Editorial Guidelines

About My Blog & Editorial Standards

Hello and welcome! I am Neil Chase, a novelist, screenwriter, independent filmmaker, actor, audiobook narrator, and all-around movie lover! I enjoy genre movies and books – especially horror, thriller, fantasy, sci-fi, and action. At www.neilchasefilm.com, I share my journey and experiences in these creative fields and discuss pop culture and movies in general, as well as movies I’ve worked on or written, books I’ve written, or movies I’ve acted in. I also talk a lot about the captivating intersection of creativity and AI.

Editorial Standards & Mission Statement

My mission is to enlighten, inspire, and inform. I maintain strict editorial standards to ensure every piece of content reflects quality, authenticity, and integrity. In the ever-evolving realms of technology and creativity, I aim to serve as a helpful guide to those navigating these fields. Together, we will learn how to use technology to assist our creativity, not replace it.

Why I Blog

Driven by a genuine curiosity and the aim to inspire and help others, I explore a broad spectrum of creative topics, including the evolving relationship between human creativity and AI advancements – with a primary focus on great storytelling across all mediums.

My Methodology

Drawing from my extensive background in various creative fields and thorough research, I aim to provide content that is both insightful and reliable. I blend my personal experiences, industry insights, and authoritative sources to offer unique perspectives to my readers.

How I Research My Articles

While personal insights are crucial, there are topics beyond my immediate experience. To ensure comprehensive and accurate content, I gather information from trusted publications, expert interviews, and community feedback. Integrating this with my own knowledge ensures a balanced and enriched viewpoint.

Supporting My Vision

I am deeply committed to offering my insights freely. While there’s undeniable value in premium content, I believe knowledge should be accessible to all. To sustain this model, I sometimes utilize affiliate links. Any commission I earn is reinvested into producing more high-quality content, but it never compromises my editorial integrity. I only link to products or services I genuinely recommend.

Feedback and Community Engagement

Engaging with my readers enriches our community. I always welcome feedback, suggestions, or thoughts to ensure this platform remains interactive and continuously evolves.

AI and Creativity: A Collaborative Dance

On www.neilchasefilm.com, I sometimes use AI writing tools to enhance my content quality, optimize the content, overcome writer’s block, and provide ideas. These tools are partners in my creative process, not replacements.

Whether people choose to accept it or not, AI is now a fundamental part of modern life, whether in the business space, marketplace, or creative fields. I believe that many creators will benefit from learning more about the different types of AI tools that are available, and demystifying those tools is a focus of mine.

Please note that any books, short stories, and screenplays that I have written or published were created without the use of AI tools. As of now, I have only used AI in examples on this site.

Note on AI Tools

While I recognize the advantages of AI, I believe in the irreplaceable value of the human touch. Every piece of content, whether AI-assisted or not, undergoes thorough proofreading, fact-checking, and editing. The synergy between AI assistance and human intuition is where the true magic happens.

In fact, I have found that, overall, AI writing tools tend to be factually incorrect when providing information in the creative fields. That’s why a human editor who has a deep understanding of the topics discussed reads, fact-checks, and edits each and every article.

In conclusion, the harmony between AI and human creativity on my blog symbolizes the potential of what’s possible when tech meets art – without ever replacing the human element. Thank you for joining me on this adventure.