9+ Best Summary Generator Programs to Save Time in 2024

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Key Takeaways:

Based on my trials of each of these AI summarizing tools, I found Jasper to be the best at summarizing in general. It gave me lots of options of different lengths, and they were great summaries! You can jump to the output from Jasper here.

Got a mountain of text to read but really just want the golden nuggets? Or maybe you need to summarize a long document for a presentation but don’t have the time?

As a novelist, screenwriter, and story coach, I’m constantly asked to summarize my work, whether it be a script synopsis, a book blurb, or a concluding paragraph on a lesson or feedback.

When I wrote Iron Dogs, I had to condense my entire book into a series of summaries – for the back of the book, the inside jacket, the Amazon page, and industry contacts, among others. Summarizing over 100,000 words into a single page or paragraph is no small feat, and it took me hours to craft the perfect content.

Having a tool now that can assist with these tasks is fantastic. It’s a huge time-saver that helps me stay focused, and allows me to get back on track.

So, to figure out which of these tools is actually the best at summarizing, I tried each of them with the same long text. I asked each of them to give me a summary, and then I compared the results to see which I liked best!

Keep reading to take a look at 9+ of the best summary generators and AI text summarizers on the market today and see what outputs we get when we put the same original content into each!

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How I Evaluated Each Summary Generator

In this article, I experimented by using the same excerpt (a section from my article discussing protagonists and antagonists in a story) with different text summarizers. You’ll get to see the results produced by each program. This way, you can decide for yourself which one seems most effective! The specific text section I used for each summary generator is:

How a protagonist is different from an antagonist

In any story, there are typically two main types of main characters: the protagonist and the antagonist.

The protagonist is the hero of the story, and their main goal is to achieve whatever it is they are striving for, whether it be defeating the villain, rescuing a damsel in distress, or simply uncovering the truth or overcoming personal demons.

On the other hand, the antagonist is the chaos to the protagonist’s order; they are the ones standing in the way of the hero’s success.

In the simplest form, the antagonist is evil incarnate, but this is not always the case. There may be times when the antagonistic force is simply another person with a different perspective or goal. In other stories, the antagonist is simply a force that the protagonist must overcome, such as nature or society.

And in a rarer category, the antagonistic force may be the protagonist’s own subconscious, addiction, fears, or other psychological issues. The relationship between a heroic protagonist and a villainous antagonist is key to creating conflict and tension in a story.

Ultimately, what separates a protagonist from an antagonist is their purpose in the story. The protagonist drives the plot forward, while the antagonist tries to stop them.

What Are The Best Summarizing Tools?

In today’s world, where we have so much to read and learn, it’s really helpful to have tools that can make long texts short and simple. These tools are great for students who need to get the main ideas of big articles or for anyone who wants to quickly understand lots of information.

This section introduces you to the finest summarizing tools available. We will evaluate each tool based on its user-friendliness, effectiveness in condensing text, and unique characteristics.

These tools are designed to make your reading process quicker and more efficient, helping you to absorb and understand large amounts of information. Let’s explore these innovative tools!

best Overall

1. Jasper

Text-Summarizer Jasper

Jasper.ai is a great AI summary maker that can help you condense longer writing pieces into more manageable chunks. Whether trying to distill an article or summarize a lengthy document, Jasper.ai can save you time and effort by quickly generating a concise summary.

And because it uses artificial intelligence, it’s constantly learning and improving, so you can be confident that you’re getting the most accurate and up-to-date summaries.

Top Features

Jasper.ai is a powerful tool for summarizing a text into a well-structured document. It has the following features:

  • Jasper.ai can help you distill a text down to its most essential points, making it easier to understand and remember.
  • Jasper can also help you identify key themes and ideas in a text, making writing essays or reports on the material easier.
  • In addition, Jasper can save you time by automatically generating a brief summary of a text, so you don’t have to do it yourself.
  • I love that Jasper will let you easily create an AI summary of any length – use their “commands” feature within a boss mode template, and you’ll be able to specify approximately what length of a summary you’d like!

