13+ Best Stock Footage Video Sites for 2024 [Free and Paid]

best stock video footage

Key Takeaways:

In my opinion, the best stock video site for most people is Shutterstock. That’s because they have a huge selection of clips, they’re pretty easy to find, and they have tons of options for buying the videos.

If you want free stock videos, check out Pixabay, Pexels and Coverr. These sites are free – but you run the risk that your viewers may have seen the videos before.

If you are looking for more unique video footage, check out Artgrid – it’s got more cinematic footage for filmmakers.

If you’re a video creator or filmmaker who wants to add some high-quality footage to your videos without having to trek over a mountain during sunrise to get the shot yourself, then stock video sites can give you the footage you need!

I’ve been in this situation many times myself, most recently when editing the footage for my latest independent film, Spin The Wheel. It’s set at the end of the world, where people are rioting and life is getting out of control. Now, on our limited budget, we couldn’t film the riot scenes ourselves. So, we relied on stock videos for those scenes!

During post-production of the movie, we looked at tons of different stock video sites, including the ones on this list. We looked for the quality of the footage, the breadth of available content, and, of course, the pricing. We found that there is a huge range of pricing for stock videos!

In this article, I’ll share what I learned about each company, and suggest which ones might work best for different situations!

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What Are the Best Stock Footage Video Sites?

When deciding the best stock video sites to subscribe to, you’re looking for stellar stock footage archives, good customer care, and competitive pricing for team and enterprise subscriptions. The most popular stock footage sites include Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Pixabay.

Here are our picks for the best stock video sites to find great stock videos for your film and video projects:

1. Shutterstock

Best Option Overall (If You Have the Budget!)
Shutterstock Video
You can buy a pack of 30 credits for $139, or get their subscription for $89/month for 25 credits per month.

Shutterstock offers a huge selection of high-quality, unique stock video footage. You can get HD and 4K footage for use in commercial projects, and there are over 28 million videos.

The downside is that it's very expensive!

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Shutterstock is a leading site for stock images that dominates Google image search results. What you might not know is that Shutterstock also ventured into the world of stock video, with an impressive library of millions of stock video clips to choose from.

Top Benefits 

  • The video library contains over 28 million stock videos.
  • The stock videos are categorized by genre, such as Animals/Wildlife, Buildings/Landmarks, Backgrounds/Textures, etc.
  • HD and 4K footage for use in commercial projects.
  • Standard and enhanced video use licenses.


Shutterstock Pricing
Shutterstock Credit Pack

Shutterstock has an interesting pricing structure because you need to buy credits, and then you use these credits to download stock videos.

You can buy a pack of 30 credits for $139. Then it will cost you 25 credits to download one 4K, HD, or SD video clip. You can go up to 250 credits for $575, which will get you about 10 videos.

Alternatively, you can do a subscription based method where it’s $89/month for 25 credits/month – aka one video a month for $89. But be aware that the subscription method only allows you to use the standard license and not the enhanced license.

You can use these credits for not only video licenses, but for images, music, or sound effects as well, which cost considerably less credits than a video.

Another option is buying the video license directly without using any credits. On the standard license, you can buy most videos for $79 for HD, or $179 for 4K.

For Enterprise subscriptions, the rates are offered by contacting Shutterstock directly.

*Pro Tip: Shutterstock allows you the option to try before you buy! You can download a low-quality video clip with Shutterstock’s logo on it and use it in your first few drafts. I’ve used this several times for videos to determine if it fits well into my project before I buy it. If you’re working for a client, it’s a nice way to have them approve the clip before spending the money.

Shutterstock Pros

  • Their search feature is fantastic – you can easily find the type of video you need!
  • There is a free trial available.
  • You can download images, videos, and music with the same subscription from the same place.
  • Get high-quality videos with up to 4k resolution.

Shutterstock Cons

  • Shutterstock is expensive.

Bottom Line 

A Shutterstock video subscription is quite pricey, but in return, you get high-quality stock footage you can use in any project. It makes more sense if you belong to a company that can get an Enterprise subscription, which allows Enhanced video licensing at lower rates.

