How to Make AI Videos Like a Pro: Ultimate Guide for 2024

how to make AI videos

Key Takeaways:

  • Making AI videos involves a five-step process: writing a script (using AI tools if preferred), choosing the right AI video software, customizing the video, adding voiceover or music, and final editing.
  • AI-generated videos are great because:
    • They can save you time and resources
    • AI-generated videos let you change languages easily for global audiences
    • Using AI-generated videos lets you scale your video content creation.

By 2030, the generative AI market will be worth an estimated $207 billion. While we’re still a long way from having AI overlords, the above figure shows that generative AI software tools are here to stay.

Entrepreneurs and businesses are using AI software for everything from script writing to video creation to story generation!

As a published novelist and indie filmmaker myself, I’ve found that AI is useful in so many different ways. While responsible use of AI means never relying on AI for facts, it’s great for outlining, throwing ideas around, and definitely for video generation!

If you’re interested in learning how using AI content tools can save you time and money when creating video clips, read on! This article explains how to make AI videos, using either your own footage or by using artificial intelligence text-to-video capabilities to generate video.

It’s a whole new world out there now, and this article will explain the entire process!

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what are AI video generator programs?

How to Make AI Videos: For Beginners

Here’s how you can make an AI-generated video in five steps:

1: Write The Video Script

Planning and writing a video script can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of creating an AI-generated video. Thankfully, you can turn to artificial intelligence to automate the process for you. For this, you have two options:

  1. Using an AI writing tool like Jasper AI, you can give the tool a series of prompts or use their AI script-generating tool. For example, if you need a video script for your YouTube channel, you can tell Jasper to:

“Write a YouTube-style script that teaches viewers how to tie a tie. The video should be one minute and 30 seconds long and have a friendly tone.”

Jasper will create the script in a couple of seconds.

Here’s an example of how I created a video script using a prompt within Jasper Chat:

Jasper script prompt

Here’s the script I received from Jasper Chat for this prompt:

Jasper Script

Alternatively, you can use an AI video editing tool that also has an AI script generator. Some examples of this are invideo, Vyond Go, and Synthesia. These tools will take your existing text or ideas and create a video script for you right in the program!

2: Choose Your AI Video Software

The next step is to select the best AI video generation tool for your project. To answer this question, consider your project’s needs:

  • Do you want to make faceless YouTube videos? You’ll need a tool that has a decent library of stock videos (i.e., invideo, Pictory).
  • Are you making training videos that require presentation? A tool that provides AI avatars will be more suitable (Synthesia).
  • Perhaps you’d like to create an informal video presentation? An AI tool that supports animated videos will do the trick (Vyond Go).

While there are tools that support the creation of multiple video types, it’s best to use one that specializes in what you’re looking to create.

3: Customize Your Video

The customization actions you take in this step will depend on the type of video you’re creating and your choice of tool.

For example, if you’re making a presentation or explainer video that requires an AI avatar, you’ll choose the avatar’s gender and race at this stage. 

Customization may also relate to your video’s branding. Most AI video tools let you add a watermark or superimpose your brand’s logo in a corner of the video. Use these features to personalize your productions and make professional-looking videos.

4: Add Voiceover or Music

voiceover avatars on synthesia

Unless you’re into making silent pictures, you’ll need to add audio to your video. In most cases, this step will involve giving your video a voiceover and adding background music.

The way you’ll add background music and a voiceover varies depending on the tool you use.

For example, Synthesia has text-to-speech capabilities that let you copy and paste your script into its script box. It automatically transforms the text into an AI voiceover. It even goes as far as choosing the AI voice’s language based on your text.

Regarding background music, most AI video-editing tools give you two ways to add music. You can choose a track from the tool’s library of royalty-free songs or upload your choice of music from your computer or a third-party source.

You could even use an AI music generator to create unique music – some video tools, such as Filmora Wondershare, even include AI music generator tools!


5: Final Editing and Review

playing an ai generated video for final edits

The final step when using AI to create engaging videos is to review and edit the generated video.

When an AI-powered tool generates a video, you’ll need to review it to ensure it matches your vision and is error-free. While powerful, these tools aren’t perfect and require human intervention to work. So, you must watch the generated video at least once while taking notes of any issues you notice.

The editing phase may involve discarding script sections that add nothing to the overall video and make it longer than necessary. Depending on the tool, you may be able to prune these extra sections in a drag-and-drop video editor.

What Are AI-Generated Videos?

An AI-generated video is a video that’s created using artificial intelligence. Some video generators will create the whole video for you (no camera or actors needed!), while others will take your existing video content and edit it together with minimal human input!

There are two ways AI tools start the video-creation process: from scratch (all you need is some written text or even just an idea!) or by using existing video content as a basis for inspiration.

When creating videos, AI video generators use algorithms to act on the input (text, audio, etc.) they receive. You can also feed these tools a video script, and they’ll automatically create videos and voices that match the content.

Why Make AI-Generated Videos?

There are many reasons to use an AI video generator when creating professional videos. The main ones are:

  • Save Time and Resources: The traditional method of creating engaging videos can be time and resource-intensive. You’ll need a video camera to record footage, video editing software to make edits, and a cast and crew that brings it all together. You’ll also need someone who is willing to be on-camera! All of these factors cost money. Additionally, shooting and editing the footage can take hours, days, weeks, or even months! An AI video generator can save you both time and money. When you use an AI-powered tool, you can generate video clips in just a few minutes without hiring a camera, cast, or crew. 
  • Localization: If you plan to create high-quality videos for a global audience, AI-powered video generators can do this for you. Aside from their video generation and video editing capabilities, these tools also have translation functionality. In just a few clicks, you can translate a video into tons of different languages (some programs will even add automatic subtitles!).
  • Scalability: Due to how efficiently an AI video creator can produce videos, you can create them at scale. These tools have text-to-video technology that lets you automate the video content creation process. You can effectively create an infinite number of videos in just a few clicks!

