Topaz Video Enhance AI Review for AI Upscaling (2024)

topaz video enhance ai review

So.. you have some old videos that need upscaling and enhancing.

And you’re curious if Topaz Video AI might be your solution.

But is it worth the money?

The short answer is, yes – Topaz Video Enhance AI is worth the money, especially if you:

That’s a valid question. As an independent filmmaker myself, I’ve had to use stock footage for many of my projects, and sometimes the footage you find isn’t up to par with the resolution of the footage we shot ourselves.

Topaz Video AI Updates (Feb 2024 – version 4.2.0)

The latest Topaz Video AI update introduces a public beta plugin for Davinci Resolve, featuring all Enhancement models plus Motion Deblur for Windows and macOS. The update also includes the Aion Frame Interpolation model for improved motion accuracy and reduced artifacting in high-resolution inputs, and a new 3D LUT option in the Export panel for processing log footage.

This is where an AI upscaling program saves us! Finally, we’re able to use any stock footage we want because upscaling software can make it look super high-res.

So, I took it upon myself to put it to the test. In this Topaz review, I ran a few different kinds of old footage through Topaz so I could really let you know if it’s worth it or not before you buy!

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What’s Great About Topaz Video AI

  • Incredible results: Out of all the upscaling programs I tried, Topaz gave the best results with the clearest enhanced video.
  • Simple interface: Really easy to use with a digestible layout, perfect for any non-video experts
  • Custom resolution: Topaz was the only upscaling software I tried that lets you upscale to a custom resolution. All the other software made you choose between a few presets.
  • Offline editing: Since it’s a desktop-based program, you don’t need a constant internet connection and can upscale on the go!

What Could be Improved

  • Powerful software: Yes, it has great results, but these great results take a lot of power, which means you need a pretty good computer with excellent graphics to keep up!
  • Expensive: Nothing that’s the best comes at a cheap cost. It is a bit pricy, but at least it’s a one-time fee, so you’re not paying a monthly subscription that gets costly over time.
Topaz Video AI 4 homepage

Quick Verdict – Is It Worth the Money?

After trying several of the best AI video upscaling software programs for my filmmaking work, I can confidently say that Topaz Video AI is worth it!

On top of new clear and detailed videos, you also get to use a bunch of other features like:

  • Slow motion capabilities for dramatic effects and to reduce any camera shakes
  • Improving details of people’s faces using a special AI facial-enhancing mode
  • Add grain to the final video to keep some realness in the footage, as if you really shot it that way
  • One year of free updates, which oftentimes include super cool new AI features they roll out

The $299 price tag can look pretty hefty, but it’s not bad for a one-time payment that grants you access to this software forever.

But, if you’re only looking to enhance a few home videos and then won’t need to use this program ever again, then maybe a different program with a cheaper monthly subscription would be better for you.

If you’re a filmmaker like me, I always need to upscale b-roll I find online. So, paying for Topaz once and then having it in my arsenal forever is a major win.

Best AI Video Upscaling Software
Topaz Video Enhance AI Topaz Video Enhance AI
$299 (one-time fee with free updates for one year)

Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI is the best software for making your videos high-resolution and beautiful! It can remove motion blur and video artifacts and even update and improve old home movies.

Topaz Labs is a high-quality, downloadable software program for increasing your video resolution up to 16K.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Who Should Use Topaz?

OK, who is Topaz best for?


Topaz makes it easy for filmmakers to improve video quality, add visual effects, and create stunning visuals. This AI technology can upscale your footage up to 16K! (If you’re a film geek like me, you know that’s impressive)

Quality Seekers

Even if you only have a few home videos to upscale, Topaz will turn your footage into the best possible quality it can. After trying seven AI upscaling programs with the same test footage, Topaz gave the most detailed final video by far!

If You Have Tons of Videos

Sometimes, upscaling videos is just part of the job. Totally get that! If you need to upscale often, paying a one-time fee for a lifetime usage is the most affordable way to go.

You Have a Powerful Computer.

As any video editor knows, AI processing for each video frame is a heavy task for your computer. Topaz requires at least 16GB of system memory and 4GB of dedicated graphics memory for optimum performance.

topaz video ai 4 requirements

Who Should Not Use Topaz?

You Have a Small Budget.

Even filmmakers have to start somewhere. If you’re on a small budget, $299 might be the budget for the entire post-production process. If that’s the case, you should go with a cheaper alternative.

You Have Only a Few Videos

Pretty simple – if upscaling videos won’t be an ongoing process for you, you can purchase an affordable monthly subscription program, enhance all your videos, and then cancel after.

Top Benefits of Topaz Video AI

Topaz Labs Video AI has a ton of features and benefits, making it a great choice, no matter your experience level.

topaz video ai guarantee

Recover Video Details

Topaz makes your videos clearer and gets rid of fuzzy noise. Make your not-so-great blurry footage look 10x better!

Upscale to 18K

topaz video ai video upscaling

The new 4.0 artificial intelligence can up-sample your video footage to 8K or even 16K resolution! This is super high-quality resolution, way better than your tiny 480p.

Smooth Slow Motion Video

One of the best features of this software is its ability to create smooth, slow-motion video. This can be a great way to add a touch of drama or highlight a critical moment in your video.

Reduce Camera Shake

topaz video ai stabilization

Another great feature is the ability to reduce the look of camera shake. This can be a great help when you’re trying to capture smooth, steady footage, as it can eliminate the jerky motions that can often occur when hand-holding a video camera. As a result, your footage will look more professional and polished, almost as if you had used a tripod!

