Top 11 Best LED Filming Lights for Filmmakers [in 2024]

LED filming lights

Key Takeaways:

If you’re looking for an LED light set that includes stands, is fantastic quality, and won’t break the bank for your independent film, try out the Neewer video light panel.

If you need a small, portable light that fits on a DSLR, check out the Godox, and for a premium light, look at the Aputure.

Are you confused about which filming lights are best to use on your film set? I know I was when I first started making my own movies!

Lighting is a critical part of filmmaking.

Thanks to it, we, as filmmakers, can convey our message properly, evoke emotions, and make our films look stunning. And it’s always nice when people can actually see what’s going on in the movie!

Technology now provides an excellent solution for film lighting that’s both cost-effective and easy to control: LED lights.

I’ve worked on tons of film sets now, and I’ve seen filmmakers use everything from lamps from their living room (that was a while ago, when I first started!) to the highest-quality filming lights available. After seeing the finished results, I’ve come to my own conclusions about what makes a great LED light for film.

Check out this article to discover the 11 best LED filming lights to improve your film and video production efforts!

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What are the Best LED Lights?

If you want to join the ranks of Peter Jackson and other famous filmmakers who use LED lights in their films, the following eleven lighting solutions are great to get you started.

All of these features are what we carefully considered in curating this list of the best-LED filming lights.

Let’s take a look at the top options.

1. Neewer LED Video Light Panel

Best Overall
NEEWER 18.3" RGB LED Video Light Panel with App Control Stand Kit

This is a panel light from Neewer, with tons of features under its belt. This LED lighting screams professional video and is most useful for its flicker-free features.

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Top Features  

  • RGBWW LED lamps
  • 97+ color rendering index
  • Adjustable hue, brightness, and temperature
  • 17 special lighting effects
  • Remote control via the Neewer mobile app


Neewer’s 18.3″ RGB LED Video Light Panel costs about $350.

The kit also includes two lights, two light stands, and two fixed brackets.

Bottom Line 

Neewer’s 18.3″ RGB LED is versatile and useful for most settings. As a film lighting fixture, it provides great levels of Bluetooth remote control and adjustable lighting.

It’s my top overall pick for a lighting system for influencers and professional filmmakers.

2. Aputure 300X LED Video Light

Best Premium Film Light
Aputure 300X Led Video Light

The Aputure 300X LED is a professional studio LED with numerous features to meet most filmmakers' expectations.

The powerful LED light has integrated cooling fans that stay quiet when active and won't affect the video's sound quality.

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With excellent color rendition, useful built-in modes to save time in post-production, and efficient use of electricity, this model is worth the investment.

Top Features  

  • Includes two high-capacity V-mount batteries to achieve maximum output
  • Reliable color rendition (bicolor 2700–6500k and 96+ CRI and TLCI scores)
  • Can be controlled remotely
  • Comes with several built-in features such as “Paparazzi” or “Explosion”
  • 0-100% dimmer with four dimming curves


The Aputure 300X LED retails for around $1000.

The box includes the lamp head, remote control, quick-release clamp, protection cover, button cell battery, and a carrying case.

Bottom Line 

This LED is ideal for both professional film shooting and photography.

The maximum output makes it a great option to capture larger areas, and the built-in features help you easily transition to smaller spaces when necessary.

3. Godox LED Video Light

Best Budget Light
Godox RGB LED Video Light, Rechargeable

The Godox LITEMONS LED6R RGB LED is an entry-level light designed for usability.

It's the ideal LED light for beginner filmmakers and photographers in need of a powerful solution with low power consumption.

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With virtually no set-up needed, the Godox LED provides instant lighting on the go, as long as you keep it charged.

Top Features

  • 1800 mAh Li-ion battery that takes 3.5 hours to fully charge
  • Compact RGB light
  • Adjustable saturation from 0 to 360 degrees
  • Integrated dimmer (0–100%)
  • 13 FX light effects (such as TV, police car, or firework)
  • Lasts for up to 10 hours before it needs to be recharged


You can purchase Godox’s powerful light at just $34.90.

