best gifts for writers

As a writer, I can tell you that the best gifts for writers are always the ones that are thoughtful, unique, and useful!

One of the best gifts given to me by my daughters was a pendant inscribed with the words, “Between two evils, always pick the one you never tried before. – Mae West”.

Neil Chase as the Devil in Spin The Wheel

As a genre writer and filmmaker, I couldn’t think of a better motto to motivate my work each day.

In fact, I loved it so much, I wore it as part of my costume when playing the Devil in Spin the Wheel.

That’s the power of a great gift!

That’s why I’ve put together this roundup of the 75+ best gifts for writers in 2024! Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or something more extravagant, we’ve got you covered in this gift guide.

We’ll offer suggestions for writers of novels, screenplays, and even poems. We’ll also discuss year-long subscription gift options, so keep reading to find the perfect gift for the writer in your life!

best gifts for writers

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What Are The Best Gifts for Writers?

Best Overall Gifts for Writers

Writer’s Emergency Pack

Sometimes when you’re stuck, thinking of new ideas is hard. Thankfully there is an entire deck of cards full of ready-to-go solutions for getting over writer’s block! From fixing plot holes to spicing up characters, these 26 instant aid tricks can help get any story back on track.

The Writer Emergency Pack is beneficial to any kind of fiction writer, whether they create novels, short stories, screenplays, or even poems!

The Emotion Thesaurus

The Emotion Thesaurus is widely acclaimed as a fantastic tool for writers, enabling them to portray characters’ emotions more uniquely. It’s hailed as the “gold standard for writers,” and its expanded edition includes 55 additional emotions, enriching the writer’s expressive palette.

This resource is essential not just for fiction, but also for non-fiction writing, enhancing the authenticity and emotional depth of characters and promoting the principle of ‘show, not tell’ in narrative storytelling.

Luxury Pen

If you’re looking for a luxury pen that makes an excellent gift for a writer, consider the Scriveiner brand from London. Finished in 24k gold, this pen is truly a work of art. The intricate designs on the barrel and cap are sure to impress any recipient. And the best part is that each pen comes with its own luxury presentation case.

When you are looking for a perfect gift for a writer, the Scriveiner pen is sure to exceed your expectations.

Game Gifts for Writers

The Storymatic Game

Storymatic is a card game that helps people develop ideas for stories. It’s designed specifically for writers looking for new ideas or needing help getting unstuck. The game comes with a deck of cards, each of which has a different prompt on it. To play, you draw a card and use the prompt to develop an idea for a story.

Storymatic is a great way to get your creative juices flowing and a great gift for writers. If you know any indie authors who love to write or who are always looking for new story ideas, Storymatic is the perfect gift.

Synapsis Game

If you know a writer, chances are they’re always looking for new story ideas. That’s where the Synapsis game comes in. It’s a card game designed to generate new ideas for stories, and it’s perfect for writers of all genres. The game comes with a deck of cards, each containing an element of a story (e.g., character, setting, plot). Players draw cards and then use them to create a synopsis for a story.

The Synapsis game is the perfect gift for writers looking to break out of their creative ruts and come up with new and exciting ideas.

The Writer’s Toolbox

For the writer in your life, The Writer’s Toolbox story prompt game is the perfect gift! This unique game provides hours of fun and creativity as players spin the wheel to come up with story ideas and themes. With prompts ranging from “a fairy tale gone wrong” to “a time travel adventure,” there’s something for everyone.

And best of all, the game can be played again and again, with new and different results each time. So if you’re looking for a gift that will help fuel a writer’s imagination, The Writer’s Toolbox is a sure bet!

Wearable Gifts for Writers

Socks for Writers

Many writers prefer to be cozy, and these socks are the perfect gift! The socks are a fun and unique way to show your support for their writing career. The socks are also a great way to inspire them to keep writing and be motivated.

These writer’s socks are made of high-quality materials and are very comfortable to wear. They are also machine-washable and come in a variety of sizes. Order now, and you’ll be sure to make the writer in your life very happy!

Peter Pan Fingerless Writing Gloves

These Peter Pan fingerless writing gloves from Etsy make an ideal gift for writers of any age. Featuring classic text from J. M. Barrie’s beloved novel, these gloves are sure to bring out the childlike wonder and adventure of Neverland within their wearer.

The American-made fabric is impeccably crafted to a super soft 100% cotton knit, having an open palm circumference of 8 inches and an armband of 7 inches round. A decorative surged detail with contrasting silky thread graces the inseam, and a gathered design along the outside seam ensures comfort and style to last through many imaginative adventures.

Writer’s T-Shirt

As any writer knows, the best gifts are those that help to encourage and inspire creativity. One great gift for a writer is a t-shirt with a quote that celebrates their passion for words. A shirt with the phrase “I’m a writer, I dream while awake” is bound to put a smile on the face of any author, poet, or journalist. Many other writing-related quotes are also available, and you can order the t-shirt in a men’s or women’s fit.

