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Are you looking for a top-quality grammar checker? Trinka AI is a fantastic option!

This program offers impressive features and benefits, all for an affordable price (or free!). It’s fantastic for academic and technical writers and students of all kinds.

As someone who loves writing novels and screenplays, I understand the importance of making sure your work is error-free and showcases your true abilities.

When I began my writing journey, I relied on friends and family to help me with grammar checks, but they weren’t always perfect either. Thankfully, technology has advanced, and now we have AI tools to assist with checking grammar, spelling, and sentence structure – making the writing process easier and allowing us to focus more on the creative side of storytelling.

In this article, we will look closely at Trinka AI and what it can do for you.

We’ll discuss this program’s pros, cons, pricing, and use cases so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s right for you.

Let’s get started!

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What is Trinka AI?

Trinka is an AI grammar correction and language enhancement writing assistant designed for academic and technical writing.

Traditional grammar checkers can often be inaccurate and miss advanced grammar errors. uses artificial intelligence to analyze your writing and identify those errors. It can also suggest corrections for those errors. is constantly learning, so it gets more accurate over time. The grammar checker is a valuable tool for any academic or technical writers who want to improve their writing and their chances of publishing papers!

best for academics & technical writers

Trinka AI

Trinka AI is an excellent grammar and spelling checker for students, academics, and technical writers. It also acts as a writing assistant, plagiarism checker, and even a publication-readiness checker! Trinka uses artificial intelligence to analyze your written work, identify errors, and suggest corrections and improvements.

Who Created Trinka AI?

Trinka AI was developed by a company called Enago and is part of the Crimson Interactive Group, a multi-national company with 15 years of global experience. Crimson has a presence in 125+ countries and has 600 employees located in 10 international offices.

The creation of Trinka AI was led by Lead Linguist Trinka D’Cunha, for whom it was named.

Top benefits of Trinka AI

  • Improve the quality of your academic writing. Trinka will identify grammar, spelling, and sentence structure errors so that you can fix them before you hit publish.
  • Avoid embarrassing mistakes. Trinka will help you avoid those little grammatical or stylistic errors that can make you look unprofessional.
  • Keep your writing style consistent. Trinka can help you maintain a consistent writing style throughout your document.
  • Never worry about losing track of changes again. Trinka AI will keep track of all the changes you make to your document, so you can always go back and see what was changed and when.
  • You’ll avoid plagiarism in your work. Trinka can check your work for plagiarism and help you avoid accidentally copying someone else’s work.
  • You’ll feel more confident about your writing skills, as you’ll know your written work is polished, free of errors, and ready for publication.
  • You can submit your work for publishing with peace of mind. Trinka will give you the confidence that your work is free of errors, so you can focus on publishing it.

Trinka AI Features

Advanced Grammar and Spelling Checking

It’s the little things that make the big difference. Trinka is an academic and technical writing tool that goes above and beyond traditional spell checkers. While other grammar checker tools might catch the occasional typo, Trinka ensures that your academic writing is clean, clear, and free of 3000+ common and complex grammatical errors.

As anyone who has ever been marked down for a misplaced modifier or an errant comma knows, these minor errors can significantly impact your grade – or your professional reputation.

Plagiarism Checking

There are many plagiarism-checking software products on the market, but Trinka AI stands out for having the highest-quality plagiarism checker. Its text similarity detection algorithm, iThenticate, is the most advanced in the industry.

In addition, Trinka AI has the largest paid publication database covering all scientific fields. This means that it can effectively check for plagiarism in all types of documents, from research papers to essays.

Auto-Editing Capabilities

Trinka is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to revise their MS Word document quickly and easily. Upload your document, let Trinka auto-file edit your paper in minutes, and download your document with all changes tracked. Trinka is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their writing quickly and efficiently.

Formats Your Documents So They Are Ready for Publication

Trinka is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to take their writing to the next level. Not only does Trinka suggest phrasing that is preferred by style guides such as AMA and APA, but it also helps refine the tone, delivery, and phrasing of your writing to match academic writing conventions and best practices. As a result, you can focus more on your ideas and less on the technical aspects of writing.