The package includes the light, a diffuser that reduces shadows, and a cleaning cloth.

Bottom Line 

The Godox RGB LED is ideal for a beginner to shoot anything from music videos to short films or even a personal vlog.

I can even recommend it to people who haven’t yet invested in a professional camera. You can use it to improve footage shot on your iPhone.

4. ZHIYUN FIVERAY M40 Video Light

Best For YouTubers
ZHIYUN FIVERAY Video Light, 40W Portable Camera Light

The ZHIYUN FIVERAY M40 Video Light is a pocket-size solution you can fit in your palm.

This compact device offers high brightness, precise color control, and a simplified set-up to cut down prep time.

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For such a small device, you get tremendous color temperature and brightness control, portability, real-time charging, and independent use for up to half an hour.

Top Features

  • 176 LED chips to get a maximum of 14000 lux
  • Dual-wheel dimmer for color temperature and brightness
  • Integrated cooling system with an attitude-control algorithm to prevent overheating
  • 29 minutes of max power output (40 watts)
  • It weighs only 1.21 pounds


The ZHIYUN FIVERAY M40 Video Light costs about $100.

Bottom Line 

At first, I would’ve said the ZHIYUN FIVERAY M40 Video Light is perfect for YouTubers and influencers.

But I can also see it in a smaller film production or photo shoot, particularly for close-ups or scenes in tighter spaces where full-scale professional lighting equipment won’t fit.

5. Portable On-Camera Light

Best For DSLR - On Camera
G2 RGB Portable On Camera Light

The IVISII G2 RGB Portable On-Camera Light is a simple portable light that works for up to 190 minutes at 100% brightness.

The attached arm can be rotated 360 degrees to adjust the light as needed. With it, you get both your fill lights and main lights needs met, especially for smaller film production.

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Set-up is simple and the light doesn’t come with many accessories. Charge it up and start using it straight from the box.

Top Features

  • USB Type-C charging port, which allows you to charge it from any power source
  • Nine scene modes
  • Made from aviation aluminum alloy for better heat dispersion
  • Weighs 6.35 ounces
  • A shoe-mount adaptor allows you to attach the light to your camera or a tripod


Invisii’s light is an affordable solution that costs around $70-80.

Bottom Line 

The IVISII G2 RGB Portable On-Camera Light looks like a solution made for the influencer generation.

But it’s a powerful light for indoor shooting as well. I recommend it for most productions, from music videos to short films.

6. Godox M1 Mini Creative Light

Best Portable Light
Godox M1 RGB Mini Creative Light

Godox's M1 lighting model is designed for versatility. It features three modes—bi-color, FX situational special effects, and colorful mode—that address most lighting needs.

With excellent independent runtime and precise control over your lighting, Godox's M1 is a powerful light to have around your film production.

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The camera feels sturdy in your hands, so you can add it to your bag and travel with it anywhere you need to film without worrying about damaging it while in transit.

Top Features  

  • 13W power consumption
  • 150 minutes of runtime at full power
  • Illuminate power of 1700 max
  • 0-100% dimmer
  • Weighs 8.5 ounces


This high-performance lighting is a slight investment for smaller budgets and retails at around $130-140.

Bottom Line 

The Godox M1 RGB Mini Creative Light is for anyone who needs a fully portable and compact light around their set, whether they’re shooting a film, a music video, or taking portraits in a studio.

7. Amaran COB Led Video Light

Best Stand-Based LED Light
Amaran 200X S COB Led Video Light Bi Color

The Amaran 200X COB Led Video Light is a point-source fixture that provides enhanced wireless control. 

It's ideal for lighting photos and videos.

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The system is easy to use and allows you to go from a softer light to something much stronger from a distance by using remote control functions. This also makes it a solid choice for solo shooting.

