Jasper AI review

If you’ve struggled with creating content, chances are that you’ve at least given AI writing tools a try. They’re available round-the-clock and create marketing copy faster than human writers ever could.

And while AI-generated content is far from perfect, it saves us lots of ‘thinking time’ from crafting every idea from scratch. With a bit of tinkering, you can create blog posts with impeccable human fluency in a fraction of the time spent without an AI assistant.

Among the AI writing tools in the market, Jasper remains my top favorite for long-form content and social media post creation. Its feature-packed functionality is hard to beat, with many extra things you can do to automate your routine copywriting tasks.

So let’s dive deep into this Jasper AI review and get a full rundown of its powerful features that help speed up your process as a digital content creator. At the end of this post, you’ll get a better feel of whether or not Jasper AI fits your writing needs.

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What Is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI review: top rated AI writer for high-quality content

Jasper is an AI copywriting tool that helps generate blog post topic ideas and create outlines, product descriptions, headlines, and long-form content, by simply typing what you need into the software.

It’s designed to develop compelling copy without the need to input complex and long-winded keywords and descriptions on the tool.

This makes it handy in helping you overcome writer’s block by providing the most relevant starting point for every campaign, topic, or ad copy you’re creating.

Jasper AI also has intuitive and useful third-party integrations that boost content optimization and accuracy, allowing you more time to focus on high-level content marketing strategy.

Who Created Jasper?

Jasper AI, originally named Jarvis AI, was created by three visionaries – Dave Rogenmoser, John Phillip Morgan, and Chris Hull.

Dave-Rogenmoser LinkedIn

They were college friends who started building startup SaaS companies and a digital marketing agency sometime eight years ago before pivoting to a Y Combinator-backed AI company in 2021.


Before Jasper AI, these three founded the company Proof, which they initially envisioned as a scaleable SaaS company. They also have extensive experience in creating online courses and software products.

My Favorite Features of Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a powerhouse in content generation, and while fact-checking and human editing are still crucial, the amount of time you save using this tool is worth all the hype.

Here are the features I like best about Jasper AI:

Jasper AI features attract over one hundred thousand customers

50+ Content Creation Templates

From short-form content like a blog post intro to an entire story, Jasper has a template for you. Here are some of the most popular templates I find useful:

  • Personal or Company Bio: Generate a captivating personal bio and company story that draws attention from readers and potential clients.

  • Amazon Product Description: Paragraph description of Amazon listing capturing the most important aspect of an item.

  • Amazon Product Features: Present your ‘About this Item’ features in bullet points.

  • Photo Post Captions: Grab Instagram users’ attention with relatable captions that fit your branding.

  • Video Titles and Script Outlines: Craft intriguing titles for your YouTube videos and create an outline for your listicle and how-to content.

  • SEO Blog Posts: Craft SEO-optimized titles and meta descriptions that Google loves.

  • Perfect Headline: Create click-worthy headlines encouraging readers to pay attention and buy what you’re selling.

Jasper Knowledge and Brand Voice

This feature allows you to teach Jasper about your brand’s writing style and tone, so it can write content that sounds like you.

You have two options to do this – using text or URL:

Jasper AI learns tone of voice for personalized writing style

You can write, copy, and paste a body of text that contains the tone you want or input your website URL that Jasper can scan in minutes.

Once done, you can save and use the voice across all templates.

Jasper AI SEO Integration

While access is limited to SurferSEO subscribers, it is an incredibly powerful addition to Jasper’s automation capability.

Granted, you’re subscribed to both tools; you only need to turn on the ‘SEO Mode’ feature in Jasper workspace to connect and view your Surfer dashboard on the left side of your screen (as seen in the image below – this is from a previous article that I’ve published on “visual storytelling”).

Jasper AI integrated with Surfer SEO

From there, you can polish your AI-generated copy with Surfer’s content structure guidelines, ensuring the highest possible content optimization.

Jasper Art

Jasper AI creates ultra-realistic images using prompts

Are you tired of using stock photos for content marketing? You don’t have to! Jasper Art makes it possible to create unique images using text prompts only. You don’t need photography or illustration skills.

Describe the image you want in a few words and add phrases like ‘in the style of,’ ‘ultra-realistic,’ or ‘professional photograph.’ to achieve a specific type of look.

Check out my detailed Jasper Art review to learn more about its features and learn if it’s the best AI art generator for your needs.

Jasper Recipe

If you often write long-form content with a similar structure, then you shouldn’t miss Jasper Recipes. Think of it as your pre-built workflow. It lists down the structure of your content, which you can execute automatically using Jasper Commands.

Instead of individually telling Jasper to write a section of a post, you can list each section collectively and run them in one go to save you time.