2. Artgrid

Best For Unique, Cinematic Video Clips With Unlimited Downloads
$19.99 to $49.99 per month

Artgrid is a fantastic source of stock video footage for filmmakers. It's also good for video content creators and YouTubers who are looking for unique footage that their audience won't see elsewhere.

I love that you get unlimited downloads with any Artgrid subscription, and that they have multiple clips of similar scenes - great for continuity!

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Artgrid is a relatively new stock video site that also offers music and sound effects as part of its extensive collection. It’s quickly becoming a strong competitor among various stock video sites.

Artgrid Stock Footage

Top Benefits 

  • A large library that has been categorized by collection for easier browsing.
  • Available 4K and 8K video clips even in the intermediate subscription tier.
  • All plans offer unlimited video downloads, lifetime use, coverage for all platforms worldwide, and YouTube monetization.
  • Competitive pricing compared to other stock video websites.
  • If you are a filmmaker, selling stock footage to them is an option too!

*Pro Tip: Personally, I find Artgrid great specifically for cinematic footage that doesn’t have the typical stock look. It might be overkill for YouTube videos, but it’s great for filmmakers!


Artgrid pricing

The Junior HD Plan for Artgrid gives you access to unlimited downloads of HD/H.264 videos for $19.99/month or $239.99/year

The Creator 4K Plan includes unlimited downloads of 4K/8K and Pro Res/DNxHR videos for $29.99/month or $359.99/year

The Pro RAW/LOG Plan gives you unlimited downloads of 4K/8K RAW/LOG videos in Pro Res/DNxHR for $49.92/month or $599/year

Artgrid Pros

  • Has high-quality and cinematic video clips.
  • Related videos are suggested with each video clip.
  • The pricing model allows for unlimited downloads.
  • New video footage is being uploaded each day!
  • Lots of unique and emotion-filled videos.
  • Many clips are part of a collection, so you can get different angles of the same scene.
  • You can download preview clips and try the program out for free!
  • Search videos by shot type, time of day, framing, camera movement, and more!

Artgrid Cons

  • The website is not optimized for use on mobile devices.
  • Need to buy the Creator plan to get access to 4k/8k videos.

Bottom Line 

Artgrid is a wonderful option whether you’re:

  • Still starting with basic videos
  • A creator who wants a steady stream of high-quality, royalty-free stock video
  • Part of a corporation with more sophisticated needs

You’ll likely find what you need at a reasonable subscription price.

3. FilmPac

Best For Filmmakers Who Need Videos, Music and Special Effects
$30 - $50 per month

FilmPack is great for filmmakers and video content creators who need access to unique video clips, music, and special effects that they can use in their films. 

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FilmPac is a great source of cinematic stock video footage, offering high-quality clips across various genres and styles. With its diverse library of unique and professional footage that’s great for filmmakers of all skill levels.

Filmpac Stock Footage

Top Benefits

  • A searchable library of unique and professional footage
  • File types are compatible with any editing software program.
  • Clips are royalty-free and can be used in commercial projects.
  • You also get access to royalty-free music and special effects to use in your films!


FilmPac pricing

Buy individual clips from $79 per clip, or get an unlimited membership for $1988 per year. That way, you can download as many premium clips as you need!

Bottom Line

FilmPack is best for filmmakers who value getting access to not just unique video clips, but also music and special effects that they can use in their films. It would also be great for YouTubers who need the same things! However, it is very expensive!

4. Adobe Stock

Best If You Already Pay for Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Stock Video
5 Credits starts at $50

Adobe Stock Video is fantastic for anyone who already pays for their Creative Cloud, as its included in the price!

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Adobe is known for its industry-dominating software. However, it’s also becoming a sizeable player in the stock footage market through Adobe Stock, offering its own website of HD stock videos and other assets that you can access right within the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe Stock

Top Benefits 

  • Royalty-free licensing, which allows for immediate use upon download.
  • Creative Cloud integration for searching, previewing, and licensing stock video footage within Adobe apps.
  • The search function is powered by Adobe Sensei, an artificial intelligence tool that matches your search terms with available stock videos.


Adobe Stock Credit Packs

Adobe Stock offers credit packages that cost as follows:

  • 5 credits for $49.95
  • 16 credits for $149.99
  • 40 credits for $359.99
  • 80 credits for $669.99
  • 150 credits for $1,200.00

Where an HD video costs 8 credits and a 4K video costs 20 credits under the Enhanced license.