Top Features  

  • High-color temperature control
  • Can produce light cooler than conventional sunlight
  • Built-in 100-240V power supply
  • Can run on batteries if another power source is unavailable
  • Remote control via Bluetooth
  • It comes with a soft light umbrella hole and a universal Bowens mount


This light retails for around $300-320.

The kit includes a lamp, a reflector, an adapter, and a power cable. You’ll need to buy a stand for it.

Bottom Line 

The Amaran 200X COB Led Video Light is useful on a smaller film set where you don’t have the luxury of a large crew.

Since the light can be controlled via an app, filmmakers can change settings to suit the scene remotely.

8. Neewer 2 Pack LED Video Light

Best Stand-Included Light
NEEWER 2 Pieces Bi-color 660 LED Video Light and Stand Kit

Neewer's 2-Pack light and stand kit is versatile and budget-friendly LED lighting that can help filmmakers and photographers create interesting lighting effects in a studio.

Set-up is fairly simple, and while this type of light is most suitable for studio filming, it's lightweight enough to carry around if necessary.

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The four barn doors attached allow for precise controlling of how the light is dispersed to help filmmakers create a specific lighting effect that complements their scene.

Top Features  

  • 660 LEDs
  • Integrated soft diffuser
  • Dual power source
  • Stable and light stand
  • Integrated barn doors to prevent light spill
  • Supports 360-degree rotation


Neewer sells this lighting solution for around $210-220.

Bottom Line 

The Neewer lights are best used in a studio. But the tool is just 1.54 pounds, so carrying it with you to film a specific scene is not unreasonable. It’s a good solution for smaller videos, photo shoots, and crews on a tighter budget.

9. Lume Cube Mini LED Light

Best Pocket-Sized For Content Creators
Lume Cube Bicolor Panel Mini LED Light for Professional DSLR Cameras

The Lume Cube Bicolor Panel Mini LED Light is a portable LED panel the size of your credit card.

It's a camera and photo lighting solution ideal for whenever you need a more diffused light or to shoot something up close.

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This LED is another out-of-the-box solution that requires no set-up and charges quickly, making it a great option for filming while traveling.

Top Features  

  • The battery lasts up to 14 hours at 1% and 2 hours at 100% brightness
  • The panel can be mounted on any camera or device through the 1/4″ threads
  • 60 LEDs
  • Adjustable brightness and temperature
  • Weighs 3 ounces


The light costs about $70-80.

The package includes an additional panel light diffuser and shoe mount to customize your experience.

Bottom Line 

I’d say this is the premier light for content creators or amateurs looking to improve the quality of their video or photo footage.

It also has a place in a more professional setting if you require something portable and want a diffused light to create a specific effect.

10. Amaran 100d LED Video Light

Best With Bluetooth Control On a Budget
Amaran 100d Daylight LED Light

The Amaran 100d is a daylight point source fixture designed for brightness and full remote control via Bluetooth.

With CRI and TLCI scores of 95+, this fixture achieves impressive color quality.

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The LED comes with a built-in cooling fan that purrs only slightly. You can only hear it when you’re close to it, but your mics won’t pick it up.

Top Features  

  • Nine pre-programmed lighting effects
  • Dual control (remote via Bluetooth and through the on-board adjustment knob)
  • Dual power supply methods
  • Built-in umbrella holder
  • Compact lamp head


You can purchase the Amaran 100d at around $175.

Bottom Line 

The Amaran 100d is versatile, and given its low price point, I’d recommend it to entry-level filmmakers.

It provides enough control and power to improve the quality of your film, YouTube video, or photos.

11. ZHIYUN Molus G60

Best For Bluetooth Control
ZHIYUN Molus G60 Combo, Bi-Color Video Light

The last of the best LED lights comes from Zhiyun. 

The Molus G60 Combo is a lightweight fixture with efficient cooling designed to be a universal film light.

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03/21/2024 03:33 pm GMT

Top Features  

  • 60 watts of high power
  • Type-C power supply
  • DC power source adapter
  • Bluetooth mesh control via mobile app
  • Compact and portable design


The Molus G60 Combo costs about $250.