Jasper.ai is a valuable tool for anyone who needs to understand and remember a text. If you’re a student trying to learn for an exam or a professional trying to stay up-to-date on the latest research in your field, Jasper.ai can help you get the most out of the texts you need to read.


My Experience With Jasper

On the dashboard of Jasper, I went to the “templates” section. At the bottom, you will see the template called “text summarizer.” I clicked this, then added my paragraphs to the text box.

It allowed for 800 characters (the character limits did not give me enough space for all of the text I wanted to be summarized). I asked Jasper to give me three different output options (you can choose between 1-10 outputs), and I was given:

Text-Summarizer-Jasper - my experience

I like the sentences I was given. However, they were too short!

So, next, I tried using a freeform document. To do this, click on “documents” and then choose “freeform with any template.”

Jasper Freeform document

You will be able to use the Jasper commands within the freeform template.

This document looks a lot like a Google Doc, except you can do so many more things within the doc! I copied and pasted the text that I wanted to be summarized:

Jasper summarizer

As you can see at the bottom of the screenshot (in tiny printing!), I used the “command” feature to ask Jasper to “summarize the preceding text into a 100-word text”. Here’s what it gave me:

Jasper summarizer - medium length

I love this summary! I think it is the best summary of any of the tools I tried! Next, I deleted that summary and asked Jasper to give me a 50-word summary. Here’s what it gave me:

Jasper short summary

I think this summary was about 43 words, but it was still a very good, very brief summary. The Jasper summarizing tool gets top marks for the flexibility it gave me in summarizing the text!



Jasper is a paid program that is useful as a text summarizer and as an AI writing tool and article generator.

Jasper’s Creator Plan is $39 monthly and includes unlimited generated words. This plan will allow you to summarize unlimited texts each month.

The Teams Plan starts at $99 per month and includes unlimited words and multiple seats for a small team. It also includes up to 3 brand voices.

Bottom Line

Jasper is best for people looking for a good summary tool software program that generates AI text from your prompts. It is especially useful for bloggers, writers, and other professionals who must produce a high volume of written work.

I love how you can choose how many words (approximately) you would like your summary to be! In my experience, Jasper can be very helpful when experiencing writer’s block – you need to start writing and get something down on the page!

You can read my full Jasper AI review to learn more!

best For Research

2. Genei

Genei summarizing tool

Harnessing the power of Genei, researchers and students can effortlessly summarize lengthy articles, condensing vast amounts of information into digestible insights.

Genei can replace hours of manual work with instant results, allowing you to focus on connecting the dots and making breakthroughs. It’s almost like having a personal assistant who understands your thirst for knowledge and wants to help you understand all the background information you need to know!

Top Benefits

  • AI-Powered Summarization: Remember those late-night study sessions where you wished someone could give you the gist of lengthy articles or reports? Well, Genei does exactly that! It’s an AI that summarizes research papers, saving you a ton of time.
  • Smart Search: Ever felt lost in a sea of tabs, struggling to find that one piece of information you read somewhere? Genei’s smart search feature has got you covered. It allows you to search through your saved articles and PDFs, ensuring you never lose track of valuable information.
  • Highlight and Annotate: With Genei, you can highlight and annotate directly on the document.
  • Citation and Bibliography Generator: This feature automatically creates a citation for the article you’re reading. No more fretting over formatting your references correctly.
  • Collaboration Tools: Genei isn’t just for solo researchers. You can also collaborate with your team, share your findings, and work together more efficiently.
  • Summarize PDF Documents: Genei helps you with summarizing PDF files and even websites for their most important points as you browse the web.



Genei’s pricing is listed in GBP (Pounds). There is a big discount if you are an academic, and another discount if you pay yearly rather than monthly.

It’s quite affordable overall (from about $5 USD per month if you are an academic and pay on a yearly basis)!

They also offer a free 14-day trial of the software!

