best ai content creation tools

Every content creator knows the struggle of facing a blank page. Your mouse cursor seems to blink at you mockingly as you struggle to find the words to write, or edit your newest video or film.

Meanwhile, you have a deadline to meet and a content schedule to fill. I’ve been there, and it sucks!

However, thanks to AI content creation tools, the days of this struggle can be a thing of the past.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best AI tools that can help content creators reduce time spent on work while making higher quality, better researched and formulated written or video content – read on to learn how these tools can help you!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information.

Best Overall


Jasper logo

Jasper is my top overall choice for AI content creation. Jasper can be used for creating blog articles, social media posts, article outlines, and even for generating AI art!

I love Jasper’s new Brand Voice, which reads your existing content and creates a unique voice that sounds just like you!

Best Budget version


Writesonic Logo

Writesonic is a great budget alternative to Jasper.

It still allows you to write short and long-form content, but it’s cheaper. It does include templates for AI writing, but it is not as personalizable as Jasper.

best for AI Videos


synthesia small logo

Synthesia allows you to create “talking head” videos from your written text. It’s quite amazing how realistic the digital human avatars look!

It’s a great program for creating visual content for companies and marketing campaigns.

best for Keywords & SEO


surfer seo small logo

SurferSEO is the best program out there for increasing the likelihood that your content will rank on search engines.

It also helps bloggers with topical authority, keywords and knowing how many images you should put in each blog post!

best Free Version


Rytr logo

Rytr is a great ongoing free option for accessing AI writing.

It is easier to use than Chat-GPT, as it gives you templates for writing things like social media posts, blog articles, and even cover letters and emails!

What Are the Best AI Content Creation Tools?

Because different AI writing tools serve different purposes, the best AI content creation tool will depend on your needs.

For example, some people prefer a tool for writing social media captions, while others need tools that focus on long-form content and SEO writing.

Let’s discuss some of the best ones out there.

best Overall

1. Jasper – Best Overall for Written Content and AI Art

best ai story generator

Jasper is one of the most well-known AI writing tools, and it is my top choice overall. This software can produce high-quality content for your social media posts, on your blog, and so on.

In addition, this AI writing tool has a Jasper Command feature that lets you instruct the AI as though you were talking to a friend. It’s an impressive tool that uses machine learning to incredible effect.

Top Features

  • The Jasper commands feature lets you give the AI your content generation instructions in plain English.
  • Jasper integrates with SurferSEO and Grammarly.
  • Jasper’s Content Improver feature helps you update posts to make them rank higher on search engine results pages.
  • You get access to many templates that speed up your content creation process.
  • Jasper is also great for summarizing and paraphrasing your existing content (it’s my top choice for AI summarizing programs!) – especially if you want to turn your longer-form content into short-form social media posts.
  • The content expander feature helps you beat writer’s block by expanding on the content you’ve written when you get stuck.
  • Jasper can help with your social media strategy, as it has many social media post templates.
  • I also love Jasper’s AI art generator – you can read all about it in my Jasper art review!
  • Update for May 2023: Jasper now includes Brand Voice, where it will read your old content and formulate a cohesive “brand voice” for you. It will then use that voice to create personalized content!


Jasper AI Pricing

Jasper AI has three plans: 

  • Starter plan: Starts at $29 a month (which provides 20,000-word credits)
  • Boss Mode plan: Starts at $59 a month
  • Business plan: Has a custom price. Contact Jasper’s sales team for more information

All three plans operate on a scale that represents how many word credits you can use in a given month.

Jasper Pros

  • Jasper’s new Brand Voice is amazing for creating cohesive content that sounds just like you!
  • Jasper is able to write all sorts of content for you – blog posts, e-books, emails, social media posts, and more!
  • Jasper is reasonably priced for all the features that you get.
  • I like Jasper better than Chat-GPT because of all the templates you get – they make AI content creation very easy!
  • I love that I can create written content and AI art all in one program!

Jasper Cons

  • More expensive than Chat-GPT, but the templates make it so much easier and faster to use!

Bottom Line  

Jasper is best for content creators of all stripes (i.e., bloggers, YouTubers, e-commerce store owners). Consider it if you need to write both short-form and long-form content that wows your target audience.

You can read my full Jasper AI review to learn more!

