Rytr Review: My Favorite Budget AI Writing Tool! [2024]

Rytr Review

Key Takeaways:

  • Rytr is an affordable AI writing tool that offers great value.
  • It’s user-friendly, has many templates for different writing tasks, and supports multiple languages.
  • The tool now includes a “tone match” in the paid plans, which helps it create copy that sounds like it was written by you.
  • It’s not my top choice for AI-assisted creative writing, but it’s a great option for helping creatives with marketing copy on a budget!

AI writing assistants are a dime a dozen these days, so finding one that stands out can be challenging.

Yet Rytr managed to catch my eye by positioning itself as one of the most budget-friendly tools available. However, does the old expression “Pay peanuts, get monkeys” apply to this artificial writing assistant? Or is Rytr poised to become your favorite budget-writing tool, as it did mine?

This Rytr review explores the AI writing assistant’s features, benefits, pricing tiers, pros, and cons to determine whether it’s worth the investment. You’ll learn who it’s best for and how it’ll help you reach your content writing goals.

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Best Free & Budget-Friendly AI Writer
Has a forever-free version, and options at $9/month and $29/month

Rytr is a solid AI writing option if you are looking for a free or affordable AI writing tool, and you don't want to use prompts (like you need to do with Chat-GPT).

Rytr has tons of great templates for creating stories and copy - like templates for AIDA copywriting frameworks, cover letters, emails, Facebook ads, newsletters, and many more!

Try Rytr For Free!
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Rytr Recent Updates (Spring 2024)

Rytr has rolled out a full site redesign! It now has a new Chrome extension that simplifies creating and editing content directly in your browser. Additionally, Rytr has implemented a tone-matching feature that adapts to your unique writing style, ensuring the content you generate resonates with your voice. The launch of ‘Ghost Rytr’ offers an even more intuitive editing process, making content refinement smoother and more user-friendly.

What Is Rytr?

best AI Writing Tool on a Budget


Rytr AI Story Generator

Rytr is one of the most affordable AI content generators available. It’s also one of the best Jasper AI alternatives on the market.

This tool can take you from a blank screen to a ready-to-edit article in a few minutes, saving you time and energy. It’s marketed as being popular with over six million professionals, including staff in well-known companies like Dell, and enjoys high ratings on Trustpilot and similar review sites.

Top Benefits of Rytr

Rytr offers amazing benefits, including the ability to produce long-form content in just a few seconds. Here are the tool’s main features:

Has Many Templates

rytr features several use cases

One of the most challenging aspects of content or creative writing is moving past the blank screen. Rytr helps you get around this issue by providing use cases, i.e., templates geared toward specific forms of writing.

For example, if you’re trying to set interview questions, the tool has a use case that can serve as a starting point. 

You have over 40 use cases to choose from, and the Rytr team regularly adds new ones. Here are a few of them:

  • AIDA Copywriting Framework

  • Blog Idea and Outline

  • Blog section Writing 

  • Call to Action 

  • Email

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Ads

  • Job Description

  • Landing Page and Website Copies

  • Product Description

  • SEO Meta Description

  • Story Plot

  • Testimonial and Review

When you choose a use case, you can input text into a field to give Rytr more context about what you want it to produce (in 200 characters max). As is the case with every text field Rytr provides, the more descriptive your inputs, the better the output.

Tone of Voice

If you want to ensure that your writing evokes the right emotions within your readers, Rytr has your back. The tool provides over 20 voice tones you can use to set the mood, and you can choose them from a list of menu options when generating content. 

Need your writing to sound business-like? Choose a formal tone to show off your content’s authoritativeness. Perhaps you’re going for a personable feeling. Use a casual tone instead. Whatever the mood, Rytr will be a good AI writing tool for your content marketing needs.

But if you’d rather come up with voice tones on your own, my guide to finding your unique voice might interest you.

Many Supported Languages

Thanks to Rytr’s translation capabilities, you can write content using over 30 languages. The team adds new languages regularly and is even open to requests. In addition, the application’s developers have taken a “proprietary approach” to Rytr’s language support. Thus, the tool’s translated output boasts excellent writing quality.