Publication Readiness Checking

The publication process can be daunting, but with Trinka’s publication readiness checks, you can be confident that your manuscript is ready to send off to your desired journal.

Trinka looks at over 20 different checkpoints, from the overall quality of your writing to specific checks that match editorial standards for various journals. This means you can submit your paper confidently, knowing it meets all the necessary requirements.

Citation Checker

Trinka AI’s Citation Checker is an essential tool for any researcher. Identifying citations that can make your research premise and argumentation weaker helps you cite credible, solid sources for your paper.

This not only strengthens your own research but also adds to the body of knowledge available to other researchers. In this way, Trinka AI’s Citation Checker contributes to the advancement of knowledge.

Writing Consistency Checker

Trinka’s Consistency Checks help you eliminate inconsistencies in your writing with one click. No more inconsistent hyphens and spellings! By catching errors before you hit “publish,” you can be confident that your readers will see your message the way you intended.

Aspects checked for include spellings (i.e., American vs. British), hyphens & dashes, number style, symbols and spacing.

Personal Dictionary

Having your own personal dictionary can be a great way to customize your writing experience. By adding words to your dictionary, Trinka will remember them all and help you spell them correctly. This can be especially helpful for technical terms that you often misspell or have trouble remembering how to spell.

Track Your Changes

As anyone who has ever tried to review a document knows, it can be a real pain to keep track of all the changes. Trinka makes it easy by allowing you to download the track-changed file and review it within MS Word. This way, you can see all your changes at a glance and ensure they’re all accounted for in your paper.

Who Should Use Trinka?

Trinka AI is an online tool that can help users improve grammar and writing skills. The app provides real-time grammar, style, and clarity feedback and can also be used to check for plagiarism.

Trinka AI is ideal for students, professionals, academics, and technical writers who want to improve their general writing abilities. The app corrects grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors and offers suggestions for improving clarity and style. In addition, Trinka AI can be used to check for plagiarism, ensuring that users submit original work.

Let’s look more carefully at who should use Trinka AI:


Trinka AI can be an excellent way for all academic students to get help with their coursework. Whether it’s finding research materials or helping to write essays, Trinka AI can take care of the tedious work so that students can focus on learning.


Academics often have to juggle various tasks, from teaching classes to writing papers to conducting research. Trinka AI can help academics by taking care of some of the less essential duties, freeing up time for the more critical work.

Trinka is especially useful for those who are not native English speakers, as it can be challenging to spot grammar and spelling mistakes in a language that is not your first.

Technical Writers

Trinka is an excellent tool for technical writers who value impeccable grammar. It effectively detects grammar errors and technical spelling mistakes that can undermine the professionalism of your writing. Whether you’re crafting a user manual or a detailed how-to guide, Trinka will assist you in perfecting your grammar with ease.

Medical & Pharma Writers

Trinka’s powerful AI is unrivaled in medical and scientific writing. It considers the subtleties and technical precision required in these fields and transforms your writing accordingly. Whether you’re aiming for a more formal tone or looking to make your writing more engaging, Trinka will help you get there. And because AI powers it, it’s always learning and improving, meaning that your next piece of writing will be even better than the last.

Trinka Pricing

Trinka has two pricing plans:

Free Plan: Check up to 10,000 words per month and one plagiarism check per month.

Premium Plan: Unlimited monthly usage, additional plagiarism checks each month, and additional credits to purchase the features of Trinka.

Trinka Pros and Cons

Trinka AI is not your average grammar checker. It uses artificial intelligence to identify errors and offer recommendations for corrections in real time. That means it can be a valuable asset for academics and technical writers who want to produce error-free work.

What’s Great About Trinka:

  • Trinka offers a free version, letting you try the software before upgrading to the premium version.
  • If you are a non-native speaker of English, you can count on Trinka AI to help you fix your spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors in English.
  • One of the most significant advantages of Trinka AI is that it can identify errors that a human proofreader might overlook. This is because the software is designed to look for patterns in the text, which means that it can catch errors that are not immediately obvious.
  • Trinka AI can provide feedback on style as well as grammar. For example, the software can suggest alternative phrasing to make your writing more concise or easier to understand.
  • Trinka has an easy-to-use, familiar interface.

