what is an explainer video

What is an explainer video? That’s something I wondered when I first entered the world of video creation!

An explainer video is a short, engaging video that breaks down a complex idea or product into simpler terms for easier understanding. They are often used by businesses to introduce their brand, products, or services quickly and easily.

In this article, we will look at the key elements and characteristics of a well-crafted explainer video and explore how learning to create these can benefit your company or brand.

We’ll explore different types of explainer videos, such as animated videos and whiteboard animations, and look at why you might want to use each one.

We will also provide you with a brief overview of creating high-quality explainer videos using various tools like video editing software and motion graphics.

Plus, we’ll share some best practices in crafting great explainer videos – from determining the right video length to choosing appropriate sound effects and audio files.

Let’s get into it!

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What Is an Explainer Video?

Think of an explainer video as a pint-sized live-action or animated story that packs a punch! It’s your idea, service, or product brought to life in an entertaining, easy-to-digest package.

Typically clocking in at under two minutes, these bite-sized visual treats serve up complex information with panache, making your information easy to understand.

Like the Avengers of the video marketing universe, they swoop in to amp up brand visibility, supercharge conversions, and keep audiences utterly captivated. It’s infotainment at its finest!

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The Role of Explainer Videos in Digital Marketing

As we ride the rapid waves of the digital age, businesses and digital creators need to master the art of holding their audience’s attention, whether that’s on social media channels, landing pages, emails, or content marketing. This is where explainer videos shine!

These cute videos are not just attention magnets, but they also excel at breaking down your product or service into bite-sized, easy-to-understand chunks.

It’s all the essential info delivered in a compelling short video format that won’t drown your potential customers in snooze-inducing text or alienating jargon. It’s like having a magic wand that transforms complexity into simplicity!

The Power of Visual Storytelling

Explainer videos act like skilled magicians, pulling visual storytelling rabbits out of their hats to simplify tricky concepts.

As per this study, we human beings are designed to process visuals a staggering 6-600 times faster than text.

This is why explainer videos, with their blend of spellbinding animations and crisp scripts voiced by professional narrators (or even AI-generated voices!), don’t just convey your message effectively. They make it stick, leaving a memorable imprint on your audience’s minds.

It’s like having your very own visual pied piper sales team, leading viewers to understand and remember your message.

A Versatile Tool For Various Industries

Whether you’re a tech startup introducing new software, a non-profit raising awareness, or an educational institution explaining academic concepts, there’s always room for an engaging explainer video. It’s like a Swiss Army knife for marketing.

Benefits of Explainer Videos

Video content is the current trend in the digital age. Explainer videos are the superheroes of this video world, simplifying complex concepts and saving the day for businesses.

Forbes says 90% of customers rely on product videos to make buying decisions. That’s right – explainer videos can supercharge your conversion rates.

  • Enhanced Understanding: Explainer videos combine visuals and narration to make your product or service crystal clear. No more head-scratching confusion.
  • Better Engagement: People love visuals, so animated explainer videos keep them hooked. Longer view times and better retention rates? Yes, please.
  • Simplified Message Delivery: Explaining complex ideas with just words is like trying to juggle flaming swords. But explainer videos visually represent those ideas and provide voiceover narration. Easy peasy.
  • Increase in Online Visibility: Google loves videos, so having them on your website can boost your search engine ranking. Get ready to shine in the online spotlight!

An awesome explainer video on your landing page can increase dwell time, reduce bounce rate, and improve user experience. It’s like hitting the jackpot of SEO rankings.

To sum it up, investing in high-quality explainer videos isn’t just about making things simpler. It’s about boosting engagement, improving conversion rates, and driving business growth.

A good explainer video can help your target audience learn how your product or service can help them with their pain points and turn them into happy customers!

Types of Explainer Videos

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all explainer video. Various captivating styles and techniques are at your fingertips, each offering its unique flair. Let’s look at a quick overview of some popular types:

The Animated Classic: 2D Animation

Think of 2D animation as the classic vanilla ice cream of explainer videos. It’s simple, beloved by many, and blends well with almost everything. It’s the most common style used, excellent for breaking down complex ideas or processes into engaging, easy-to-grasp visuals.

My favorite software for making an animated explainer video is Vyond.

The Realistic Charmer: 3D Animation

For those who prefer a dose of depth and realism, 3D animation adds that extra sprinkle of magic. Although it requires more resources, it creates an immersive experience, making it easier for viewers to understand the product or service you’re showcasing. It’s like a mini virtual tour of your offering!

My favorite 3D animated explainer video software is Autodesk Maya.

The Minimalistic Guru: Whiteboard Animation

If you’re a fan of simplicity and crystal-clear clarity, then whiteboard video animations should be your go-to.

They replicate the feel of a classroom whiteboard, with images being sketched on a white background while a narration plays along. It gives your video a tidy, educational vibe that’s hard to resist. You can read my article about how to create a whiteboard video here!

