Story Setting Ideas: 137+ Prompts for Creative Writers

story setting ideas

Are you a creative writer looking for unique story setting ideas for your next novel, short story, or screenplay?

If so, you’re in the right place! I’ve been there too – maybe you have an idea for a great character, but you’re stuck for a good setting for the story, or maybe you’ve got some plot point ideas, but you’re not clear on where to set them.

If that’s you, read on to find the setting ideas organized into types of settings. We’ll start with dystopian and city settings, move on to natural settings (like forests and islands), and end with alternative time periods and space-based settings!

What Are Great Story Setting Ideas for Writers?

Dystopian Wastelands

Find story setting ideas for narratives set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Write about societies that crumbled under the weight of their own corruption and greed, where survivors cling to hope amidst devastation.

dystopian story ideas
  1. The Sunken City: A major city that has sunk underwater due to climate change, with surviving humans adapting to a new life beneath the waves.

  2. The Silent Metropolis: A once bustling city now abandoned and overgrown with vegetation, where survivors navigate through skyscrapers turned into jungles.

  3. Radioactive Ruins: An area devastated by nuclear war, where survivors must deal with radiation sickness and mutated creatures.

  4. The Dust Bowl: A vast region of farmland turned into a desert due to over-farming and drought, where communities struggle for scarce resources.

  5. The Glass Desert: A desert filled with glass-like sand caused by a meteor strike, where survivors must cope with extreme temperatures and deadly sandstorms.

  6. The Techno-Graveyard: A junkyard filled with discarded and broken tech from a collapsed civilization, where scavengers hunt for valuable parts.

  7. The Acid Rain Forest: A forest poisoned by acid rain, where the surviving flora and fauna have evolved in strange and dangerous ways.

  8. The Frozen Wastes: A city encased in ice due to a sudden shift in climate, where survivors must adapt to the harsh cold.

  9. The Sky Islands: Floating islands left after the Earth’s surface became uninhabitable, where people survive on these isolated pieces of land.

  10. The Underground Hive: A network of caves and tunnels where a society lives underground after the surface world became too polluted.

  11. The Cracked Earth: A region ravaged by intense earthquakes, leaving a landscape of deep chasms and unstable ground.

  12. The Toxic Swamp: A swamp filled with toxic chemicals, where survivors have had to adapt to the poisonous environment.

  13. The Ship Graveyard: A coastal area littered with the rusting hulks of ships, where survivors scavenge and live within the ruined vessels.

  14. The Silent Plains: Vast plains left barren after a plague wiped out all plant life, forcing survivors to find new ways to cultivate food.

  15. The Smog City: A city constantly shrouded in thick smog due to unchecked pollution, where inhabitants must wear masks to breathe.

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Futuristic Metropolises

Read about different settings for your futuristic mega city story, where technology shapes every aspect of life and the sky is filled with the buzz of flying vehicles.

futuristic metropolis
  1. The Vertical Labyrinth: A city built entirely upwards, with interconnected skyscrapers and aerial walkways.

  2. The Undercity: Beneath the glittering towers, a network of subterranean tunnels and communities thrive, away from the prying eyes of the city above.

  3. The Bio-Dome Colony: A self-sustaining city under a massive dome, designed to replicate Earth’s ecosystem on a distant planet.

  4. The Floating Megalopolis: A city suspended in the sky by anti-gravity technology, casting a shadow over the world below.

  5. The Neon Jungle: A city that never sleeps, illuminated by the neon glow of holographic signs and digital billboards.

  6. The AI Capital: A city run entirely by artificial intelligence, where every building, vehicle, and device is interconnected.

  7. The Green Metropolis: A city designed with advanced eco-technology, seamlessly incorporating nature into its urban landscape.

  8. The Quantum City: A city where quantum technology is used for everything from transportation to communication, making it a hub of scientific breakthroughs.

  9. The Orbital Station: A bustling space station orbiting Earth, acting as a gateway to the stars.

  10. The Oceanic City: A city built on the ocean surface, utilizing marine resources and pioneering underwater living.

  11. The Timeless City: A city where time-manipulation technology is commonplace, causing unique societal and architectural developments.

  12. The Holographic Haven: A city where virtual reality is integrated with physical spaces, creating a blend of real and digital environments.

  13. The Energy Core: A city built around a giant energy source, harnessing its power for technological advancements.

  14. The Multi-dimensional Metropolis: A city existing in multiple dimensions simultaneously, connected by inter-dimensional portals.

