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9+ Best AI Video Editor Software Tools in 2023 [Reviewed]

In our digital age, videos are becoming an increasingly important form of person-to-person communication.

From social media to marketing to education, video is everywhere. And as more and more people make videos, the need for quality video generation and video editing software increases.

Luckily, many great AI video editor software tools are on the market today.

This article will review the top 9+ best AI video editor software tools and rate them on their best features, pricing, and pros and cons.

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Best overall

Filmora Wondershare

Filmora Logo

Filmora Wondershare is my top overall pick for the top AI video editing tools.

It is affordable, easy to use, and contains many video templates, graphics, and fun transitions. It’s a fantastic AI video maker!

Best premium version


Lumen5 Logo

This is my top choice for a premium AI video maker.

Lumen5 can take your existing written content and turn it into a quality video.

best for human avatars in videos


Synthesia Logo

This is one of the best video makers for talking head videos.

It uses digital human avatars to create explainer videos and corporate videos.

best for editing into shorts


Wisecut logo

This software program is fantastic as it can take long-form video content and turn it into social media shorts quickly and easily!

Wisecut is best for talking videos, like those for YouTube and social media.

best for animated & sketch videos

Raw Shorts

Raw Shorts logo

This program is great for those who want to create animated or whiteboard “sketch” videos.

It’s affordable, easy to use, and even has a free version!

What Are the Best AI Video Editor Software Tools?

For anyone looking to up their video editor game, many AI-powered tools are available to make sure your projects stand out.

From automated facial recognition for tagging videos to the creative use of templates and sounds – these software tools have gone beyond revolutionary. Sleek audio filters, intuitive title effects, and a variety of color profiles offer the power to ease any project from concept to completion.

Whether you’re just getting started making videos or already a pro who wants to brush up on the latest advancements in video editing, AI-based software packages are worth considering for all your editing needs!

Let’s take a look at the top nine AI video editors and how they can help you create top-notch videos!

1. Filmora Wondershare


Looking to take your video editing skills to the next level? Filmora Wondershare is an AI-powered video editor software tool that provides a powerful yet intuitive experience.

With features like automated color correction, motion tracking, and noise reduction, you can easily create professional-quality videos. Whether you’re new to video editing or have filmmaking experience, Filmora Wondershare makes creating stunning visuals easy and fun.

Top Features

  • Automated Color Correction – the AI tool provides an accurate color correction to bring out the best in your video footage.
  • Motion Tracking – easily track objects within your videos for enhanced editing accuracy.
  • Noise Reduction – reduce background noise for a higher-quality final product.
  • Custom Transitions – choose from various effects to liven up your scenes.
  • Titles and Graphics – add professional-looking titles and graphics with ease.
  • Audio Effects – apply various audio effects to enhance sound quality.
  • Easy Editing Tools – enjoy intuitive editing tools for quick and easy video editing, even if you have no editing experience.
  • Edit on desktop or mobile – switching between the two is easy!


Annual Plan: $49.99/year

Cross-Platform Plan: $59.99/year

Perpetual Plan: $79.99 (one-time payment, including 12 updates)

Filmora Wondershare Pros

  • The price is very affordable.
  • There are frequent updates to the video editing software.
  • Very easy to use, even for video editing newbies.
  • Has lots of fun filters, effects and transitions.
  • Works on Windows and macOS.
  • Supports multiple aspect ratios – this is a great feature for social media video creators!
  • Supports many file formats for downloads.

Filmora Wondershare Cons

  • The videos edited with the free version contain watermarks.
  • Doesn’t have as many fancy features as expensive video editing programs like Premiere Pro.
  • Takes a lot of computer processing power to render (your computer may run hot while rendering).
  • Doesn’t include as much stock video footage as other programs.

Bottom Line

You can easily create stunning visuals with Filmora Wondershare AI video editing software. From automated color correction to motion tracking and noise reduction, the built-in AI tools help you easily achieve professional-level results.

Filmora is my best overall choice as an AI video editing tool, as it has the features most people need to edit their videos quickly and effectively!