My favorite software for whiteboard explainer videos is VideoScribe.

The Abstract Innovator: Motion Graphics

For abstract or complex topics where traditional visuals may not exist, motion graphics come to the rescue.

They harmonize design principles with video production techniques, resulting in a visually striking method of conveying information. It’s like painting a vivid picture of an abstract concept in your viewer’s mind.

The Real-life Narrator: Live-Action Video

When you want to keep things real and relatable, a live-action explainer video can hit the mark. They involve filming actual people or objects, making them ideal for fostering a character-driven human connection or demonstrating specific use cases of your product.

It’s like a friendly handshake from your brand to your viewers, making you more relatable and authentic.

Choosing between these styles largely depends on your brand’s personality, budget, and the complexity of the topic you’re explaining. Weigh these factors carefully when deciding how you want to create your own explainer video!

The easiest ways to use AI video editing to create live-action explainer vides are using Pictory or InVideo.

How to Create an Explainer Video

Crafting a great explainer video is easier than you think. Just follow these steps:

Write Your Video Script

First, write a killer script. Keep it simple, concise, and captivating. Need help? Check out these tips on writing a great script for videos.

You can also use AI writing tools to help you write your explainer video script. Check out Jasper or Writesonic if you’d like a program that offers a video script template, or try Chat-GPT if you’re adept at using great AI prompts.


Storyboard Creation

Crafting a storyboard is an essential part of your explainer video process. Imagine it as a visual roadmap or a series of sketches representing each scene. Begin by doodling each scene, adding brief descriptions, dialogues, and transition details. This is your chance to visualize your video sequence and the flow of your narrative.

Advance by incorporating important visual cues, including key graphics, character expressions, and background elements. If your video involves live action or 3D animation, specify the camera angles and movements. Don’t forget to annotate B-roll footage, animations, or other visual effects.

Voiceover Recording

voice over videos

Get a voiceover that grabs attention. The choice of voiceover can make a significant difference – the voice should align with your brand’s tone and resonate with your audience.

Hire a pro or do it yourself if you’ve got the skills. Check out this article for insights on doing voiceovers for videos.

Animation/Video Production

Bring your storyboard to life with visuals, animations, and text overlays. Use animation software or hire pros. My favorite animation tools for high-quality explainers are Synthesia, Vyond, and Videoscribe.

Sound Design

Sound design is the unsung hero of your explainer video. It plays a vital role in creating the video’s atmosphere and enriching the viewer’s experience. The right background music can underscore the mood, while the sound effects can accentuate key moments.

However, balance is key. The sound should blend harmoniously with the visuals and voiceover without overshadowing them. Also, ensure the sounds you use are not jarring or annoying. They should flow naturally, almost unnoticed by the viewer, subtly adding depth and emotion to the story.

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Best Practices for Creating Explainer Videos

Creating an explainer video is like telling a joke – it’s all about timing and delivery. Here are some tips to make your explainer videos shine:

1. Keep it Short and Simple

The best explainer videos are like miniskirts – they should be short enough to keep people interested but long enough to cover the essentials.

2. Create an Engaging Script

Your script is the DJ of your explainer video – it sets the beat and keeps the audience grooving. Make sure it’s catchy and easy to follow.

3. Use High-Quality Visuals

Visuals are the Beyonce of explainer videos – they steal the show. Include vibrant, pertinent visuals that captivate the eye. You can even use a great AI video generator to help you create an easy explainer video!

4. Add Voiceover Narration

Voiceovers are like the salt and pepper of explainer videos – they add flavor and make everything come together. Find a voice that matches your brand and captivates your audience.

5. Pick Appropriate Background Music

Background music is like the cherry on top of an explainer video – it adds that extra touch of awesomeness. These days, you can choose from stock music, such as from Artlist, or even unique AI-generated music! Most explainer video software programs include music tracks that you can use.

Choose a style and tune that complements your company’s product or message and sets the right mood.

FAQs About Explainer Videos

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a short online marketing tool used to clearly explain a company’s product or service in a fun and engaging way.

Why are explainer videos effective?

Explainer videos simplify complex information into digestible content, making it easier for viewers to understand the message.

What is the need for explainer videos?

The need for explainer videos arises from their ability to boost conversion rates, improve SEO results, and enhance customer engagement.

Are explainer videos still effective?

Absolutely. With increasing digital consumption, explainers remain highly impactful, helping businesses communicate effectively with their audience.

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up, consider an explainer video as your marketing world’s superhero – swift, compelling, and efficient. A good explainer video will convey intricate concepts in simple language, making the information easy for your potential customers to understand and remember.

So, why settle for mundane, text-heavy explanations when you can create a vibrant, concise, and interactive narrative with an explainer video? Embrace the power of visual storytelling, and let your message truly come alive.

Let your high-quality explainer video be the lasting impression you’ve always wanted to make!

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