Not only will it make them feel proud to be a part of the literary community, but it will also serve as a reminder of the power of words. Whether working on their latest novel or jotting down ideas for a new poem, a writer’s t-shirt will help keep their love of writing front and center.

Writer’s Hat

Any writer knows that the written word is a powerful thing. The perfect present for any scribe, this hat declares to the world, “I’m silently judging your font choice.” It’s a subtle way to let everyone know that you take your craft seriously – but not too seriously.

After all, writing is supposed to be fun at the end of the day. So if you’re looking for a gift that will make your favorite writer smile and nod in approval, check out this cute writer’s hat.

Budget Gifts for Writers

Aqua Notes – Paper to Write on in the Shower!

As any writer knows, inspiration can strike at the most unexpected times. For many, a shower is where ideas come to mind, but trying to jot down those thoughts on a soap piece is difficult and dangerous (not to mention messy).

Aqua Notes provide the perfect solution. This waterproof notepad allows writers to capture their ideas without stepping out of the shower. This waterproof notepad pad is made of special paper that adheres to tile and other smooth surfaces. It also comes with a water-resistant pen that uses non-toxic ink.

Keychain for Writers

A keychain is one of the best gifts for writers for several reasons. First, it’s a functional item that they can use every day. Second, it’s a reminder of their passion for writing. And third, it’s a way to show off their personality and style. A keychain with a writing quote is the perfect way to do all three.

This pithy writer’s quote keychain will help to motivate the writer you know and keep them smiling!

Writer’s Quote Bookmark

A writer’s bookmark is the perfect gift for the literary enthusiast in your life. Whether they’re just starting out or are already published, a writer’s bookmark is a practical and stylish way to show your support. Not only does it keep their place in their latest work-in-progress, but it also serves as a reminder of your thoughtfulness every time they sit down to write.

Either way, you can be sure that this writer’s bookmark will be well-received and used well!

Subscription Boxes for Writers

The Scribbler Box

Do you have a budding literary star in your life? Or maybe you’re the one with the dream of writing a bestseller. Either way, Scribbler is the perfect gift this holiday season!

Each box includes a curated selection of writing gifts, a teaching booklet from a bestselling author, a novel with a signed bookplate, and a publishing process inside look.

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to chat live with editors and literary agents who are part of the Scribbler family. This writing subscription box is the perfect way to kickstart your writing career – or help someone else achieve their dreams!

Scribbler is the most popular subscription box for writers, and with all the amazing items it contains, it’s not hard to see why!

The Storrior Box

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of finally finishing a script, play, TV pilot, or comic book issue that you’ve been working on for weeks, months, or even years. The sense of accomplishment is unlike anything else. But, the journey to completion can be a long and difficult one.

That’s why The Storrior Box was created- to help writers (particularly screenwriters and playwrights) at every stage of their career.

Each month’s box has a different theme, with items like published scripts and books, interactive learning tools, and writer swag from the literary industry designed to help you reach your writing goals.

Plus, as a Storrior you’ll have exclusive access to a community of like-minded writers who can offer support and guidance.

Subscription Box for Fantasy Writers

If you’re a fan of fantasy writing, then ‘Ye Olde Grimoire’ is the perfect subscription box for you! Created by an indie fantasy writer, for indie fantasy writers, it offers a range of monthly themed writing resources and goodies to inspire and support you.

You’ll receive 3 to 4 goodies each month (stationery, candles, tea, art…), as well as an exclusive sticker. You’ll also be invited to an exclusive interview/Q&A with an industry professional (author, agent, editor…), and given access to a monthly fantasy writing contest.

Plus, there are original themed fantasy writing prompts – ideal for sparking creativity!

Gifts for Stressed-Out Writers

Motivational Stress Balls

Anyone who has ever tried to write knows that it can be a stress-inducing activity. The blank page (or screen) can be daunting, and the pressure to come up with brilliance can be overwhelming. That’s why a stress ball is a perfect gift for any writer.

Each stress ball is filled with a soft, squishy material that helps to relieve stress, tension, and hopefully even writer’s block! The stress balls are also decorated with motivational phrases that will inspire the recipient to keep writing, even when the going gets tough.

Mini Zen Garden

Any writer will tell you that the key to good writing is a clear mind. But a clear mind can be hard to come by when you’re bogged down with the stresses of everyday life! That’s where a zen garden comes in. A zen garden is a small, carefully-tended space that is designed to promote relaxation and reflection.

The act of tending to a zen garden can help to clear your mind and give you a fresh perspective on whatever project you’re working on. So if the writer you know is feeling stressed, why not try getting them their own zen garden? It just might be the key to unlocking their next great story!