2. Lumen5


Lumen5 is an AI-powered video editor that helps you create videos with ease. With its intuitive user interface and automated tools, anyone can quickly produce high-quality video content in no time.

With Lumen5, you can easily turn blog posts into engaging videos with minimal effort. The AI-powered editing tools are designed to help make the process faster and easier than ever before.

Top Features

  • Leverage AI to quickly and easily create stunning visuals.
  • Generate a range of video styles, from professional-quality motion graphics to interactive stories.
  • Access to high-quality audio and video libraries.
  • Ability to customize videos with your own media or stock photos and audio files.
  • Automatically scale videos to fit any platform.
  • Enhance visuals with effects and transitions.


There are four levels of pricing for Lumen5:

Community: Free version of the AI software – videos contain watermarks, and the quality is lower (720p resolution)

Basic: $19 per month – no watermarks on your videos!

Starter: $59 per month – you can use their stock photos and videos, and the video resolution is higher (1080p)

Professional: $149 per month – includes brand kits, custom watermarks, and more!

Lumen5 Pros

  • Lumen5 is easy to learn and use with its drag-and-drop interface.
  • It can turn your blog post into a video easily!
  • Works excellent for short-form social media videos.
  • Has a huge music library for you to use.
  • You can set up your business branding once, and it will be available for all your videos!

Lumen5 Cons

  • Lumen5 is expensive!
  • Can be slower to use than other online AI video editor tools.
  • You need to buy the ‘starter’ plan for the ability to change colors/fonts in the video editor.

Bottom Line

Lumen5 is ideal for anyone looking to take advantage of AI-powered video editing. This powerful platform provides the tools needed to quickly create stunning videos with minimal effort, making it perfect for busy entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners who don’t have the time or resources to create complex visuals from scratch. Whether you’re an experienced editor or just getting started in visual media production, Lumen5 offers an easy-to-use solution for turning ideas into compelling visuals.

3. Synthesia


Looking to create professional-looking videos quickly? Synthesia video editing tool is here to help. This AI-powered video editor offers intuitive tools and automated processes to make creating great videos easy.

With Synthesia, you can turn any blog post or article into an engaging story with just a few clicks. Plus, the AI technology can automatically add effects, music, and more – helping you produce professional quality videos faster than ever.

Top Features

  • Create customized videos using AI-powered tools.
  • Automatically generate finished videos from text scripts.
  • Upload your own content to the platform or select from the Synthesia library of media assets.
  • Combine multiple visuals in a single video with multi-track editing.
  • Millions of royalty-free graphics, audio files and templates available to choose from.
  • Leverage natural language processing (NLP) to automatically correct grammar, spelling, and formatting errors in voiceover scripts.
  • Enhance visuals with animation effects, color correction and more.


Synthesia‘s personal video creation AI service is priced at $30 per month.

Synthesia Pros

  • Their human avatars look so realistic that watchers will likely not even know they are AI!
  • Works well for people who hate to be on camera or lack the necessary (expensive!) video equipment.
  • The text-to-speech voiceover generator works in 60+ different languages and accents.

Synthesia Cons

  • Has a steep learning curve.
  • Pricing plan is not flexible.

Bottom Line

Synthesia is best for creatives and professionals looking for powerful, easy-to-use AI video editing capabilities. The platform has an AI-powered drag-and-drop video editor making it incredibly easy to create stunning videos with human-looking AI faces, titles, effects, music, and voiceover in minutes.

4. Wisecut


Looking for a video editor that’s both powerful and intuitive? One program to check out is the Wisecut video editing software. This AI-driven video editor offers all the features of traditional video editing tools, plus automated processes to help you quickly create professional quality videos.

With Wisecut, you can easily add effects, music, and more – helping you get the most out of your content without breaking a sweat.

