Writesonic vs Jasper AI

There’s no denying that the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized how we, as writers, marketers, businesses, and even students, approach the writing process. 

From helping us overcome instances of writer’s block and boosting our productivity to ensuring accuracy and consistency, AI-powered writing tools have become indispensable. 

Two AI writers, in particular, seem to be making the most noise and turning many heads. With their impressive range of features, user-friendliness, and high accessibility, Writesonic and Jasper AI are widely considered to be the best in their class. 

Which is the better of the two, though? To put it differently, if you had to choose only one, which would you choose? 

This in-depth Writesonic vs Jasper AI comparison article covers everything you need to know about these AI writers, from their main features to their pros and cons. 

By the end of this comparison, you’ll know exactly which AI tool to choose. Stick around!

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What Is Jasper AI?

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Jasper AI

Jasper home

Formerly known as Jarvis AI, Jasper AI is an advanced yet user-friendly AI writing tool designed to simplify and streamline content creation.

Jasper AI is capable of generating unique, high-quality content with the click of a button. You can use it for various writing purposes, including blog posts, landing pages, business materials, social media posts, emails, and many more! 

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There’s a lot to like about Jasper AI. For starters, its long-form document editor comes with a host of customizable workflows that’ll get you up and running in no time. 

Similar to ChatGPT and many other AI writing platforms, Jasper AI features its own chatbot (Jasper Chat), which helps facilitate interactive communication with the AI for a personalized and smooth writing experience. 

The platform also features an image generation AI (Jasper Art), which allows you to generate high-quality images to complement your written content. 

Whether you’re an individual or a business looking to up your content creation game and boost your online presence, you’ll benefit from Jasper AI’s ability to generate quality content across a range of platforms and niches. 

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What Is Writesonic?

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Sitting across the table is Jasper AI’s toughest competitor, Writesonic. It’s another powerful AI writing assistant that enables you to generate high-quality content quickly and effortlessly. 

Writesonic covers most, if not all, of its competitor’s use cases. This includes ad copies, blog posts, landing pages, social media posts, newsletters, and more. 

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It’s worth mentioning that Writesonic started as an ad copy and landing page generator, but it later expanded to accommodate blog post generation, among other features. 

Like Jasper AI, Writesonic features its own AI chat assistant (ChatSonic). It also features an AI image generation tool (Photosonic). 

Other prominent features include a Chrome extension, bulk content creation capabilities, and one-click WordPress export. 

So far, it seems like Jasper AI and Writesonic are carbon copies of each other. But I assure you that this isn’t the case. There are key differences between both platforms! Let’s take a look at a few. 

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Writesonic vs Jasper: Key Differences at a Glance

Don’t have time to go through my in-depth comparison? No worries. Here’s a quick summary of the key differences between both platforms:

Key DifferenceJasper AIWritesonic
AI TechnologyOpenAI, PalM, Anthropic, Cohere, and JasperOpenAI
CustomizationCustomizable frameworksRigid frameworks
IntegrationsZapier, Surfer SEO, Copyscape, Grammarly and DALL-EZapier, SurferSEO, DALL-E, and WordPress
PricingMore expensive. No free plan (but does have a free trial).More affordable. Has a free plan.

Jasper vs Writesonic: In-Depth Comparison

I understand that, from afar, Jasper and Writesonic may seem too similar to bother about which one is better or which one to choose. 

And while they do have a lot in common, they differ in many key aspects that can either make or break your AI writing experience. 

Here’s an in-depth breakdown of the differences between Jasper AI and Writesonic:

AI Technology

While most AI writing tools still rely on the GPT-3.5 model, both Jasper AI and Writesonic have adopted the new GPT-4 model into their AI engines for accurate and human-like output. 

That being said, there’s a notable difference in how both AI writing platforms select their AI model!

On the one hand, Jasper takes an autonomous approach to its competitor. It automatically selects the AI model it deems best based on the project you’re working on. This could be GPT-3.5, GPT-4, or another model, depending on the context. 