What’s Not So Great About Trinka:

  • One of the biggest concerns is that the software may make mistakes. This is because it relies on artificial intelligence, which is not perfect.
  • Trinka AI may make it difficult for writers to express their own writer’s voice. This is because the software may suggest changes that are not in line with the writer’s own authentic style.
  • It is possible that the suggestions made by Trinka AI will not be appropriate for the particular context in which they are used.
  • Some users find that Trinka support does not respond quickly. Alternatives

Trinka vs. Grammarly

Best for academics & Technical Writers

Trinka AI

  • Has the ability to use academic styles (AMA 11th, APA 7th)
  • Upload a document and let Trinka auto-edit it
  • Can download the track changes file
  • Has publication readiness checks
  • Works on Windows, macOS & in browsers

Best for bloggers & non-technical writers


  • Effective spelling, punctuation, and grammar checking
  • Has both email and live support available
  • Provides vocabulary enhancement suggestions
  • Works on Windows, macOS, Android, iPhone, iPad & in browsers
  • Is used by millions!

Both of these programs support writing enhancements in English only.

Trinka vs. Ginger

Best for academics & Technical Writers

Trinka AI

  • This tool is optimized for academic and technical writing
  • Trinka suggests phrasing preferred by style guides like AMA and APA
  • Has plagiarism-checking capabilities
  • Great at checking academic documents before publication – has a 20-point checklist
  • Works only in English

best for english language learners


  • Checks your grammar, style, and spelling
  • Ginger’s “rephrase” function is great for re-writing sentences to sound better
  • The rephrase function will give you a new way to express your ideas, including word synonyms, antonyms, idioms, and phrases
  • Ginger can help you translate over 40 different languages into English
  • Has a free and a paid version (paid is similar to Trinka)
Ginger Grammar Checker

Trinka vs. LanguageTool

Best for academics & Technical Writers

Trinka AI

  • Trinka is optimized for academic and technical writing
  • Offers powerful grammar and spell checking
  • Has a ‘track changes’ function
  • Can check for plagiarism in documents and articles

Best for budget-conscious writers


  • Works to check the grammar of many languages (see below)
  • Has a distraction-free writing mode
  • Has a browser add-on to use in Google Docs and Microsoft Word
  • Works to help improve your spelling and grammar
  • LanguageTool is free to use (it also has a premium paid version)!

NOTE: LanguageTool currently works in the following languages:

  • English (Australian, Canadian, GB, New Zealand, South African, US), French, German (Austria, Germany, Swiss), Arabic, Asturian, Belarusian, Breton, Catalan (also Valencian), Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Galician, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Khmer, Persian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Tamil, Ukrainian

My Personal Experience With Trinka AI

As a blogger myself, I loaded one of my articles into the Trinka AI grammar checker.

Trinka AI demo

Trinka, our grammar assistant, detected several grammatical errors in the article. It had an aversion to the word “a” and often recommended changing it to “the.” While this alteration sounded better in certain instances, I had to dismiss the suggestion in a few cases.

It was easy to dismiss suggestions by clicking the “thumbs down” on the suggestion box. To accept the suggestion, simply click on the adjusted word or sentence in the suggestion box.

Trinka AI found and identified instances of passive voice in my paragraphs, but it did not suggest a better sentence.

Trinka AI demo 2

Overall, I was impressed by the quality of the grammar suggestions of Trinka AI. The article was much better written at the end of grammar-checking.

Next time, I would try the auto file edit that Trinka offers, as this would significantly reduce the time it takes to grammar-check a document! I love how Trinka tracks the changes it makes, as this allows you to have the opportunity to undo any changes you don’t like.

Trinka auto file edit

Conclusion: Should You Buy Trinka AI?

Trinka AI is a fantastic next-generation grammar-checking tool that can help you improve your writing.

If you’re a student, academic, or technical writer, Trinka AI can be an invaluable tool. It checks for plagiarism, spelling, and grammar errors and offers constructive feedback on your writing. One great feature is its ability to ensure consistency and readiness for publication by checking for plagiarism, citations, and overall quality.

Trinka AI is very user-friendly and easy to use. Overall, it is an excellent tool that I highly recommend!

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Trinka AI Grammar Checker

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