Bottom Line

Genei is a powerful tool designed to guide researchers, academics, and students through the often overwhelming process of information gathering. Acting as a personal research assistant, it streamlines data analysis, promotes knowledge creation, and simplifies study management.

In essence, with Genei, navigating vast information becomes manageable, empowering users to focus on their insights and making them unstoppable in their pursuit of knowledge.

best For Grammar and Summarizing

3. Quillbot


Are you looking for a summarizer tool to help you condense big chunks of text into bite-sized pieces? Quillbot is an excellent option to consider! This AI-powered tool uses advanced algorithms to quickly analyze a piece of text and generate a summary based on the most important sentences.

It’s perfect when you need to get the gist of an original article or document but don’t have time to read through it all. And because Quillbot is powered by artificial intelligence, it keeps getting more intelligent and accurate the more you use it.

Top Features

There are many reasons to love Quillbot, but here are a few highlights:

  • Quillbot is excellent for summarizing a text. It can quickly and easily condense a long piece of writing into a shorter, more manageable form. It also gives you the word count of the original text.
  • Quillbot is also fantastic for people who need help with their writing. It has advanced settings that can help them improve their spelling, grammar, and vocabulary and make their written work more concise and cohesive.
  • Quillbot is also perfect for busy professionals who need to generate summaries of reports or articles quickly. It can save them valuable time and make their work life more manageable.
  • You can be sure you are summarizing without plagiarizing, as Quillbot also has a plagiarism checker!
  • I love that no sign-up is needed to use this web service!

So if you’re looking for a tool to help you summarize a text in your own words without plagiarizing, Quillbot is worth checking out!

My Experience With Quillbot

I was able to easily add my sample text to the Quillbot online summarizing tool. I chose to have the program create a fairly short summary, but there were also two longer options. I liked the summary it gave me!

Text-Summarizer-QuillBot-AI - My Experience


Quillbot has four pricing options:

Quillbot Pricing

FREE Version! – Includes up to 1200 words in the summarizer (not great for summarizing a large number of sentences).

Pay monthly ($19.95/month) – If you want to pay each month (all paid options include up to 6000 words in the summarizer at a time – for reference, my text was 209 words).

Pay semi-annually ($79.95 every six months) – this works out to $13.33 per month.

Pay yearly ($99.95 yearly) – this is the best deal, as it works out to $8.33 per month!

Don’t forget, Quillbot is also a great (cheaper!) alternative to Grammarly for spelling and grammar checking. It even has a paraphrasing function and a citation generator! It’s a fantastic all-around writing and proofreading tool.

Bottom Line

Quillbot is best for people who need a multi-purpose tool that will summarize a text without plagiarism (up to 1200 words in the free plan), check spelling and grammar, and even suggest improvements to the vocabulary in your writing.

Quillbot also acts as a fantastic article rewriter with its paraphrasing capabilities. Quillbot is an excellent alternative to Grammarly, as it helps with many aspects of writing!

Read my full review of Quillbot for more information on what it can do!

best Free Version

4. SummarizingTool.net


If you’re looking for a great summary maker, you’ll want to check out SummarizingTool.net. This site uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to provide accurate and concise summaries of any text.

Whether you’re looking to summarize a news article, research paper, blog post, or even a book, SummarizingTool.net can help. Even better, the summaries generated by this site are completely free!

Top Features

SummarizingTool.net is an online tool that helps users summarize a text (even academic writing!) into their own words quickly and easily. Here are some of the reasons why it is such a fantastic free summarizing tool:

  • It is FREE to use!
  • It is quick and easy to use – paste in the text you want to summarize and click “summarize.”
  • No registration is needed; you simply paste the text you want to summarize.
  • It gives you the option to choose the desired summary length. It will also give you the word count of your original text.
  • It highlights the text’s main points so you can easily identify them.
  • It can be used for any text, from academic articles to news articles to blog posts.

If you are looking for a free tool to help you summarize the key sentences of short or long texts, then SummarizingTool.net is the tool for you!