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best For SEO Optimization on a Budget

2. Frase – Best For SEO on a Budget


Frase is an artificial intelligence powered content creation tool with a solid SEO foundation. It started as a content and SEO analyzer but has since evolved into an AI content production powerhouse with multiple applications.

The software’s AI assistant is decent and can produce 100% plagiarism-free content, give you content ideas, and more.

Top Features  

  • Frase can generate search-engine-optimized content for you at the click of a button.
  • The software helps you rank your content by revealing the keywords to include in it for better optimization.
  • This tool provides actionable analytics data (courtesy of Google Search Console) that helps you act on ranking opportunities.
  • You can generate content briefs to compete with ranked competitors within minutes.
  • Frase’s Write for Me feature helps you build on the content you’ve already written.


Frase Pricing

Frase has three subscription plans:

  • Solo plan: Costs $14.99 a month
  • Basic plan: Costs $49.99 a month
  • Team plan: Costs $114.99 a month

You can get unlimited word credits and extra features when you pay an additional $35 a month (Frase’s Pro Add-On).

Frase Pros

  • Works great for SEO blog content.
  • It will suggest the best keywords and headings for you to use in your articles.
  • The solo plan is an affordable way to access AI writing software.

Frase Cons

  • Not as user-friendly as Jasper.

Bottom Line  

Frase is best for content marketers, search engine optimizers, and marketing agencies. It provides these users with the tools they need to meet their content marketing goals.

best Budget Version For Marketers

3. Writesonic – Best Budget Version for Marketers


Writesonic excels at creating long and short-form content. You can use it to generate everything, from social media captions and email subject lines to product descriptions and marketing content.

It has content marketing tools to help you beat writer’s block (like a sentence expander and paraphrasing tool) and speed up your writing process.

Top Features  

  • Writesonic’s Grammar Fixer prevents grammatically incorrect sentences.
  • You can edit your content within the platform using its built-in Sonic Editor.
  • Writesonic has many templates to boost your productivity while saving you time.
  • Writesonic’s sentence expander helps you flesh out your work from a few lines to a whole article. 
  • It has a paraphrasing tool that suggests multiple ways to structure a given sentence.


Writesonic Pricing

Writesonic has three plans:

  • Free Trial: Costs $0 a month and provides 10,000-word credits. 
  • Long-Form Plan: It starts at $19 a month, and you can adjust it according to your word count needs (word credits range between 47,500 and 5,000,000).
  • Custom Plan: It has a custom price. Contact Writesonic’s team for the price.

Writesonic Pros

  • All paid plans include Chat-GPT4.
  • The free plan is a great way to try out AI content creation software!
  • Includes great templates that will save you time when doing AI content production.
  • Has a great browser extension that makes it easy to use anywhere.

Writesonic Cons

  • Would be better if it included personalized information (like Jasper’s Brand Voice and Memories).

Bottom Line  

Writesonic is best for online entrepreneurs, e-commerce store owners, marketing teams, and writers. Social media managers may also find this AI content writing software useful.

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best For Fiction Authors

4. Sudowrite – Best For Fiction Authors


Sudowrite is a powerful tool for creating long-form fictional content that impresses your target audience. This AI content generator and virtual content assistant is geared toward writers and can help with writer’s block.

The automatically generated content is 100% original, which makes it useful for generating content ideas when you’re stuck.

Top Features  

  • Sudowrite’s Expand feature boosts your productivity with its suggestions for subsequent sentences and paragraphs.
  • Its Rewrite tool helps you improve your sentences with ease.
  • With Sudowrite’s Describe button, you can find the words you need to describe almost anything.
  • The Summarize feature is excellent for summarizing your text for YouTube video descriptions.
  • The Betareader Feature can give you constructive criticism that can help you make improvements to your writing.
  • Sudowrite is my top overall choice for the best AI novel writing software program!


Sudowrite Pricing

Sudowrite has three plans:

  • Hobby and Student plan: It costs $19 a month (for 30,000 AI words)
  • Professional plan: It costs $29 a month (for 90,000 AI words)
  • Max plan: It costs $129 a month (for 300,000 words)

You get a 50% discount on all plans when you subscribe annually.

Sudowrite Pros

  • Sudowrite is amazing for writing fiction!
  • It’s the best AI writer for descriptions, plot twists, and creating relatable and interesting characters.
  • The beta reader function will give you feedback on your story, as if it were a real reader.

Sudowrite Cons

  • Works best for fiction writers.

