The Best 5+ Sudowrite Alternatives for Creative Writers in 2024

Sudowrite alternatives

Are you a writer who is wondering about using AI in your writing process? It’s actually a great way to brainstorm story ideas, plot out your story beats, and find ways to get over writer’s block!

Many writers have heard of Sudowrite, as it was the first AI tool created specifically for fiction writers. But, where do you go if you are looking for an AI powered writing tool that’s a little different from Sudowrite?

Many articles will give you AI tools that are actually better for copywriting than fiction writing, but in this article we’ll go over the best Sudowrite alternatives that are actually designed for the creative process!

We’ll start with my favorite alternative and go from there.

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What Are The Top Sudowrite Alternatives?

1. NovelCrafter

NovelCrafter is a cutting-edge AI writing tool tailored specifically for fiction authors, novelists, and creative writers. This innovative platform offers a suite of features designed to help you tell a great story and streamline your writing process.

novelcrafter Philosophy

Key Benefits

  • AI-Chatbot: The core of the NovelCrafter is the AI-Chatbot that acts as your own writing assistant. It can give you suggestions, prompts, and feedback in real-time to get you through writer’s block. Need a suggestion for a character, a plot point, or a descriptive element? The chatbot will help you out.

  • Highly Customizable Writing Interface: Every writer is different and has their own workflow for writing. NovelCrafter allows you to customize almost everything within it! They’ve got a distraction free mode with a custom background, or you can see your current word count, stats, and everything else if you prefer.

  • “Tinkering” Feature: Probably one of the best features in NovelCrafter is the ability to “Tinker” with your story. Need to change something? Test out a different plot point or character arc? Want to see what happens if you change something big like a betrayal or a death? All without having to commit to it in your original draft? Tinkering allows you to do just that.


Novelcrafter offers four pricing plans:

Novelcrafter pricing
  1. Scribe: $4/month: write unlimited books and get access to basic review features, series & universe functions (no AI assistance).

  2. Hobbyist: $8/month: All Scribe features, AI integration (bring your own key – via OpenRouter).

  3. Artisan: $14/month: All Hobbyist features, advanced reviewing tools, workshop chat.

  4. Specialist: $20/month: All Artisan features, shared series & universes, collaborative writing.

Each plan includes a 14-day free trial with no credit card required.

PRO TIP: If you’re buying NovelCrafter to get access to AI writing tools, you’ll need to go with the Hobbyist level or higher. For most people, this level is all you need to get started!

Pros and Cons

NovelCrafter Pros

  • Designed for fiction writers and for their specific writing needs and challenges.

  • Sophisticated AI that offers helpful suggestions and advice for storytelling.

  • Dynamic writing environment that encourages creativity.

NovelCrafter Cons

  • Intense learning curve– especially for beginners overwhelmed by all the options.

  • It’s a little harder to access the AI models than with Sudowrite – you’ll need to have your own API key with OpenRouter (it’s not hard to do, though).

Best For

NovelCrafter is best for fiction writers, novelists, and creative storytellers who want a rich writing environment that also gives them the power to use AI when and how they wish. 

Choose NovelCrafter over Sudowrite if you are a more experienced novel writer, and you want to control how and when you use AI to help with your writing.

Sudowrite is better for fiction writing beginners, people who want the AI models included in the software (making it easier to use), and anyone who wants a substantial amount of AI-assistance with writing.

2. Rexy (From Future Fiction Academy)

If you’re a fiction writer in need of a tool to help you create engaging stories using AI, then Rexy may be just what you’re looking for. This cutting-edge AI writing assistant is designed to help you develop your stories, characters, and plots.

Rexy FFA homepage

Key Benefits

  • Contextual AI Narrative Tool: Rexy contains a highly advanced AI narrative engine that simplifies the content creation process. This engine knows the key aspects of storytelling and can offer advice and recommendations when you’re stuck.

  • Plot Out and Develop Characters: An important part of any good story is the creation of believable characters. Rexy can generate character profiles and uses AI to help you to explore aspects of your characters, such as potential motivations, fears, weaknesses, and personal histories.

  • Structure Plots and Story Arcs: Rexy provides a range of tools to structure your story plots. For example, you can use Rexy to outline plots, and to find potential issues such as inconsistencies and plot holes. Furthermore, Rexy’s AI algorithms can give you recommendations for things like raising tension, introducing suspense, and creating higher stakes in your story.

  • Access to Writer Community: Rexy provides access to a growing community of fiction writers in the Future Fiction Academy, and gives you the opportunity to share your ideas, creations, and works-in-progress with other writers.


Rexy is $99 per month, so it’s really designed for serious fiction writers. For $159/month you get access to Rexy plus all of their AI creative-writing courses.

Not going to lie, this is an expensive option. I’d recommend going with NovelCrafter unless you know exactly what you’re doing and already make an income with your novels or books.

Pros and Cons

Rexy Pros

  • Rexy understands key aspects of storytelling like conflict, tension and stakes.

  • You can customize the AI prompts to suit your writing style.