Top Features

  • The software automatically adds music to match the video’s emotion and message.
  • Choose from millions of royalty-free audio files available.
  • The AI algorhthms detect pauses in your videos and edit them out automatically – this helps your videos to be shorter and more consise.
  • Uses AI and facial recognition to “punch in” on faces when doing jump cuts – this makes videos look more professional, and it looks like you have used two different cameras (when really, you only used one!).
  • Use Wisecut to quickly and automatically transform your long-form content videos into shorts.


Wisecut has three main pricing options:

Forever Free: 30 minutes per month of low-resolution video editing

Starter: 4 hours per month of medium-resolution video editing

Professional: 10 hours per month of high-resolution video editing

Wisecut Pros

  • The AI program works to automatically splice and edit out unnecessary sections of videos.
  • Very useful for those who need to do lots of trimming of videos.
  • Works best for talking videos, such as for YouTube, online courses and tutorials.
  • Wisecut can edit and generate automatic captions or subtitles in 6 languages.
  • Easily creates shorts from your long-form content.
  • Can easily add background music to your videos.
  • It is a cloud-based program.
  • Flexible pricing options.

Wisecut Cons

  • Does not include as many visual effects for videos as other programs like Filmora or Pictory.
  • Processing time on videos can be slow.

Bottom Line

Wisecut is best for novice and professional video editors who need an AI solution to edit videos quickly and easily. With its AI-driven video editing tool, users can automatically enhance their videos with captions, transitions, music, and titles, to create engaging stories around their footage.

With advanced deep learning algorithms that can automatically delete unnecessary pauses, add background music, and add captions, Wisecut helps professionals produce high-quality and professional-level videos with ease.

5. RawShorts


Looking for a top-notch video editor that’s easy to use? Check out the RawShorts video maker! This awesome, AI-powered video editor makes creating professional videos a breeze.

With automated processes and all the features you need to create stunning content, you’ll be able to get the most out of your content without having to spend hours refining it. RawShorts is fantastic for people who need to create explainer videos with stock footage or turn a blog post into an animated or “sketched” video.

Top Features

  • Generate professional-looking videos at lightning speed with AI-driven video templates.
  • Personalize your videos by editing text, images, music, and sound effects.
  • Choose from millions of royalty-free graphics, audio files, and templates available.
  • Include voiceover and add subtitles to enhance the viewer’s experience.
  • Leverage natural language processing (NLP) to automatically correct grammar, spelling, and formatting errors in voiceover scripts.
  • Enhance visuals with animation effects, color correction, and more.
  • Create interactive elements in your videos with animated links and CTAs.


RawShorts has a great free trial option, but you’ll need to buy the “essential” plan to create higher-resolution videos.

Essential Plan: $20 per month

Business Plan: $30 per month

RawShorts Pros

  • RawShorts has a great free version, and the paid versions are affordable.
  • Includes more than 300k royalty-free stock videos.
  • You can create cute animated videos or “whiteboard-style” sketch videos easily and quickly!
  • Easily creates social media videos from your text, photos, or videos.
  • Easy to use, drag and drop interface.
  • Great for creating animated “explainer” videos for a business or personal brand.

RawShorts Cons

  • Some users report that the program can be “buggy.”
  • The program sometimes lags.
  • Some users find that using the program in “incognito” mode helps to make the program work better.
  • Some people have difficulty downloading their videos after they have been created.

Bottom Line

RawShorts is best for marketers, entrepreneurs, and creatives who need fast and easy AI video editing capabilities. Its automated video editor allows users to easily create stunning videos with beautiful templates, animations, and effects in minutes.

RawShorts is also fantastic if you want to create “whiteboard” style sketched explainer videos.

6. FlexClip


Looking to make your videos stand out from the crowd? Then you need to check out the FlexClip video maker. This AI-powered video editor is designed to make creating professional-level videos easier than ever.

Automated processes and intuitive features will help you get more from your footage without spending hours refining it.

Top Features

  • Select from thousands of pre-made video templates to save time.
  • Easily customize videos with drag-and-drop actions.
  • Enhance visuals with animation effects, color corrections, motion graphics, and more.
  • Compose music to match the video’s emotion and message.
  • Leverage natural language processing (NLP) to automatically correct grammar, spelling, and formatting in voiceover scripts.
  • Access millions of royalty-free photos, images, audio files, and stock footage for your videos.
  • Automatically scale videos to fit any platform.
  • FlexClip is a cloud-based program, so it does not use tons of your computing power.


