Neil’s Film and Writing Projects

Check out Neil’s debut independent feature film, Spin The Wheel

Iron Dogs Novel

Learn more about Iron Dogs, Neil Chase’s horror-Western debut novel

Check out all of Neil’s produced and unproduced screenplays and their award wins

Room 309 Short Script Poster
Boneyard Racers Poster

Learn more about Boneyard Racers, Neil’s debut short film

Threads book

Threads: A NeoVerse Anthology

Winner of the NeoVerse Short Story Writing Competition – Neil Chase

Enter the world of twenty talented authors as they shine hope on loss, speculate about technology and posthuman culture, and pluck heartstrings masterfully in this unique collection of short stories.

Read my winning short story, One Time Hero, in this anthology!

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“Great short stories! This is a wonderful anthology of 20 really interesting stories by 20 different authors. I’ve read one or two at a time and they each are different in style and tone. Very cool that it’s from a contest! If this is what these kind of contests generate, I’m looking forward to more! Love the illustrations!”
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