Bottom Line 

Sudowrite is best for writers (fiction and nonfiction). Consider getting it if you’re that type of content creator.

You can check out my full Sudowrite review in this article: Sudowrite Review: A Fantastic AI Fiction Writing Tool

When you buy Sudowrite through the links on this page, you’ll get 10,000 words added to your account at no additional cost to you!

best For AI Generated Videos

5. Synthesia – Best For AI-Generated Videos

Synthesia Home Page

Synthesia is an AI avatar generator software for digital marketing. This tool is helpful for video-based marketing as it provides several features that let you turn your text into video content.

It provides hundreds of AI avatars with diverse nationalities that help you share relevant information with your audience in a friendly and professional manner.

Top Features  

  • Synthesia lets you create content in over 120 languages.
  • The software includes 55+ templates to help you create content faster.
  • You can choose from over 125 video avatars who’ll present your video – plus, new and unique ‘talking heads’ are added weekly!
  • Synthesia can transform your text and PowerPoint presentations into video automatically.
  • Its online video maker and AI video generator let you create videos quickly.
  • If you like the idea of Synthesia but want to see more alternatives, check out my article on 7+ great alternatives to Synthesia.


Synthesia Pricing

Synthesia has two subscription plans:

  • Personal plan: Costs $30 a month
  • Enterprise plan: Has a custom price. You’ll need to contact the Synthesia sales team for its pricing information

The Personal plan provides 10 video credits a month. Consider the Enterprise plan if you’d like to remove this limit.

Synthesia Pros

  • The ‘talking head’ videos it creates look very human!
  • These videos are fantastic for company explainer videos – either for employees or for customers.
  • Synthesia is working on creating full-body digital avatars next.
  • Create audio and video content from your text automatically – no real person or video camera needed!

Synthesia Cons

  • It gets expensive if you have lots of videos to create.
  • The AI voices it generates still don’t sound completely human.

Bottom Line  

Synthesia is excellent for digital marketers and social media marketers who want to make the leap into video-based marketing.

It’s also great for companies who want to keep the attention of their employees when giving information – it’s a lot more fun and engaging to watch a digital avatar ‘tell’ you company information than it is to read it from a company handbook!

To see my full review of this program, check out this article: Review: A Powerful AI Video Generator

best For Keywords

6. SurferSEO – Best For Keywords


SurferSEO is an excellent tool for producing search-engine-optimized content. This software helps you generate content briefs modeled after the top five search results.

You can use it to create long-form blog posts that rank well. Also, it helpfully shows you the related keywords to include in your content, making it indispensable for SEO optimization.

Top Features  

  • SurferSEO uses natural language processing to let you optimize your content to give it a fighting chance against what your competitors are producing.
  • Its Outline Builder lets you “generate briefs with catchy headlines in seconds.”
  • The software lets you write and optimize your content creation in almost any language.
  • Its built-in plagiarism checker lets you avoid being penalized for infringing content.
  • SurferSEO integrates with other productivity software tools like Google Docs and Jasper.


SurferSEO Pricing

SurferSEO has four subscription plans:

  • Basic plan: Costs $59 a month
  • Pro plan: Costs $119 a month
  • Business plan: Costs $239 a month
  • Enterprise plan: It has a custom price. Contact the sales team for its price.

You get a 17% discount on all plans when you subscribe annually.

SurferSEO Pros

  • I use SurferSEO literally every day – it’s fantastic for giving you the keywords you need to rank on Google.
  • It’s also useful for finding clusters of keywords that relate to your current articles.
  • Surfer will be releasing an AI content writing tool in the near future.
  • I love that Surfer integrates with Jasper – these two tools work so well together!

SurferSEO Cons

  • It’s expensive!

Bottom Line  

SurferSEO is best for bloggers. If you want a chance to outrank the top five Google results, you’ll need to incorporate it into your content marketing strategy.

best For Bulk Articles

7. ArticleForge – Best For Bulk Articles


ArticleForge is a content creation tool that leverages artificial intelligence technology to help you produce high-quality content. This writing assistant is impressive because of how helpful it is.

For example, when generating content, ArticleForge can also include audio and video as well as images that are relevant to your topic and target audience.

Top Features  

  • ArticleForge automatically populates your content with relevant titles, links, images, videos, etc.
  • You can automatically schedule and post articles to your WordPress sites.
  • The software can write in seven languages.
  • ArticleForge produces content with latent semantic indexing (LSI) qualities so search engines know it’s relevant.
  • It includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.