The potential of these tools for individuals and businesses is immense! 

Businesses can scale their marketing operations without spending a ton of cash! Meanwhile, AI video generators democratize the video-creation process, letting individuals compete on an even playing field with bigger businesses.

The Best Tools for Making AI Videos

If you need to make an engaging video quickly, consider trying one of the following AI video makers:

1. invideo

Best For Instant AI-Generated Videos From Text
Invideo Invideo
Has a free plan (but your video will have a watermark). Paid plans are $30 or $60/month (or $15 - $30/month if you pay yearly).

Invideo is a high-quality AI video tool. It can help you create easy AI-generated videos from just a text prompt. These videos include background music, stock video footage, and text on-screen!

You can also use invideo's AI to help you edit your own videos faster, add custom AI voiceovers and cute on-screen images, and use their huge stock footage library.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Invideo excels at creating long and short-form video productions from texts. It provides many video templates to make the creation process quicker and is highly customizable.

Some examples of videos you can create with Invideo include promo videos, marketing videos, testimonials, presentations, and slideshows.

invideo homepage


  • Provides thousands of professionally created templates that help you create projects quickly

  • Single-click shortcuts for background removal and other functions make it easy to use

  • Supports remote collaboration during the video production and editing process


  • It can take a while for Invideo’s AI to render videos

Here’s a video I made using invideo’s AI text-to-video generator. It created this whole video from just a text-based script!

invideo AI generated video - independent film

2. Synthesia

Best AI Avatar Videos for Businesses

Synthesia is an easy-to-use AI Avatar program that is best for the needs of medium to large businesses. It's great for creating training and explainer videos that are way more engaging than just having employees read the information they need to know.

Their AI voices are quite good, and their "digital humans" are looking more realistic all the time. You can see some videos that I've made with Synthesia when you click to see my review!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Synthesia leverages powerful machine-learning algorithms to transform text-based video scripts into custom videos. You don’t need to hire voice actors, presenters, a camera, or other equipment–this tool does it all. It can translate voiceovers into 120 languages and provides over 100 AI avatars

synthesia homepage


  • Huge library of natural-sounding AI voices

  • Synthesia can create videos from a web page, blog post, or news article

  • Straightforward and intuitive to use


  • It doesn’t have a free pricing tier

Here’s a text prompt I used to create the following video using Synthesia:

generate Synthesia video

Here’s a video I created using Synthesia’s AI avatars! This video was created using their text-to-video feature – so all I input was the text prompt (shown above), and this video was the result!

3. Vyond Go

Vyond Vyond
$49 to $179/month (or $25 to $92/month if you pay yearly)

Vyond is one of the best whiteboard animation software programs for creating educational and training videos.

It’s aimed at three company departments: sales, marketing, and HR. In addition, it’s an excellent software for making internal communications videos that inform staff and stakeholders.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Vyond Go is meant for businesses who want to create animated videos. It has a built-in AI script generator and video creator and provides plenty of features that present endless video-creation possibilities.

You can pick a video template from the hundreds provided to create internal communications videos, training and eLearning videos, HR videos, and more. 

vyond go homepage


  • No need to use separate tools to generate your video scripts

  • Can create a range of workplace-related videos

  • Has solutions for resellers, affiliate marketers, and so on


  • This tool is available solely to existing Vyond subscribers

Vyond Go - create independent film video

4. Pictory

Best AI Video Editor For Social Media Videos
Pictory Pictory
Has a free trial of each of their plans. Paid plans are $23 to $119/month (or $19 - $99/month if you pay yearly).

Pictory is an AI video editing program that is amazing for making videos for social media. I love their huge stock footage library, and the variety of on-screen fonts, images and cute graphics.

One of the most useful features is that you can use their AI to quickly extract short clips from your longer-form videos. This is great for anyone who wants to post IG reels or YT shorts!

Make sure you use the code "neil65" to get 50% off your Pictory subscription!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Pictory is a fantastic AI video maker to have in your toolbox when you want to create marketing videos. It aims to help content marketers create shareable videos quickly and affordably.

The tool’s AI can work with scripts, blog posts, long-form videos, and more, transforming them into videos you can upload to Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.

pictory homepage


  • One of the best tools for creating social media videos

  • Automatically captions videos, ensuring that people who watch them on mute can follow along

  • Has an automatic video summarizer that makes repurposing content easier


  • Not all the music tracks in the tool’s library are royalty-free

When choosing the right tool for your project, make sure to consider factors like its ease of use, features, and pricing. You can also pick tools based on your project’s needs.

Pictory AI user interface

Final Thoughts

The best part about AI video creation software is that it can save you TONS of time and money! These tools automate many of the tasks associated with creating and editing videos, like cutting out awkward pauses and adding subtitles.

They can also create many different kinds of videos (animated, faceless videos using stock footage, and AI Avatars) based on the text prompts they’re provided.

I absolutely recommend that you consider using one of these tools the next time you need to create a video for social media, ads, or other marketing purposes!

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