Jasper Recipes

You can create your recipes, use existing ones, or use those publicly shared in the Jasper AI Facebook group.

Copyscape Integration

Producing high-quality, plagiarism-free content is a must in content creation. While Jasper guarantees original content, having a reliable tool like Copyscape double-checking every piece of your writing is a great idea.

It’s a paid add-on feature, but if you’re wary of plagiarism and can afford to spend a little extra, getting this on board can be invaluable for your long-term needs.

Jasper Chat

Jasper AI chats with a user, making suggestions on book titles

Jasper Chat is comparable to a website chatbot but has better coherence, delivers high-quality answers, and even makes suggestions.

It’s fully integrated into Jasper workflow, which means you can easily pull your chat flow into a content creation document and make it part of a whole.

Jasper Chat can also help you with citations, which is helpful, especially when writing technical topics.

I find that Jasper’s Chat is better than Chat-GPT because it takes post-2021 information into account – this is why it can provide much more current information in its chat responses.

Who Should Use Jasper AI?

With features spanning various content types, Jasper AI software can be invaluable to professionals and beginners needing quality content fast.

These are the people that will greatly benefit from Jasper AI:

  • Digital Marketing Agencies: Whether it’s crafting long-form content, a blog post outline, or entire blog posts, Jasper delivers streamlined output faster than when you’re manually browsing through search engines. This helps you save time, especially when creating a bulk content marketing plan in advance.

  • Copywriters and Marketing Professionals: Jasper can be your AI writing assistant 24/7. Create compelling landing page copies and product descriptions in seconds!

  • Influencers: If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work needed to create content across your social media channels, Jasper AI can reduce the stress by producing platform-tailored copies for your brand voice.

  • Bloggers and Website Owners: Write blog articles faster using this AI tool to generate your article outline. You can also use it to produce landing page copies and descriptions.

  • SEO Content Writers: Speed up your writing process by letting Jasper generate AI content while you focus on polishing and adding your personal touch to the content.

  • Novelists & Ghostwriters: Looking for quality writing prompts and character ideas? Jasper AI can assist with creating engaging storylines and realistic dialogue to enhance world-building and bring characters to life.

  • Entrepreneurs: Ditch the hassle of writing product descriptions from scratch and let this tool write it for you. Select a template, feed your product details to the Jasper AI app, and get a concise result in less than a minute.

  • Social Media Specialists: Use Jasper’s brand voice to write posts that resonate with your target audience across various social media platforms.

  • Students: Use this AI software to get sample essay drafts, dissertations, and term paper outlines to help you narrow your research focus.

Best Use Cases for Jasper (With Examples!)

You can write many copies with Jasper, and I’ll show you a few of the ones that can be useful for beginner and seasoned copywriters.

Enticing Landing Page

Landing pages are vital to set the mood for a website’s message.

In this example, I’ve tried the Landing Page workflow using the publishing company Simon & Schuster as the subject.

Jasper AI landing page workflow example

Using the company profile via Wikipedia as the background information and setting the tone at ‘Conversational,’ Jasper AI result is pretty decent.

The historical reference is on point, and it captures the best-selling genres of the company.

Still, I wouldn’t take this as a final copy, mainly because of its lack of specificity. I’d likely add the best-selling titles and most popular categories somewhere in between.

Crafting Social Media Posts

How do you make people pay attention to your company?

Here’s a portion under the Social Media Campaign template that generates an Instant Post copy about Netflix, which you can share on different social media platforms:

Jasper AI crafts social media posts for sharing across various platforms

I like both the intro and the call to action at the end. With a little editing, I can also repurpose the details within the ‘Interest’ and ‘Desire’ sections to be shareable on other platforms.

Generating Blog Post Sections

Jasper AI did a nice job creating this sample intro:

Blog post intro paragraph created within split seconds using Jasper AI

Considering the minimal keyword I provided, it generated a copy that could resonate with the specified audience.

Generating Customized Images

Content creation won’t be complete in the absence of photos! Here’s what Jasper Art produced with the pre-defined filters I provided, as seen in the caption area.

Create photos for blog posts or social media posts using Jasper commands

Jasper AI Plans and Pricing – How Much Does It Cost?

Ready to try out this AI writing tool? Let’s look at Jasper AI pricing and compare the features you’ll get when subscribing to them.



Creator is Jasper AI’s basic plan with a 7-day free trial. It costs $49 monthly but can go down to $39 if you choose annual billing. Some of its best features include:

  • Access to 50+ templates

  • Jasper AI art

  • Jasper Recipes


Like the Creator plan, Teams also comes with a 7-day free trial, costing $125 monthly. Annual billing brings down the price to $99 monthly. This gives you everything present in the Creator plan, plus heaps of advanced features like:

  • Three brand voices

  • Saveable and shareable dynamic templates

  • Collaboration feature

  • User-specific permission

  • Up to 10 campaign assets

  • SEO mode option

  • Live chat support


Jasper’s Business plan is created to cater to companies or agencies with extensive needs for content creation. This means features are tailored to specific requirements and access levels.