Adobe Stock Annual Pricing

You can also get an annual subscription for

  • $29.99 (paid monthly) for 10 standard assets or 1 HD video and a rollover of up to 120 unused credits
  • $49.99 (paid monthly) for 25 standard assets or 3 HD videos and a rollover of up to 300 unused credits
  • $79.99 (paid monthly) for 40 standard assets or 6 HD videos and a rollover of up to 480 unused credits.
  • $199.99 (paid monthly) for 750 standard assets or 25 HD videos

Adobe Stock also offers Team and Enterprise subscriptions and credit packs with adjusted rates.

Adobe Stock Pros

  • This is a great option for people who already pay for Adobe Creative Suite.
  • The search feature is helpful and accurate.
  • Videos and images are high-quality and high-resolution.
  • There is a large variety of videos.

Adobe Stock Cons

  • The cost of the videos is high, especially if you want 4K.
  • Some videos are a bit dated.

Bottom Line 

Adobe Stock is a serious option to consider if you have a team or a company that heavily relies on Adobe Creative Cloud apps. Although the pricing is quite high, you can get better deals with Adobe Stock when you’re sharing a Team or Enterprise subscription or credit pack.

5. Envato Elements

Best For Creators Who Need Stock Videos, Music, Photos, Graphics, & More (On a Budget)!
Envato Elements
Starts at $17 per month

Try Envato Elements if you're looking for tons of media elements all in one place. It's got everything you need to be a digital creator - from stock video and images to graphics and fonts!

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Envato Elements is one of the best stock video sites you can find because of its vast collection of media assets under one umbrella. It’s quickly become one of the top stock footage sites because of its competitive pricing, versatility, and flexibility.


Top Features 

  • A huge library of 3.5 million stock videos and over 500K motion graphics templates.
  • Affordable subscription bundles.
  • One subscription gives you access to all Envato Elements assets for your projects. These include music tracks, sound effects, photos, graphics, and web templates.


It’s quickly become one of the top stock footage sites because of its competitive pricing, versatility, and flexibility.

Envato-Elements-Unlimited-Stock-Videos-Music-Photos-Graphics Pricing

Envato Elements offers an individual plan starting from $16.50/month, offering unlimited downloads of all assets on the website with a simple commercial license. Students get a 30% markdown for $11.50 per monthly subscription.

It also offers a Teams plan for 2–5 people that can get as low as $10.75 per person in a 5-member team.

As for Enterprise subscriptions, you should contact Envato Elements directly to get a quote.

*Pro Tip: I’ve bought Envato Elements for the last two years over Black Friday weekend for a flat rate price of $99 for one year. For all different kinds of assets included, that’s a great deal!

Envato Elements Pros

  • Has a clear licensing structure.
  • The stock videos are high-quality.
  • There is a great “suggest a video” button if you can’t find something.
  • Great value for money!
  • They have motion graphic templates for Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects
  • Includes stock images, video templates, music, fonts, and 3D templates, along with stock videos.

Envato Elements Cons

  • The search function may show unrelated videos.
  • Many videos are drone shots.
  • Some people find that their customer service is sub-par.

Bottom Line 

Envato Elements is best for creators looking for a stock video site that also offers other assets (like stock images, motion graphics, music, fonts and templates) to have a comprehensive toolbox for their projects.

6. iStock by Getty Images

Best If You Want Only a Few Super-High Quality Videos Each Month
iStock Video
Starts at $29 per month

iStock has nice, high-quality stock footage available. However, it doesn't come cheap!

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Getty Images is the largest stock and editorial image company in the world. Its subsidiary, iStock, currently offers stock video footage as well, giving it a larger share of the market and a chance to expand its user base even more.

iStock by Getty Images

Top Benefits 

  • Millions of stock videos to choose from in SD, HD, and 4K.
  • Flexible download options.
  • Commercial royalty-free licensing is protected by iStock with a $10,000 guarantee.
  • AI-backed search for precise results that match your terms closely.


iStock Pricing

iStock offers two modes to download HD stock videos, either with a monthly subscription or credit packs.