  15. The Automated Utopia: A city where all mundane tasks are automated, freeing its citizens to pursue creative and intellectual interests.

Enchanted Forests

Here, you’ll find creative writing prompts for a fantastical world of nature. Step into magical realms where every tree and stone pulses with ancient magic, and mythical creatures roam.

enchanted forest story setting
  1. The Singing Trees: A forest where the trees produce a melodious hum that can heal or harm depending on their mood.

  2. The Mirror Glade: A clearing filled with mirror-like ponds that show not just reflections, but also possible futures.

  3. The Lantern Grove: A grove where bioluminescent flowers provide light at night, attracting magical creatures of all kinds.

  4. The Rainbow Canopy: A forest with leaves of every color, each tree possessing unique magical properties.

  5. The Whispering Vines: A dense jungle of vines that whisper secrets and ancient wisdom to those who pass through.

  6. The Dreaming Pools: A series of pools that induce vivid dreams when their waters are drunk, often used for prophecy.

  7. The Timeless Hollow: An ancient hollow tree that serves as a portal to different times and realities.

  8. The Weeping Willows: A grove of willows whose tears have healing powers, guarded by elusive nymphs.

  9. The Crystal Cavern: A cavern hidden beneath the forest floor, filled with magical crystals that power the forest’s enchantments.

  10. The Starlight Clearing: A clearing where starlight falls even during the day, said to be a meeting place for celestial beings.

  11. The Silver Stream: A stream with silver waters that grant visions of truth to those who gaze into it.

  12. The Golden Orchard: An orchard with golden fruit that bestows various magical abilities when eaten.

  13. The Forgotten Ruins: Ancient ruins overrun by the forest, where stone carvings come to life under the moonlight.

  14. The Fairy Ring: A circle of mushrooms serving as a gateway to the fairy realm, visible only on midsummer’s night.

  15. The Wraith’s Woods: A haunted section of the forest where ghostly apparitions are seen, holding clues to a forgotten tragedy.

Isolated Islands

Find inspiration for the perfect setting for your remote island story!

island story setting
  1. The Whispering Sands: A tropical island where the sands whisper ancient tales and legends to those who listen closely.

  2. The Lighthouse Isle: A small rocky island, home to an old lighthouse that guides lost sailors, its keeper a hermit with a mysterious past.

  3. The Emerald Atoll: A ring-shaped island with a vibrant lagoon at its heart, teeming with colourful marine life.

  4. The Forgotten Archipelago: A series of islands lost in time, each holding remnants of an ancient civilization.

  5. The Shipwreck Shore: An island littered with shipwrecks, each with its own tragic tale and hidden treasures.

  6. The Volcanic Isle: An island with a smoldering volcano, its fiery heart a source of awe and fear among its inhabitants.

  7. The Cursed Cay: A seemingly idyllic island believed to be cursed, where strange occurrences are commonplace.

  8. The Ghost Galleon: An eerie phantom ship that roams the seas, appearing and disappearing around a particular island.

  9. The Turtle Haven: An island known for its vast population of sea turtles, considered sacred by the locals.

  10. The Merfolk Lagoon: An island rumored to be the dwelling place of merfolk, their songs heard at the break of dawn.

  11. The Pirate’s Refuge: An island used as a secret hideout by pirates, filled with hidden caves and buried treasure.

  12. The Dragon’s Roost: An island where dragons are said to nest, its cliffs adorned with shimmering scales.

  13. The Coral Castle: An underwater castle built from coral, visible from an island during low tide.

  14. The Serpent’s Isle: An island known for its unique serpent species, their venom holds the key to a powerful antidote.

  15. The Island of Eternal Night: An island where the sun never rises, its inhabitants living in perpetual twilight.

Ethereal Planes

The ethereal planes are a unique setting where magic flows freely. These story ideas exist just beyond the reach of the mortal world – yet are intertwined with its fate.

  1. The Echoing Expanse: A vast, shimmering desert where each grain of sand is a lost soul’s whisper.

  2. Luminous Labyrinth: A maze of softly glowing walls that shift and change with the moods of the spirits.

  3. Celestial Canopy: A dense forest with luminescent flora, its leaves falling in slow motion, transforming into stardust upon touching the ground.

