What Is Script Coverage? [And What Are The 7+ Best Services?]

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Key Takeaways: What is script coverage?

Coverage is the process of having your script read and analyzed by a professional reader, who will then give you feedback about the strengths and weaknesses of your screenplay, as well as suggestions for how to improve it.

Script coverage is essential for screenwriters who want their screenplay to be taken seriously in the industry!

My top recommendations for script coverage services include Script Reader Pro, Industrial Scripts, and yours truly!

Do you have a screenplay that you want to make into a movie?

As a produced screenwriter with over 100 awards, I’ve received coverage from numerous sources for my work, and I’ve provided coverage to other writers and filmmakers, such as Paul Spence, Danny Mac, Dylan Pearce, Jen Walden, and more.

Many have gone on record to say how much my coverage helped them figure out what works or not in their scripts and how it has helped them retool their work into something better and more marketable. As a story coach, there’s no better compliment than that!

With good script coverage, you’ll know exactly what’s working and what needs improvement in your screenplay. This information will help you make the most of your story and increase your chances of getting your movie made.

Let’s dive into looking at what screenplay coverage means, what types of coverage are available, and why you should seriously consider paying for coverage for your own script!

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What Is Script Coverage?

When a screenwriter submits a screenplay for script coverage, they are asking for feedback on their work.

This feedback is typically provided as a written report, which covers various aspects of the screenplay, such as plot, characters, dialogue, and structure.

The goal of script coverage is to help the writer identify strengths and weaknesses in their work so that they can make appropriate changes before submitting the screenplay to agents or producers. The script reader can also provide comments in both written and verbal formats or through video chat.

In some cases, script coverage may also be used as a way to gauge interest in a project. If a producer or agent is impressed by the coverage, they may be more likely to request a copy of the entire screenplay.

Script coverage can be a valuable tool for writers, allowing them to improve their work before it goes any further.

Script Coverage

How Much Does Script Coverage Cost?

So, how much does hiring someone to write script coverage typically cost? The answer, of course, depends on several factors.

  • Length of the script. A feature-length film will require more coverage than a short film.
  • Level of detail that is required. A simple pass/fail assessment will cost less than a complete plot, characters, and structure analysis.
  • Experience. The amount you pay will also depend on the reputation and experience of the person writing the coverage.

Considering all these factors, it’s impossible to give a definitive answer to the question. However, as a general rule, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $500 for a standard script coverage report.

What Are the Best Script Coverage Services?

Before we get into the best script coverage services, I wanted to let you know that I also have a script coverage consulting service!

While it felt presumptuous to put my service into the top 7 list, I did want to let you know that I love reading the scripts of fellow screenwriters and that I’d love to provide feedback to you in both written and video format!

You can check out more about my coaching and coverage services at the end of this article and see what established writers and filmmakers have to say about my services.

But now, let’s check out the best screenplay coverage services others provide!

1. Script Reader Pro

Script Reader Pro Coverage


Script Reader Pro is one of the top-rated screenplay coverage services. They’ve been offering script notes for writers for many years and are well-respected in the screenwriting world. They also provide aspiring writers with an online screenwriting course and multiple writing, editing, and feedback services for screenwriters.

Highlights of Script Coverage

There are a lot of professional coverage services out there, but Script Reader Pro is one of the best. Here’s why:

  • You can choose a script reader from a pool of qualified professionals, so you can be sure that someone with expertise and experience will read your script and give you meaningful feedback.
  • Readers have industry connections if they recommend and love your script, so you could potentially get your script into the hands of some influential people.
  • You get follow-up emails with your reader, so you can ask questions and get clarification on their thoughts and suggestions (with the deluxe package).
  • Finally, you can get your coverage back within 14 days, or choose 3 or 7-day rush services if you need your feedback sooner.


There are many different pricing options at Script Reader Pro. They have two main options for a feature film screenplay at $169 or $449 (for scripts up to 125 pages).

Script Reader Pro Pricing

The script coverage cost for TV screenplays is priced at either $149 or $399.

They also offer many other services, such as margin notes, script doctor and editing services, synopsis/treatment coverage, short film coverage, logline analysis, and even screenwriting mentorships. Click here to check out all of their services!

Bottom Line

Overall, Script Reader Pro is an excellent choice for anyone looking for professional, detailed, and affordable script readers. If you’re serious about making your script the best it can be, this may be the service for you.

2. Industrial Scripts

Industrial Scripts Overview


Industrial Scripts professionals have been Specialist Script Developers since 2010. They have tons of experience in the screenwriting industry and offer many feedback and editing services for screenwriters.

Highlights of Script Coverage

Industrial Scripts is one of the best screenplay coverage services for several reasons.

  • You can choose a reader from a pool of professional script readers with specific industry experience.
  • They guarantee a certain word count for their script notes, so you know you’re getting a detailed analysis.
  • They give you a detailed action plan for moving your script forward, including specific recommendations for revision.
  • Finally, they give you a precise grid scoring for your script, so you can see exactly where it stands in terms of quality.