The Creative Block

We all know the feeling: you sit down at your desk, ready to write, but the words just won’t come. No matter how hard you try, the page stays blank. If this sounds familiar, you may need a little help jump-starting your creativity. That’s where the Creative Block Brainstorming Cards come in. This deck of cards is packed with prompts and exercises to get ideas flowing again.

Whether you’re stuck on a character or plot point, these cards will give you the boost you need to keep writing. And who knows? The best gift for writers may just be the gift of creative inspiration.

Fridge Magnetic Poetry Set

If you know a writer, chances are they’re constantly looking for new ways to spark their creativity. That’s why a magnetic poetry kit makes the perfect gift for any occasion. With a wide variety of words and phrases at their disposal, writers can rearrange the magnets to create all sorts of new combinations. And since the magnets are reusable, the possibilities are endless.

Whether they’re looking for a quick writing prompt or simply want to have some fun, a magnetic poetry kit is sure to please any writer on your list.

Gifts for Vintage-Loving Writers

Vintage Book Laptop Cover

Giving a vintage book laptop cover as a gift to a writer is an excellent way to show how much you appreciate their work. The laptop cover is not only a practical gift that will help to protect their computer, but it also has a stylish and vintage look that will make it stand out from the crowd.

With its unique combination of function and style, a vintage book laptop cover is the perfect gift for a stylish indie author.

Retro Typewriter Keyboard

A retro typewriter keyboard is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to write. These keyboards have a vintage look and modern features like USB and Bluetooth connectivity. That means they can be used with a laptop, tablet, or smartphone – making them the perfect tool for any writer, whether they’re composing a novel, writing a screenplay, or even drafting a blog post.

So if you’re looking for a better gift for a writer, consider a retro typewriter keyboard!

Feather Quill Pen

What could be more perfect for the budding novelist in your life than a feather quill fountain pen? This beautiful and unique pen comes with five different nibs, so your friend can find the perfect one for their writing style. The ink is non-toxic and feather-safe, so it won’t damage the quill.

The best part is that the feather fountain pen comes with its own decorative base, so your friend can display it proudly on their desk. With this gift, your friend will be able to write their next great novel in style!

Vintage Typewriter Desk Organizer

Any writer will tell you that a desk is essential for organization and inspiration. And what better way to organize a desk than with a vintage typewriter desk organizer? This unique desk accessory is not only stylish, but it’s also functional. It features compartments for holding pens, paperclips, and other office supplies. And the best part? It looks just like a real typewriter!

This desk organizer is sure to bring some old-fashioned charm to any writer’s desk. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a writer in your life, look no further than a vintage typewriter desk organizer!

Gifts for Library-Loving Writers

Old-Fashioned Library-Themed Coasters

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a cup of coffee or tea while curled up with a good book. But if you’re a writer, you know that spills are always a risk when working at your desk. That’s why old-fashioned library-themed coasters make the perfect gift for any indie author. These coasters feature classic library book stamps, and they’re absorbent enough to protect your furniture from any accidental drips. Best of all, they’ll help to create a cozy and inviting ambiance in your writing space.

So if you’re looking for a unique and practical gift, be sure to check out these old-fashioned library coasters.

Library Socks

The best gifts for writers are ones that help encourage their creativity and passions. For the writer who loves to curl up with a good book, a pair of library due date socks would be the perfect gift.

These cozy library socks are sure to bring a smile to their face each time they put them on, and they’ll also be reminded of all the great books they have yet to read (or write!).

Library Mouse Pad

If you know a writer, then you know that they are always in need of inspiration. What better way to encourage their creativity than with a retro library due date mouse pad? The design is both stylish and functional, and it is sure to be a hit with indie authors.

So if you are looking for the perfect gift for the writer in your life, look no further than a retro library due date mouse pad.

Mugs for Writers

Writer’s Coffee Mug – Option 1

Any writer will tell you that coffee is an important part of the job. After all, it’s the beverage of choice for late-night writing sessions and early-morning brainstorming sessions. So why not give your favorite indie author a mug that celebrates their love of coffee?

This mug features a fun saying for writers, and it’s sure to become their new favorite mug. Plus, it makes a great addition to any desk or bookshelf. So if you’re looking for a gift that celebrates a writer’s love of coffee, this mug is a perfect choice.

Writer’s Mug – Option 2

This mug says “Please do not annoy the writer, she may put you in a book and kill you”.

Writer’s Mug – Option 3

This mug states “I may look like I’m listening to you but in my head I’m writing my novel”.

Gifts for Late-Night Writers

Lap Desk

A lap desk is essential for anyone who likes to write on the go. And this lap desk is just perfect for creative writers. It’s ultra-lightweight and portable, so it’s easy to take with you wherever you go. But it’s also sturdy and well-made, with a comfortable wrist rest and enough room to accommodate laptops up to 15.6 inches. It has a handy storage pocket for pens, paper, or other small items.