  4. Whispering Waters: An ocean of liquid light, where the waves carry the thoughts and dreams of the living.

  5. The Veiled Vale: A valley shrouded in mist, where ancient spirits slumber, their dreams shaping the landscape.

  6. Astral Atoll: Vibrant islands floating in a sea of twinkling stars, home to spirits of nature.

  7. Spectral Spire: A towering, crystalline structure that pulses with spiritual energy, serving as a beacon to lost souls.

  8. Ethereal Estuary: A river of pure energy flowing from the mortal world, carrying the essence of life and death.

  9. The Fading Fen: A spectral swamp, where forgotten memories sink into the quagmire, only to occasionally bubble back to the surface.

  10. Glowing Grotto: An underground cavern illuminated by luminescent fungi, echoing with the whispers of earthbound spirits.

  11. Phantom Pinnacle: A mountain peak piercing the veil between planes, where spirits can glimpse the mortal world.

  12. Wraith’s Wastes: A desolate landscape where darker spirits roam, feeding off residual negative emotions.

  13. The Silken Sky: A sky filled with strands of shimmering light, weaving the tapestry of fate.

  14. Mirrored Meadows: Fields of silver grass reflecting the thoughts and emotions of those who wander through.

  15. Harmonic Highlands: Mountainous terrain resonating with the symphony of the universe, where each gust of wind carries a melody.

Ancient Kingdoms

Creative writing prompts that feature ancient history in kingdoms where the echoes of past glories and dark intrigues still linger in shadowy corners.

an ancient kingdom
  1. The Sunken Kingdom: An underwater kingdom swallowed by the sea, its grand palaces now home to marine life.

  2. The Desert Empire: A vast desert kingdom, where sandstorms uncover hidden pyramids filled with mummies and treasures.

  3. The Lost Jungle Kingdom: An ancient kingdom reclaimed by the jungle, its stone temples covered in vines and home to exotic creatures.

  4. The Sky Citadel: A kingdom located on floating islands, where people travel on the backs of giant birds.

  5. The Kingdom of Shadows: A kingdom trapped in perpetual twilight, where shadowy figures lurk in the corners.

  6. The Crystal Cavern Kingdom: A kingdom built within a network of crystal caverns that sparkle with magical energy.

  7. The Mountain Fortress: A kingdom carved into the side of a towering mountain, protected by treacherous cliffs and deadly avalanches.

  8. The Ice Palace: A kingdom within a glacier, where grand halls and rooms are made entirely of ice.

  9. The Volcanic Kingdom: A kingdom built around a dormant volcano, using geothermal energy to power their technology.

  10. The Underground City: A kingdom built deep underground, illuminated by bioluminescent fungi and gemstones.

  11. The Tree-top Kingdom: A kingdom built on top of gigantic trees, connected by swinging bridges and zip lines.

  12. The Mirage Kingdom: A kingdom that appears as a mirage in the desert, accessible only to those who know its secret.

  13. The Ghost Kingdom: A kingdom said to be haunted by the spirits of past rulers, their ghostly echoes heard in the wind.

  14. The Labyrinth Kingdom: A kingdom built within a vast labyrinth, where every turn could lead to treasure or danger.

  15. The Kingdom in the Clouds: A kingdom hidden high in the clouds, accessible only by airships or winged creatures.

Underworld Realms

Story setting ideas in the depths of the underworld. This is a place where darkness reigns supreme and creatures of the night are the main characters.

story set in a maze
  1. The Labyrinth of Shadows: An endless maze filled with traps, puzzles, and lurking creatures.

  2. The River of Forgotten Souls: A fantasy world with a river where the spirits of the departed drift aimlessly.

  3. The Obsidian Citadel: A fortress built from black stone, home to the formidable ruler of the underworld.

  4. The Cavern of Whispers: A mysterious cavern where voices echo with secrets and ancient prophecies, like something out of Tolkien’s middle earth.

  5. The Abyssal Sea: A dark, endless ocean teeming with monstrous sea creatures.

  6. The Petrified Forest: A forest of stone trees, inhabited by stone-like creatures.

  7. The City of Wailing Specters: A city where tormented spirits wail and moan, reliving their past lives.

  8. The Fields of Eternal Twilight: A field with rolling hills where it’s always dusk, and shadowy figures roam.

  9. The Mountains of Despair: Towering mountains that drain the hope of those who dare to climb them.

  10. The Lake of Fire: A lake filled with molten lava, home to fire-breathing creatures.

  11. The Crystal Mines: Mines filled with precious but cursed gemstones guarded by spectral miners.

  12. The Sands of Time: A desert where time flows differently, aging or rejuvenating anyone who steps onto its sands.

  13. The Frozen Wastes: An icy wilderness haunted by frost wraiths and other chilling creatures.

  14. The Forgotten Catacombs: An intricate network of tombs and crypts, housing the remains of long-dead kings and queens.