ArticleForge Pricing

ArticleForge has monthly plans that start at $27. The software gives you the option of buying a specific number of words for the month that ranges between 25,000 and 500,000. The more words you buy, the higher the monthly subscription fee.

It also has a Business plan for customers that require more than 500,000 words (contact the company for pricing information).

ArticleForge Cons

  • The ability to write in multiple languages is fantastic!
  • Customers love that it can help save time finding stock videos and images.
  • You can create blog posts of up to 1500 words in a single click!
  • Your article is created in 60 seconds, which is very fast!
  • You can bulk-create content.
  • You will certainly need to fact-check all the information in the articles.
  • Can get expensive if you want to create many articles.

Bottom Line  

ArticleForge is best for bloggers and content marketers. Consider incorporating this AI-powered tool into your content strategy if you want to save time searching for images and videos.

best Budget AI Writing Tool

8. Rytr – Best Budget AI Writing Tool


Rytr is an award-winning AI assistant you can use to create SEO-friendly content.

This tool helps content writers, email marketers, agencies, and more to produce everything from digital ad copy to video scripts and entire articles.

Top Features  

  • Rytr provides 20+ voice tones to help you write content that resonates with your audience.
  • You can use AIDA and PAS copywriting formulas to empathize with your readers.
  • Rytr’s built-in plagiarism checker ensures the content generated by its AI is 100% original.
  • You can write content in over 30 languages.
  • Rytr integrates with WordPress, Medium, and similar software.
  • Rytr also lets you create AI images with your subscription (even the free plan!).


Rytr Pricing

Rytr has three plans:

  • Free plan: It costs $0, and you get 10,000 characters for the month
  • Saver plan: It costs $9 a month and provides 100,000 characters for the month
  • Unlimited plan: It costs $29 a month and removes all character limits

The Unlimited plan unlocks all of Rytr’s features.

Rytr Pros

  • Rytr has plenty of templates and and use-cases that you can use to help you write faster.
  • You are able to write in many different languages.
  • Rytr is great for its free plan – it’s a great Chat-GPT alternative.

Rytr Cons

  • Rytr is not as comprehensive as my overall choice for AI content creation – Jasper.

Bottom Line  

Rytr is best for bloggers and social media content creators on a budget. However, everyone from a social media manager to a YouTuber can use it to generate ideas, write blog posts, and create content.

best If You Like Using Prompts

9. ChatGPT Plus – Best If You Like Using Prompts


ChatGPT Plus is the paid version of the popular ChatGPT AI assistant. Like the original software, you can instruct it to create pretty much any type of content you can think of.

It improves on the free tool by being faster and more accurate (around 40% more). It can turn a few keywords into a full-fledged blog post, programming script, poem, white paper, etc.

Top Features  

  • ChatGPT Plus can generate content for you based on the inputs you give it.
  • A ChatGPT Plus subscription provides unfettered access to ChatGPT even during peak times.
  • The Plus version has faster response times than the free version.
  • Its improvements mean the AI’s responses are now 40% more accurate.
  • ChatGPT can help you brainstorm content.
  • It can help you generate text to create social posts, marketing copy, press releases, and even sales pages!
  • ChatGPT can even help screenwriters and novelists create AI loglines – you can learn more in my article all about using AI to write a logline!


ChatGPT Plus costs $20 a month. It doesn’t replace the free version of ChatGPT, which remains accessible to users worldwide.

ChatGPT Plus Pros

  • ChatGPT is only $20 a month.
  • It allows you to create many different types of written and image content.

ChatGPT Plus Cons

  • It takes time and effort to learn how to prompt Chat GPT successfully.

Bottom Line  

ChatGPT Plus is best for anyone—programmers, writers, marketers, and the like. This AI tool excels at creating content, and many other tools on this list are based on its underlying technology. You do need to take the time to learn how to give it good prompts, though.

best For Full Blog Posts

10. Content At Scale – Best For Full Blog Posts

Content At Scale

Content At Scale helps you automate content generation at scale. Unlike many AI tools, this one can conceal the fact that your content is AI-generated. Thus, you can churn out content that won’t get penalized.

Also, this AI content writing tool can convert URLs, keywords, YouTube URLs, and podcasts into blog posts, making it excellent for repurposing content.

