Neil Chase (pen name) is chief writer and editor at, and he personally writes, edits and publishes all of the content on the site.

Neil is a screenwriter, independent filmmaker, actor, novelist, and story coach to other writers and screenwriters.

Neil has written over 20 feature screenplays, including the 2018 movie Christmas Cupcakes. With his own production company, Brimstone Pictures, he wrote and starred in the award-winning short film, Boneyard Racers. Boneyard Racers found distribution on ShortsTV.

Neil Chase in Boneyard Racers

You can read reviews of Boneyard Racers here:

You can watch the Boneyard Racers trailer on YouTube here:

Notable awards for Boneyard Racers include:

  • Best Live Action Short (Alberta) at The Edmonton International Film Festival
  • Best Action Film at the Vegas Movie Awards
  • Best Horror and Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy at NOVA Fest
  • Best Cinematography at Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest
  • Best Film at 13Horror Film and Screenplay Contest
  • Best Fantasy Short at Motor City Nightmares

Neil wrote, starred in, and co-directed the award-winning feature film, Spin The Wheel. Spin The Wheel has recently secured distribution, and will be released on streaming platforms in early 2024.

Neil also co-edited the film with his co-director David Heacock, as well as working on the film’s visual effects with Brandon Horth (of Focused Energy Productions) and Martin Truscott.

You can read reviews of Spin The Wheel here:

You can watch the Spin The Wheel trailer on YouTube here:

Notable awards for Spin The Wheel include:

  • Best Thriller and Best Ensemble at Vegas Movie Awards
  • Best Actor (Neil Chase) & Best Actress (Dianne Wulf) & Best Director at Best Actor and Director Awards New York
  • Best Feature Film at New Jersey Film Awards
  • Best Horror Film at DC After Dark Film Festival
  • Best Screenplay (Neil Chase) at Action on Film Festival
  • Best Visual Effects at Top Indie Film Awards
Iron Dogs Novel

Neil is the author and audiobook narrator of the Gothic horror-western novel, Iron Dogs. You can learn more about it in the following locations:

Neil’s writing can be found on premiere storytelling sites at The Write Practice, Jericho Writers, Live Write Thrive, Now Novel and Writers Helping Writers. He has shared his thoughts on screenwriting and filmmaking on sites such as Raindance, The Celtx Blog, Filmmaking Lifestyle, and No Film School.

He has been mentioned on Lifewire, Yahoo Entertainment and ZDNet.

Before Neil became a creative writer and filmmaker, he was an Electrical Engineer with his own engineering company.

He has a Master’s Degree and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Calgary. You can view his master’s thesis here, and his doctoral thesis here.

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You can also view Neil’s IMDb page, where many of his screenwriting, filmmaking and acting credits are listed.

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