  15. The Garden of Nightmares: A garden filled with bizarre and deadly plants that feed on fear.

Lost Civilizations

These are story setting ideas about the remnants of ancient civilizations hidden away by time. They can be based on historical events, and are perfect for a love story, a thriller, or a dramatic tale.

a lost civilization
  1. The Sunken City: An ancient city submerged beneath the sea, its grand architecture untouched by time.

  2. The Jungle Ruins: Overgrown ruins deep within the jungle, filled with dangerous traps and hidden treasures.

  3. The Deserted Desert Kingdom: A once-thriving desert kingdom, now buried under shifting sands.

  4. The Mountain Monastery: A secluded monastery high in the mountains, filled with ancient scrolls and artifacts.

  5. The Sky Temples: Floating temples hidden among the clouds, accessible only by those who can fly.

  6. The Forgotten Forest Village: A village hidden within an enchanted forest, its inhabitants turned to stone.

  7. The Underground Cavern City: A sprawling city carved into the walls of a vast cavern, lit by bioluminescent fungi.

  8. The Crystal Palace: A palace made entirely of crystals, each room refracting light in mesmerizing patterns.

  9. The Ghost Town: A small town abandoned after a disaster, haunted by the spirits of its former inhabitants.

  10. The Labyrinth of the Minotaur: A massive labyrinth housing a fearsome beast, filled with deadly challenges and ancient puzzles.

  11. The Frozen Citadel: A citadel encased in ice on a snow-covered mountain, its inhabitants preserved in perfect frozen stasis.

  12. The Island of Statues: An island filled with lifelike statues, remnants of an ancient civilization that had a peculiar obsession with sculpture.

  13. The Volcanic Fortress: A fortress built into an active volcano, its halls filled with fire-based traps and puzzles.

  14. The Abandoned Astronomical Observatory: An observatory filled with ancient astronomical instruments and star charts, hinting at a civilization with advanced knowledge of the cosmos.

  15. The Hidden Valley of Dinosaurs: A valley hidden behind a mountain range, where dinosaurs still roam, preserved by an ancient civilization’s advanced technology.

Parallel Dimensions

Step into parallel dimensions where reality bends and every choice leads to almost too-many possibilities.

  1. Mirror World: A world that mirrors our own, with slight, unsettling differences.

  2. Time-Shifted Realm: A dimension where time moves at a different pace, altering the course of history.

  3. Upside-Down Dimension: A reality where gravity works in reverse, and the sky is beneath your feet.

  4. Shadow Dimension: A world cast in perpetual twilight, where shadows have a life of their own.

  5. Infinite Library: A dimension consisting entirely of a vast library, housing every book that was, is, or will be written.

  6. Color-Swapped Universe: A world where colors are inverted, creating an alien landscape.

  7. Dimension of Dreams: A realm where dreams and nightmares manifest into reality.

  8. Animal Kingdom: A parallel world where animals evolved as the dominant species instead of humans.

  9. Echo Dimension: A reality where actions echo across time, affecting past and future simultaneously.

  10. Silent World: A dimension where sound doesn’t exist, and inhabitants communicate through visual signals.

  11. Bizarro World: A reality where everything is the opposite of our world, challenging our perceptions of normalcy.

  12. Crystal Dimension: A world made entirely of crystals, refracting light in mesmerizing patterns.

  13. Pocket Universe: A tiny parallel universe, small enough to fit in one’s pocket but infinitely expansive on the inside.

  14. Parallel Post-Apocalypse: A dimension where a cataclysmic event has decimated civilization, offering a bleak view of what could happen in our own world.

  15. Dimension of Thought: A realm that exists solely in the realm of ideas, where thoughts and concepts materialize.

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Haunted Locales

Story setting ideas in haunted places with a touch of the supernatural. Use your imagination to create a world set in a haunted house, military base, or even a cursed forest!

haunted house
  1. Haunted Manor: An old manor house with a dark past, where spectral figures roam the halls.