Top Features  

  • Content At Scale can take a keyword (or multiple), URL, YouTube video, or podcast and create an entire blog post from them in a matter of seconds.
  • The content the artificial intelligence generates can by-pass AI-detection tools, letting you avoid penalization.
  • Content At Scale integrates with plagiarism-checking software Copyscape to provide plagiarism-free content.
  • It includes a WordPress plugin that syncs your content, does internal linking automatically, etc.
  • The AI can generate blog posts based on what’s already ranking, letting you compete with the best.


Content At Scale Pricing

Content At Scale’s plans start at $250. You can get early access to the software by requesting an invite (provide your name and email).

Content At Scale Pros

  • This software can literally create a full SEO-optimized blog post from just a keyword, podcast or YouTube video.
  • I’ve found that it still needs lots of editing, though – no AI-written content should be published without a human checking for accuracy.
  • It’s really easy to use, and there are many YouTube tutorials to help you.
  • You can re-run an AI-generated article up to two additional times, without using a credit.

Content At Scale Cons

  • The content still needs a human to edit and fact-check it.
  • I would like to be able to add custom headings more easily before the article gets created.

Bottom Line  

Content At Scale is best for large content creation agencies, and for bloggers who are serious about establishing their presence online.

The platform’s ability to avoid detection by Google distinguishes it from other AI powered content creation tools.

best For Budget SEO Keywords

11. NeuronWriter – Best For Budget SEO Keywords


NeuronWriter is an AI content creation tool that helps you produce long-form content that ranks. This AI tool provides relevant content ideas for future articles and content marketing material.

In addition, it has AI templates that incorporate keyword research, structure, and more when creating content.

Top Features 

  • NeuronWriter suggests natural language processing related keywords that increase your chances of ranking on Google.
  • Its built-in DRAFT generator lets you produce article drafts in minutes (complete with headlines, etc.).
  • You can use its content manager to plan your content schedule.
  • Its advanced artificial intelligence templates speed up your content creation workflow.
  • The Content Score tells you how well you’ve optimized your content against your competitors’ offerings.


NeuronWriter Pricing

NeuronWriter has five subscription plans:

  • Bronze plan: Costs around $21/ €19 a month
  • Silver plan: Costs around $40.90/ €37 a month
  • Gold plan: Costs around $60.01/ €57 a month
  • Platinum plan: Costs around $85.11/ €77 a month
  • Diamond plan: Costs around $107.22/ €97 a month

Each of the above plans provides a set number of writing credits for the month (starting at 15,000 credits).

NeuronWriter Pros

  • Neuronwriter is a cheaper alternative to SurferSEO.
  • It’s best for those who want to optimize their keywords in a blog post.
  • The cheapest plans are less expensive than Surfer.
  • Has a very active community on Facebook, so you can learn from others who are using it already.

NeuronWriter Cons

  • Doesn’t do blog post audits like Surfer does.
  • Isn’t good for AI writing (yet) – it’s more for optimizing content that was created elsewhere (a different AI tool or human-written).

Bottom Line  

NeuronWriter is best for content creation agencies that service multiple clients. However, it has multiple tools that make it useful for digital content creators of all levels. It’s designed more for keyword optimization and SEO than for AI writing.

best All-In-One Content Generation Solution

12. Ink For All – Best All-In-One Content Generation

Ink For All

Ink For All is an AI content marketing suite that provides all the tools for quick and efficient content creation. It can do keyword research, cluster keywords (by topical relevance), generate images, write content, and more.

Best of all, Ink provides an AI Shield feature that prevents search engines from penalizing your content for being AI-generated.

Top Features 

  • Ink’s AI writer helps you generate content in minutes at the press of a button.
  • The AI Content Shield protects your content from penalization by search engines.
  • Its AI KW Clustering feature lets you create keyword clusters in an instant.
  • You can use Ink to research keywords (and it’s fully automated).
  • Ink’s built-in SEO Optimizer tool helps you optimize your content so you rank higher on SERPs.


Ink For All Pricing

Ink has two subscription plans:

  • Professional plan: Costs $49 a month
  • Enterprise plan: Costs $119 a month

Both plans include a 5-day free trial.

Ink For All Pros

  • It is an all-in-one solution for SEO, AI writing, and even AI image generation.
  • It’s pretty affordable for what you get.
  • Includes a plagiarism checker so your site doesn’t get dinged by Google.
  • There is an active Facebook group of Ink users.