Bottom Line 

Portability and ease of use alone make this one of the best LED lights for short videos, interviews, or photo shoots.

LED lights for film

How to Choose an LED Film Light

First, let’s check out the top factors that influence the quality of LED lighting:


Brightness determines the power of the lights.

Modern light fixtures will even allow you to digitally control the amount of brightness the LED can emit at any given moment. These are known as dimmable LED lights. You can rely on the same LED solution to light various scenes.

You need to check for lumen (lm) capacity to determine how bright (or not) the LED lights are. Ideally, the lumen value should be between 300 and 800 lm, but it can vary depending on where you’ll shoot scenes.

Color Temperature

Color temperature can give your scenes different depths and help you creatively overcome an impasse.

Peter Jackson shot the most iconic fight scenes from the Lord of the Rings trilogy at night and used blue backlights to emulate the color of the moon. The cold light made the scenes cooler, allowing audiences to see what was happening.

As with brightness, modern LED lights may allow you to change their color temperature by changing a setting on an app.

If you go for something more classic, consider the scene type you’ll need to light and what color temperature will support it best.

LED filming light

Battery Life

Unless you’ll always be shooting in a studio, the battery life of your LED lights is critical. It can determine how much freedom you have to shoot your film on location and how cost-effective this production component is.


LED light efficiency refers to how much power the tool uses to emit light. By default, LED lights are more efficient than other light bulbs because they only use power to produce light and not heat.

Still, LED lights have different abilities regarding efficiency, so this is an important factor to consider when researching the market. Look for solutions that suit both your lighting and energy needs.


No filmmaker wants to waste too much time on production costs, yet it’s an unescapable component of creating a movie.

Consider how much you can afford to spend on LED lights before you start your search. Based on your budget, you can head straight to the brands or product lines that suit your finances.

In the review below, you can find LED lights for all budgets to start your search.

Light Output

Light output determines if you can film in an open area or need to shoot your film in a narrow space.

If you’re only shooting indoors, you can opt for LED lights with a lower output. Filming outside, especially when trying to capture a larger area, would require a higher output, which is usually more expensive.

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Final Thoughts

LEDs are the premier choice of lighting for any film set, photo shoot, green screen shoot, or even to perfectly light your selfies.

They’re energy-efficient, don’t flicker, and provide long-lasting brightness to help filmmakers of all shapes and sizes make a movie.

If you’re not using LEDs yet, you have eleven great options here in this article. And, if you don’t want to bother buying all of the necessary film equipment, you can always use an AI video generator program instead!

I hope you find one that best suits your filmmaking needs and budget!

Best LED lights for filmmakers

Common Questions (FAQs)

Do I need professional lighting for making regular YouTube videos or short films?

The type of lights you need for your video or short film depends on the type of content you’ll produce. You don’t need professional-level film lights for a YouTube video shot in your room or a short film produced in a studio or tight space. Affordable lamps can work fine in these cases, and since LEDs don’t produce heat, you can avoid burns even if the LEDs are close to the subject. But professional lights can make all the difference if you plan to shoot your video outside.

Can I produce full-scale movies with the lighting solutions provided above?

Used creatively, all LEDs can help give your video or film footage a professional look. Choosing LEDs that provide enough brightness and color temperature control for full-scale movies is best since you’ll need more variety to shoot your scenes. Independent runtime is also critical, as you might not always have electricity on-site to charge your LEDs.

Is LED lighting more power-efficient compared to fluorescent lights?

LEDs are the most power-efficient light technology compared to any other bulb on the market, including fluorescent lights. LEDs use 75% less electricity than incandescent bulbs and last 25 times longer. Some quality LEDs can use as much as 90% less energy. Fluorescent lights also use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs, but they only last ten times longer. Add these numbers up, and LEDs are a long-term, efficient solution to replace other types of film lights.

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