So if you’re looking for the perfect lap desk or laptop stand for writers, this is it!

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you’re a writer, blue light-blocking glasses are a must-have accessory. Whether you’re working on a screenplay or novel, blue light from your computer screen can cause eye strain and headaches.

But, blue light blocking glasses can help to reduce these symptoms. By filtering out blue light, they allow your eyes to rest and recover. And thanks to the increased comfort, you’ll be able to work for longer periods of time without feeling the effects of eye strain. So if you’re looking for a way to improve your writing productivity, blue light blocking glasses are worth considering.

LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Station

For the writer in your life, this desk lamp is the perfect gift. It’s LED dimmable, so they can control the light to create the perfect ambiance for their work. And with a USB charging port, they can keep their devices charged and ready to go.

This lamp is functional and stylish, and it’s sure to be a hit with any writer on your list.

Gifts for Writers Who Are Prolific Readers


As any writer knows, the written word is a powerful tool. With the right words, you can transport readers to other worlds, make them laugh, and make them cry. The written word is a gift, and there’s no better way to celebrate that gift than with a Kindle.

A Kindle is every writer’s best friend. It’s lightweight and portable, so you can take it with you anywhere. And with the built-in WiFi, you can always have access to your favorite books, no matter where you are. Plus, the long-lasting battery means you can read for hours on end without having to worry about recharging. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the writer in your life, look no further than a Kindle.

Book Darts

If you’re looking for a gift for the writer in your life, book darts are a great option. These small, metal darts are designed to clip onto pages, marking a specific spot so that it’s easy to find again. Book darts are especially useful for writers doing research, as they provide a simple way to keep track of important passages. They’re also great for annotating books or articles, making it easy to highlight key points quickly.

Best of all, book darts are relatively inexpensive, making them an affordable gift for any budget. So if you’re looking for a practical and affordable gift for a writer, book darts are an excellent choice.

Pillowcase for Writers

The best gifts for writers are the ones that encourage them to keep going, even when they’re tired or stuck. That’s why a “just one more chapter” pillowcase is the perfect gift for any writer in your life.

This pillowcase is a reminder that there’s always just one more chapter to write and that even the most challenging stories can be finished if you just keep going. It’s also a gentle way of saying “I believe in you” – something every writer needs to hear from time to time. So if you’re looking for a gift that will inspire and encourage your favorite writer, look no further than a “just one more chapter” pillowcase!

Gifts for Literature-Loving Writers

Sarcastic Literary Quotes Poster

The poster features some of literature’s most famous (and infamous) authors and some of their most memorable quotes. This poster will surely provide plenty of laughs – and maybe even a bit of inspiration – for the writer in your life.

If you’re looking for a funny gift, look no further than a sarcastic literary quotes poster!

Fancy Tea Book Lovers Teacup

As any writer knows, tea is the perfect beverage for sitting down and getting lost in a good book or writing one! There’s something about the warmth of a cup of tea that makes the world outside seem a little bit more distant, creating the perfect environment for reading or writing.

This book-themed teacup would make the perfect gift for any book lover in your life. The design features an array of classic novels, making it a stylish addition to any writer’s desk.

Mark Twain Literary Candle

Paddywax Library candles are a great gift for any writer in your life. This candle features a quote from Mark Twain, making it the perfect addition to any writing desk. The soy wax candle has a clean burn and emits a pleasant scent, making it a perfect way to relax after a long writing day.

Other literary candles feature quotes from Charles Dickens, Leo Tolstoy, Louisa May Alcott, Shakespeare, and many others (you can choose your preferred writer from this link)! The Paddywax Library candle makes a great gift for any occasion and is sure to be appreciated by any Twain-loving writer!

Hemingway Quote Pen

There are many different gifts that writers can appreciate, but one of the best is a good pen. This Hemingway engraved quote pen says “in order to write about life, first you must live it.” This pen is a beautiful and practical gift that will serve as a reminder to any writer to always keep living and experiencing new things.

Order this Hemingway quote pen today, and you’re sure to make a lasting impression on the writer in your life.

Quote Books for Writers

Books Featuring Quotes from Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde was a world-renowned writer and wit, known for his quotable sayings on everything from love to art. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your favorite writer, look no further than a book of Oscar Wilde quotes. A collection of Wilde’s most memorable utterances is sure to appeal to anyone who appreciates fine writing.

Whether your friend is looking for inspiration or wants to enjoy some of Wilde’s wittiest observations, this book is sure to please. So show your favorite Wilde fan that you know their taste with a gift sure to be cherished.

Books Featuring Inspirational Quotes from other Famous Authors

A quote can be a powerful thing. It can be a simple statement that resonates with you profoundly or a call to action that spurs you to make positive changes in your life. Either way, quotes can be extremely powerful and inspiring. If you have a favorite writer, consider getting them a book of inspirational quotes from famous writers.