Here are a handful of the languages Rytr supports:

  • Italian

  • Hungarian

  • Russian

  • Chinese

  • German

  • French

  • Dutch

  • Finnish

You can choose the language you want by selecting it from the “Select Language” drop-down menu in your Rytr document.

Includes Rytr Chat

The Rytr Chat function provides an alternative to use cases. It lets you give Rytr prompts via a chatbot-style window. 

You use it by typing a command into a type box and then hitting “Send.” Rytr will respond by generating content based on your prompts. This back-and-forth continues until you’re satisfied with the output, which you can copy into your document.

The feature is excellent for anyone who wants to create blog posts, long-form articles, or even expand on a blog idea.

Plagiarism Checks

Rytr Plaigarism

AI copywriting tools fall into two categories: those that offer built-in plagiarism checks and those that don’t. I’m happy to report that Rytr falls into the former category. This feature is essential because AI writers aren’t infallible. Although Rytr generates original content nine times out of ten, you can’t be too careful.

The tool’s plagiarism checker is powered by Copyscape, one of the best in the business. To test for authenticity, highlight some text and click on the “More” tab to see the “Plagiarism” option. When Rytr detects plagiarized content, it’ll show you the source in a pop-up window. 

Readability Meter

If you’re unsure whether your writing reads well, Rytr has a Readability Meter that can help you out. This feature provides helpful information about your prose, like its average reading time and difficulty. 

You’ll need to highlight some text from your document to use it, and when you do, the meter will pop up. You’ll see all the information when you hover over the character count. Rytr’s readability meter also assigns the highlighted text a readability score between 0 and 100. The closer the score is to 100, the easier your text is to read.

Browser Extension


Rytr has a free browser extension you can pick up from the Chrome Web Store. It works with Rytr’s Magic Command and editing operations, letting you bring Rytr into any webpage/website. Once installed, you can select pieces of text from the page and run operations on them (e.g., Rephrase, Improve, etc.). 

Some examples of websites where it’ll come in handy include social media sites, email and communication applications like Slack and Gmail, and blogging sites and content management systems like Medium and WordPress. 

This feature is a work in progress, so it might not always work as intended. However, the Rytr team intends to keep improving it, so expect regularly updated versions.


Before, Rytr didn’t have any SEO-friendly features. The tool integrates with two SEO tools: SEMrush and SERP analysis. 

The SEMrush integration provides keyword suggestions you can use with the tool’s Blog use cases. This feature is excellent because it helps you optimize your blog posts and increase their likelihood of ranking higher in search engine result pages. You’ll need an existing SEMrush account to use it. 

As for Rytr’s SERP analysis integration, the feature builds on a primary keyword to help you generate optimized content for search. When you create a blog outline using the original keyword, Rytr will automatically provide relevant keywords (keyword clusters). Both integrations ensure that your content creation process involves SEO best practices.

Image Generator

Rytr image tool creates royalty-free images for blog post

With Rytr’s image generator, you can bid the days of laboriously searching for appropriate images to use in your existing content goodbye. Using textual prompts, this feature lets you generate copyright-free/royalty-free images on demand. 

The process is straightforward: You use the textbox to describe your desired image and hit the “Draw for Me” button. Rytr’s AI will get to work and generate the image after a couple of seconds. For best results, ensure that your prompts are as descriptive as possible, as it gives the AI more to work with.

Customer Support and Resources

If you run into any issues while using Rytr, you have three channels through which you can get support:

  • Live Chat: You can talk to Rytr’s support team by using clicking on the message icon at the bottom-right corner of the website.

  • Email: It’s also possible to contact the Rytr team via email. Click on the email link on the website’s footer to send your message.

  • Social Media: Finally, you can connect with Rytr on social media. It has accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

The Rytr team has also provided a resource hub on Rytr’s website, which you can use to build proficiency with the software. It has guides that walk you through common tasks you’ll perform with the tool and also reveal what its many features do.

Also, they’ve included an FAQ section that provides answers about the software, account management, etc. 