  2. Ghost Town: An abandoned mining town, where the whispers of the lost souls echo in the wind.

  3. Shipwreck: A sunken ship that resurfaces every full moon, carrying with it the spirits of the drowned crew.

  4. Cursed Forest: A dense forest reputed to be cursed, where strange apparitions appear after sundown.

  5. Deserted Asylum: An old, run-down asylum, its empty corridors filled with the eerie sounds of its former inhabitants.

  6. Haunted School: A schoolhouse abandoned after a tragic incident, now haunted by the spirits of students and teachers.

  7. Creepy Carnival: An old abandoned amusement park that comes alive with ghostly laughter and spectral apparitions at night.

  8. Phantom Train Station: A train station where a phantom train arrives at midnight, carrying the souls of the departed.

  9. Ancient Burial Ground: A sacred burial ground, disturbed by construction and now haunted by restless spirits.

  10. Haunted Lighthouse: An isolated lighthouse where the ghost of the old keeper still tends to his duties.

  11. Abandoned Prison: A derelict prison haunted by the spirits of inmates who met untimely ends.

  12. Spooky Toy Shop: A toy shop where the toys come alive at night, each carrying the spirit of its previous owner.

  13. Haunted Inn: An inn located on an ancient ley line, attracting paranormal activity.

  14. Eerie Museum: A museum displaying relics from a forgotten civilization, haunted by the spirits attached to the artifacts.

  15. Ghostly Opera House: An opera house where the phantom of a former performer still takes the stage.

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Post-Apocalyptic Sanctuaries

Seek refuge in the few safe havens that remain after the apocalypse, where communities fight to rebuild what was lost and protect the fragile hope of a new beginning.

the floating arc
  1. The Ark: A colossal ship, designed to withstand the apocalypse, now roams the endless oceans, sheltering the last remnants of humanity.

  2. Ice Fortress: A massive structure carved into a glacier in the Arctic, providing protection against the harsh weather and the genetically modified creatures outside.

  3. The Hidden Greenhouse: A vast underground greenhouse, forgotten by time, now a lush oasis amidst the barren wasteland.

  4. The Floating City: A city suspended on giant balloons, drifting above the ruined Earth, where survival depends on scarce helium reserves.

  5. Subterranean Metro Network: An intricate web of subway tunnels that have been transformed into a thriving community beneath a radioactive cityscape.

  6. The Oasis: A miraculously preserved natural park, surrounded by a defensive wall, teeming with life in the heart of a desertified world.

  7. The Sky Farm: A network of hot-air balloons carrying fertile soil and crops, providing food for a ground population unable to grow their own.

  8. The Mountain Citadel: A fortress high up in the mountains, its residents have adapted to the thin air better than the mutated creatures below.

  9. The Ghost Town: An abandoned town, believed to be haunted, acts as a perfect camouflage against marauding bands of scavengers.

  10. The Bunker Community: Deep beneath the ruins of a major city, a network of bunkers has been converted into a self-sustaining community.

  11. The Monastery: A secluded monastery, thought to be impenetrable, houses precious knowledge and artifacts from the pre-apocalypse world.

  12. The Dam Settlement: A hydroelectric dam repurposed into a fortress, harnessing the power of the river to provide electricity to the survivors.

  13. The Lighthouse Island: An isolated island with a lighthouse, the beacon acts as a symbol of hope for lost travelers.

  14. The Bio-Dome: A scientific experiment meant to simulate life on Mars, now serves as a refuge against the inhospitable conditions outside.

  15. The Cathedral Forest: A cathedral overtaken by nature, its towering trees and dense undergrowth provide a natural sanctuary against the dangers of the post-apocalyptic world.

Mythical Mountains

Check out these story setting ideas for myths and legends on the tops of mountains – where every summit holds the promise of adventure and the whisper of ancient secrets.

  1. Dragon’s Crest: A mountain range believed to be the resting place of ancient dragons, with peaks that resemble gigantic, slumbering beasts.

  2. The Titan’s Throne: The tallest peak in the world, said to be where a mighty titan once sat to survey his domain.

  3. Whispering Winds Peak: A mountain where the wind is said to carry the whispers of long-lost civilizations.

  4. Mount Oracle: Home to a secluded monastery where monks are said to receive prophecies from the mountain spirits.

  5. The Veiled Summit: A perpetually mist-shrouded peak, rumored to hide a portal to the spirit realm.

  6. Starfall Crater: A mountain formed from an ancient meteorite impact, said to house celestial beings.

  7. The Siren Cliffs: Dangerous cliffs that echo with enchanting songs, leading many adventurers to their doom.

  8. The Labyrinth Caves: A mountain riddled with a complex network of caves, it’s said that a minotaur guards a mystical treasure within.