Ink For All Cons

  • There is a definite learning curve for Ink.

Bottom Line  

Ink is best for content creators, writers, digital marketers, and other professionals who need a tool to help them with their content creation workflow.

best Budget All-In-One Solution

13. Scalenut – Best Budget All-In-One Solution


Scalenut simplifies AI content creation work by including all the necessary tools in one handy application. It handles everything from keyword research to content plan creation, making it invaluable when hashing out a content strategy.

In addition, it provides great templates to help you create content faster and more efficiently.

Top Features 

  • Scalenut can generate a content plan for you with a single button-push.
  • You can optimize your content with Scalenut’s NLP keyword suggestions.
  • The software can build an outline for your blog posts in minutes, speeding up your workflow.
  • Scalenut can help you audit and refresh your existing content and help you benchmark it against the competition.
  • It provides over 40 AI copywriting templates for product descriptions, emails, website copy, and so on.


Scalenut Pricing

Scalenut has three subscription plans:

  • Essential plan: Costs $39 a month
  • Growth plan: Costs $79 a month
  • Pro plan: Costs $149 a month

All plans include a 40% discount when you pay annually.

Scalenut Pros

  • It’s affordable for many small businesses.
  • It does many things (AI writing, keyword research, SEO optimization, etc.).
  • It’s a great budget option for each of these purposes – but, if you have the resources, it’s best to buy a purpose-built solution for each.

Scalenut Cons

  • Scalenut tries to be all things to all people, but perhaps it’s not the best at any of them.
  • The content created is quite generic – it needs a lot of human editing and improving.

Bottom Line  

Scalenut is best for content writers, agencies, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs who want to use AI for purposes such as AI writing, SEO optimization, and keyword research – on a budget. It’s useful for optimizing your long-form blog posts to increase their chances of ranking.

best For Teams

14. Narrato – Best For Teams


Narrato is an AI-powered platform with teams in mind. You can use it to plan your keyword research, long and short-form content, create product descriptions and social media captions, and so on.

Its distinguishing feature is that it provides tools for collaboration and team management, making it excellent for large agencies and remote teams.

Top Features 

  • You can create content quickly using hundreds of the templates this software provides.
  • Narrato’s AI can help you spot spelling and grammar mistakes in your content.
  • It has bulk actions and automation features that help speed up your workflow.
  • Narrato has collaboration tools that let remote teams and freelancers work together.
  • You can publish your content straight from the platform.


Narrato Pricing

Narrato has three subscription plans:

  • Pro plan: Costs $65 a month
  • Business plan: Costs $125 a month
  • Custom plan: It has a custom price. Contact the Narrato team for the details

Narrato is environmentally-conscious and contributes 0.5% of its revenue to conservative and climate change deceleration efforts.

Narrato Pros

  • Narrato focuses on helping teams with their content creation.
  • It has great workflow automations that help teams work faster and more easily.
  • Includes a content brief generator, which is helpful for adding keywords and headings to articles.
  • Can also help with keyword research.

Narrato Cons

  • Narrato doesn’t integrate with too many other software programs yet.
  • The program can be tricky to use and navigate at first.

Bottom Line  

Narrato is best for content marketing teams, marketing agencies, web developers, and content publishers.

best For AI Video Editing

15. InVideo – Best For AI Video Editing


Looking for an AI-powered video generator that can help you create eye-catching video content in a snap? Meet InVideo – the ultimate AI video editing and creation tool for busy professionals and content creators alike.

With InVideo, you can effortlessly create new videos or repurpose your existing footage for maximum impact. Choose from a vast library of templates, music, and effects to personalize your videos and make them stand out from the crowd.

Top Features 

  • Create videos in a snap with InVideo’s library of 50+ AI-based templates. No video editing experience needed – convert your text into professional-looking videos in just three simple steps.
  • InVideo’s extensive collection of royalty-free images and videos means you won’t have to waste hours searching for that perfect clip.
  • Plus, InVideo’s artificial intelligence technology ensures that your videos are optimized and unique, perfect for sharing on social media platforms.


InVideo Pricing

There are three levels of pricing for InVideo:

Free Plan: Create a 40 minute video with access to templates and a media library (however, your video will contain a watermark)

Business: $15 per month – 60 videos per month & no watermark on videos

Unlimited: $30 per month – for unlimited video exports!