This gesture will let them know that you appreciate their work and provide them with some much-needed motivation and inspiration for when they experience writer’s block. Who knows, maybe one of these quotes will end up being the spark that ignites their next great work!

Cookbook Gifts for Writers

Book Lovers Cookbook

With the popularity of great books, it’s no surprise that cookbooks based on stories have become best-sellers. These cookbooks allow readers to make dishes mentioned in the books and dishes inspired by the characters and settings.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of a particular book or just looking for new recipe ideas, cookbooks based on books and authors are worth checking out.

How To Drink Like a Writer

Drinks have always been a big part of writer culture. Many famous writers were known for their love of alcohol, which was often seen as a necessary part of the creative process. Today, a new generation of writers is just as passionate about their drinks but looking for something different. The best gift for them is “How to Drink Like a Writer.”

This unique book is filled with recipes for all kinds of creative cocktails, each one designed to help boost creativity and inspire excellent writing. Whether looking for a classic martini or something more adventurous, this book will help them find the perfect drink to get their creative juices flowing. Cheers!

A Literary Holiday Cookbook

For the foodie writer in your life, a holiday literary cookbook is a perfect gift. This unique cookbook includes recipes inspired by classic literature, from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” to “The Great Gatsby.” Moreover, the recipes are beautifully illustrated and easy to follow, so even novice cooks can create festive dishes that are sure to impress.

Whether your favorite writer is a fan of novels, short stories, or poetry, this holiday cookbook will provide them with hours of enjoyment – and maybe even inspire them to try their hand at writing their own culinary masterpiece.

The Wizard’s Cookbook

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a fantasy writer, look no further than the wizard’s cookbook. This magical volume is packed with recipes inspired by Harry Potter, Merlin, The Wizard of Oz, and more!

Whether your writer friend is a budding Harry Potter or just looking to add a little magic to their life, this wizard’s cookbook is sure to be a hit. So put on your pointy hat and get cooking!

Writer’s Gifts for Him

Men’s Messenger Bag

A leather messenger bag for men is the perfect gift for stylish writers. It is stylish and professional yet still rugged enough to withstand the rigors of travel. The bag can be easily customized to fit the writer’s specific needs, with compartments for laptops, tablets, and notebooks.

And because it is made of leather, it will only improve with age. This messenger bag will constantly remind the writer of their passion for their craft and will serve as a functional and stylish tool for many years.

Book Tie

For a writer, the best gift you can give is something that celebrates their love of books. A tie with books on it is the perfect way to do just that. This unique gift will let the remarkable writer in your life show off their love of reading while also adding a touch of style to their outfit.

So next time you’re looking for the perfect present for a writer, don’t forget the power of a great tie.

Writer’s Tears Whisky

Writers’ Tears whisky is the perfect gift for writers. This whisky’s smooth, mellow taste is perfect for sipping while thinking up new ideas, and the elegant bottle makes it a beautiful addition to any writer’s desk.

Next time you need a gift for a writer, reach for a bottle of Writers’ Tears whisky. They’ll be sure to appreciate your thoughtful gesture.

Writers' Tears Whisky - a gift for writers

Writer’s Gifts for Her

Cute Office Decor Sign

Any writer will tell you that the best office sign is the one that reminds you of your dreams. And what could be a better reminder than a “future best selling author” sign? This adorable office decor sign is the perfect gift for any writer. Not only is it cute and inspiring, but it’s also a great way to show your support for their writing goals.

So if you’re looking for a gift that will help them pursue their dreams, this is a perfect choice.

Writer’s Makeup Case

Of all the unique gifts one could give a writer, few are as perfect as a makeup bag emblazoned with the words “only the strongest women become writers.” This simple but powerful statement encapsulates the strength and determination it takes to be a successful writer.

In a world where the odds are often stacked against them, female writers must be brave and relentless in pursuing their craft. This makeup bag is a visual reminder of that strength, making it a beautiful gift for any woman chasing her writing dreams. It’s also budget-friendly!

Author Necklace

A very sweet gift for a writer is an author necklace. This is a piece of jewelry that has a special meaning just for writers. The author’s necklace is a symbol of hope and inspiration. It reminds the writer that their dreams are within reach.

When they look at the necklace, they will be reminded of their passion for writing and their determination to succeed. This is a gift that will inspire the writer in your life to keep reaching for their goals!

Literary Gifts for the Kitchen

Novel Teas for Writers

Tea is the perfect gift for writers! Not only is it delicious and refreshing, but it also has a long history of being associated with creativity and intellectual pursuits. Many famous writers have been known to enjoy tea while working on their latest masterpieces.

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a literature-loving writer, look no further than Novel Teas!

Novel Tea

Book-Lovers Apron

If you know a writer, chances are they also love to read. So why not combine the two loves with a book lover’s apron? This practical gift will keep your favorite writer clean while cooking up their next masterpiece.