It’s worth pointing out that Jasper AI incorporates a variety of AI models, not just OpenAI’s GPT. It also incorporates PalM (Google), Cohere, Anthropic, and its own proprietary model. 

On the other hand, Writesonic puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to choose the right model for your needs. You can choose between GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and GPT-4 32K. 

Writesonic ChatGPT

Choosing between Jasper AI and Writesonic based on their AI technology will boil down to your preferences. Jasper AI is the way to go if you prefer an autonomous, more hands-off approach. 

If you prefer the ability to choose your preferred AI writing model, Writesonic is your best bet. 

That being said, I’m leaning more toward Jasper because it relies on more AI models than just OpenAI, which guarantees better output. 

Winner: Jasper AI


Both Jasper AI and Writesonic are intuitive and user-friendly. However, there are differences in how their dashboard and features are presented. 

Jasper Dashboard
Jasper Dashboard

Jasper AI provides a minimalist and clutter-free user experience with a simplistic and intuitive dashboard with plenty of white space to boost the aesthetic appeal and prevent eye strain. 

What I like the most about Jasper AI’s dashboard is that its essential features are easily accessible, while advanced features are out of sight yet easy to find, so they don’t overwhelm beginner users. 

I also like that Jasper enables users to organize their work into projects and folders for efficient project management. This is especially beneficial if you work on multiple projects simultaneously. 

On the other hand, Writesonic offers a more template-centered user experience. There are tons of templates and pre-designed frameworks that cater to every use case. 

Writesonic dashboard
Writesonic Dashboard

The thing about Writesonic, however, is that searching for a specific template can sometimes be overwhelming due to the sheer number of templates and recipes available. 

Luckily, as soon as you access Writesonic’s dashboard, three recommended templates will be presented: “instant article writer,” “article rewriter,” and “AI article ideas.” These templates are versatile enough that they can accommodate different content writing needs. 

To summarize, if you enjoy simplicity and ease of use, you’ll love Jasper AI’s user interface. If you have specific template requirements, Writesonic may be a better option. 

Winner: Draw


Jasper AI and Writesonic are both loaded with templates and recipes. Jasper AI offers over 70 templates that cover different types of content. It also features different copywriting frameworks like PAS (Problem – Agitation – Solution) and AIDA (Attention – Interest – Desire – Action).

The way you use Jasper AI’s templates is simple. All you have to do is choose a template, input details about your project (e.g., name/title, description, tone of voice, etc.), and enjoy your high-quality content!

Jasper Templates

Please bear in mind that the quality of the output will depend on how clear and specific you are with your inputs. This is the case with any AI writing tool, not just Jasper AI. And, please remember that any content generated by an AI writing assistant will need to be heavily edited and fact-checked by a human!

Writesonic takes things a step further by offering over 80 templates to choose from. No matter the use case you have in mind, chances are Writesonic has a perfect template or recipe for it.

Writesonic Content Shorten
Writesonic Template Library

One of the things I like the most about Writesonic is that it’s quicker than its competitor when it comes to content generation. You simply provide a few key details about your project, and your content will be ready in a few seconds.

Both Jasper AI and Writesonic excel in this category, but I have to give Writesonic the win due to the fact that it offers more templates and recipes than Jasper AI.

Winner: Writesonic

Long-Form Content

Long-form content generation is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing an AI writer, especially if you run a blog or website that requires a steady flow of content. 

Though both Jasper AI and Writesonic offer solid content generation capabilities, they do differ in their approach and available features. 

On the one hand, Jasper AI features writing workflows that guide you, step by step, through the process of creating a complete post. The platform’s document editor is also loaded with several useful commands for a streamlined writing process.

Blog post template showing how Jasper AI works
Jasper Blog Post Template

On the other hand, Writesonic offers a more structured approach to generating long-form blog posts, one that requires less user control than Jasper AI. You simply provide a topic and some relevant keywords, and Writesonic will take it from there. 