A premium photo + video subscription costs:

  • $99/month (billed annually) for 10 downloads
  • $165/month (billed annually) for 25 downloads
  • $265/month (billed annually) for 50 downloads

As for the iStock credits, you can get an Essentials video clip for 6 credits (~$60). The best value for credit packs is 300 credits for $2,400, coming in at $8 per credit instead of the usual $12.

iStock Pros

  • Lots of diverse videos.
  • Has many different pricing options, so you only pay for what you need.
  • The search function works well – it’s easy to find what you want.
  • The dashboard is well-organized.

iStock Cons

  • Not a lot of graphics, compared to competitors.
  • Can be expensive for what you get.

Bottom Line 

As you can see, iStock is best for creatives looking for a high-quality experience with many diverse videos, no matter how much it costs. Choosing an iStock plan or credit pack, although a bit more expensive than other options, gives you access to an immense source of royalty-free stock clips for any application.

7. Pond5

A Pricy Option for Serious Filmmakers
Starts at $199 per month

Pond5 is one of the original stock video footage companies. They have beautiful video clips, but you only get 10 a month for the $199.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


Pond5 has the edge of being one of the best stock video websites that actually started in the stock footage business. It’s got a large library and features that make navigating the website very easy.

Pond5 Stock Footage

Top Benefits 

  • Over 35 million premium and royalty-free clips to choose from.
  • Great customer service with a 4.8 Trustpilot rating.
  • Direct downloads outside of subscriptions at competitive prices.


Pond5 Pricing

Pond5 offers two options for video subscriptions that give you 10 downloads per month; either you choose:

  • A monthly subscription for $199 (at $19.90/video)
  • A yearly subscription for $999 (at $8.32/video)

You can also buy video clips directly from the site at $25–$450/clip for HD and 4K videos.

If you run a team or a company, contact Pond5 directly to get a quote on team subscription fees.

Pond5 Pros

  • The videos are super high-quality.
  • Easy to use and find videos.
  • Has quality video stock, music, After-Effects files, and 3d for 3d animation-related projects.
  • Customers love the fact that independent filmmakers are compensated for their work when they submit to the platform!
  • Flexible payment options (subscription, per video, or credit packs).
  • Has a free collection!

Pond5 Cons

  • Pond5 is pricey!
  • The licensing model can be confusing.

Bottom Line 

Pond5 is best for video creators who want to download a certain number of HD stock videos each month at a great price point – while supporting independent filmmakers!

8. Pixabay

Top Free Choice For Beginners
Pixabay Video

Pixabay is my top choice for free stock video footage.

It can be tricky to search the site, and it's sometimes hard to tell if a video is free or paid (they do also have paid content on the site) - but, you can't argue with free!

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Free stock video sites are hard to come by, but Pixabay is one of them. Not to mention the free videos are actually pretty good!

Pixabay Homepage

Top Benefits 

  • A completely free stock video website with free HD stock footage.
  • A simple commercial license with few limitations.
  • HD and 4K video clips are available for free.


Pixabay Pricing Free

Pixabay is one of the few stock video websites that are entirely free with a license that covers the inclusion of stock videos in commercial projects and noncommercial use.

The only instances where use isn’t allowed are:

  • Selling or redistribution of Pixabay content to other stock websites
  • Selling physical copies of unaltered content from Pixabay
  • Using the stock video to portray the subjects in a bad light or misleadingly sell a product or service

Pixabay Pros

  • Great free HD and 4K stock video clips for video creators to use!
  • Videos have no watermarks.
  • Has great free photos, illustrations, and vectors as well as videos.

Pixabay Cons

  • Not as easy to search for specific videos.
  • It is sometimes hard to distinguish between free videos and sponsored paid videos.
  • The app doesn’t work as well as the desktop version.

Bottom Line 

Pixabay is best for anyone looking for a free stock video website with decent-quality material and a royalty-free license.

9. Filmsupply

Best For Companies & Corporate Videos
Starts at $109 per clip

FilmSupply is a good option if you are looking for premium corporate stock videos. They have different pricing tiers, based on how you'll be using the footage.

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Filmsupply closes a gap in the market for royalty-free footage aimed at corporations for internal and commercial purposes.