My Experience with SummarizingTool

It was easy to input my sentence into the SummarizingTool.net program. I liked that I was able to choose between summarizing 25% of the content, 50%, or 75% (either a very short summary, a medium-length summary, or a long summary), and I liked that it told me the current length of my text (209 words, apparently!).

I also LOVED that it offered three options: a general summary, a best-line summary, and a bullet-point summary. Here are my results at 50% (it changed the word count from 209 to 124):

summarizingtool.net 1
summarizingtool.net 2

I think this is a pretty good summary!

I also loved that this tool could check the summarized content for plagiarism and re-phrase the content if necessary.


SummarizingTool.net is free to use! However, be aware that there are display ads on the site that may annoy some users.

Bottom Line

SummarizingTool.net is best for people who want a free summarizer that will give you a perfect summary of texts of unlimited length (and who don’t mind a few ads or know how to use an ad blocker!). It’s great for people who want their content summarized into bullet points!

best For Multiple Languages

5. ParaphraseTool.com


Paraphrase Tool is an excellent summarizing tool for almost every language. It helps to restructure and simplify complex sentences, making them easier to understand. It also allows users to rewrite their text in different ways, giving them various options to choose from.

This software allows users to summarize content while maintaining the original meaning and tone. It supports languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, and more, giving users the ability to summarize documents in any language they need.

Top Features

• Quickly summarize content without losing original meaning and tone.
• Restructure and simplify complex sentences, making them easier to understand.
• Rewrite text in different ways for added variety.
• Supports many languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and more.

My Experience with Paraphrase Tool

Using Paraphrase Tool is very easy. There is no sign-up, which I appreciate. I liked that there is a free option to “shorten” the text rather than just paraphrase it. This makes it great for those who want to summarize a text in a single click. Here’s the output I got with my protagonist/antagonist text:

Paraphrase Tool

While I like the summary it gave me, it only shortened the text from 1291 characters to 988 characters. I didn’t see a way to use it to shorten the text more than this.

So, I think this is a great tool for those who might need to summarize in multiple languages other than English, as most of the tools I reviewed are only for English or just a select few other languages.

Paraphrase Tool description


The free web version of Paraphrase Tool is likely all most users will need.

Bottom Line

Paraphrase Tool is a fantastic option for those who need to paraphrase a number of sentences in a language other than English.

6. Paraphraser.io



If you’re looking for a tool to help you create a perfect summary quickly and efficiently, look no further than Paraphraser.io. This AI-powered tool is specifically designed to help you generate summaries of any text, whether an article, blog post, or even a book.

Simply paste the long article you want to summarize and let Paraphraser.io do the rest. It will generate a condensed version of the original number of sentences in just a few seconds, including all the key points.

Top Features

Paraphraser.io is an online paraphrasing web page that helps you to summarize a text quickly and easily. Here’s why it’s so fantastic:

  • It’s instant: you can paraphrase a text in just a few seconds without spending hours reading and re-reading it.
  • It’s accurate: the paraphrased text will retain all the original meaning, so you can be sure you’re not missing anything important. It replaces proper synonyms and rephrases like real humans.
  • There are four rephrasing modes to choose from when you rephrase text: Fluency, Standard, Creative, and Smarter (the last two are available only on the paid plan).
  • It gives you the word count of your original text.
  • It’s free: you don’t need to pay anything to use paraphraser.io, so it’s a great option if you’re on a tight budget.
  • You can paraphrase writing in several languages: French, Spanish, Indonesian, German, and Turkish.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to summarize a text, then Paraphraser.io is the perfect tool for you. Try it out today and see how much time it can save you.

My Experience with Paraphraser.io

I liked how easy it was to use this tool. I used the free online version, so it was full of ads, which was distracting. However, it did not impact the functionality of the program.

paraphraser.io My Experience

I also liked that I could press a button and go straight to a paraphrased summary version. However, the paraphrased version would have needed a lot of work before publishing (see below)!

paraphraser.io rephrase


Paraphraser.io is a free program for a limited number of words (if you don’t mind tons of ads). There are also paid plans available, which are excellent as you don’t see ads when you use the paid program!