So if you’re looking for a unique gift for the writer, consider a book lovers apron. It’s sure to be appreciated and put to good use.

Vintage Typewriter Fridge Magnets

For the writer in your life, consider a unique gift that will make their writing space more inspiring: vintage typewriter fridge magnets. Each magnet is roughly the size of a postage stamp and features a different vintage typewriter design. Best of all, they’ll add personality to the writer’s space.

So if you’re looking for a practical and stylish gift, look no further than vintage typewriter fridge magnets.

Tech (and Related) Gifts for Writers

A Writer’s Laptop – Asus VivoBook S15 

As a writer, it’s essential to have a laptop that can keep up with your creative workflow. That’s why the Asus VivoBook S15 is one of the best gifts for writers. It’s lightweight and portable, so you can take it wherever you go. But it also has a large 15.6-inch screen so that you can see your work. Plus, it has a backlit keyboard for writing in dimly lit coffee shops or on long flights.

So if you’re looking for the perfect gift to encourage a writing routine, the Asus VivoBook S15 is a great choice. If you want more reviews on the best laptops for writers, please check out this post!

Laptop Privacy Screen

A laptop privacy screen is a perfect gift for aspiring writers in the digital age! It helps deflect glare and reduce eye strain, making it easier to focus on the task. In addition, a privacy screen helps to keep prying eyes at the coffee shop away from your work!

A laptop screen is essential whether you’re working on the next great American novel or want to keep your personal correspondence private. And because it attaches easily to most laptop screens, it’s a great way to protect your investment. So if you know a writer who could use a little privacy, give them the gift of a laptop privacy screen. They’ll be sure to appreciate it!

Ergonomic Wrist Rest Pad

If you’re looking for a gift for a writer, think about an ergonomic wrist rest pad! Made of comfortable memory foam, this wrist rest pad will help keep your writer friend’s wrist in a healthy position while they’re typing away. Plus, it comes in many colors so that you can find the perfect match for their writing space.

Whether working on their latest novel or improving their writing craft, an ergonomic wrist rest pad is the perfect gift for any writer.


Rocketbook notebooks are the perfect gift for any writer. They are reusable, so you can write in ink on the unique pages and then send your work to Dropbox, Google Drive, or another file-sharing service. Wipe the pages clean with the included cloth when you’re finished.

Rocketbook writing books are available in various sizes and styles so that you can find the perfect one for your needs. And best of all, they’re affordable, so you can give them as gifts without breaking the bank. So if you’re looking for a unique and practical gift for a writer, look no further than Rocketbook notebooks!

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

If you’re looking for a gift for a writer, noise-cancelling headphones are an excellent choice! Headphones can be a great way to help block out distractions and allow writers to focus on their work.

In addition, headphones can also be used to listen to music or audiobooks while writing, which can be a great way to stay motivated and inspired. Whether your writer friend is starting or is already a best-selling author, noise-cancelling headphones will surely be a welcome addition to their writing toolkit.

Livescribe Symphony Smartpen Digital Pen

For the technologically-advanced writer, consider the Livescribe Symphony Smartpen Digital Pen. This The Livescribe Symphony Smartpen is the perfect gift for writers who want to take their notes to the next level. This digital pen captures both audio and written notes, allowing writers to easily review their ideas later. The built-in microphone ensures that all recordings are clear, and the smartpen can even transcribe recordings into text.

In addition, the Livescribe Symphony Smartpen comes with a free app that makes it easy to share notes and recordings with others. With its mix of features, the Livescribe Symphony Smartpen is an ideal gift for writers who want to improve their note-taking abilities.

Software Gifts for Writers

Book Writing Software

Any writer will tell you that getting started is the most challenging part of writing a book. Once you have the first draft down, the rest is usually just a matter of revision and polishing. However, getting that initial draft can be a real challenge. That’s why a subscription to book writing software is the perfect gift for any writer. With book writing software, they’ll have everything they need to get started on their next great novel, including templates, outlining tools, and word processing software.

One great option for book writing software is Scrivener. So if you know someone wanting to write a book, give them the gift of book-writing software and let them finally bring their story to life!

Screenwriting Software

Arc Studio Pro

As any screenwriter knows, the right software can be a fantastic gift. Not only does it make the writing process easier and more efficient, but it can also help to inspire new ideas and approaches.

A screenwriting software subscription is a perfect gift for any writer in your life. They can take screenwriting to the next level with many features and tools. And with access to the latest updates and features, they will always be ahead of the curve. If you are looking for a practical and inspiring gift, a subscription to screenwriting software, such as Arc Studio Pro, is perfect.

AI Story Writing Software

AI story writing software for writers

A subscription to AI story-writing software makes the perfect gift for the writer in your life. This service provides access to a wide range of AI-generated stories, giving users endless ideas and inspiration.