There are four pricing levels for FlexClip:

Free version: Create a low-res, watermarked video of up to one minute.

Basic: $5.99 per month

Plus: $9.99 per month

Business: $19.99 per month

FlexClip Pros

  • FlexClip is easy to use.
  • You can edit videos on your phone easily!
  • The software is cloud-based, so you don’t need a super-fast computer.
  • FlexClip is affordable for what it is.
  • Works very well for book trailers and other promo materials.

FlexClip Cons

  • Can take a long time to load and export longer videos.
  • Not as many options as fancier programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Need to upgrade to the Plus or Business plans if you want high-res videos.

Bottom Line

FlexClip is best for anyone looking for a cloud-based AI video editor to create professional-quality videos easily. Its AI-powered video editor lets users quickly and easily edit their footage with various text, graphics, transitions, and animations.

Plus, users can take advantage of FlexClip’s AI-generated captions and audio to ensure their videos look great and sound great.



Looking to create incredible videos with digital human avatars? Then AI Video Editor is a perfect choice.

This AI-powered software is designed to be convenient and easy to use, allowing you to add effects and music, titles, and more quickly. Automated processes will save you time while helping you create professional-level results.

Top Features

  • Insert and correct captions, subtitles, and voice-over scripts effortlessly.
  • Access a curated library of 60+ languages, accents, and dialects.
  • Leverage advanced AI algorithms to analyze audio and generate top-notch text transcriptions.
  • Access a platform to create custom voice models for unique projects.

Pricing Pros

  • Creates videos easily from text only.
  • Uses realistic-looking digital human avatars. Cons

  • Not so great for those with their own video footage to use.

Bottom Line is best for content creators looking for an AI-powered video editor to quickly and easily produce quality videos with realistic-looking human digital avatars.

Additionally, the platform also provides deep learning-based facial recognition technology that accurately follows objects on screen to give better editing results. And with its AI-generated captions and audio capabilities, users can ensure that their videos look and sound great.

8. Adobe Premiere Pro


Are you looking for an easy way to make amazing videos? Then take a look at AI Video Editor. This user-friendly software is powered by AI and is designed to help you create fantastic videos in no time.

Its automated functions will save you time and energy, while at the same time helping you achieve pro-level results.

Top Features

  • Master clips to quickly apply changes and effects across multiple projects.
  • Automatically generate time-saving AI powered audio editing features such as auto-ducking, noise reduction and speech enhancement.
  • Quickly add titles and captions with built-in AI powered text styling tools.
  • Leverage artificial intelligence algorithms to detect faces in the video sequence.
  • Develop custom color correction looks with color wheels, curves and more.
  • Utilize motion tracking technology to accurately follow objects on screen.
  • Intelligent search engine finds what you need faster than ever before.


Premiere Pro Plan: starting at $20.00 per month

Creative Cloud (Access to All Adobe Apps): starting at $54.99 per month

Adobe Premiere Pro Pros

  • The software is updated frequently.
  • There are tons of editing and formatting options for videos – people love the variety of effects and options that are available).
  • Works to edit 3D videos (not all programs will do this yet!).
  • Can edit 4k and 8k resolution videos.
  • Works on both Windows and macOS.

Adobe Premiere Pro Cons

  • Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the more expensive editing programs.
  • The user interface is not as intuitive or easy to use as other programs.
  • Requires constant internet connection to use.

Bottom Line

Adobe Premiere Pro is best for anyone looking for an AI-enhanced video editing experience. Its powerful artificial intelligence algorithms allow users to quickly and efficiently edit their videos with various text, graphics, transitions, and animations.

And with its advanced deep learning technology, the platform offers superior tracking capabilities and object recognition to provide even more detailed editing results. Additionally, users can take advantage of Adobe’s audio and visual effects to make sure their videos look and sound great.