Costs vary depending on feature customization, but the great news is that you’ll still have a Business Plan free trial option to see how it works.

Key features present in this plan include:

  • Custom templates and automation

  • Unlimited voices

  • Unlimited campaigns

  • Advanced account analytics

  • Dedicate customer success manager from the Jasper team

When subscribing to any plan, remember the potential add-on costs when integrating third-party tools into Jasper’s core functionalities. For example, its SEO Mode works with Surfer SEO integration, which requires you to have a separate subscription with the Surfer tool.

The same goes for its plagiarism checker function powered by Copyscape. You’ll pay $0.03 for the first 200 words you run under the tool and an additional $0.01 per word onwards. Plagiarism check credits can be added to your account in $10, $20, or $100 options.

Jasper AI Pros & Cons

Now that you’ve learned about Jasper AI subscription options, it’s time to assess the tool’s pros and cons. Understanding these allows you to evaluate if the perks outweigh the drawbacks you’ll get for long-term use.

Jasper AI Pros

  • Generates writing output at incredible speed

  • Ability to create SEO-optimized blog posts through Surfer SEO integration

  • Plagiarism-free content through Copyscape functionality

  • Supports 30+ languages

  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation, even for beginners

  • 50+ content creation templates for all marketing needs

  • Powerful AI image generator through Jasper Art

  • Google Chrome extension functionality

  • Outputs are well-written and sound natural

Jasper AI is a powerful tool for creating quality content in seconds. Its vast array of workflow templates gives you much room to get output for almost all types of content purposes.

Still, it has its drawbacks which can be deal breakers for some users. Here are some cons to consider before subscribing to this software:

Jasper AI Cons

  • Requires human fact-checking to ensure 100% accuracy

    (as do all AI writing tools)
  • Extra costs for plagiarism checker and Surfer integration
  • Requires human editing and review, especially for technical topics
  • Pricing can be expensive, especially for a beginner or individual user

Jasper AI’s constant need for human editing can be frustrating for those new to writing with AI, but given how most, if not all, AI writing tools share the same issue, Jasper still has an edge.

Jasper AI Tutorial – How to Use the Software?

Getting started with Jasper AI is easy, and you don’t need prior knowledge in using AI tools to acquaint yourself with its functions.

Here are four simple steps to get your Jasper AI software running:

Step 1: Create an Account and Select a Plan

There are two ways to create your account in Jasper AI. You can use an existing Gmail account or any email from other providers.

Once you’ve entered your email address, the system prompts you to select a plan. Assuming it’s your first time using this tool, I suggest you start with the ‘Free Trial’ for either the Creator or Teams Plan.

This will allow you to play around with the features for the first seven days at no cost.

Jasper AI plans and pricing for creators, teams, and enterprises

Jasper, however, will require you to provide payment or credit card details even on free trials, but you can always cancel this before the trial period ends if you want to avoid incurring fees.

Step 2: Choose a Content Template Based On Your Need

Once set, you’ll have your dashboard, which looks like this:

Jasper AI dashboard displaying workflows for ease of access

This workspace is like your main control hub. You can select templates, create campaigns, input your brand voice, and more.

Step 3: Input Relevant Details On the Template

Let’s say you want to write blog posts about a topic but can’t decide what angle to tackle. You can start by choosing the ‘Blog Post’ template, which leads you to this page:

Blog post template showing how Jasper AI works

All you need is to pre-fill the sections with keywords so Jasper can write it in your preferred tone. It’s important to utilize the 200-word’ Context Description’ on top as this gives the AI an overview of what you want to cover.

Step 4: Generate AI Content with Jasper

After filling out the details, hit the ‘Generate’ button to view Jasper’s output in the text editor area. If you’re satisfied with the result, scroll down the template to continue generating the blog post outline, paragraphs, and conclusion.

How to Use Jasper’s Chrome Extension

If you want Jasper’s magic working across your writing needs, like when drafting an email and real-time social media posting, installing its Google Chrome extension is the way to go.

You can activate this functionality upon setting up your Jasper AI account. The system prompts you with an option to add it on Chrome. If you missed this step, you can always Google the extension and add it with a click.

Once active, you’ll see that tiny, clickable Jasper AI logo hovering on your screen.

