Script Coverage / Story Consulting

Need to flesh out your ideas? Trouble with your second act? Dialogue not working? Need more character development? I specialize in timely script reviews, in depth coverage, and suggestions for improvement. Also available are personalized one-on-one sessions to discuss every facet of your creation. From concept to final product, I have you covered.

Specs / Rewrites

Have a winning idea, but no luck writing a script? Or have you hit a wall with your current draft, and need someone with experience to elevate your product? Then look no further. I can create original work or rewrite your script to satisfy your clients while maintaining your voice and vision.

Seminars / Presentations

From classrooms to film festivals, I have a wide range of experience in speaking about storytelling, film, scripts, formatting, act structure, character development, dos and don’ts, lessons learned, and writing in general. Book your session today!


“After fours years of script re-writes, I’d officially lost perspective on my project, and it was time to outsource. I’d come across Neil … and asked him to come up with some script notes. His work was fast, and most importantly helped me see things that I couldn’t. He has a great eye for detail, story, and structure. He’s on my speed dial for the next adventure.” – Paul Spence, Fubar 1 & 2, Western Confidential, Fubar Age of Computer

“Every time I log into Facebook I see that Neil has won a new award for his writing, so it was an obvious move for me to hand over my precious baby to him for his feedback on story progression, characters, and general notes. His response was clear, helpful, and not only did he point out areas that could be improved, but also explained why they would be an improvement. Using his advice, I turned my next draft into something I’ve been proud to show off to producers and directors.” – Cooper Bibaud, Billy Saves the World, Love/Hate, Electric Playground

“Neil’s work as a script consultant allowed us to find not only the voices of the characters in our script, but bring them to life in an original way.” – Dylan Pearce, Christmas Cupcakes, A Frosty Affair, I Think I Do

“I’ve worked with Neil on several script projects over the past decade. I trust his judgement when it comes to reviewing not only the story, but the structure, the character arcs, and descriptions. Taking the written word and transforming it into a vision that spells out clearly for all parties what is required is a skill that you won’t find in most writers. Neil’s natural ability to work with writers of all skill levels to improve their story is one to be admired and you can rest easy that he is there to assist you in bringing your work to the next level.” – Jeff L Burke, Fitz, Elvis vs The Aliens, Recoil

“Neil is one of the first people I email when something needs fresh eyes. For my last 3 scripts, Neil has been able to identify strengths to play off of and, more importantly, weaknesses to strengthen. He doesn’t just talk the talk – his own scripts are tight, clean and effectual. I often employ anywhere from 4 to 7 readers when I’m working on a script, but I rarely begin the next draft until I’ve read notes from Neil.” – Danny Mac, Heel Kick!, Love/Hate

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