Pay Monthly: $20 per month

Pay Yearly: $150 (works out to $12.50 per month!)

Bottom Line

Paraphraser.io did a great job of paraphrasing my text. However, those ads were so distracting that I recommend the paid version of this summary creator!

7. Frase.io

Frase.io Summary-Generator-Free-AI-Tool


If you’re looking for a great online summarizing tool for short texts, Frase.io is worth checking out. It’s designed to help you quickly summarize blocks of text and does a great job of selecting the most critical information and distilling it down into a concise format.

The interface is highly user-friendly and only takes a few minutes to get up and running. Plus, the results are consistently accurate and reliable. Frase.io is an excellent choice for anyone needing a summary maker that uses advanced algorithms.

Top Features

Here’s why Frase.io is a fantastic tool for summarizing a text:

  • Frase.io uses artificial intelligence to identify the most salient information in a text, so you don’t have to waste time reading through irrelevant material.
  • The tool can summarize texts of any length quickly and accurately, so you can get the information you need without spending hours reading.
  • Frase.io also provides helpful features like key insights and custom questions, which make it easy to find the information you’re looking for.
  • The summary tool is free to use!

Overall, Frase.io is an incredibly useful free tool for anyone who needs to summarize the main points of a text quickly and efficiently.

My Experience with Frase

I used Frase.io’s free summary maker and could input all my text. I liked that it asked for a title and a section of text to summarize. The summary it delivered was quite good!

Summary-Generator-Free-AI-Tool Frase.io My Experience


Frase.io’s summary generator is free to use and lets you summarize a text of up to 600-700 words. It is designed to give you a taste of how amazing AI-written content can be! If you end up loving Frase.io and want to try out their AI writing generator software, their prices are:

  • Frase Basic: $45/mo
  • Frase Team: $115/mo

Bottom Line

Frase.io’s free summary generator is best for people with short to medium-length texts (up to 600-700 words) to summarize and who want to use an ad-free, quality online summarizing program!

8. Resoomer



If you’re looking for a way to quickly summarize a text, particularly an academic text, Resoomer may be the tool for you. The website’s AI algorithms analyze academic writing and summarize concisely, highlighting the essential points. This can be useful for quickly grasping an article’s or document’s main ideas.

In addition, Resoomer can also help you identify key concepts and vocabulary words. This can be especially helpful when studying for exams or researching a new topic. Best of all, Resoomer is entirely free to use. Whether you’re a student, researcher, or just looking for a quick text compactor, Resoomer is worth looking into.

Top Features

Resoomer is a fantastic tool for summarizing a text. Here are four reasons why:

  • First, Resoomer helps you to identify the main points in a text. It does this by extracting key phrases and ideas from the text, and then grouping them together. This makes it easier to identify the most critical points in a text and to see how they relate to each other.
  • Second, this software works to condense a text. It does this by identifying the text’s most important parts and removing unnecessary words and phrases. This can be extremely helpful when you need to reduce a long text to its most essential points.
  • Third, the Resoomer web page can improve your understanding of academic papers. Resoomer can help you easily grasp complex concepts by distilling critical ideas into concise summaries. Additionally, by seeing the main ideas laid out clearly, you can more easily identify gaps in your understanding and areas that require further research.
  • Finally, Resoomer is simply a time-saver. Summarizing an article manually can be extremely time-consuming, particularly if the text is long or dense. Resoomer can do it for you in just a few seconds, freeing up your time to do other things.

Overall, there are many good reasons to use Resoomer when you summarize an article in your own words. It’s free, quick, and efficient and can greatly improve your understanding of the main idea of a document.

My Experience with Resoomer

I loved how easy it was to copy and paste my text to Resoomer. I clicked the red “Resoomer” button, which automatically summarized my text to 45% of the original length (89 words instead of 209). I thought the summary of the text was quite good and reflected the content well. I didn’t love the ads on the page.