  • You get access to a great community of fellow writers in the Future Fiction Academy.

Artgrid Cons

  • It has a much steeper learning curve than Sudowrite.

  • It’s more expensive than any other AI creative writing tool!

Best For

Rexy is good for story writers who want access to the most supportive AI tool for their creative writing process, and who don’t mind the high price. Rexy is expensive, but it’s got tons of features that are perfect for writers.

People seem to love their courses and community too, so if that’s important to you, try it out!

3. Novel AI

Novel AI is a specialized AI writing assistant designed for novelists, short story writers, and other creative writers in any genre.

It’s an AI powered writing tool that’s best if you want to write a new story in the style of a famous author or if you’re writing something like fan fiction.

Novel AI homepage

Top Benefits

  • Storytelling AI: Novel AI’s primary feature is its state-of-the-art AI writing software, which is capable of creating rich stories. Need ideas for characters, plot points, or descriptive passages? Novel AI’s AI will provide suggestions and prompts that can help inspire you and get you past writer’s block.
  • Compendium of World Details: Novel AI’s amazing set of world-building tools is another primary feature worth mentioning. With Novel AI, you can build and keep track of all the little details that make up your fictional world. Rich maps, cultures, and character backstories and histories can all be created and edited with ease.
  • Collaborative Writing: We know that writing is often a collaborative process, so Novel AI includes a collaborative writing environment that makes it easy for multiple writers to work on the same project. Writers of shared fictional universes or collaborative stories will appreciate this community-building feature.


NovelAI pricing

Paper Tier (Free Trial)

  • Cost: Free

  • Features: 100 free text generations, 6144 tokens of memory (approximately 24,576 characters), and 100 free text-to-speech (TTS) generations.

Tablet Tier

  • Cost: $10 per month

  • Features: Unlimited text generations, 3072 tokens of memory (approximately 12,288 characters), 1000 Anlas (in-platform currency) refilled monthly for custom AI module training and image generation, advanced AI TTS, and access to image generation models.

Scroll Tier

  • Cost: $15 per month

  • Features: Everything in the Tablet Tier, with increased memory tokens for better story continuity.

Opus Tier

  • Cost: $25 per month

  • Features: Includes all Scroll Tier benefits, 8192 tokens of memory for more extensive story development, ability to generate longer text outputs (up to 600 characters), and access to experimental features and older models like Krake. This tier also includes unlimited normal and small-sized image generations.

PRO TIP: I’d go with the Tablet Tier if I just wanted to use Novel AI to help me write some fun fan fiction or short stories here and there. If you’re a more serious writer, try Sudowrite or NovelCrafter.

Pros and Cons

Novel AI Pros

  • Great for short story writers.
  • Their world-building tools are great.
  • Use Novel AI for collaborative writing with others.
    Novel AI Cons

    • Steeper learning curve than some AI writing assistants.

    • Not much integration with other software or platforms.

    Best For

    Writers who write short stories and are in need of help with specific scenes and descriptive passages. Novel AI is well-suited for writers who want assistance with dialogue, action scenes and setting descriptions.

    4. Plottr for Fiction Writers

    For those of you who like to plan and organize, Plottr helps you to map the skeleton of your story. It’s an all-in-one writing software that’s designed to make outlining and structuring your story easy and efficient.

    Plottr homepage

    Top Benefits

    • Outlining and Structuring: Plottr’s key feature is its outlining and structuring functionality, enhanced by its user friendly interface. You can visually outline the beats, plot points, and character arcs of your story. With Plottr’s drag-and-drop capability, you can rearrange beats and plot points instantly to experiment with different narrative structures until you discover one that works for you.

    • Character Development: Every great story is driven by strong, relatable characters. Plottr recognizes this and includes a character development section where you can flesh out your characters’ backstories, motivations, weaknesses, and relationships.

    • Templates and Timelines: Plottr includes several customizable templates and timelines to accommodate different genres and styles.

    • Integration with Writing Software: Of course, outlining the skeleton of your story isn’t the end of your writing journey. Plottr integrates with popular writing software including Scrivener and Microsoft Word so you can easily go from your attractive, detailed outline to the writing phase of your project.



    Plottr (Lifetime Access) is $199. You get Windows and Mac access but only use the program offline. You do get updates for life, though!

    Plottr Pro + Education is $270 per year, but you can use it online as well as offline. You also get access to monthly educational events and a supportive private community.

    Not sure how many people will be ok with an offline-only program these days, so I’d recommend going with the yearly cost over the one-time payment.

    Pros and Cons

    Plottr Pros

    • Attractive outlining and structuring functionality to help you organize the skeleton of your story.

    • Character development functionality to help you craft well-rounded characters.

    • Templates and timelines to accommodate different genres and styles.

    • Integration with popular writing software to facilitate a seamless workflow.

    Plottr Cons

    • The focus is on planning and outlining – Plottr has few writing and editing features.

    • Learning curve (as compared with other writing software).

    Best For

    If you like to plan and organize your writing, then Plottr is for you.