Whether they’re looking for a new plotline for their latest novel or want to explore a different genre, AI story-writing software offers something for everyone. So give the gift of creativity with a subscription to AI story generator software. Your loved one will thank you for it!

Artificial Intelligence Voice Generator Software for Easily Creating Audiobooks

For the writer who has everything, consider a gift that will make it easier for them to share their work with the world: AI voice-generating software. With this software, they can easily create audiobooks of their latest novel or story, making it more accessible to commuting or busy readers. And because the software creates professional-quality recordings, it’s perfect for writers looking to self-publish their work.

Best of all, AI voice-generating software is relatively affordable, making it an excellent gift for writers on a budget. So if you’re looking for a unique and practical gift for the writer in your life, consider giving them the gift of Artificial Intelligence voice generating software. I recommend both Murf and!

Subscription Gifts for Writers

Masterclass Subscription

Any writer will tell you that the best way to improve your craft is to learn from the masters. And what better way to do that than with a subscription to Masterclass?

With classes taught by some of the biggest names in the business, including Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman, and David Sedaris, it’s the perfect gift for any writer on your list.

Plus, with a subscription, they’ll have access to all classes, so they can choose which ones they want to take. And with new classes added all the time, there’s always something new to learn. So whether they’re just getting started or are already on their way to becoming a published author, a subscription to Masterclass is the perfect gift.

Audible Subscription

For the writer in your life, Audible is the perfect gift. Audible is a subscription service that gives users access to audiobooks. With Audible, writers can listen to their favorite books as inspiration for their own work.

Audible also has a vast selection of audiobooks, so writers can find new and exciting books to listen to. Plus, Audible makes it easy to track where you left off in a book, so you can always pick up where you left off. Audible is the perfect gift for any writer in your life!

Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Kindle Unlimited is the perfect gift for writers! With Kindle Unlimited, they can access millions of books to inspire their writing.

Kindle Unlimited allows them to explore different genres and styles of writing and find the perfect book to help them get started on their next great story. Kindle Unlimited is a fantastic resource for writers, and a subscription would make the perfect gift!

Subscription to The Writer Magazine (Kindle Edition)

One of the best gifts you can give a writer is a subscription to one of the best literary magazines. The Writer magazine is full of tips, articles, and interviews by some of the most popular and successful writers in the business. It’s an excellent resource for any writer, whether starting out or looking to take their career to the next level. Plus, with a Kindle edition subscription, they can access it anywhere, which makes it even more convenient.

So if you’re looking for a gift to help a writer in their craft, look no further than a subscription to The Writer magazine.

Unique, Personalized Gifts for Writers

Personalized Leather Journal & Pen Set from Etsy

A personalized leather journal and pen set make the perfect gift for any writer or aspiring author. The packaging is excellent, with exquisite design and a very traditional style. Your writer friend will love this beautiful leather journal with their name on it!

Combining beauty and function makes this personalized leather journal and quill pen set an excellent choice!

Personalized Book Embosser from Etsy

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a writer, look no further than the personalized book embosser from Etsy. This “From the Library Of” Custom Embosser Stamp creates raised impressions of your friend or loved one’s name on their books with a simple press of the stamp. It even comes with both the seal and handle included in the package.

With this thoughtful gift, you can show your appreciation for any person in your life who values literature.

1:1 With a Writing Coach

Writers gift - 1:1 session with a writing coach

A writing coach can be the perfect gift for a struggling writer. In a one-on-one session, the writing coach can help identify areas of improvement and offer specific advice on improving writing skills.

The writing coach can also provide encouragement and motivation, helping the writer to stay on track with writing goals. For writers who have been struggling to find success, a writing coach can be an invaluable gift.

Cameo From Their Favourite Writer or Celebrity

Cameo video from their favorite writer or influencer

A personalized video from your favorite writer, actor, or influencer is perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or just because, a Cameo personalized video will make anyone’s day!

Simply choose your favorite writer, actor, or influencer, and they will record a personalized video for your favorite writer. You can even choose the video length and whether you want them to say their name. So if you’re looking for a truly unique and thoughtful gift, look no further than a Cameo personalized video!

Autographed Book or Script

autographed book

For aspiring writers, there is no more fabulous gift than an autographed book from their favorite author. Whether a cherished classic or a newly released bestseller, an autographed book is a physical embodiment of the author’s hard work and imagination.

For the writer in your life, an autographed book is more than just a gift; it’s a source of inspiration and motivation. Seeing the author’s signature on the pages reminds them that anything is possible with hard work and determination. If you’re looking for a truly unique and meaningful gift for the writer in your life, look to an autographed book.

Cozy Gifts for Writers

Cozy Women’s Slippers

Any writer will tell you that comfort is the key to a good writing session. That’s why the best gift you can give a writer is a pair of cozy slippers. And what’s more relaxing than taking your shoes off at the end of a long day?