InVideo Pros

  • Has a great free trial offer, so you can be sure that the video creation software works for your needs.
  • Super affordable monthly fees!
  • Choose from over 5000 templates, transitions, and effects.
  • Easily add text-to-speech voiceovers to your video, or use your own recorded voiceover.
  • Easily create quick AI videos in portrait, landscape, or square formats.
  • Includes lots of scenery stock video footage and background music for you to use in your video productions.

InVideo Cons

  • While InVideo is fantastic for beginner to intermediate users, it may not be the best AI video maker for advanced video makers.
  • At busy times of day, you may experience some lag (due to InVideo being a web-based video editor).

Bottom Line  

InVideo is best for video content creators, including YouTubers, who need an easy, fast AI video editing program.

To see my full review of this program, check out this article: InVideo Review: An Easy-to-Use AI Video Generator.

best For Copywriting

16. Closers Copy – Best For Copywriting

Closers Copy

Closers Copy provides a copywriting robot that helps you create optimized copy for websites.

This tool excels at short-form content (ad copy, product descriptions, etc.) aimed at converting readers, so content marketers will find it especially useful.

Top Features 

  • Its AI models (BlogAI, SalesAI, etc.) help you generate specific content types on-demand.
  • Closers Copy has a built-in thesaurus you can use to look up word variations.
  • It has a built-in SEO planner that helps you optimize your content for search engines.
  • The AI can create content in 128 languages (including Tatar, Swahili, and Maori).
  • Closers Copy has collaboration tools for teams.


Closers Copy Pricing

Closers Copy has three subscription plans:

  • Power plan: Costs $49.99 a month
  • Superpower plan: Costs $79.99 a month
  • Superpower Squad plan: Costs $99.99 a month

All plans include a 30% discount when you pay annually.

Closers Copy Pros

  • Uses AI models that are specialized for copywriting.
  • Works well for sales emails, ads, and other marketing messaging.
  • Easier to use for this purpose than ChatGPT.

Closers Copy Cons

  • Not as good for other forms of AI-assisted writing.

Bottom Line  

Closers Copy is best for digital marketers that need an AI content creation tool for their copywriting needs.

What Are AI Content Creation Tools?

AI content creation tools are software programs that use machine learning and natural language processing technology to produce content on demand.

When you give one of these tools some input, it’ll produce content as output. For example, you can tell an AI tool to create product descriptions, social media posts, or articles through written or verbal instructions (e.g., “Write me an article about global warming”). The tool will respond by generating the content instantly, saving you time and energy.

The Benefits of AI Content Creation

There are many advantages to using AI content creation tools. Here are some of the top benefits:

Saves Time

AI content creation tools can significantly reduce the time it takes to create content. They can generate content in minutes instead of hours or days.

Improves SEO Rankings

AI content creation tools can generate content that’s optimized for search engine algorithms, helping you rank higher in search engine results.

Enhances Content Quality

AI content creation tools can ensure that the content is more engaging and informative than if it was written manually.

Increases Efficiency

By automating the content creation process, AI tools can help you produce more content faster and more efficiently.

Common Questions About AI Content Generation

Can AI-Generated Content Be as Effective as Content Written by Humans?

Yes. Many AI tools can generate content that reads as if a human wrote it, especially if you use multiple tools in combination (such as Jasper with Surfer and Grammarly). The content will most likely be original and free of grammatical and spelling errors. However, you’ll always need to have a final look at the output. And remember that AI content is only as good as the prompts you give it.

What Are the Benefits of Using AI for Content Creation, and How Can It Improve the Process?

Speed, idea generation, and content optimization are among the many benefits an AI tool can provide when used for content creation.

Are There Any Limitations or Drawbacks to Relying on AI for Content Creation?

For now, the main drawback to relying on AI for content creation is that many AI tools still suffer from hit-or-miss output quality. However, this should become less of a problem with time and more advancements.

Does Google Penalize AI-Generated Content?

No. Google doesn’t penalize AI-generated content per se, but the company is more likely to reward content that’s helpful and written with humans in mind. So put your own spin on any AI generated content that you post online!

Best AI Content Creation

Final Thoughts on AI Content Tools

AI content tools like the ones listed in this article can help you create everything from social media posts to email subject lines.

They’re incredible time savers and are worth incorporating into your content strategy if you need to produce plenty of content!

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