    In writing lingo, if you’re a plotter or a plantser (a mix of plotter and pantser), Plottr can help you to map the skeleton of your story so you have a well-structured story from beginning to end.

    If you’re hoping to use AI to help with the actual brainstorming and writing, go with NovelCrafter or Sudowrite. If you just need to outline, Plottr is for you.

    5. Rytr

    Rytr is a good option for creative writers who want to use AI as both an assistant for their stories and as a helper for their marketing. It’s nice because it has a forever-free version, so if you only need an AI writer once in a while, it’s a great option!

    Rytr AI Story Generator

    Top Benefits

    • Creative Content Writing: Rytr’s core AI technology allows for creative content writing in a wide variety of formats and styles. Rytr is great for helping you to generate blog articles, social media posts, and marketing materials – no complicated prompts required!

    • Easy to Use: Rytr doesn’t expect its users to be tech experts. It gives you templates for the different things you might want to write (creative story, email, Facebook post, etc.), so you don’t need to mess around with prompts (like you do with Chat-GPT or Claude).


    Rytr Pricing

    Free Plan:

    • Cost: Free forever

    • Features: Generate up to 10,000 characters per month, access to 30+ languages, and basic content generation tools.

    Saver Plan:

    • Cost: $9 per month or $90 per year (annual plan offers a discount)

    • Features: Generate up to 100,000 characters per month.

    Unlimited Plan:

    • Cost: $29 per month or $290 per year (annual plan offers a discount)

    • Features: Unlimited character generation, priority support, access to exclusive community features, and advanced customization options including multiple tone matches and 100 plagiarism checks per month.

    Pros and Cons

    Rytr Pros

    • It’s super easy to use – no prompting needed.

    • It has tons of different templates for writing.

    • Best for general content writers, bloggers, and marketers with multiple needs.

    • Has a forever-free version, and the monthly costs are very reasonable.

    Rytr Cons

    • Not as powerful or comprehensive as some of the other AI writing apps available.

      Best For

      General content writers, bloggers, and marketers with flexible writing needs will like Rytr’s flexible AI writing tools and appreciate its ability to create content in a variety of formats.

      If you just want an AI creative writer, I’d go with NovelCrafter or even Sudowrite itself.

      What Is Sudowrite?

      Sudowrite is a great AI writing tool for creative writing for beginners.

      It uses well advanced artificial intelligence models like ChatGPT and Claude to offer a wide range of options to users. Sudowrite allows writers to tackle the creative writing hurdles using brainstorming, writing, and editing tools. The app has a brainstorming tool for creative thinking and finding ideas, an outline tool and the Story Bible which is a chapter organizer.

      The Google Chrome extension also enables users to use Sudowrite in Google Docs. Sudowrite is probably the best AI powered writing tool for beginners and for anyone who wants maximal assistance with their fiction writing.

      Buyers Guide: How I Conducted My Research 

      When doing my research on these Sudowrite alternatives, I looked at these factors:

      1. What Makes a Good AI Writing Tool?

      I began by deciding what is most important with an AI writing tool for the content creation process. These included:

      • Functionality: I checked out and tried the specific writing tasks each tool could assist with, such as brainstorming, grammar checks, character development, and dialogue generation.

      • Ease of Use: How easy was it to get the AI to work for writing stories? How good were those stories?

      • Pricing: I looked at the pricing models, including subscription-based access, one-time purchase prices, and pay-per-use models.

      • User Experience and Support: I looked to see which tools have immediate chat support, and which you need to email.

      2. Data from Reputable Sources

      I collected data from a variety of reputable sources, including:

      • Official Websites: Visiting the official websites of each AI writing tool to gather detailed information on features, pricing, and user testimonials.

      • Expert Reviews: Reading expert reviews and articles from trusted tech and writing industry publications to gain insights into the strengths and weaknesses of each tool.

      • User Reviews: I looked at user reviews on platforms like G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot to understand other people’s real-world experiences.

      3. Comparing Features and Capabilities

      I created a comparison table to systematically evaluate the features of each AI writing tool. This included:

      • Content Generation: Assessing the quality and variety of content each tool could generate.

      • Customization Options: Evaluating the level of control and customization available to users.

      • Support and Community: Checking for the availability of customer support, user communities, and refund policies.

      4. Testing Free Trials & Paid Tools

      I tried free trials and some paid versions of the AI tools to test their capabilities firsthand. This allowed me to:

      • Experience the User Interface: Assess the ease of use and intuitiveness of each tool.

      • Evaluate Performance: Test the accuracy, creativity, and overall quality of the AI-generated content.

      • Identify Limitations: Note any limitations or challenges encountered during the testing phase.

      Final Thoughts

      Overall, I recommend NovelCrafter as the best alternative to Sudowrite for most creative writers. It allows for more customization, and the output is really quite good. Rexy might be an alternative if you are a serious writer already, but Novelcrafter is a lot cheaper and almost as good!

      If you are just beginning to write stories or you need the most support from your AI powered writing assistant, stick with Sudowrite! To learn even more about these tools (and a few others), check out my article on the best AI story generators!

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