  9. The Weeping Rock: A mountain where waterfalls flow like tears, believed to be a grieving earth deity.

  10. Mount Solitude: A remote, silent peak where hermits seek enlightenment and solitude.

  11. The Frozen Citadel: A fortress carved into a glacier atop a mountain, said to be the stronghold of a frost giant king.

  12. The Pegasus Plateau: A high plateau rumored to be the breeding ground of winged horses.

  13. The Ember Mountain: A volcanic mountain, home to a legendary fire bird that is reborn from its ashes.

  14. The Silver Spires: A range of silver-tinted mountains, rumored to be the dwelling place of moon goddesses.

  15. The Echoing Depths: A deep chasm in a mountain, where echoes transform into words of wisdom from ancient spirits.

Arctic Expeditions

Brave the harsh, icy wilderness of the Arctic, where the relentless cold and endless snow conceal wonders and dangers in equal measure.

arctic wilderness
  1. The Icebound Ship: An old shipwreck frozen in the Arctic ice, rumored to hold a priceless treasure.

  2. The Shimmering Glaciers: A vast field of ever-changing glaciers that sparkle under the midnight sun, hiding mysterious icy caves.

  3. The Polar Ghost Town: An abandoned mining town, filled with eerie silence and chilling secrets.

  4. The Aurora Observatory: A high-tech station for studying the Northern Lights, where the sky reveals strange anomalies.

  5. The Whispering Snowfields: An endless expanse of snow that seems to whisper tales of ancient times when the wind blows.

  6. The Frostbite Forest: A forest of frost-covered trees, home to strange creatures and haunted by chilling legends.

  7. The Walrus Graveyard: A beach scattered with enormous walrus skeletons, believed to be a sacred place by local Inuit tribes.

  8. The Crystal Caverns: A network of ice caverns illuminated by refracted sunlight, creating a mesmerizing, deadly maze.

  9. The Frozen Mammoth: A perfectly preserved mammoth in a giant block of ice, rumored to be protected by ancient spirits.

  10. The Seal Hunter’s Camp: A remote camp of indigenous seal hunters, full of folklore and traditional wisdom.

  11. The Thawing Permafrost: A region of rapidly melting permafrost, revealing prehistoric fossils and releasing ancient bacteria.

  12. The Iceberg Labyrinth: A dangerous route through towering icebergs, hiding pirate treasures and sea monsters in its cold waters.

  13. The Polar Bear Kingdom: An island ruled by a gigantic polar bear, said to be the incarnation of an old deity.

  14. The Sunken Submarine: A nuclear submarine trapped under the ice, its crew faced with survival and a potential nuclear disaster.

  15. The Snow Castle: A grand castle made entirely of ice and snow, home to a frost queen with a frozen heart.

Urban Underbellies

Peel back the glossy exterior of big city life to reveal the gritty reality that thrives in the shadows, where every street corner tells a story of survival and defiance.

  1. The Graffiti Tunnel: A hidden tunnel covered in vibrant graffiti, serving as a secret meeting place for young rebels.

  2. The Underground Fight Club: A dimly lit basement where illegal fights take place, a hub for the city’s toughest characters.

  3. The Night Market: A bustling market that only opens after dark, filled with exotic goods and shady deals.

  4. The Abandoned Subway Station: A long-forgotten subway station, now home to a community of outcasts and their secrets.

  5. The Rooftop Garden: A secretly cultivated garden on a skyscraper’s rooftop, an oasis amidst the concrete jungle.

  6. The Neon Alley: An alley illuminated by neon signs, known for its late-night illicit activities.

  7. The Squatters’ High-rise: An abandoned high-rise building, overtaken by squatters who’ve built a community within its walls.

  8. The Pawn Shop: An old, cluttered pawn shop, where every item has a story and every deal has a price.

  9. The Soup Kitchen: A humble soup kitchen that serves hot meals and hope to the city’s homeless population.

  10. The Backstreet Garage: A hidden garage where stolen cars are stripped for parts, a hub of the city’s underworld.

  11. The Riverfront Shantytown: A makeshift settlement along the river, an amalgamation of hopes and dreams of its inhabitants.

  12. The Speakeasy: A prohibition-era style bar hidden behind an unassuming storefront, a haven for those seeking refuge from the law.

  13. The Sewers: The city’s sprawling sewer system, home to mythical creatures and lost souls.

  14. The Old Factory: An abandoned factory repurposed into a haven for artists and musicians, a beacon of hope in the gritty cityscape.