9. Magisto


Are you looking for a way to make amazing videos with ease? Check out Magisto AI Video Editor! This user-friendly software comes with advanced features and automation so that you can make stunning videos in no time. Plus, the AI technology on board takes care of all the hard work for you, so you don’t have to.

Top Features

  • Automatically turn boring, everyday videos into stunning movies with AI-backed magic.
  • Create stories around your videos using captions and transitions.
  • Add animated titles and graphics to spice up your videos.
  • Leverage AI-based deep learning algorithms to detect faces in the video sequence.
  • Utilize motion tracking technology to follow objects on the screen accurately.
  • An intelligent search engine helps you find the perfect music track for your video.


Magisto has three pricing options (the following prices are all if you pay yearly):

Premium: $4.99 per month

Professional: $9.99 per month

Business: $34.99 per month

Magisto Pros

  • Magisto lets you create social media videos quickly and easily!
  • Has a large library of templates and stock videos.
  • Can edit videos on your phone or computer.

Magisto Cons

  • Requires a constant internet connection.
  • The Business level contains the most useful templates, but it is pricey.

Bottom Line

Magisto is best for content creators who want to quickly and easily produce high-quality videos with AI-powered technology. The platform’s artificial intelligence algorithms allow users to automatically edit their footage with text, graphics, transitions, animations, and more.

With its advanced audio capabilities and AI-generated captions, users can ensure that their videos look and sound great.

What Are AI Video Editor Software Tools?

AI video editor software tools are an innovative technology quickly becoming popular with content creators.

Unlike traditional editing, AI video editors utilize artificial intelligence capabilities to automate various post-production processes, such as noise reduction and color grading.

While these software tools have become a promising alternative to traditional editing techniques, they also provide many distinct advantages. For example, you can get much faster results when editing footage because they automatically identify objects in the video and make changes in a split second.

Additionally, these tools can help simplify the workflow process by taking care of mundane tasks like cropping and scaling images or videos so that you can focus on aesthetics and design elements instead.

All in all, AI video editors are revolutionizing how we produce video content today!

Common Questions About AI Video Editor Programs

What is the best AI video generator?

Filmora Wondershare stands out as a top leader in the artificial intelligence video creation space. It has advanced tools and technology, as well as robust AI capabilities, and it provides immense value for those looking to create unique video content with minimal effort. Whether you want to make stunning videos with facial detection or energize your visuals with its special effects, Filmora Wondershare is the perfect platform for AI-driven videos that deliver quality.

How to create AI videos?

Creating AI videos is easier than you think! Just use an AI video-editing software like Filmora, Lumen 5, or Adobe to create visuals from data and text instantly. Additionally, you can add voiceover and personalized music for effect. You’ll be able to mix the elements of your video for a truly unique experience. Best of all, AI videos are cost-effective, so you don’t need to hire expensive professionals to get stunning results. With just a few simple steps and the right resources, anyone can learn how to make an AI video from scratch in no time.

Can AI replace video editors?

The idea of artificial intelligence (AI) replacing video editors has been tossed around for some time now, but the reality is that there will always be a place for human intelligence in the creation of visual media. After all, AI can only produce work that it’s programmed to do, so it cannot be truly creative and think outside the box. Humans still need to be on hand to offer editorial insight and guidance to guarantee that projects come out looking great.

Additionally, as AI technology develops, it will likely begin incorporating more components of an editor’s job. So while they may not replace editors any time soon, they can free up time and energy, which can then be applied to higher-level tasks like developing storylines and producing fantastic content.

Wrap Up

The possibilities given by AI-powered video editors are immense! From automatically color-grading films to creating nature sounds, these tools provide an incredible range of possibilities to help you bring your creative vision to life.

Whether you’re a budding filmmaker, a creative artist, or a business looking to make an impact with video content, there’s an AI video editor to help you. In addition, you can always play around with AI voice-over generators and AI video upscaling software programs to make your video content even better!

I hope this article has helped you decide which of the top AI video editor tools you’d like to try for your next film, short film, or video project!

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