Resoomer-Summarizer My Experience


Resoomer is also free to use! However, be aware that there are display ads on the site that may annoy some users.

Bottom Line

Resoomer is best for those who need a free online tool to summarize an article or an academic text.

9. TLDR This



TLDR This is an excellent summary generator that can help you quickly generate summaries of long pieces of text. It uses advanced Natural Language Processing algorithms to identify the most important information in a text and then creates a summary based on this information.

The summarizing tool is highly accurate and efficient and can import files and summarize texts of any length in just a few seconds. In addition, TLDR offers several customization options to tailor the summarized text to your specific needs.

Top Features

If you’ve been scrolling through a long nonfiction text or document and felt your eyes glaze over, you’re not alone. In today’s fast-paced world, it can be difficult to find the time to read lengthy texts in full.

That’s where TLDR comes in. TLDR (which stands for “Too Long; Didn’t Read”) is a fantastic tool for summarizing a text quickly and efficiently.

Here’s why TLDR is such a valuable resource:

  • It saves time. With TLDR, you can get the critical points of an article or document without reading through the entire thing. This is especially useful when you’re researching a topic but don’t have the time to read everything in full.
  • It helps you identify relevant information. When you’re trying to sift through a lot of information, TLDR can help you quickly identify the most relevant bits. This is especially helpful when looking for specific data or facts in an academic paper.
  • It improves your comprehension. By reading summaries of texts, you can better process and understand the main idea of the information. This is especially beneficial if you’re trying to learn new material or retain information for a test or exam.
  • It includes an option to paste the URL of an article in the text bar section, and the software will import files and summarize the whole article for you! No need to copy and paste the text itself!

In today’s busy world, TLDR is one of the invaluable online tools for anyone who wants to save time and energy while still getting the information they need from important documents, such as academic writing. So next time you come across a long article or document, give TLDR a try – you might be surprised at how much time and effort it can save you!

My Experience with TLDR This

The summary given to me by TLDR This was a bit long (even when I used the “short/concise” option!), but it was a good summary.

TLDR-This-Article-Summarizer-Online-Text-Summarizing-Tool My Experience


TLDR This is free to try out (one-time use only). It gives you access to 10 Advanced AI Summaries (one-time) and up to 10 Paraphrases.

If you love the software, it is reasonably priced going forward (and you do not need to suffer through annoying ads!).

  • Starter Plan: $4/month
  • Professional Plan: $8.25/month

Bottom Line

TLDR This is best for students, journalists, and writers who want a low-cost, ad-free, high-quality text summarization tool. It’s nice to have the option to get either a concise summary or a detailed summary, although both seemed quite long for a summary. I didn’t love that I had to sign up for the service to try it out for free, but I liked that it could import files from a URL directly.

Summarizing vs. Paraphrasing

Summarizing involves condensing the main ideas of a text into a brief overview, while paraphrasing entails rewriting the original text using different words and sentence structures without altering the meaning.

Both techniques aid in presenting information more effectively, but summarizing focuses on capturing the essence of the content, whereas paraphrasing aims to rephrase the text without losing any details. Click the link to learn more about summary vs paraphrase.

What Are Summary Generator Tools?

Summary generators are artificial intelligence software that automatically generates a text document or academic paper summary.

These tools use natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze the text and identify the most important information. The summary is then generated based on this analysis.

Summary generator tools can be used to summarize emails, articles, web pages, and other types of text documents.

They can be used to save time by reducing the need to read lengthy documents.

AI text summarizing tools can also improve the clarity of a research paper or original document by providing a concise overview of its content.

Some paragraph generator tools will even summarize a text in multiple languages!

Final Thoughts

Although summarization tools aren’t perfect, they can be valuable to your writing tools arsenal.

Once you understand how to use the different features of these tools, you can get the most out of them. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to save lots of time by summarizing data as professional writers do!

Best Summary Generator

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