  15. The Forgotten Cemetery: A centuries-old cemetery filled with untold stories of the city’s past.

Time-Warped Towns

Wander into towns caught in temporal anomalies, where time loops, flows backward, or stands still – and challenges the very fabric of reality.

  1. Sundial Village: A small town where time moves according to the position of the sun, causing unpredictable day-night cycles.

  2. Hourglass Hamlet: A small settlement trapped in a constant 24-hour time loop, with residents reliving the same day over and over.

  3. Chronos City: An urban metropolis where different districts exist in different time periods.

  4. Reverse Riverville: A town where time flows backward, forcing its inhabitants to adapt to life in reverse.

  5. Temporal Tides Town: A coastal town where time ebbs and flows with the tides.

  6. Clockwork County: A rural community where time stands still unless manually wound forward by a large town clock.

  7. Flashback Falls: A village where residents involuntarily relive past moments of their lives.

  8. Futureville: A town where every dawn brings a glimpse of the future instead of a new day.

  9. Eternal Springtown: A town caught in a perpetual spring season, where flowers always bloom but fruits never ripen.

  10. Pause Point: A city where time randomly freezes, causing everything to stand still momentarily.

  11. Decade Drift: A town where each passing hour equates to a decade in the outside world.

  12. Yesterday’s York: A city that repeats the previous day instead of moving to the next.

  13. Seasonal Shiftsburg: A town where seasons change every day, from winter’s chill to summer’s heat.

  14. Second Chance City: A metropolis where residents can choose to redo any day of their lives.

  15. Twilight Town: A town caught in perpetual dusk, where it is always on the verge of night but never quite there.

Cyberpunk Slums

Find new ideas in the chaos of cyberpunk slums, where advanced technology and stark social divides show a world both dazzling and bleak.

cyberpunk slum story setting
  1. Neon Nexus: An overcrowded district illuminated by neon lights, where holographic ads flicker above the heads of the poor and downtrodden.

  2. Silicon Shanties: A slum built around a landfill of discarded tech, where residents repurpose e-waste into makeshift gadgets.

  3. Gridlock Ghetto: A vertical slum built within the skeleton of an abandoned mega-structure, its residents living in stacked containers.

  4. Binary Bazaar: A bustling black-market hub dealing in illicit software, stolen data, and hacked hardware.

  5. Shadow Stacks: A grimy labyrinth of towering apartment blocks, where illegal cybernetic modifications are a matter of survival rather than choice.

  6. Code Canyons: Narrow, winding streets filled with code-jockeys selling their hacking skills to the highest bidder.

  7. Pixel Purgatory: A district dominated by virtual reality parlors, offering escapes from the grim reality of the slums.

  8. Rustbelt Ruins: A once-thriving industrial area now left to decay, inhabited by out-of-work androids and their human counterparts.

  9. Firewall Favela: A slum under constant surveillance by AI security systems, making every move a potential act of rebellion.

  10. Circuit City: A dense network of alleyways electrified by rogue servers and bootleg power grids.

  11. Data Dumps: A slum built on a vast landfill of obsolete data storage devices, where information scavengers dig for valuable old-world secrets.

  12. Quantum Quarters: A poverty-stricken area where quantum computers hum in every hovel, mining cryptocurrencies in a desperate bid for wealth.

  13. Ghost Grid: A slum abandoned by the city’s AI-controlled utilities, forcing residents to hack and jury-rig their own services.

  14. Nano Nest: A district where nanotech proliferates, leading to strange mutations and unprecedented diseases.

  15. Synth Slum: An area populated by discarded synthetic humans and robots, striving for purpose in a world that deems them obsolete.

Deep Space Outposts

Thrive on the edge of the known universe in outposts that dot the vast emptiness of space.

  1. The Edge of Nothing: An outpost located at the very edge of the known universe, where space-time begins to warp and unravel.

  2. The Pulsar Station: An outpost orbiting a pulsar, harnessing its energy for power, while dealing with the intense radiation.

  3. The Black Hole Outpost: A station built near a black hole to study its mysteries, forever teetering on the edge of oblivion.

  4. The Ice Moon Base: A research outpost on a frozen moon, where scientists drill into the ice in search of alien life.

  5. The Asteroid Colony: A mining colony established on a rich asteroid, digging for precious metals and gems.

  6. The Echo Station: An outpost that exists between dimensions, receiving echoes from alternate realities.

  7. The Nebula Haven: A station nestled within a colorful nebula, providing a breathtaking view but also facing dangerous space weather.