In my experience, Jasper AI was slightly superior in content quality than Writesonic. And since I’m more concerned about content quality than hands-off writing, I declare Jasper AI the winner. 

Writesonic Blog Writer

However, if you want to learn more about even better AI article generator programs for creating entire blog posts from a single keyword phrase, you can check out this article!

Winner: Jasper AI

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Search Engine Optimization

Writesonic allows users to optimize their AI-generated content for search engines via keyword suggestions. It suggests relevant keywords and phrases that can be integrated into the content to increase its visibility on search engines. 

Additionally, Writesonic allows users to create concise and impactful meta elements, including meta descriptions and titles, to improve their click-through rate. 

Jasper AI, on the other hand, doesn’t explicitly mention search engine optimization features. That being said, the platform’s focus on generating relevant, high-quality content can contribute to your SEO efforts indirectly. 

Note that both Jasper AI and Writesonic can integrate seamlessly with SurferSEO, which is one of the most popular content optimization platforms. 

Jasper AI integrated with Surfer SEO
Jasper & SurferSEO integration

Within the interfaces of both Writesonic and Jasper AI, users can access SurferSEO’s content editor while working on their AI-generated content. 

And while you’re at it, you can explore SurferSEO’s comprehensive suite of SEO tools, which includes NLP suggestions, quality score assessment, and SERP analysis. 

Leveraging these handy features will help you refine and optimize your content to align with the latest SEO standards and (hopefully!) rank high in the SERPs. 

Winner: Draw


As far as integrations, Writesonic integrates with SurferSEO, DALL-E, and WordPress. Jasper AI shares some of the same integrations as Writesonice, including SurferSEO and DALL-E, in addition to Copyscape. 

Unfortunately, Jasper AI doesn’t integrate with WordPress, which limits your ability to publish your content directly onto a WordPress website. 

Both AI writing assistants integrate with Zapier, a popular automation and third-party integration platform. They differ in how they make use of Zapier, though.

Writesonice’s Zapier integration enables you to initiate your workflows directly from Writesonic’s dashboard. Jasper AI’s Zapier integration enables you to trigger Jasper AI workflows from third-party apps, as opposed to Jasper’s dashboard. 

Winner: Draw

Supported Languages

Both Writesonic and Jasper AI support an impressive range of over 25 languages, ensuring great flexibility when creating content tailored to different audiences and regions. Also, both tools enable you to establish language preferences for consistency purposes.

Whether you’re generating content for a specific geographic or adapting it to a global audience, both Writesonic and Jasper offer the necessary tools and language support. You can’t go wrong with either one. 

Winner: Draw

Plagiarism Checking

Jasper AI and Writesonic are known for generating unique, plagiarism-free content. However, it’s still important to scan and edit the content they generate to ensure its originality. 

This is where integration with plagiarism checkers comes in handy. 

Jasper Plagiarism Checker Copyscape

Jasper AI integrates seamlessly with Copyscape, which is arguably the most popular plagiarism checker available. This integration comes at an additional cost, of course.

On the other hand, Writesonic doesn’t integrate with any plagiarism checker. So, you’ll have to manually copy the content it generates and paste it into Copyscape for plagiarism checking. 

Winner: Jasper AI


Similar to ChatGPT, which is considered the first AI writing software to shake up the AI content space, Jasper AI and Writesonic have integrated their own chatbots for an interactive writing experience. 

Both chatbots are similar to ChatGPT, but honestly both are better!

While ChatGPT is currently limited to information up to the summer of 2021, both Jasper and Writesonic incorporate current information in their Chats. They will even give links to the resources where they found the information (see below from Jasper).

Jasper Chat
Jasper Chat Showing Citations from Sources

Both Chats offer search engine verification, meaning that the information they offer is based on web search results. They also feature different tones of voice and personalities and a Chrome extension. 

Winner: Draw

Image Generation

When it comes to image generation, both Writesonic and Jaser AI leverage the OpenAI DALL-E 2 generative language model. 

