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How can I help you with your story?

What is holding you back from getting your story, novel, or screenplay finished?

Are you working on a novel, screenplay, or short story and need help to finish it?

Have you been dreaming of holding the finished product in your hands, excited by the knowledge that you’ve created something special?

You don’t have to go at it alone!

As a Story Consultant & Script Coverage Provider, I offer personalized story coaching services with creative writing and storytelling expertise. My goal is to guide you to take your project from concept to completion.

I provide everything from structural development advice, analysis of arcs and characters, and critiques of manuscripts to dialogue and setting development help. Whether it’s a novel, screenplay, or short story, I’m here to ensure all the elements are in place for your success.

With my services, you will get customized advice tailored specifically to your project.

I love helping writers create works that they will be proud of forever!

Take the chance today, and let me help you finally complete your creative vision!

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How can I help you best?

for screenwriters

Script Coverage

a script on a table
  • Neil will personally read your script.
  • One to two pages of written notes will be provided.
  • Includes a one-hour zoom call to discuss your script and the notes.
for any writer

Coaching Call

  • One-hour zoom meeting.
  • Discuss your story ideas and potential problems.
  • The video coaching call will be recorded and sent to you after.

“After fours years of script re-writes, I’d officially lost perspective on my project, and it was time to outsource. I’d come across Neil … and asked him to come up with some script notes. His work was fast, and most importantly helped me see things that I couldn’t. He has a great eye for detail, story, and structure. He’s on my speed dial for the next adventure.” – Paul Spence, Fubar 1 & 2, Western Confidential, Fubar Age of Computer

“Every time I log into Facebook I see that Neil has won a new award for his writing, so it was an obvious move for me to hand over my precious baby to him for his feedback on story progression, characters, and general notes. His response was clear, helpful, and not only did he point out areas that could be improved, but also explained why they would be an improvement. Using his advice, I turned my next draft into something I’ve been proud to show off to producers and directors.” – Cooper Bibaud, Billy Saves the World, Love/Hate, Electric Playground

“Neil’s work as a script consultant allowed us to find not only the voices of the characters in our script, but bring them to life in an original way.” – Dylan Pearce, Christmas Cupcakes, A Frosty Affair, I Think I Do

If you have any questions about my services, please contact me here!