Filmsupply Stock Footage

Top Benefits 

  • Unique marketplace for corporate training material.
  • Several licensing options for different uses.


filmsupply pricing

Filmsupply is a commercial video platform, so the pricing reflects the different licensing tiers that companies could use. They are:

  • Internal (Starting at $109 per clip), which covers internal meetings, training, and shareholder meetings
  • Industrial (Starting at $219 per clip), which covers events, sales meetings, tradeshow displays, and in-store promos
  • Web/Digital (Starting at $219 per clip), which covers website, social media, and web ads
  • Extended Use (Priced per project based on a personalized quote), which covers TV/Broadcast, film, VOD, theatrical, video games, and the like

Filmsupply Pros

  • Filmsupply is great for filmmakers and corporations.
  • Has footage with multiple clips from the same shoot (as opposed to single random clips).
  • The video clips are high-quality and cinematic.
  • The framing and coloring are well thought out.

Filmsupply Cons

  • Video organization and search are not ideal.
  • Pricy.

Bottom Line 

Filmsupply is best for corporations looking for a consistent source of good-quality footage (i.e., lots of videos featuring the same people, or featuring the same location).

10. Storyblocks

Good If You Need Affordable Unlimited Downloads
Starts at just $15 per month

Storyblocks has fewer cinematic-type videos, but they are building up their library all the time. Their videos are affordable, even for unlimited-download subscriptions!

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Storyblocks offers more than stock videos. It also offers the building blocks for visual storytelling all under the same roof, such as sound effects, animated backgrounds, photos, etc.

Storyblocks Stock Footage

Top Benefits 

  • HD Stock videos, music, photos, and other assets under one subscription.
  • Competitive pricing for unlimited downloads.


Storyblocks Pricing

For individual users, you can get one of three subscription tiers that fit your needs. These are:

  • Starter for $15/month (billed annually), giving you five monthly downloads and access to HD footage, music, photos, vectors, illustrations, and Maker Video Editor. 
  • Unlimited All Access for $30/month (billed annually), giving you unlimited downloads and access to HD footage, 4K footage, After-Effects templates, music & sound effects, photos, vectors, illustrations, and Maker Video Editor. 
  • Pro for $35/month (billed annually), giving you unlimited downloads and access to the previous tier’s perks, plus an Adobe Premiere Pro Plugin.

There’s a subscription plan for businesses. However, you’ll have to contact the company to discuss the options that match your business needs.

Storyblocks Pros

  • Pricing is very reasonable, making it a great budget option for creative projects.
  • Get videos, photos, music, vectors, and illustrations with your subscription.
  • Unlimited downloads with a subscription plan!
  • Works great with Adobe After Effects.

Storyblocks Cons

  • As this is a new site, they are still building their library of video clips and images.
  • Note that billing is on an annual basis for most plans.
  • Fewer cinematic videos than on some other platforms.

Bottom Line 

It’s great for people who want unlimited downloads each month, for a very reasonable price!

11. Videohive

Great If You Already Pay for Envato Elements!
Starts around $17 per month

Videohive works well if you already have a subscription to Envato Elements, as it's included. Otherwise, I'd go with a different option.

Learn More
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


As part of the Envato Marketplace, Videohive is another decent website for royalty-free stock videos with an extensive library.

Videohive Stock Footage

Top Features 

  • One subscription for unlimited video and other asset downloads.
  • Access to Envato Elements as part of the subscription.
  • Competitive rates for teams and enterprises.


videohive pricing

Videohive was acquired by Envato, so currently, it has the same subscription options as the Envato Elements site. That means the unlimited individual plan starts at $16.50 ($11.50 for students) and $10.75 for teams. For enterprise pricing, contact Envato Elements directly.

Videohive Pros

  • Best for those with some previous technical experience with videos.
  • Easy to find, high-quality videos.
  • A good low-cost option.

Videohive Cons

  • The website design is dated.
  • Some customers say that the customer support is not great.

Bottom Line 

If you want access to Envato Elements (or have a subscription already), then Videohive is a great option for you!

12. Videvo

Most Affordable (Non-Free) Option
Starts at $7.99 per month

Videvo has very affordable clips, but the library is quite a bit smaller than other options.