Who Should Use Rytr?

The following professionals will find Rytr incredibly useful for speeding up their workflows:

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Content Writers

  • Copywriters

  • YouTube Influencers

  • Marketers

  • Social Media Influencers

  • Job Seekers

Best Use Cases for Rytr (With Examples!)

Whether you’re any of one of the above-listed businesspeople, Rytr has something for you. Here are some of the best use cases for Rytr:

Video Descriptions

If you’re a YouTube influencer, you’re likely familiar with the work that goes into recording, editing, and optimizing your YouTube videos. Therefore, creating YouTube video descriptions can seem like a pain.

That’s where Rytr’s Video Description use case saves the day. The software saves you time by reducing the creation process into four steps:

  • Step One: Choose your preferred language.

  • Step Two: Choose a voice tone (e.g., “Casual”).

  • Step Three: Select the “Video Description” use case.

  • Step Four: Enter your instructions.

Rytr Video Description Example

You’ll get a description that accurately explains your video once you follow the above steps and hit the “Ryte for Me” button.

AIDA Framework Copy

In marketing, AIDA stands for awareness, interest, desire, and action and is a copywriting technique for grabbing an audience’s attention. Rytr has a use case that adheres to this framework, letting you generate compelling copy almost instantly. 

Rytr AIDA Example

You can use it by selecting the use case from among the options Rytr provides. The steps are identical to the ones listed in the video descriptions section above, except you choose “Copywriting Framework: AIDA” from the “Choose a Use Case” menu options.

Content Rewrites With ‘Rephrase’

Content refreshing is an activity every blogger or content marketer must do at some point in their career. On rare occasions, the content may be so well-written that you can limit the refresh to updating out-of-date information. Most of the time, refreshing involves rewriting whole paragraphs. Where that’s the case, Rytr can save you the trouble.

To rephrase your content, you can highlight the offending text and click on the “Rephrase” button in the ribbon that pops up. Rytr will rewrite the text and improve on it.

Great Copy for Social Media

Rytr makes creating ad copy for social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook easier. Once you fill in the requisite parameters (language, tone, etc.) and choose the “Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Ads” use case from the options, give Rytr information about the type of copy you want it to write. 

Rytr Ads Example

The tool will generate text that lets you market your products or services to your intended audience without breaking a sweat.

Professional Cover Letters

You can use Rytr to create a cover letter that gets you noticed by prospective employers and HR professionals. Creating the cover letter boils down to four steps. You choose from the multiple languages Rytr supports, select a tone (formal in this case), choose the “Cover Letter” use case, and give the tool information.

Rytr will need to know the job role you’re applying to fill and any relevant skills you have before it crafts the cover letter. Once you click the “Ryte for Me” button, it’ll set to work and hammer out a cover letter based on the parameters you provided.

Rytr Plans and Pricing

Rytr Pricing

Rytr has three price plans. The plan you choose may include a monthly character limit. Here are each plan’s qualities and price:

  • Free Plan: Rytr’s “free forever” plan limits you to generating 10,000 characters a month. You can keep using it without paying anything, as you get 10,000 new characters when each new month rolls around. It’s an excellent plan to test Rytr and may even give you enough characters to generate an entire blog post.

  • Unlimited Plan: This plan costs $9 per month and gives you unlimited characters. The feature that distinguishes it from the free plan is the ability to create a tone match, so Rytr will create content in your own personal ‘voice’. You can get two months free when you subscribe to this plan annually (at $90/year).

  • Premium Plan: Rytr’s Unlimited plan costs $29 a month and gives you mutliple tones and voices. Like the Unlimited plan, you get two months free when you subscribe annually (at a cost of $290/year).

All plans include the following features:

  • Rytr’s plagiarism checker

  • 40+ Use Cases

  • Over 20 voice tones

  • 30+ languages to translate into

  • AI image generator (fixed number depending on the chosen plan)

  • Rytr premium community access

Rytr limits how many images you can generate each month with its AI image generator.

