of realistic and high-quality voices for any project.

Whether it’s for e-learning courses, voiceover work, or interactive applications, empowers users to create audio content. 

Top Benefits  

  • delivers exceptional voice quality, with natural and expressive tones that captivate listeners and enhance the audio experience.
  • With an extensive library of diverse voices and languages, you can choose from several options, ensuring your content resonates with your target audience.
  • supports over 30 languages, allowing you to easily create audio content in different languages and cater to a global audience.
  • The AI-powered voice synthesis technology of enables quick and efficient generation of audio, saving users valuable time and resources.
  • From voiceovers for AI-powered videos to interactive applications, adapts to various industries and project types.

Pricing video editing software plans and pricing
  • Human Studio Synthesys: Priced at $36 per month, providing unlimited video creation and access to 73 Humatars with extra outfits, 140 languages, and 374 voices.
  • The Audio Synthesys: Priced at $27 per month, offering unlimited voiceover downloads, access to 38 human voices, and support for 140 languages. 
  • The Audio and Human Studio Synthesys: Priced at $52 per month and includes unlimited videos and voiceovers, access to both software options, and all features included. 
  • Enterprise plan: Customized features for large teams.

All plans come with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Bottom Line 

With an extensive library of diverse voices and languages, is a go-to solution for demanding and intricate projects. It’s best for people or teams that create short promotional videos, podcasts, or voiceovers. 

best Free Alternative for Newbies

7. Descript

Descript, one of Synthesia io alternatives for unique videos

Descript offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools that simplify audio and video editing.

Its unique text-based editing allows users to edit audio by editing the transcribed text, making it ideal for those new to editing who want a more accessible approach. 

Top Benefits  

  • Descript allows you to edit audio and video by editing the transcribed text. This makes making changes, removing mistakes, and polishing your content easy.
  • The tool automatically transcribes your audio and video files, saving time and effort.
  • You can edit multiple tracks simultaneously, which is more convenient for podcast editing or adding background music to your videos.
  • You can easily record voiceovers directly within the platform, eliminating the need for external recording software.
  • Descript enables seamless


Descript pricing featuring a free forever plan
  • The Basic (Free) plan: Includes 1 hour of transcription per month, 23 language options, editing tools, screen recording, video templates, stock media, captions, and more. 
  • The Creator plan: Priced at $12 per month, providing 10 hours of transcription per month, unlimited exports, 4K export resolution, expanded storage, and additional key features. 
  • The Pro plan: Priced at $24 per month, offering 30 hours of transcription per month, advanced editing features, unlimited Studio Sound, and enhanced storage options. 
  • Enterprise: Offers custom enterprise plans with dedicated account representatives, security features, and tailored support.

Bottom Line  

Descript is suitable for anyone who needs an easy path to AI video generation. With its free plan, newbies can get their hands dirty and create their first AI video without financial commitment.

Things to Consider When Looking for a Alternative

When looking for an alternative to, consider these factors:


Evaluate the alternative’s features and capabilities to ensure they align with your requirements. Look for options that offer various AI avatars, language support, customization options, and other key features crucial to your video creation needs.


Euro cash and coins: compare pricing of Synthesia io alternatives


Compare the pricing structures and plans of different alternatives. Consider the cost per minute or subscription fees, available credits, and the value you get for the price. Determine which offers the most cost-effective solution for your budget.

Ease of Use 

Consider the user-friendliness and ease of use of the alternative. Look for a platform with an intuitive interface, straightforward workflows, and user-friendly tools. All these will help to simplify the video creation process, even for non-technical users.

Video Quality and Customization

Assess the quality of videos produced by the alternative. Look for options that offer high-definition video output and provide customization options. For instance, you can check if you can upload your images and videos, add captions, and apply branding elements. Thus, you can ensure your videos align with your brand identity.

Customer Support

Customer support agents offering help to customers on video platform

Consider the level of customer support and available resources offered by the alternative. Choose platforms that provide responsive customer support, detailed documentation, tutorials, and a supportive community.

Integration and Compatibility

You’ll likely be using other tools in your workflow. So, assess whether the alternative can integrate with them. Look for options that offer integrations with popular video editing software, content management systems, or marketing platforms.


If you anticipate the need for increased video production or have evolving requirements, choose a solution that can accommodate this. An ideal one will offer flexible plans or customizable options.


People working in a team with a collaborative software

If you work in a team environment, consider the collaboration features provided by the alternative. Look for options that allow multiple users to collaborate on video projects, assign roles and permissions, and facilitate seamless teamwork.

You could even look into the newer AI video editing programs that use artificial intelligence to help make editing videos easier than ever!

User Reviews

Explore testimonials, case studies, or feedback from existing users to gauge their experiences with the platform. This can provide insights into reliability, performance, and overall satisfaction.

What Is Synthesia?

Synthesia use cases for creating videos without camera equipment

Synthesia is a video generation platform powered by artificial intelligence. It enables you to create realistic videos by animating text-based content. 

Through this AI technology, you can convert text into lifelike video presentations. This makes it a powerful tool for businesses, content creators, and marketers.

If you’re looking to automate video generation processes, especially when generating large volumes of videos quickly, Synthesia can be a fit. It suits various use cases, including e-learning, marketing, internal communications, and personalized video messaging.

Compared to other AI video generation software, Synthesia excels at high-volume video production, particularly with less time and resources. It also offers the ability to generate videos in multiple languages, provides customization options, and allows for efficient video production. All of these are without the need for complex video recording or editing equipment.

You can read my full review of Synthesia here

Final Thoughts: Alternatives to Synthesia

I’ve reviewed some of the best alternatives to Synthesia you can find. They combine the best features, customization, and prices. 

While Synthesia is a quality platform, these alternatives might be suitable if you need lower pricing, more use cases, or something less complicated. Give them a try!

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