Overall, Industrial Scripts provides excellent screenwriting coverage and is worth considering if you’re looking for professional feedback on your screenplay.


There are many different pricing options for Industrial Scripts. They have two main options for a feature screenplay at $185 (Film Coverage Report) or $395 (Film Forensic Notes), both for scripts under 120 pages.

Industrial Scripts Coverage Pricing

TV Script coverage is priced at either $130 or $165.

Industrial Scripts offers many other services, such as script doctor analysis, script proofing and polishing, logline analysis, short film coverage, and treatment analysis. Be sure to check out all of their services!

Bottom Line

Industrial Scripts is a great option to consider for script coverage. One nice side benefit is that if you purchase their Film Forensic Notes, you will also get a bonus of free lifetime access to their Ultimate Screenwriting Online Course!

3. We Fix Your Script

We Fix Your Script

DISCLAIMER: I have been a script reader for this service in the past,


We Fix Your Script is a company focused on helping screenwriters. I love how they include a 1:1 video call as part of their script coverage/notes services – this is the only company on this list (besides my consultations!) to provide this level of assistance.

Highlights of Script Coverage

We Fix Your Script offers a few different types of assistance with screenplays. Their In-Depth Notes and One-on-One Consultation package is the most similar to the other script coverage services listed here. Let’s take a look at what they offer:

  • They provide a minimum of 4 pages of notes about your screenplay (for features – fewer notes may be provided for shorts)
  • Analyzed aspects of your script include Character, Plot, Structure, Format, Tone, Theme, Dialogue, and Marketability.
  • A 1:1 personalized video call with your script reader is included in the price of this service! Questions are encouraged!


We Fix Your Script Pricing

Script coverage for a short script or web series: $225

Script coverage for a TV Pilot: $265

Script coverage for a feature-length film: $295

Bottom Line

Talking directly with your script reader is invaluable for screenwriters looking for a personal touch. Being able to ask questions and get expert opinions and comments about your script for an hour is fantastic and makes this service a great value!

4. Shore Scripts

Shore Scripts


Shore Scripts has the mission to connect currently-unknown screenwriters with industry insiders. They offer film funds and contests to help new screenwriters get exposure in the industry!

Highlights of Script Coverage

Shore Scripts is one of the best script coverage service options for many reasons.

  • They have a fast turnaround time of just 2-5 days.
  • You can choose from 3, 6, or 10-page coverage.
  • Their ratings are based on a pass/consider/recommend system, which is very helpful for getting an idea of where your script stands.
  • They offer a free Guide to Pitching Your Screenplay that they send you when you order script coverage.
  • The top 3 monthly scripts are sent to industry managers who could represent you as a new client.


Pricing depends on the number of pages of script coverage that you would like to get:

Shore Scripts Pricing

3-Page Coverage for TV Pilots, Shorts, and Podcasts: $85

3-Page Coverage for Feature Films: $95

6-Page Coverage for All Scripts: $140

10-Page Coverage for All Scripts: $210

Shore Scripts also offers proofreading services.

Bottom Line

Shore Scripts is great for screenwriters looking for an affordable option for script coverage. I like how they list and name all of the industry professionals who work as judges and readers for their screenplay competitions and services – that gives their services a lot of credibility!

5. Screencraft



Screencraft began back in 2012, so it’s been a staple source for screenwriting and filmmaking news for a long time! Their readers are all industry insiders who know how to help you make your script unforgettable!

Highlights of Script Coverage

When choosing a script coverage service, it’s essential to consider turnaround time, genre specialization, and the quality of the notes. Screencraft is one of the best screenplay coverage services because it offers fast turnaround times, genre specialization, and high-quality notes.

  • With Screencraft, you get your script back in 5 days or less.
  • Plus, their scores on Voice, Concept, Story, Structure, Characters, Dialogue, and Genre Conventions are beneficial in identifying areas of improvement.


There are two levels of service for Screencraft’s script coverage:

Screencraft Pricing

Standard Notes: – includes three pages of feedback

  • A film short: $95
  • TV script: $195
  • Feature-length film script: $145

Development Notes – includes five pages of feedback, page-specific notes, and the ability to ask a set of follow-up questions of your script reader

  • TV script: $275
  • Feature film script: $295

Bottom Line

Screencraft has an excellent script coverage option, and the ability to follow up with your reader about questions you may have about the feedback is a real plus (with the Development Notes package).

