10 Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Characters in Patriotic Movies

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My top sci-fi and fantasy characters in patriotic movies are Capt. Steven Hiller in Independence Day,  Steve Rogers in Captain America, and  Lt. Aldo Raine in Inglorious Basterds.

Read on to learn more about why each has earned their spot on my top 10 list, and see the rest of my pics!

With Independence Day coming up, it got me thinking about the best patriotic sci-fi and fantasy characters in movies. From brave heroes to courageous leaders, these characters inspire us with patriotism and determination.

When I write genre fiction, the characters are always at the forefront of any story I come up with. They are the glue that holds the narrative together, and if we don’t care about them, we won’t care about the story.

I’ve always admired patriotic characters because, at heart, they are ready to sacrifice everything for their country and their core beliefs. As heroes, they fight for something bigger than themselves and exhibit true courage when facing insurmountable odds. And really, isn’t that what all of us love to see in our heroes?

Here are ten of the best patriotic characters in sci-fi and fantasy movies to help get you in the patriotic spirit!

What Are The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Characters in Patriotic Movies?

patriotic characters in sci-fi movies

1. Capt. Steven Hiller in Independence Day (1996)

Cocky, reckless, and headstrong but with a liberal amount of humor, Capt. Hiller is everything a movie fighter pilot should be. And when he punches a frightening alien invader square in the face, he instantly won over audiences worldwide.

2. Steve Rogers in Captain America (2011)

The embodiment of the American ideal, Steve is everything good about the USA. He’s brave, and strong, and he always stands up for the little guy.

It’s this last quality that makes him most endearing because he wasn’t born a hero – he simply always had the heart of one.

3. Lt. Aldo Raine in Inglorious Basterds (2009)

A Tennessee backwoodsman with a rope burn around his redneck, he’s not only driven by one goal – “killin’ Nat-zees” – he’s also so damn good at it that Adolf himself is scared to death of Aldo’s Basterds.

And when he pulls off in fantasy what the Allies couldn’t in reality, it makes him that much more of a badass.

4. Superman in Superman (1978)

The ultimate immigrant success story, Kal-El (aka Clark Kent, aka Superman) came to our world as a baby and was raised in the Heartland by two kindly farmers.

Armed with traditional values of “truth, justice, and the American way,” he could conquer the world without breaking a sweat but chooses to protect the weak and uphold freedom above all else. It just goes to show that you don’t have to be born in America to be a great American.

5. Capt. Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds in Serenity (2005)

Though on the losing side of a galactic civil war, Mal never gives up fighting for the Browncoats, even if he does it by becoming a smuggler.

Always standing up for the little guy, Mal takes in other outcasts under his wing, even if it means being hunted as a wanted criminal by the oppressive Alliance.

6. President Thomas J. Whitmore in Independence Day (1996)

Will Smith’s Capt. Hiller may be the muscle, Jeff Goldblum’s David Levinson may be the brains, but President Whitmore is the inspiration that brings them all together.

To this day, his speech is the gold standard for patriotism and the celebration of all things American.

7. Capt. James T. Kirk in Star Trek Series (1979 – 1994)

A man of action and conviction, Capt. Kirk seems at first headstrong and reckless but is, in reality, shrewd and calculating – though always guided by a strong moral compass.

His never-say-die attitude and ability to follow the spirit of the law – if not the letter – has saved entire worlds, making him the most memorable and influential officer in all of Starfleet.

8. Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

It would be easy to paint Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. (aka Indiana Jones) as a graverobber more interested in the treasure than in actual archeological knowledge and pursuit, but the fact that he never seems to profit personally from his finds speaks volumes.

And as a WW1 and WW2 veteran, he readily jumps into impossible missions to help his country and keep the world safe from evil.

9. Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman (2017)

As one of the legendary Amazon races, Princess Diana (aka Wonder Woman) grew up trying to stay out of the affairs of humankind. Still, despite her best intentions, she’s drawn into WW1 to fight for the Allies.

And though she was raised to be suspicious of men, she ultimately becomes a champion for all people.

10. James Bond in James Bond Series (1962 – 2021)

Royal Navy Commander and super-spy James Bond will do whatever it takes to protect Queen and Country, and often, the rest of the world as well.

Refined and suave but with an edge, he’s the best at what he does, and few have looked as good doing it.

Final Thoughts

Patriotism is an emotion that can rock a cinema theater, as evidenced by the presence of these ten memorable characters from Sci-Fi and Fantasy films.

From Superman winging his way through obstacles to Wonder Woman championing a new age of justice and freedom, these cinematic personalities have embedded themselves in our collective memory. Their stories serve as reminders of the bravery and compassion it takes to fight for freedom and love – a message that remains relevant today!

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Common Questions (FAQs)

What is a patriotic movie?

A patriotic movie is all about showing love and pride for the country where it takes place. These movies usually have heroes who sacrifice themselves for the greater good or display incredible courage in adversity. Or, they tell stories about regular people doing amazing things. The main goal is to make viewers feel proud and connected to their country.

Is Rocky a 4th of July movie?

Rocky is a movie about an underdog boxer who gets a chance to fight for the heavyweight title. The movie was released on October 3, 1976, quickly becoming a box office hit. Many people consider Rocky a 4th of July movie because it celebrates the American dream of hard work and determination leading to success. Others argue that Rocky is not a 4th of July movie because it does not explicitly mention the holiday or show patriotic symbols.

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