How to Upscale Videos Using Topaz Video Enhance AI [2024]

how to upscale videos using Topaz video

Key Takeaways:

If you want to upscale videos using Topaz Video Enhance AI, follow these steps (and read the full article for a full description of each step):

  1. Download the free version of the program to your computer
  2. Import your video
  3. Choose a preset or filter
  4. Click on the preview button to view the before and after comparisons
  5. If you’re happy with the quality, pay for the program
  6. Finally, click ‘Export’

OK, so you’ve decided to try Topaz Video Enhance AI to upscale your videos or home movies, but you’re not sure exactly how it works.

Lucky for you, I’ve tried all of the most common video upscaling programs, so I can help ya out!

Follow along with me and you’ll be upscaling videos in no time!

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Best AI Video Upscaling Software
Topaz Video Enhance AI
$299 (one-time fee with free updates for one year)

Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI is the best software for making your videos high-resolution and beautiful! It can remove motion blur and video artifacts and even update and improve old home movies.

Topaz Labs is a high-quality, downloadable software program for increasing your video resolution up to 16K.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
what is AI video upscaling

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How do I Upscale My Videos Using Topaz Video Enhance AI?

Topaz Video AI is a great offline AI video upscaling software for anyone who loves a one-time fee. (I know I do!)

Topaz Video AI Updates (Feb 2024 – version 4.2.0)

The latest Topaz Video AI update introduces a public beta plugin for Davinci Resolve, featuring all Enhancement models plus Motion Deblur for Windows and macOS. The update also includes the Aion Frame Interpolation model for improved motion accuracy and reduced artifacting in high-resolution inputs, and a new 3D LUT option in the Export panel for processing log footage.

It’s also an added benefit that out of all the software I’ve tried, Topaz gave the best upscaling results!

I know some of these programs can be a bit confusing to learn, so follow along as I take you step-by-step on how to upscale your low-resolution videos into high-resolution masterpieces.

topaz video ai homepage

1: Download the Program

Topaz video download

Start by downloading Topaz Video AI for either your Windows or Mac device.

Note that you can use either the paid version at this point or just try out the free version. Both will work the same at this point – the main difference will be that your finished video will have a watermark if you want to download it from the free version.

2: Import a Video to Upscale

Topaz Video AI Import Videos

Open up the program and either activate your purchased account or start the free trial.

Import any videos you’d like to upscale. This will take you to folders on your computer where you can select a video to import.

*Pro Tip: Might as well click the link at the bottom there to view their Quick Start Guide! It’s really helpful and lists out all the different types of upscales they offer.

Topaz Video AI Interface

The video on the left with the blue (1) will show the original video, while the video on the right with the purple (2) will show a preview of what the new video will look like.

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3: Choose a Filter or Preset

Topaz video AI preset screen input and output

This bar on the right shows presets and filters you can add to your video.

Topaz video AI preset options

There are many options under ‘Preset,’ including the ability to ‘Upscale to 4K’ and ‘Upscale to HD resolution.’

Topaz video AI video input and output resolution

Under the ‘Video’ section, it shows you the resolution and frame rate of your original video input, as well as the new output resolution. You can click on one of these aspect ratios or ‘Custom Resolution’ to insert your own.

After that, you can click to toggle on any of the other filters in this toolbar, like Stabilization for smooth video, Motion Deblur to remove noise and add sharpness, Frame Interpolation for slow motion, etc.

*Pro Tip: Hover your mouse over the effect name to see a description of what it does.

Topaz Video AI Interface

4: Preview the Video Comparison

Topaz Video AI comparison preview button

To preview what your enhancements will look like, click the arrow on the preview button to get a list of how many seconds you’d like to preview.

‘In to Out’ will process the entire clip to preview.

Topaz Video AI comparison mode button

Then, you can use the buttons next to ‘Comparison Mode’ to view your before and after video side-by-side, one at a time, or half of the original next to the other half of the new version.

Upscale Videos Using Topaz Video before and after comparison view

Look at how much clearer the ‘Mississippi’ sign is reading in the previewed upscale!! So cool.

5: Purchase Topaz Video Enhance

If you’re still using the trial version, you’ll want to purchase the program now to avoid a watermark on your final video. If you already bought it, skip to Step 6.

Topaz Video AI Buy License button

Click on the yellow ‘Trial Mode’ button on the top right of your window and this pop-up will occur.

Click ‘Buy License’ and it will take you back to the Topaz website to purchase the full software.

Topaz video enhance AI product checkout box

As of right now, the cost to purchase Topaz is a one-time fee of $299, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

6: Export Your Video

Topaz Video AI preview & export settings

Once you’ve purchased Topaz Labs, it’s time to get your new upscale!

Come back to the toolbar on the right side and press the setting icon on the bottom. This will pull up the ‘Preview & Export Settings’ where you can decide if you want to export as ProRes, H264, etc.

Finally, when you’re ready, click ‘Export.’

After waiting for your export to render, you’ll find the new video on your computer, ready to use!

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Final Thoughts

Topaz is my overall top choice for AI video upscaling – mainly because it’s easy to use, can upscale many videos simultaneously, has a one-time fee rather than a subscription cost, and its upscaling is the highest quality of any programs that I tried!

However, due to its amazing results, it does take a lot of computing power, which you’ll want to keep in mind if you’re only using a tablet or low-end computer.

Overall, I recommend Topaz as my top choice for video upscaling!

Common Questions (FAQs)

What is Topaz Video Enhance AI?

Topaz Video Enhance AI is a fantastic software tool that uses machine learning to upscale videos and enhance their quality. It gives your old or low-quality videos a high-definition makeover!

How does Topaz Video Enhance AI work?

This software uses artificial intelligence to analyze each frame of your video, filling in details that other upscaling tools might miss.

How do I start upscaling my videos with Topaz Video Enhance AI?

It’s simple – just import your video into the software, choose your settings (like output resolution and enhancement model), and hit start.

Can I preview my upscaled video before exporting it?

Yes, you can! Topaz Video Enhance AI lets you preview your video to ensure you’re happy with the results before exporting.

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