Rytr Pros and Cons

Rytr review: Wooden boxes with plus and minus signs
Source: DepositPhotos

Rytr has several pros and cons you’ll need to weigh when deciding whether to use this AI writer. Here’s what I think those are:

Rytr Pros

  • It’s affordable yet feature-packed
  • Rytr is easy-to-use and has an intuitive user interface
  • The free plan is free forever and provides an adequate number of characters
  • It has a decent output quality
  • Rytr includes a built-in plagiarism checker, a feature other AI writers don’t

Rytr Cons

  • It doesn’t integrate with third-party tools for SEO (e.g., SurferSEO)
  • Rytr doesn’t include tools for collaboration

As feature-packed as Rytr is, it falls behind other AI writers offering collaboration functionality and SEO features. That said, there are alternatives you can try.

Rytr Alternatives

If you have a little more money to spend or want AI writing tools with even more features, you can try one of the following Rytr alternatives:

Jasper AI

Best AI Marketing Assistant For Creatives
$49-$69/month (or $39 - $59 if you pay yearly)

Jasper AI is the hands-down best AI writing assistant for creatives who need help with marketing and copywriting. It's a fantastic AI writing tool that uses templates rather than prompts. This makes it much easier to use for anyone who is new to writing with AI!

I love using Jasper's templates for emails, blog post paragraphs, and landing pages!

Try Jasper For Free! Read My Review
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Jasper is one of the most popular AI writing tools on the market, so much so that the team behind it claims that over 100,000 professionals use it during their writing projects.

This content creation powerhouse helps you create high-quality content (whether short or long-form content) and offers a diverse range of use cases. Using Jasper’s capabilities, you can generate everything from meta descriptions, blog posts, social media posts, and the like to ad copy. It can even help you write long-form content like full-fledged novels.


Has a great forever-free version, with paid plans starting at $12 per month.

Writesonic is another good option for getting ideas for stories, and for marketing copy for creatives. It's got a free version (similar to Rytr) and tons of templates so that you don't need to use "prompts" for the AI.

Try Writesonic For Free!
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

True to its name, Writesonic can help you create quality content quickly. The tool’s diverse suite of features makes it a formidable product in the AI writing industry.

Leveraging machine learning and GPT-4 technology, Writesonic makes quick work of product descriptions, ad copy, blog post outlines, and more. In addition, it’s SEO-friendly, which is a dream come true if you want to create content that ranks. And if you ever get stuck or need a second pair of eyes, you can rely on its Sentence Expander and Grammar Fixer to bail you out.

Copy AI

Copy AI
Has a forever-free plan, and options at $49/month and $249/month

Copy AI makes copywriting and short-form content writing awesome. This is a great option if you need to create Amazon listings, ad copy, Google ads, email subject lines, and similar content. You can use it to move past writer's block and create copy that converts.

Some of the tool's best features are its content editor and browser extension. The browser extension lets you take Copy AI with you wherever you are on the web. It's one of the best copywriting tools around.

Learn More
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Final Thoughts: Should You Buy Rytr?

If this article’s title doesn’t give it away, I recommend Rytr for people on a budget who want to use AI templates rather than learn how to use AI prompts.

This AI writing tool holds its own in a crowded marketplace of AI writers that purport to help creators beat writer’s block. The free version makes it accessible to anyone without the budget for pricier tools. 

Common Questions (FAQs)

How good Is Rytr?

Rytr is an excellent AI software for the price. There aren’t many budget AI content writing tools that provide features like AI-generated images, plagiarism checks, multiple use cases, and more while letting you generate unlimited characters. I like Jasper’s output better, but it’s also got a premium price. 

Is Rytr better than Jasper?

When it comes to price, Rytr has Jasper beat. However, in terms of features and capabilities, Jasper is the better option. Jasper had a headstart on Rytr, meaning its team has had more time to improve the technology and add features. Still, Rytr’s team is working hard in the background to stay competitive and implement even more features.

What is the free limit for Rytr?

Rytr’s free plan limits the number of characters you can generate monthly to 10,000. You can increase or remove your limit by upgrading to one of its paid plans.

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