6. Bulletproof Script Coverage (by Indie Film Hustle)

Bulletproof Screenwriting


Bulletproof script coverage is unique because your script is judged differently based on the type of movie you’ve written rather than on the genre. They break the types of movies down into the following categories:

  • MICRO-BUDGET (under $2mm, intended for self-production)
  • INDIE FILM MARKET ($3 – $20mm, financed independently by foreign sales agents and investors)
  • STUDIO FILM ($20mm+ budget to be done by a studio)
  • TELEVISION/STREAMING (This includes show/tv pilot scripts of all budgets)
  • SHORT FILMS (This includes short film scripts of all budgets)

Highlights of Script Coverage

Bulletproof Screenwriting is one of the best script note options available. Here’s why:

  • You get your script back in 5 days or less (or pay extra for a one-day turnaround time).
  • Unlike other coverage services, they provide coverage based on the type of screenplay you’ve written. They work with pools of script readers who have experience in each category and can give notes focusing on the project’s goals.
  • All their readers have industry experience working at agencies, studios, production companies, and foreign sales firms.


The pricing of your script coverage will depend on the type of coverage you select and the length of your script.

In general, the prices break down as follows:

Silver Package (for a feature-length or TV script): $99 (includes two pages of notes, character, and casting potential, a Pass, Consider, or Recommend rating, and notes on structure, dialogue, character, & story)

Gold Package (for a feature-length or TV script): $199 (includes six pages of notes and a two-page synopsis, a written logline, notes on comparable projects, and all of the features above)

Short Film Script: $79 (includes 1000 words of detailed notes and a rating)

Bulletproof Screenwriting Pricing

Bottom Line

Bulletproof Screenwriting has one of the more budget-friendly script coverage services on the market. However, they don’t say much about who their readers are. This is a good option if you are on a tight budget but need to know how to improve your script.

7. WeScreenplay



WeScreenplay is a newer option for screenplay coverage. Their website is slick, and their professional script coverage cost is reasonable.

Highlights of Script Coverage

Are you looking for a script coverage service that can give you quick, detailed notes? Look no further than WeScreenplay!

  • With a 72-hour turnaround time, you won’t have to wait long to get feedback on your latest draft.
  • Their 4-page coverage reports provide an in-depth analysis of your screenplay, identifying strengths and improvement areas.
  • Each script is given a pass/consider/recommend rating so you can quickly see where your script falls in the competitive landscape.


There are three levels of pricing at WeScreenplay:

WeScreenplay Pricing

Bottom Line

WeScreenplay is an excellent option if you need a service with a quick turnaround time and a reasonable price.

8. Neil Chase Film Coverage


Neil Chase Film offers personalized script coverage comments, primarily in drama, action, sci-fi, horror, and fantasy genres. Neil Chase is an experienced screenwriter who has provided script doctor, script coverage, and story coaching services since 2015.

Highlights of Script Coverage

There are many reasons to choose Neil Chase Film for your script coverage needs.

  • First and foremost, I will provide notes and ideas regarding the characters in your screenplay, the story structure and plot, the formatting (if there are issues), tone, theme, and dialogue. This means that you can be confident that you’re getting a thorough and detailed analysis of your work.
  • Additionally, I give an action plan for moving your script forward. This can be extremely helpful for identifying areas that need improvement and developing a strategy for making those changes.
  • Finally, the service includes a one-hour Zoom meeting to discuss the details of your story and script. This is an invaluable opportunity to get feedback and advice from a professional who knows what they’re doing!


Script coverage for a short script or web series: $225

Script coverage for a TV Pilot: $350

Script coverage for a feature-length film: $495

Bottom Line

If you want a personalized, boutique experience for getting feedback on your script, consider getting screenplay coverage from Neil Chase Film. Neil Chase also offers additional writing services like story consulting and writer coaching.

Final Thoughts

Script coverage is an important step in the process of making a movie or short film. It’s a way for producers and executives to get a good sense of what the film is about, how it flows, and whether or not it is worth investing in.

For screenwriters, getting good script coverage can be essential to understanding what works and doesn’t work in your script so you can make the necessary changes before sending it out again.

Plenty of professional screenwriters and organizations offer coverage services, and they’re not expensive. In fact, if you’re serious about your writing career, you should consider paying for coverage at least once.

Script Coverage for screenplays

Common Questions (FAQs)

What does script coverage include?

Script coverage is a report that gives the reader an overview of the screenplay’s story, characters, and overall tone. It also includes a recommendation of whether or not to pursue the project further. The script reader should identify the key elements that make up a good story. While every service is different, most script coverage will include similar elements. These include a loglinesynopsis, and character breakdowns.

What is a script coverage service?

A script coverage service involves professionals reviewing and evaluating your screenplay. They will provide detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement. This service assesses various aspects of the script, such as story, character development, and dialogue. The reader will offer constructive criticism so you can refine the script for potential producers and studios.

How long should a script coverage be?

A script coverage should be long enough to give the reader a clear understanding of the script’s plot, characters, and overall tone. Generally, a script coverage should be between one and three pages. However, the coverage may be longer if the script is very long or if a lot of detail needs to be discussed.

What should script coverage include?

Script coverage should offer a detailed breakdown of your screenplay, covering a brief synopsis, what works well in the script, and suggestions for improvement. It should also include evaluations of the plot, character arcs, and dialogue, and give an honest opinion on how ready the script is for the market or how likely it is to catch a producer’s interest.

Happy writing!

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