Jasper AI’s text-to-image generation, named Jasper Art, allows you to generate quality images by simply briefly describing the image you have in mind and hitting Enter. 

Create photos for blog posts or social media posts using Jasper commands

What I like about Jasper AI’s image generation is that it achieves remarkable results even when you provide it with not-so-conventional descriptions. 

Additionally, Jasper AI enables you to specify the desired style of art, as well as the desired tone and mood!

Following Jasper AI’s lead, Writesonic released its own AI image generator, named Photosonic. It can transform textual descriptions into high-quality visuals, from logo designs and illustrations to hyper-realistic images. 

Both image-generation tools are quite reliable and deliver excellent quality. After all, they both rely on the same generative language model.

That being said, I prefer Jasper Art over Photosonic because it lets you control the output by specifying the tone, mood, and style of AI art you want to generate. 

Winner: Jasper AI

Support and Resources

Both Writesonic and Jasper AI hit it out of the park in terms of support and resources, with a few differences to consider.

Writesonic offers phone and chat support with the click of a button. It also offers partnership opportunities. As far as resources, the platform features a rich blog, plenty of guides and tutorials, API access, free templates, and a lively Discord community.

On the other hand, Jasper AI offers email support with a response timeframe of 4-8 hours. Resources-wise, the platform has a rich knowledge center, a quick jumpstart video guide, and an active Facebook group featuring over 76,000 members. 

Seeing as Writesonic has more support options and resources, the clear winner in this round is Writesonic.

Winner: Writesonic


Writesonic unique pricing for individual, small teams, and larg businesses

Writesonic features a free plan and three paid plans: Unlimited, Business, and Enterprise, with a starting price of $16/month (billed yearly). 

On the other hand, Jasper AI offers three paid plans, Creator, Teams, and Business, with a starting price of $39/month.

Jasper AI plans and pricing for creators, teams, and enterprises

Though Jasper AI doesn’t offer a free plan, the platform offers a 7-day trial period. So, you get to try its paid plans for a week without making a financial commitment.

If you compare Jasper AI’s paid plans with Writesonic’s pricing system, you’ll quickly realize that Writesonic delivers more value for the money than its competitor. It’s notably more affordable yet offers pretty much the same features. For that reason, Writesonic takes this final round.

Winner: Writesonic

Jasper vs. Writesonic: Which Is the Better AI Writing Tool?

Based on the above-detailed comparison, I can safely say that neither one is better than the other and that choosing between them will boil down to their key differences and, of course, your personal preference. 

When it comes to AI technology, Jasper AI is the superior option because it relies on more than just OpenAI. This, in turn, translates to better long-form article quality. 

Jasper AI is also better in terms of picture generation because it gives you more control over its output than Writesonic. 

On the other hand, Writesonic offers more templates than Jasper AI. It also offers better support and educational resources. Most notably, it’s cheaper than Jasper AI! It also lets you try the program for free for a certain number of words (Jasper’s free trial is for 7 days). 

Consider your priorities when trying to choose between the two platforms. 

Are you on a limited budget? If so, Writesonic is your best bet. Are you concerned about content quality? Jasper AI is superior to Writesonic in this category. 

At the end of the day, both AI writers deliver excellent results, which is why they’re regarded as the best in their class. So, whichever one you choose, you’ll surely be happy with the results. 

Final Thoughts: Writesonic vs Jasper AI

All things considered, Jasper AI and Writesonic are reliable AI writing platforms that can greatly help writers, marketers, businesses, and just about anyone with writing needs. 

I wouldn’t say that one is better than the other, but there are certainly key differences that you must consider when trying to choose between, as detailed above. 

For most professionals and businesses, I’d recommend Jasper AI mainly because of its great ability to understand context. This can be attributed to its use of different AI models. 

For students, beginner writers, and anyone with little experience with AI writing, I’d recommend Writesonic. It’s more straightforward, offers a free plan, and is cheaper. 

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