  8. The Lonely Beacon: An outpost serving as a beacon for lost spaceships, where signals from across the universe are intercepted.

  9. The Alien Ruins: An outpost established around ancient alien ruins, seeking to decipher their cryptic messages.

  10. The Galactic Lighthouse: An outpost projecting a massive light signal, guiding spaceships through treacherous cosmic seas.

  11. The Quantum Relay: A communication outpost responsible for maintaining quantum entanglement communication across vast distances.

  12. The Star Forge: An industrial outpost orbiting a star, harnessing its energy to forge advanced materials.

  13. The Exoplanet Outpost: A remote outpost on an exoplanet, tasked with terraforming it for future human settlement.

  14. The Time Dilation Station: An outpost near a massive gravitational field, where time moves slower than the rest of the universe.

  15. The Cosmic Ark: An outpost designed to preserve Earth’s biodiversity, acting as a safety net against planetary catastrophes.

Interstellar Colonies

Build a new existence on remote planets, where starry outposts celebrate our love for discovery and the pursuit of adventure.

colony on Mars setting
  1. The Red Desert Colony: A human settlement on a Mars-like planet, battling harsh sandstorms and isolation.

  2. The Floating Cities of Nebula-5: Magnificent cities floating in the gaseous atmosphere of a giant planet.

  3. The Deep Mine Colony: A mining community in the depths of an asteroid, extracting precious minerals.

  4. The Hydroponic Haven: A colony based inside a gigantic spaceship, with lush hydroponic gardens providing food and oxygen.

  5. The Ice Moon Outpost: A research station on a frozen moon, studying alien life forms trapped in the ice.

  6. The Crater Commune: A network of interconnected habitats built into the craters of a barren moon.

  7. The Terraformed Paradise: A once inhospitable planet now transformed into a verdant paradise through advanced terraforming.

  8. The Starlight Oasis: A colony located on a planet orbiting a binary star system, where night never falls.

  9. The Underground Bunkers of Planet X: A colony living in underground bunkers to avoid the deadly radiation on the planet’s surface.

  10. The Nomadic Space Fleet: A convoy of ships housing a nomadic civilization, constantly on the move in search of resources.

  11. The Alien Ruins Settlement: A colony built around mysterious ancient alien ruins, seeking to unravel their secrets.

  12. The Orbital Station: A bustling space station in orbit around a distant planet, a hub of interstellar commerce and diplomacy.

  13. The Volcanic Forge: A colony on a volcanic planet, harnessing the geothermal energy for survival.

  14. The Cloud Castle: A colony suspended in the upper atmosphere of a gas giant, surviving on floating platforms.

  15. The Galactic Lighthouse: A colony housed in a gigantic space station serving as a beacon for interstellar travelers.

Final Thoughts

OK, that’s our exploration of tons of different story setting ideas for you!

I hope you found some creative writing prompts to help you in your writing. I know how frustrating it is to have part of an idea for a good novel or story, but just need a little push to get your creative juices flowing!

I hope you come up with the perfect setting for your next story idea!

Common Questions (FAQs)

What is an example of a story setting?

An example of a story setting is a deserted island in the middle of the ocean, where a group of shipwreck survivors must learn to live off the land and navigate their relationships to survive.

What are some interesting settings?

Some interesting settings for your stories might include a futuristic city where technology rules, a quiet village hidden within an enchanted forest, or even a mysterious abandoned space station orbiting a distant planet.

What is a good setting?

A good setting is a place or environment that adds depth to your story. As noted in this article, it should reflect the mood, themes, and conflicts of your story idea. It can be anywhere from a bustling city or quiet countryside to an imaginary world. A good setting will influence the characters’ decisions, challenges, and growth.

What are some good story plot ideas?

1. A person wakes up in a world where everyone can read minds except them, uncovering hidden secrets and personal dramas.
2. An unlikely friendship forms between a robot with a malfunctioning emotion chip and a child who teaches it about humanity.
3. In a city where dreams can be recorded and played back, a detective uses dream footage to solve crimes but stumbles upon a conspiracy.
4. A world where music is magic, and a tone-deaf girl discovers she holds the key to a powerful, ancient melody.
5. A group of strangers receives mysterious letters inviting them to a deserted mansion, only to find out they must solve a century-old mystery to escape.

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