My Favorite Jasper AI Alternatives

Looking for alternative AI copywriting tools? Here are my top favorites fit for marketers and creative writers:

Copy AI

copy ai main page

Copy AI is a copywriting tool popular among email marketers and freelance writers. It boasts 90+ marketing tools and templates, which is a main advantage when working on multiple projects and campaigns for different clients.

Its free plan also doesn’t have an expiry date, though you’re only limited to up to 2,000-word credits per month. If you’d like to upgrade, plans are flexible, and scaling up is as easy.

See also: Jasper AI vs Copy AI: Which is The Better AI Writer?


Writesonic-SEO content

If SEO plays a critical role in your content marketing strategy, then Writesonic can be a vital addition to your AI tools. It features SEO-optimized content that applies to all its copies, like ads, blog posts, ebooks, reports, etc.

With a 10,000-word credit on its free trial, you’ll already have enough room to try its features and 100+ templates. Its Sonic Editor is also worth mentioning if you want to bring the Google Docs experience when writing on the platform.

See also: Writesonic Review: A Powerful AI Writing Tool



Rytr comes to mind when you ask me about an affordable AI writing assistant. At $9 per month ($90 if paid annually), you’ll already have access to 40+ use cases and over 20 writing tones to fit across various audience demographics.

While I won’t recommend Rytr for long-form content, with its tendency to produce repetitive output as you add more paragraphs, it does an impressive job at crafting compelling short-form output like a single-paragraph introduction and blog post outlines.

See also: Rytr vs Jasper: The Battle for Best AI Writing Software


Likely the most popular among my favorite alternatives, ChatGPT continues to impress with its unmatched ability to produce the most conversational responses to queries. The best thing is that it will just keep getting better!

GPT-4’s launching in March of this year is a massive breakthrough from its 3.5 predecessor. We can expect ChatGPT to analyze and comment on images with the latest version. Its enhanced coherence and problem-solving skills are also a huge asset, especially when writing technical topics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jasper AI a Good Tool?

Jasper AI has one of the most extensive writing template options, which handles most of your writing needs. High-quality templates are a game-changer in the world of AI writing tools, which is why I love Jasper.

It’s also easy to use and has responsive customer support – two essential factors for beginners. Is Jasper AI good? I’d say it’s one of the best.

Can You Make Money With Jasper AI?

From a writer’s standpoint, Jasper AI can help you earn more by speeding up your writing process. However, it’s a writing assistant at best and must not be taken as a standalone content creation tool.

The key is to use it for handling routine writing tasks while you work on polishing the final copy with a personal, expert touch that converts readers to paying clients.

Is Jasper AI the Same as Jarvis?

Jasper AI is the rebranding of Jarvis AI, primarily fueled by the trademark dispute by the Marvel movie Iron Man. If you’re a fan of the franchise, you’d know Jarvis as Tony Stark’s AI assistant.

To cut the story short, Jasper’s founders decided to rebrand and focus on improving the tool’s features as we know it now instead of spending their time battling Marvel in court to keep the name Jarvis.

So yes, they’re the same, but Jasper’s features have greatly improved since its inception.

Can I Use Jasper AI for Free?

Yes, Jasper AI plans come with a 7-day free trial, which includes access to its core functionalities. Third-party features like plagiarism checking and SEO mode require extra costs.

Is Jasper AI Better Than ChatGPT?

This depends on what you’re using it for. First, both are natural language processing tools, which means they’re both capable of helping you communicate with machines to get a desired output.

ChatGPT has a more massive text dataset, allowing it to understand and deliver results with human-like fluency. It’s more conversational. On the other hand, Jasper AI is more user-specific and trained to write marketing copy.

Whereas ChatGPT may be superior in its brainstorming ability, Jasper aces the game in content creation with its built-in workflows and collaboration features.

Does Jasper AI Create Original Content?

Yes. Jasper generates unique and original output, especially long-form content. While there’s a chance similar terms or language appear across blogs and other data sources on the web, Jasper has been trained to recognize patterns and previously written sentences or phrases.

This capability allows it to produce a writing style that doesn’t plagiarize what’s already published online. It can match the pattern but not replicate it.

What Languages Does Jasper AI Support?

Jasper currently supports 24 input and over 30 output languages. This vast selection allows you to reach more global readers with a single copy without running each in a separate translation tool.

Final Thoughts: Should You Buy Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is an excellent writing assistant capable of generating marketing copies that are accurate and unique in just a few minutes. Still, it’s not a standalone tool and is best paired with human eyes, which can do the final quality checks.

Whether or not you should buy it is a matter of preference and budget. Jasper’s starting price can be more expensive than most competitors, and you may not even need its robust features regularly.

Take advantage of Jasper’s free trial and test its functions to see if its high-end features fit your budget and workload.

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