Learn More
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


A newcomer to the game, Videvo is a less-established website for stock footage and royalty-free assets. It’ll likely either grow large or get acquired by one of the big shots in the industry.

Videvo Stock Footage

Top Features 

  • A library of over one million video clips, motion graphics, Adobe Premiere Pro templates, After Effects templates, royalty-free music, and sound effects.
  • Different subscription tiers to fit all your needs, including a free option.


Videvo Pricing

Videvo has several options you can choose from when it comes to royalty-free videos:

  • Videvo Lite: $7.99 per month (billed monthly) and offers 5 video downloads per month
  • Videvo Plus: $14.99 per month (billed monthly) or $12 per month (billed annually) and offers 25 video and template downloads per month
  • Videvo Pro: $24.99 per month (billed monthly) or $20 per month (billed annually) and offers 50 video, audio, and template downloads per month

Videvo Pros

  • Free or budget options available.

Videvo Cons

  • Limited library of clips.

Bottom Line 

A Videvo subscription is will give you affordable stock video downloads, but the smaller library will limit your videos.

13. RawFilm

Great If You Need Ultra HD 4K-8K Footage
Starts at $49.99 for one clip

Rawfilm is a good option if you need ultra-high-resolution video footage.

Learn More
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RawFilm is one of the best stock video sites for commercial purposes thanks to its extensive license and overall versatility.

RawFilm Stock Footage

Top Benefits 

  • One licensing option to cover all your needs
  • Flexible download bundle for one-time project needs.
  • Collection-based browsing for visual coherence


RawFilm Pricing

RawFilm has one option for footage licensing that all the videos fall under, which gives you permission to use the footage for YouTube, TV, film, and streaming services, like Netflix.

The pricing is as follows:

  • Single Clip: $49 for one clip
  • Yearly: 1000 clips/year $69 per month ($828 paid annually)
  • Monthly: 50 clips/month $79 per month

Bottom Line 

RawFilm is best for commercial video creators and video editors looking for consistent quality and straightforward licensing. However, it’s quite expensive, so it’s an option for professionals only.

14. Pexels

Good Free Site For Beginners
Pexels Video

Pexels is another great free stock video site! Yes, your viewers might have seen the footage before, but hey, it's free!

Learn More
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


Pexels is another free stock video site with great quality videos you can use for school projects as well as huge commercial projects.

Pexels Stock Footage

Top Benefits 

  • Offers completely free stock video clips under a simple commercial license.
  • Unlimited access to all assets with no paid subscriptions.
  • HD clips and 4K premium clips are available.


Pexels Pricing

Pexels offers all of its royalty-free content, even HD footage, for free.

The license that covers the free stock video footage on Pexels allows personal and commercial use but draws the line at:

  • Selling one of Pexels free stock videos to other stock video sites as your own
  • Selling unaltered photos or videos as a digital or physical product
  • Using the people in a free stock video to sell a product or service

Pexels Pros

  • Features diverse people in their videos and photos.
  • Lots of free videos to use.

Pexels Cons

  • Lacks videos on newer topics, like technology.
  • Be careful around kids, as some content may be inappropriate.

Bottom Line 

Beginner content creators and online video editor specialists could greatly benefit from a free stock video website like Pexels for free clips of all qualities.

Final Thoughts

Any video creator wants a large library where they can find great quality footage as well as templates for special effects to aid their visual storytelling. That’s why finding the best stock video websites can be such a gold mine for your creative process.

Whether you go for a big name like iStock, Shutterstock, and Adobe Stock or root for an underdog like Storyblocks and Videvo, you can find what you’re looking for on our list!

Best Stock Footage Pin

Common Questions

What is the best stock footage site?

The best stock video site is the one that fits your requirements and matches your budget. I like Shutterstock and Artgrid!

What is the largest stock footage library?

The current largest stock video footage library belongs to Pond5 with a whopping 35 million high-quality video clips.

What is the cheapest stock footage subscription?

You can find free stock clips on websites like Pexels and Pixabay, as well as free downloads from paid video sites.

What is the cheapest stock footage subscription?

At under $8 per month, Videvo is the cheapest stock video site subscription, not counting free sites like Pixabay and Pexels.

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