Cozy slippers are the perfect way to let a writer know that you appreciate their hard work and understand how important it is for them to be comfortable while doing it.

Cats & Books Blanket

For the writer in your life, what could be more perfect than a cozy blanket adorned with books and an adorable cat? This gift will inspire hours of comfortable writing snuggled up with a warm cup of tea.

So if you’re looking for a practical and inspirational gift, look no further than this cozy cat and books blanket.

Cozy Tounge-In-Cheek Writer’s Blanket

As a writer, there are few things more important than being comfortable. After all, it won’t be easy to get any work done if you’re not comfortable! That’s why a cozy blanket is one of the best gifts you can give to a writer.

A cute blanket will help create the perfect writing environment – warm, quiet, and free from distractions. In addition, a blanket can also be a great way to add a little bit of personality to a writing space (like this cute, tongue-in-cheek blanket!).

Wall Art Gifts for Writers

The Writing Manifesto Framed Print

For the writer in your life, one of the better gifts you can give is a framed print of The Writing Manifesto. This powerful statement of purpose and passion for writing will inspire and motivate them to pursue their writing goals. The strong imagery and bold statements in the manifesto will also make an excellent addition to their writing space, reminding them constantly of why they love writing.

So if you’re looking for a gift that celebrates the written word, a framed print of The Writing Manifesto is a fantastic choice.

“Write” Poster

For the writer in your life, there are few things more thoughtful than a gift that helps them with their craft. A poster with the word “write” and a picture of a vintage typewriter is the perfect way to encourage them to keep writing.

The word “write” is a powerful reminder of what they’re trying to achieve, and the typewriter is a beautiful symbol of the power of the written word. This poster will inspire any writer and help them stay motivated to keep writing.

Writer Wall Art

One of the best gifts you can give a writer is something to help them decorate their writing space. A simple but meaningful piece of wall art with an inspiring quote is the perfect way to do this.

For example, the quote “A writer is a world trapped in a person” is a great way to remind the writer in your life that their words have the power to change the world. So if you’re looking for a gift to inspire and motivate, this wall art is it!

Gifts for Horror Writers

Stephen King Funko Pop Character

Stephen King is one of the most prolific and successful authors of our time, and his work has had a lasting impact on both the horror genre and popular culture. Now, fans can celebrate his legacy with this Stephen King Funko Pop.

This detailed figurine captures King’s likeness, complete with his signature glasses and hairstyle. It’s the perfect gift for any Stephen King fan or collector!

Gothic Candle Set

The best gifts for writers are ones that inspire the imagination and set the mood for creativity. Gothic candles are the perfect choice for any writer who loves to set the scene with a little bit of ambiance.

Horror & Thriller Prompts Book

Nothing is better than an excellent prompt book and journal for the writer who loves horror. A horror journal is perfect for jotting ideas, characters, and scenes. And a prompt book can provide endless inspiration for new stories.

So if you know a writer who loves horror, be sure to give them the gift of a journal and prompts book. And be sure to check out this new article if you want more gifts for horror fans!

Common Questions About Gifts for Writers

best gifts for writers

What is a good gift to get a writer?

Writers can be pretty particular about the tools they use to do their work. However, a few general categories of gifts are sure to please any writer on your list. First, consider a gift that will help them to be more productive or organized, such as a new planner or a set of vintage fountain pens. Next, look for something that will inspire their creativity, such as a beautifully bound blank notebook or a new laptop. Finally, don’t forget the importance of practicality; every writer needs a good coffee mug and a comfortable pair of writer’s socks!

What do you buy an author for Christmas?

If you have an author friend and are unsure what to get them for Christmas, never fear! Here are some great gift ideas that are sure to please any writer.

Perhaps the most obvious choice is a nice notebook or journal. Every author needs a place to jot down ideas, and a well-made notebook can be a treasure. For the more technologically inclined, plenty of great apps and software programs can help with writing, organization, and inspiration. A subscription to a literary magazine is another great option, or how about tickets to a writers’ festival?

No matter what you choose, your author friend is sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness – after all, the best gift for any writer is simply the encouragement to keep writing!

What Are Gifts for Writers?

The best gifts for writers are ones that celebrate their passion for the written word. A beautiful journal or high-tech notebook is a perfect way to encourage writers to capture their thoughts and ideas. A new lap desk or software program can be a game-changer in completing their work. And an inspirational book or special teacup makes an ideal gift for the wordsmith who loves nothing more than curling up with a good book.

Whatever the occasion, these unique and thoughtful gifts will surely please any writer on your list!


If you are looking for a gift for the writer in your life, we hope that this list of the best gifts for writers has given you some ideas. These thoughtful gifts will help your favorite creative writer stay inspired and productive, whether they are just starting out or have been writing for years. We hope you find the perfect present for the writer on your list!

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