More Details in Faces

Topaz Video faces

For videos with people in them, Topaz has a special feature called Iris MQ. It makes faces in your videos look better, especially if the original footage isn’t that great. This is really important for videos where seeing people’s expressions clearly matters a lot.

Better Side-By-Side Video Comparing

topaz video ai side by side comparison

The new Direct Comparison UI interface allows you to visually compare your footage using side-by-side, slide-over, and overlay views, so you can really fine-tune your settings and see every minor change. This feature seriously won me over with the program!


Includes two seats that work on both PC and macOS platforms. You can re-download or re-install the program at any time. If you have many videos to upscale, a one-time cost will likely be a better deal than a pay-as-you-go web-based upscaler.

Works on Both PC and macOS

Topaz is versatile, working on both PC and macOS.

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Live Support Is Available

Chat with a Topaz Labs representative on live support during business hours if you have questions or problems using the software. This way, you’ll never be left in the dark if you run into any issues.

Get Free Upgrades for a Year

Topaz offers a lifetime license for a one-time payment, and you’ll get access to any major upgrades made for a whole year. This could even include entirely new AI features they release.

topaz video ai research

Topaz Labs Pricing

Topaz Labs Video AI Pricing

Topaz Video Enhance AI is a one-time cost of $299.99.

Included in the cost is one year of free upgrades to the software (which typically happen every month or two – the AI technology changes quickly!). After that year, you’ll need to pay to upgrade the software, or you can keep using your most recent version as long as you like!

Topaz Labs has a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee – contact them to let them know that you are not satisfied with the product, and you’ll get your money back.

They also offer a free trial for their video upscaling software, so you can try it out to make sure that the results are what you are looking for. (Note that your exports will have a watermark with the free trial)

Please note that Topaz often has sales for this product – it’s worth signing up for their email list to be notified of those sales! Or, check back around holiday times.

My Experience Using Topaz Video AI 4

Topaz Video AI Tutorial

After downloading and opening Topaz for the first time, it gave me a brief tutorial and guided me through all the features and effects. I really value this in software because it can be overwhelming to open a whole platform of new toggles and buttons without knowing what anything means.

Topaz AI Interface

Topaz’s comparison views stand out as one of their top features! The original video is on the left, and the new video is on the right. Plus, on the timeline below, any added effects are displayed in purple, making it easy to manage and remove them as needed.

Topaz Video AI Features

Here are the various presets and effects available. You can apply 4x slow motion, 8x super slow motion, convert to 60 fps, upscale to 4K, upscale to HD resolution, and more. More features like stabilization, motion deblur, frame interpolation, enhancement, and grain are also included.

Topaz Video AI Comparison

Once I applied the ‘Upscale to HD Resolution’ preset to my 360p video, I was able to render a preview with the effect. Using the comparison view, I slid the line back and forth to show the before and after.

Check out how sharp the writing on the right side of the flag is compared to the blur on the left side! So cool!

To read more about what AI video upscaling is and to see lots of videos that have been upscaled, you can check out this article from!

Final Thoughts

If you’re considering buying Topaz for AI video upscaling, the answer is a resounding yes! Not only does it offer an affordable way to improve the quality of your videos, but it also comes with several other benefits.

Topaz is incredibly easy to use, meaning you won’t have to spend hours figuring out how to use it. Topaz also offers a money-back guarantee, so you can always get your money back if you don’t like the results.

Finally, and most importantly, Topaz is constantly being updated with new features and improvements, so you can be sure that you’re always getting the best possible product. You can even use it in conjunction with an AI video editing program.

If you’re still unsure about Topaz Video AI or you’re thinking about looking into some other options, check out a few similar software I recommend below.

Topaz Video AI Recent Updates (Spring 2024)

Topaz Video Enhance AI has released significant updates, including 2x and 4x upscaling options in their new DaVinci Resolve OpenFX plugin. They’ve introduced a new interlace model, updated OpenVINO for better Intel device performance, and made the user interface more intuitive.

Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI

Alternatives to Topaz Video Enhance AI

1. Pixop

Best Upscaling for Social Media
Pixop Pixop
Pay-as-you-go pricing, with a minimum investment of $10 in credits.

Pixop is a fantastic option for upscaling videos, especially if you don't want to download software to your computer. Pixop is web-based so you won't need as much computer-processing power.

It also has a great pay-as-you-go pricing model, which gives you even more flexibility with your budget. The program is very easy to use, and it gives you sharp, clear videos.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Pixop Homepage

2. AVCLabs Video Enhancer

Best Upscaling for Home Videos
AVCLabs Video Enhancer AVCLabs Video Enhancer
Pay Monthly: $39.99/month | Pay Yearly: $119.99/year | Lifetime Plan: $199.90

AVCLabs Video Enhancer offers a similar video upscaling service to Topaz. It's got fast processing times and high-quality results (almost as good as Topaz, but not quite). It also features a world-leading AI Face Enhancement tool for videos, which makes it great for upscaling old home movies.

While both services offer high-quality results, AVCLabs may be a better choice for those who don't need a long-term AI enhancer or for those on a budget. They offer a full range of pricing options, starting with a monthly plan.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
AVCLabs video enhancer

3. UniFab Video Enhancer AI

Best for PC Users
UniFab Video Enhancer AI UniFab Video Enhancer AI

UniFab Video Enlarger AI is a great option for PC users wanting to upscale their videos.

The software uses artificial intelligence to upscale videos to 4K quality while also fixing common issues such as noise, motion blur, and jagged edges.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
UniFab AI video upscaler

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